Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 13

No Way Out (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 17, 2007 on CBS

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  • Gideon comes face to face with a killer who has killed over 100 victims.

    Gideon comes face to face with the most prolific serial killer when he meets him in a diner and he tells Gideon that he will leave when he has finished his drink but Gideon thinks he isn't going anywhere The episode goes back into time to show how Gideon got there and you find out that one victim he kidnapped got away because she showed no fear and the killer keeps returning to Nevada to see her However no one believed her and just thought she was crazy when she tried to tell them but now they do The killer was right that he would walk out when he reveals the locations of kids trapped in the desert and he walks off with crazy Jane and leaves Gideon to find them which he does but it is too late to catch up to the killer and crazy Jane I can't wait for the follow up where they will try and catch him once and for all.
  • Creative filming + creepy guest star = 1 very good episode.

    Imaginative directing! When flashback episodes are done well, they can be a great change of pace, and a wonderful way to tell a story. Used here, the flashbacks created dramatic tension out the wazoo – just what the heck were Gideon and Morgan doing in that diner with a serial killer? Fantastic and daring; the flashbacks tied it together.

    Carradine played a sociopath so well that I’m a little worried about him. He was smooth and extremely scary – just the way I imagine Ed Kemper and Ted Bundy talked to law enforcement. Manipulate, manipulate, manipulate – even Gideon with his super-profiling abilities is drawn into this guy’s web. I liked seeing our profilers meet their match!

    Some minor plot criticism can’t keep me from loving this episode - this is television, after all. Why they couldn’t surreptitiously track Gideon, I don’t know. Why the kids would have “died” if left in the desert wasn’t really believable. And Frank escaping by leaving no tracks must be explained someday or my curiosity may kill me! Nice one, CM, keep thinking outside the box.
  • Not THAT great

    Its interestin how some people LOVED this episode and some HATED.

    I was expecting more, was average, maybe a little above average, but mostly just ok, nothing i would like to watch again or got excited about the plot like some others.

    I´m not a big fan of flash-back episodes, and this was one of them. It started with them getting the killer and then the whole story of how they got to him and what he did was explained.

    They whole story was ok, but i didnt like the ending or the killers behavior, i think it would be more interesting if they found her dead at the end, showing that Gideon was actually right.
  • It was a good episode but flawed in many ways

    Not bad at all but the way this man perversed love is not something I would like to see on this show. However he did love this woman so it was interesting to see how someone who could not possibly love, love the town's eccentric. The ending was really a bummer because this sadistic jerk-off got away and used children none-the-less. At least they were saved though and Jason shows his determination to catch the unsub. That kind of gave the show the much needed optimism. You wouldn't expect that from Gideon in the very least. I am looking forward to the next episode but I have a feeling by the preview that I might cry from it.
  • The one that got away.

    It's not often in the Criminal Minds type of show that the good guys don't win. This is a fine example of when they do but they don't win!

    The team identified and tracked down the un-sub who they believe could be the most prolific serial killer ever. They saved the Sheriff and found the missing children in time but they had to let the un-sub walk in the process.

    The horror of what Frank had done to so many innocent people over the years was difficult to behold, it's not often you see Hotch react as he did when he entered that trailer. even the usually cold Prentiss was a little thrown. And crazy Jane playing a whistle made out of human bone is really chilling.

    I always like it when we get Gideon one on one with the un-sub, usually Gideon out smarts them. He gets confessions out of people you think will never break, because he has a gift beyond anything the rest of the team. For me that is what sets him apart from the rest, even Hotch, he has this gift that goes beyond any training you can get. To see him out smarted by Frank felt very strange, but you can be sure that it is not the end of this story. One day Gideon will get his man!
  • A better than average episode with 2 interesting points

    Two points stand out about this episode.

    1) This is the second time Keith Carradine has played a 'long term' serial killer. The first time was years ago in the TV miniseries "Chiefs", based on the book by Stuart Woods.

    2) Using Ketamine as the 'control drug' is a technical mistake by the writers. Ketamine produces what is called "Dissociative Anesthesia", that is, it lets the person stay awake but out of contact with what is going on which is why it can be used as a date rape drug. You can literally cut the legs off a victim and ask the person "does it hurt?" The will say, "Yes" but they have no reaction so they show no fear or panic exactly the opposite of what the show states that the killer desires.
    I know this because I am a retired trauma surgeon and we have used Ketamine as emergency anesthesia for patient who are too unstable for normal anesthesia. I have set broken bones and repaired other injuries to patients while on Ketamine and they never turned an eyelash.
  • Review

    One of my all time favorite episodes of the series and my personal favorite for season two without a doubt. Loved the use of flashbacks in this episode - really made the diner scene with Frank so much better then if they had jsut run the case outright. Very mysterious and puzzling from the very beginning I was once again hooked from the very first second and I think Mandy turned in one of his best performances with a man he could not get the better of in the time that he was given. I liked the twist at the end with Frank kiddnapping a schoolbus full of kids and hiding them deep within the desert as his escape plan. You could tell that the writers were really intent on making this a good episode, as could be evidenced by the fact that the finale seems to deal with part two of this story. I think a lot of people may have given this episode a bad review because they didn't know it was going to be getting back around too, but I certainly think this is one of the lowest ratings for an episode so good. There wasn't a scene that wasn't important and there wasn't really anything that brought any part of the episode down. The show doesnt use flashbacks very often but here was the perfect example of being able to know when you need to use a new tactic to tell a story. Looking very much so to the conclusion as the season finale.
  • Different kind of story telling

    I most say this episode really stand out for its way of telling the story - they started with the catching the serial killer and on turning the episode, we get the story how they even get to him and the idea that nothing is so easy as it seems.

    Also the mad couple thing was quite unique - have a woman who survived that serial killer being in love with him... and he coming back every year for just for her.. What a crazy world.

    On other things.. I do not know. The storytelling, jumping back and forward little killed the overall feeling. Also in some point the story felt like it just does not manage to carry on. Little slow I quess.
  • Great Episode! From the opening of the episode (which was the end of the story) to the acting, everything was superb!

    So, the beginning was my second favorite part of this episode. It opened with Gideon and Morgan in a diner. You dont know why they're there, or even how they got there. The story then goes back and starts from the real beginning. This was the first time (and only time if i remember correctly) the show has been done in this manner. My favorite part of this episode (and to be honest, always my favorite part) was Reid. Not only did he look great(somebody found the shampoooo), his lines were hilarious. Who could forget "a psycho with a whistle. That's not too weird." He stole the show once always. However, i'll be the first to admit i'm a little biased. Reid is my favorite character by a landslide.
  • An excellent episode with a terrific script and some fantastic acting from the regular cast as well as the guest actors. One of the best of the season.

    What do you do when you have a serial killer who is one of the most difficult you have ever encountered in your life and you have to persuade him to tell you things that he doesn't want to reveal? Well, you send in Jason Gideon, of course.

    In a diner in Nevada, Gideon and Morgan meet up with 'Frank', a cool as a cucumber sociopath who has committedmany horrific murders. Gideon joins him at his table while Frank takes an extremely long time to drink a strawberry milkshake and they talk about Frank's catalogue of crimes, of which there are many. Frank has been killing for over thirty years and always takes a human rib bone as a trophy. He also paralyzes his victims whilst he dismembers them bit by bit so that they can feel the agony of the torture but do nothing to prevent it, not even scream.

    Only one woman has survived Frank's brutality and she is a woman known as 'Crazy Jane', a woman whom Frank abducted when she was 19 and who had the same treatment in store for her but stopped when he realised she had no fear in her eyes as he prepared to kill her. Jane believes that she was abducted by aliens and Frank keeps coming back to the same small town just so that he can watch her - and kill more women. While Gideon talks to Frank and tries to get him to reveal the location of more hostages, Frank himself is very relaxed and absolutely certain that he will walk away and come to no harm. Does 'Crazy Jane' hold the key to why Frank keeps returning to the same little town or is it something else? The BAU must find out and they must do so quickly before Frank is off their radar again.

    Great performances by Keith Carradine and Amy Madigan as Frank and Jane and a brilliantly penned script make this one a 'must see'.
  • Criminal Minds continues to maintain an exceptionally high standard! This one even gives its predecessor a run for its money!

    Once again, we are treated to an absolutely scintillating episode of Criminal Minds! The episode is centred around a killer known as 'Frank', who is surrounded by hundreds of police officers, yet still confident and adamant that he will get away!

    The way this guy killed his cvictims was very disturbing, if you ask me. Being dismembered, while still alive, very much conscious, yet unable to move at all. That is horrifying.

    The episode was packed with suspense, intrigue and mystery. The killer appeared to be cornered from the first moments, yet things did not go as planned.

    I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with this one, and I hope that the second half of it, which is quite far awway, lives up to this one, and maintains this quality.

    This one would have to go right up there as one of the best episodes of all time, and I have to recommend it excpetionally highlty!

    Keep it up Criminal Minds, and I am thoroughly impressed, as usual, with this episode!
  • The BAU travels to a small town in Nevada, aiding in the hunt for the most prolific serial killer of all time.

    Wow, this episode really raises some mind-boggling questions that are perhaps only answerable by the BAU (if anyone at all). It also does well on the "creepin'-me-out" scale, on many levels. Obviously, the sexually sadistic psychopath and the swath of torture and death he has carved countrywide over the last thirty years-- this is creepy. Perhaps even creepier is the fact that this psychopath believes that he has fallen in love with Jane (a "failed" victim-- she did not fear him, so he could not kill her), and the fact that she believes that she loves him in return.

    Aww, how sweet-- not only does he leave gifts made of human rib bones for his "girlfriend," he kills a bus driver and threatens to leave the town's children to die of exposure in the desert in order to escape with "his" Jane. Don't we all wish someone would do that for us? Excuse me while I vomit on my shoes...

    All in all, I think this episode was well written with plenty of material to force the viewer to stop and really think.
  • Jane is perceived as the town nut because she believes she was abducted by aliens when in fact, she really just escaped being tortured and murdered by a serial killer who ultimately leads her off into the sunset claiming with her by his side, he is cured.

    Well written. We start out thinking, "Oh boy, they got him!" Everyone is anxious to see him arrested, but Gideon's gut tells him to play the man's game. Turns out a bus full of children have been kidnapped. The only hope of finding them alive is to let one of the worst serial killers leave with an unbalanced woman who should have been protected from her own gullibility and the insanity that that very serial killer was responsible for creating. All anyone can do is believe and pray that he'll be apprehended before he drugs, tortures and murders again.
  • I loved this episode.

    I loved this episode for several reasons firstly the format. In a memento-esque way we start with Gideon confronting the unsub and then work backwards to find out how they got there I think this is a really interesting way of telling a story as it gets your mind going, piecing things together as you go. Early on we are told this guy is pretty much the most evil and sadistic killer Gideon has come accross in his entire career and as the story progresses are not dissappointed it is pretty gruesome, not so much visually but as you empathise with the victims ordeal.
    The episode has a bit of a se7en feel to it and it is well acted especially Mandy (Gideon)and Keith Carradine (Frank). The ending also opens up possibility of revisiting this story. Throw in a couple of clever twists and bam Criminal minds delivers us yet another enjoyable hour of TV!
  • Law & Order has nothing on being ripped from the headlines. Can't believe that this episode is based on an actual case. The entire standoff between Kieth Carradine's Frank and Gideon had me standing on edge the entire time.

    What scares me is that this episode was based on a real case. Did the killer in that case also 'walk into the sunset'? Does Frank come back to haunt the BAU in a later episode?

    Just having Frank sit in the Diner calmly sipping his strawberry milkshake was nerve wracking. You feel the menace just coming out of his eyes even though there's no inflection in anything that he says. He is literally like the snake in the grass or the 'cold dead eyes' of the shark in Jaws.

    While Law & Order claims to have is cases ripped from the headlines, I have never felt the emotions that I felt in one of their episodes, that I felt in this episode - fear, revultion, curiousity (as to what made Frank tick), suspense since in every other show I can think of the bad guy is normally caught but you just knew in this case that wouldn't be the case.

    Excellent episode
  • He stayed one step ahead. This time. A 15 minute talk with flashbacks brilliantly pieced together.

    Another amazing episode. I really had to let this one sink in a little. A 15 minute interview/interrogation with the world's most prolific serial killer combined with flashbacks from how they built the case and got to that diner.

    Great editing by the Criminal Minds crew!! Shots fading into another (cut off arm into clock, fingers into ribs on a picture), and a nice grey-to-color effect on the flashbacks. I wish other TV series did it like this. Subtle and clear and nothing “extra” (read: annoying after you’ve seen it twice).

    It was all brilliantly pieced together as a puzzle and pieces kept falling into place as the story unfolded.
    The clock and /or location ( and them referring to him as “unsub”) told you when things happened, so even though it wasn’t in the right order it was very easy to reconstruct the story.

    Another “battle of the minds” but this time from the start you weren’t so sure that the BAU team would outsmart him. (Very well cast serial killer too, he seems an incredible friendly guy, but at the same time the things he says and how he acts/behaves scares the living daylight out of you.)

    They were onto him, they had him all figured out, Gideon stood his ground and knew he had a plan…. But in the end Frank still managed to get away, and with Jane!
    Very scary how he forced them into letting him escape while there should have been “no way out”. How he managed to leave them the choice between “catching him and letting a lot of children die”, or “save the children and letting him go”.
    One mind bigger than the combined minds of the team chasing him … He stayed one step ahead. This time.
  • I began watching with great anticipation.......zzzzzzzzz

    Honestly I truly enjoy the show & was really looking forward to Keith Carradine's portrayal as the unsub. BUT.....somewhere along the line the entire episode literally put me to sleep. I look forward to seeing a repeat showing down the road because I had to miss something key to the plot because I was left scratching my head & wondering what the hell just happened. I also did not realize that Forrest Gump went to Vietnam until I watched it a second time.....Go Figure
  • A very chilling episode.

    Wow. First of all--this kind of episoode is why i got hooked on Criminal Minds to begin with. Everything was great about this episode...the plot, the acting, an especially gifted guest star--everything! It was interesting to me to see the writers go the route of Gideon not getting his man. Morgan came off as really not trusing Gideon that much--I mean, he was really antsy, and kept trying to hurry Gideon. Other than that the only other thing I didn't like is that everyone but Gideon were basically supporting actors/actresses this time. I know this was about Gideon metting his match so to speak, but I like it better when the TEAM works together and Gideon doesn't just figure everything out. Still, a very good episode. Can't wait until Superbowl Sunday!

  • As an avid viewer this was not one of my favorites, but entertaining nontheless

    Boy was Gideon ever intense in this episode! It started out with a bang as he and Morgan entered a little diner blowing by the waitress and heading right for the man of the hour. I think that this could have been a little more intense if we had heard about this criminal before. I enjoy the episodes where the murders are fresh and they look for them right away. The odd thing about this ep was that I had never heard this murderer brought up at all before last night. If he was so notorious then wouldn't we have been looking for him before. And a whole bunch of case files tucked about with the exact same mo's. It just doesn't seem like the BAU to let this man continue for 30 odd years?!? Other than that it was an interesting twist with Jane.
  • Serial killer, much in the vein of 7 (head in a bag!). Starts at the end, story told in flashbacks. People dismembered alive!!!

    I couldn't quite believe how sick this episode was, even stealing parts of the movie Seven. I really believe that society is becoming more depraved and this sort of story reinforces that belief. I don't want to be squirming in my seat when I watch a program, I want to enjoy the suspense not the gore & be happy when they catch the bad guy. I will give Criminal Minds another shot but should the next episode be as disgusting then they will have lost not just one viewer but 3 and whomever else i can tell to stop watching. I don't feel the writers respected the viewers at all, going for shock value rather than keeping us involved with suspense. I felt physically sick after watching this episode, not something I would choose to feel.
  • The scariest of the scariest episodes! Has Gideon met his match?

    Probably one of the scariest episodes of the show
    If you ask me as the most evil of the evilest that You can get as Gideon may have met his match
    In Nevada as the local cops want to move on The killer while Gideon wants to take his time despite
    Butting heads with the locals. Killer was indeed like the devil incarnate.