Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 8

Natural Born Killer

Aired Wednesday Nov 16, 2005 on CBS

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  • not the best!

    with episodes like L.D.S.K and the fox, i was certainly expecting more from this episode!!
    the last 2 were my Favorite episodes this season..but this one was the worst :/ (next to that bomb one)!

    i really didn't like the torture scenes! they were scary..but thats not why i didn't like this episode!
    there was no suspense in who the Unsub is, and the Torture plot has really become a Cliche! IT did have its good moments though, like the one where we get to know about Hotch's past, and the AMAZING portrayal of a Sadist serial killer by Patrick Kilpatrick! but apart from this, i really didn't find anything else good on this Episode!

    maybe because of the last 2 episodes being So Amazing, i was expecting more :S!!
    in all, its not a bad episode.....just not that good!!
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