Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 13

No Way Out (1)

Aired Wednesday Jan 17, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Reid claims that peas contain phenethylamine. This is incorrect - peas do not contain phenethylamine. Confusion might have occurred because PEA is the designated shorthand for this chemical.

    • When Frank asks that Jane and Gideon go in the same car to show Gideon where the children are being hidden, the shadow of a large microphone can be clearly seen on the left side of the screen.

    • When the sheriff's husband hands over his shotgun in the diner, he closes the breech. Gun safety rules state when passing a firearm to another person, it should be done such that the muzzle of the weapon does not point at the recipient or any bystander. It is considered good practice to show the firearm with the magazine removed, the breech unloaded, and locked open before handing it over to the recipient so the recipient can easily double-check the firearm, which is known as "show clear."

    • At one point, Garcia is trying to help plot the path that the unsub has taken over the years by reviewing the files of the people that they believe was killed by him. Each time Garcia changes the picture on the monitor, there is an audible click in the background, representing the fact that a new face/file is now being viewed. However, when Garcia is naming the locations where the victims have disappeared for JJ to plot on the map, a click is heard each time she names a location. However, after the first three locations/files are listed, the clicks that represent a change of file can no longer be heard although Garcia is still listing locations.

  • Quotes

    • Reid: To get away with murder, you simply don't tell anyone.
      Prentiss: The only people he told were the people he killed. And then he took from them what he needed: cash, credit cards...
      Reid: I'm going to call Garcia and see if anything Catherine Hale owned was used after her death (dials phone).
      Prentiss: (to herself) And then he moved on to his next victim.

    • Gideon: (opening a bag with a head inside) Who is this?
      Frank: I believe the correct question is "Who was this?"
      Mark: You are a crazy son of a bitch.
      Frank: We are all sons of bitches.

    • Morgan: (to Deputy Siglock) If he is still in this town, and I believe he is, he has absolutely no way out.

    • Reid: (about Jane) A psycho with a whistle. That's not at all weird.

    • Garcia: What are you doing?
      JJ: I'm mapping out where all the victims were found, starting with Gideon's first case file (JJ jabs a pushpin to the map).
      Garcia: Ow! Stabby!

    • Frank: Jason... from Greek mythology... to heal. Gideon... a hero from the Old Testament who led the Israelites against the Midianites. Your parents had great ambitions for you.

    • Mark Davis: But that man... he also killed the school bus driver.
      Sheriff Georgia Davis: How? We had the whole town shut down. There was no way out.

    • Frank: But you know what's an even more interesting question? What's the psychopath got in the bag, Jason?

    • Frank: (to Morgan) Beauty can cover a multitude of sins, but underneath we all look exactly the same.

    • Frank: Do you think me insane?
      Gideon: Do not play me. You know exactly what you are. A psychopathic sexual sadist. You get off on the brutal torture of others.
      Morgan: And you knew the moment we arrived in this town, you had no way out.

    • Prentiss: All of these killings… the work of just one man?
      Gideon: Most prolific serial killer ever.

    • Frank: My hope is that one day you'll feel the way I do too.
      Gideon: If I ever find myself feeling the way you do, I'll kill myself.
      Frank: Call me first. I'd love to pick your brains.

    • Hotchner: (introducing the team to the sheriff) Aaron Hotchner. This is Derek Morgan and the guy who sometimes forgets his manners is Jason Gideon.

    • Prentiss: These wind chimes are made of bone. I think it's human rib bones.

    • Sheriff Georgia Davis: (discussing Jane's story of captivity) What about the fact that she could see herself?
      Gideon: A mirrored ceiling.
      Sheriff Georgia Davis: So his victims could see themselves being dismembered. Every time I think it can't get any worse, it does.

    • Gideon: (to Frank) I thought I'd seen the very worst of what humanity had to offer, 'til you.

    • Garcia: (looking at photos of the victims) Oh, this is SO not a way to a girl's heart.

    • Frank: I'm Frank… Germanic… third century. Derived from the name of a type of spear. I wonder what aspirations my parents had for me.

    • Gideon: Aristotle said, "Evil brings men together."

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The scene with the head in a bag is similar to one of the final scenes in the David Fincher movie Se7en that involves a head in a box. In both cases, the killer enjoys teasing people about what might be in the box. Frank hints to a police officer that the head might belong to his wife. In the movie, the head actually did belong to a police detective's wife.

    • Frank: We are all sons of bitches.

      After the Trinity Test (the first atomic bomb test) during World War II, test director Ken Bainbridge said, "Now we're all sons of bitches."

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