Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on CBS

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    NOW THIS is what an excellent episode is! Some of the episodes are just so dull and boring OR really really good until the end where you're like well that was shit but this wow this had me captivated and engaged and wanting more once it was over!!

    George Foyet you sneaky bastard!

    Loved every minute hope more episodes are as intriguing as this. Also loved how he escaped! Very clever!
  • Little did we know...

    The episode Omnivore continues to be in my top three of all Criminal Minds episodes (right under Penelope, 100, and a tie with Faceless, Nameless). C. Thomas Howell, creepy as he was, played a brilliant victim who I never suspected as The Reaper. The interaction between Hotch and Rossi was very good (I especially appreciated Rossi's mention of Gideon, which was spot on). Seeing Morgan getting completely layed out by an unsub (while frightening) was very interesting, as he usually does the laying out. Of course, little did we know what this episode meant for the rest of Criminal Minds...
  • 'If you stop hunting me, I'll stop hunting them.' This is the message from a killer from the past known as 'The Boston Reaper'. It's ten years later, and The Reaper is back, this time, he wants to make a deal with Agent Aaron Hotchner.

    In my opinion, the best episode of this entire season and one of the top five of the entire series. Just brilliant from start to finish. Great script, superb acting and a truly chilling performance by C. Thomas Howell as the elusive killer.

    Tom Shaughnessey worked the case of 'The Boston Reaper' ten years ago. Twenty-one people died at the hands of this man, men and women, young and old. Suddenly, the murders stopped. But why? When Hotch visits a dying Shaughnessey he is handed a typed letter, signed with the Eye of Providence' in which The Reaper offers to stop the killings if Shaughnessey and his team will stop hunting him. It was Hotch's first case as the lead profiler at the BAU but this is the first he has heard of 'the deal with the devil' as Shaughnessey calls it. The cop took the deal and the killings stopped, but now that the old man is dying, he is convinced that the killings will start again.

    Just as Rossi had a case from his past that just wouldn't go away, this was the one for Hotch. He has, we find, never been able to let it go, and after Shaughnessey's death, sure enough, the killings start again. From the original series of murders, only one survived, George Foyet, and he has been moving from place to place and living under assumed names ever since, fearful for his life. Rossi and Hotch track him down with the help of a reporter who wrote a book on the killings and with whom Foyet has stayed in touch. Foyet is clearly a vroken, terrified man who is convinced that The Reaper will come looking for him now that his murder spree has started once more. Of course, the killer contacts Hotch and offers him the same deal, but in Hotch's own words 'I don't make deals ... I'm the guy who hunts guys like you!'.

    I won't spoil it by going into any more detail, but I WILL say that if you haven't seen this episode of 'Criminal Minds', then you are missing a dramatic masterpiece. Kudos and more kudos to Thomas Gibson and C. Thomas Howell for amazing performances that kept me on the edge of my seat. Watch and see why!
  • Perhaps one of the best episodes ever. This one had it all!

    The concept of a killer stopping his game for such a long duration and then resuming again certainly intrigued me, adn this episode was built upon that foundation.

    I thought this case had it all. The unpredictable unsub, the amazing turn of events, taht brilliant realisation of when the team discovers that huge secret to solve the case!

    Yes, this epuisode had all the characteristics of a sublime Criminal Minds episode, and much, much more! I'm really hoping that there mwill be more episode s packed with this much drama and revellations - as well as suspense and tragedy.

    Congrats to the writers, who have outdone themselves and exceeded all expectations with this episode! I commend you for a fabulous show, and I cannot stress highly enough of how much I recommend this episode. Great work, guys!
  • There is no words to say how great this episode is. It is criminal supense at its best!

    Of all the episodes of Criminal Minds so far, this one had to be my favorite. I loved the drama, the suspense, the action, and the villain was literaly to die for.

    The idea of a serial murderer actually making a deal with a police officer was new to me and I loved the writers for even thinking about it. All of the team acted stunningly in this episode and Gibson was especially good.

    However, this episode's success totally goes to the villain. C. Thomas Howell did an excellent job and the character of The Reaper is by far the best serial killer I have seen on the show. He is methodial, extremely intellegent, and an excellent actor. Its amazing how he had the perfect alibi and he had everyone fooled. Its even more amazing how he ended up getting away at the end, which has not really been done before in CM. I hope to see him again in the future. The Reaper is a very scary villain, especially with those eyes and mask, and the way he talks to his victims. I loved everything about this episode and I hope to see more like it in the future!
  • What an awesome episode!! One of the best eps ever and one of the best eps this season!! The CM crew really did great with this, I have to give them some mad props, this was genius of an episode!!

    This was pure genious, talk about CM magic!! Very interesting case, and a very twisted ending, I'm sure we'll see the Reaper again, not sure when, but I'm sure we'll see him sometime in the future. This ep gets 10 because of the suspense, the surprise twist at the end!! To be honest this would have been good as a season finale!! It had it all there and more, this was one of the more perfect episodes!! I'm still replaying the ep in my mind, this one will be remembered, that's all i have to say, WAY TO GO!! Keep it up CM
  • One of the best episodes yet. True Genius

    This episode deserves a 10 the only episode of criminal minds that ive liked more than this is Revelations. The reaper makes a deal with an officer and stops killing for 10 years then he begins again as the officer dies. We see more of an emotional side to Hotch although he did smile when J.J's baby was at the BAU. The killer calls to make the same deal with Hotch and Hotch refuses of course only to have six murders happen as soon as he gives his refusal. Rossi brings Hotch to his senses but even after the unexpected killer (I had no Idea) was caught he uses his pure genius to escape prison I can only hope this isnt the last we have seen of the reaper.
  • I really liked this episode

    This was really good example of well build episode and great composition but the end had the feeling like it was all a play with audience and they have plan to bring the story back for something big somewhere in future.

    I liked the all excitement they build, the way Hotchner took it so personally, all the thing with the past and the way the story was build - the mystic of finding the killer who comes, kills, then makes a deal and does not kill anymore.. but then.. comes back.. with a plan. The way he had thought all over, the way it all worked.. and how I never thought the one and only victim to survive is the killer.

    So.. I really liked this episode.. and I am sure we will see that killer again..
  • Hotch's first BAU case ever returns as he learns new information from his dying colleague, and works with his team to find a serial killer re-emerging after 10 years of not killing.

    What an amazing episode. The highlights were endless. And like 4x16, an episode focused mainly on Hotch. The scene between him and Rossi after the Reaper murdered the bus was fantastic - the words, the conversation, the faces. And the ending is a great set up for possibly, a season finale, bringing the Reaper and Hotch in a final standoff. Although this episode may have deviated from normal procedure, the drama was endless. The Reaper kills anyone of choice with any means. The fact that Hotch turned down his offer to stop hunting, unlike his old boss, Shoughnessy, shows Hotch's never-ending desire to put serial killers away. One of the best episodes of Criminal Minds ever.
  • Great interaction between Hotch and Rossi!

    I am not the biggest fans of both Rossi and Hotch. As character development has always been an issue with both of them. But since Rossi has now, become more of a team player. As well as, really calming down. And not jumping down everybody's throats, when he first began. And Hotch is now, become a little more emotional and well-developed as a character. As he is trying not to be the buttoned down person we all come to know. Both really have good chemistry and that, they consider themselves equals. Hotch blames himself over the deaths of seven people on a bus. As he worked his first case, ten years ago. And now, he wants to finish the job. After not doing so the, first time. As he needed to finish this, in order to not have anymore regrets.
  • Criminal Minds at its best!

    This episode was the best I've seen so far this season - it's totally blown all the others out of the water (even though this seaosn has been extremly strong).

    Filled with emotion, action and scares this episode really did raise the bar for other shows in this 'genre'. There were twists none stop! Even the last few seconds revealed a twist.

    I loved seeing a different side to Morgan - after the attack - slowly becoming obsessed but Hotch shows once again why he is the leader of the BAU. Giving great advice and putting everything into solving the case. I thought this episode was rather frightning, especially since the killer escaped at the end ... But I was suspicious of him since the first time he was seen.

    Anyway, a great episode for a great show!

    Keep it up!
  • Oh My God!

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. We open with Hotch going to see a former profiler, who is dying and who is unlikely to make it through the night. We soon learn that he made a contract with a serial killer and that when he dies, the killings will start again. We then see a young couple having car trouble. They stop and soon a man stops to help them. Just then he attacks the boyfriend and then turns on the girlfriend. He kills her with a knife and then goes back to the boyfriend, to finish him off. When Hotch learns about the double murder, he orders the team to go to Boston. Soon a second couple are killed by the same killer, only this time he poses as a cop. Later that night the killer calls Hotch and tells him if he stops hunting for him then he will stop killing then we see the killer getting onto a bus and killing everyone who is on board. But he leaves behind a message which points the team in the direction of his next victim. So they all head to the different apartment the next victim has. Morgan goes to one alone and the killer is there. He gets pushed out of a window and is unconscious we then see the killer holding a gun over him. We then see the team at the house and Morgan is ok, but medics are taking glass out of his arms. (Please he is topless which is really good to see). We then see that he left Derek a bullet. When more evidence comes to light, Hotch realises that the killer is in fact the man who survived an attack by him over 10 years ago. Only he didn't survive because of the original killer, he was the original killer. He planned the whole thing, even inflicting wounds upon himself. Soon the team track him down and manage to arrest him before he can kill his final victim. The team head back home, but soon afterwards they hear that the killer has escaped. So possibly the killer will be back in a future episode.
  • The team travels to Boston, MA after a serial killer who'd been dormant for 10 years returns.

    Most of the episode centered on Hotch and Rossi, but it was Morgan who shone towards the end. What struck me as weird was that during most of the episode, there was barely any Morgan, Prentiss, Reid, JJ, or Garcia. It's like the writers forgot about them and focused almost solely on Hotch and Rossi. But they redeemed themselves later on after the search of the houses led to a detective's death and Morgan's injury. Ultimately, I rated the episode highly because of the ending. Even with the killer's non-too-believable escape. I have a feeling he's going to resurface at some point, with Morgan's credentials.
  • A killer strikes back after 10 years in the shadows...

    The chapter beggins with a cop confessing to Hotchner that he made a deal with a serial killer. The deal expires the moment the cop dies and he is just about to... The killings start again and Hotchner and the team go to Boston to investigate. After more killings they start to find some clues not before Hotch blames himself for the 7 deaths in a bus. With the help of a reporter and the only survivor of the UnSub they find some new leads. I am the only one surprised that the killer was the unique survivor? All the time I thought that it was the reporter!!! I was really worried when he attacked Morgan! I thought he was going to kill him too, well at least that gave us the chance to see him without shirt!!:P And then once they got him he escapes from prison??
    I guess this is gonna come back by the end of the season. With Hotch and Morgan really affected by it!
    Can't wait!!:D
  • What an amazing episode!

    With the focus on Emily last week, I first thought that another 'character-focused' episode would be a bit too much. Apparently, I was wrong.

    I had guessed the unsub was Foyet pretty early on; instinct, I guess, because I didn't even think about it. I must say it's ingenuous, though. The plot was interesting and I especially liked the personal aspects, such as Hotch's defeatedness and Morgan's vulnerability (or feeling vulnerable, anyway). The conversation between Rossi and Hotch was really in character, just what Hotch needed. I also liked the fact that at the end, first they were kidding about Rossi's wives, then Hotch got serious and told him 'thanks', and Rossi replied with the same casual seriousness. I can't really explain it, I just really enjoyed seeing them as friends like that.

    The twist at the end was surprising. Because of the way those last scenes were filmed, I suspected SOMETHING would happen, but I had not expected him to escape. Kind of silly, really, because it was pretty obviously going to happen.

    A very good episode, one that I will definitely remember for a while.
  • The Reaper.

    Being a Boston Native I was thrilled to hear a Boston accent. The intrigue started almost immediately as Aaron revisits one of his first cases due to the impending return of Boston's most feared serial killer. I knew exactly who the "reaper" was as soon the "reaper" hopped on the bus. I found the clues given prior to that scene leading and pretty obvious. The idea that this animal manage to escape along with having Derek's badge tells me we'll be seeing him again. Hopefully, he'll return Derek's badge. You really felt I think Rossi has an interesting role within the team as its conscience. The other aspect of this I actually liked about this episode was that your saw doubt within Aaron showing that he's human, that he's not infalible. Nice touch.