Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 21

Open Season

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 02, 2007 on CBS

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  • Two brothers with a background of only hunting.

    After bodies turns up in the wilderness of Idaho the BAU investigate and find that people are being kidnapped and thrown out into the wilderness to be hunted like animals by two brothers that was brought up by their uncle and never went to school they was just taught to hunt When one woman is kidnapped she is thrown into the wilderness and is trying to escape throughout the episode but shows more determination than the other victims and when she runs into a camp the camp members are also hunted The only thing about the episode that I was thinking of is when the woman stabbed the first brother she then jumped off the tree onto the other one and I was wondering why she never stabbed him It never mattered in the end because he was shot by Morgan and the brothers slowly both bled out.
  • Open Season

    Excellent episode! Exactly why i watch this show....
  • One of the bes episodes not only of the second season but of the series. A very interesting and exciting plot.

    "Open Season" is one of the best episodes of the second season of "Criminal Minds". The opening sequence is really good but what happens next is even better. Instead of seeing the members of the BAU at their Quantico office, we see Prentiss, JJ and Garcia in a bar drinking beer and with a guy who pretends to be a FBI aent to impress the girls. The conversation beween the three real agents and the guy is hilarious.

    The story is really interesting and exciting. I could imagine myself in the situation of the poor girl who is taken by the two killers and who has to run for her life. There are some very good scenes, including all which were shot in the mountains. I can't finish this review without mention the mercy of Gideon, trying to calm down one of the killers in the end and being with him until he died. A very good episode.
  • Sublime episode! We explore a set of hunters who enjoy human prey, as well as a woman who is very determined to survive!

    This would have to qualify as on e of the best episodes of Criminal Minds this season. There have been a few brilliant ones, and this falls under that category.

    The storyline was unique, and it was certainly very different from all prior episodes, and that made this episode very memorable, in my opinion!

    Aside from the terrific case, the humour was spot on in thi s episode as well, with that first scene in the bar! Funny stuff, and it added another great episode element to the show!

    Overall, a great episode! I highly recommend and advise that you see this one! It ws a huge step up from its predecessor, and this was truly terrific television! Keep it up, Criminal Minds!
  • Human hunt!!!

    All the idea of two brothers without socialitzation with other people was really great. All the story is very well designed and strctured. I liked a lot all the scennes were the Mulford brothers were using their bows. They were amazing. I loved all the forest scennes and the Ranger girl was really surprising. About the girl with the red mustang, I think that at the end she should have been more sentimental because "for her fault" four other people have died, of course the brothers are guilty but I think that she should have feel a litle guilty too. And the best for the end: Hotchner telling Garcia: you are the man!! I'am still laughing!
  • The first time I watched CM, by accident......

    This was the first episode of CM I ever saw. I was lying on my couch all exhausted from nursing school and I saw the episode preview. The story seemed similar to something I remembered reading for my 8th grade English class: 'The Most Dangerous Game'. So I decided to give the show a try. (I'm so glad I did!!!) Certain characters 'clicked' with me immediately. The plot was incredibly creepy; but in a good way. I was really crying towards the end; because of Gideon's compassionate gesture towards the younger 'hunter'. The addition of 'Monsters' by Band of Horses was a bonus; it was/is one of my favorite songs ever.
  • one of my favorites...

    The team is called in to investigate bodies found in a remote Idaho winlderness. The investigation leads them to two brothers which kidnap and release young, smart people into the wilderness so that they could hunt them. This episode creeped me out. The guys just thought it was fun and they were killing people with arrows! I loved the idea though, but it has been done before. The two brothers were very interesting and I loved their personalities, well not the creepiness, but it was interesting to see it. I just really liked this episode and the idea of this episode and it's one of my favorites.
  • Review

    If someone asked me to show them a simply average episode of Criminal Minds - nothing amazing, yet nothing that would bore them for the entire hour this would be the episode that I would show. To begin with - the show opens with the two Criminals hunting down a man in the woods. So in the first couple of minutes the audiance knows the unsubs, which can be fun from time to time but in the long run its not the best way for this show to operate. I live for the mystery and I like to see the Criminal Minds work without us knowing what the answer all ready is. That being said, the episode still kept me entertained. This episode was a lot better then the Honor Among Theives epiosde before it, which is one of the worst in the history of the series. None of the actors stood out in this episode with a breakout performance, everyone basically just...did their jobs. Not a bad episode, but nothing Im going to be dying to watch again and again.
  • OMG!!! I LOVE it!!! Great episode!!!

    This episode was amazing!!! I feel that from the start till the finish was great!!! Every minute of the show I was thinking was what was going to happen, whether the people can survive or not!!!

    It started with a great beginning, the thing that was happening in the forest plus the three girls being in the pub (the girls in the pub were funny. My parents and I had a great laugh.) It was interesting how trackers (hunters and rangers) can just use their senses and track animals down.

    Overall love the episode, I have already watched the episode twice in one day.
  • Original but surprisingly lacking

    I am a huge fan of this show. Rarely disappointed. However this episode kinda threw me with it's real lack of excitement and depth. Very short and to the point with no real mystery. Highly predicable. Did NOT at all like Gideons' lack of usual anger and frustration towards the criminals involved. When he found the youngest dying in the woods and finally realized who he was dealing with, he became saddened not angry.Also not so big on his man to man with Reid where we saw him teary eyed.Kind of destroyed the respect of "the boss man" personality that so suits him.This episode did not play well to the characters usual personalities. I like Prentiss's lack of emotion. This played her as too caring and thoughtful.They need to keep her character a mystery I think. The feeling that she is hiding something should always be a fixed feature of her character. Also extremely bad acting by All the guest stars. This episode was just all around lacking in too many ways to really enjoy it. I found my self bored and close to "turning the channel" several times. I also would very much have liked to have seen Reid suffer more with a drug/emotional trauma. They really spent to little time developing that story line. To show him as emotional and human would have been more interesting than the predictability of him using logic over pure human feeling. All in all probably the worst episode to date in my opinion. Still a great show, but I feel season two has been a little less appetizing than the previous season, and I hope season three does not prove to be an even greater disappointment
  • Different kind of hunters...

    I think the most important sentence of this episode is said in the end - that they, BAU, are not so much a different people like those two brothers - they are having hunt too everytime there is a case and they won't stop without getting their pray either..

    I most say the story was good - a different type of case and that hunt going on in those woods - the arrows.. interesting idea..

    This episode really had beautiful scenery - those mountains.. Usually they do not get that change to chose location like that.. but it was really marvelous view.
  • The age-old concept of the hunter versus the hunted is explored here when two brothers decided to track and kill human prey in the woods for sport.

    This was a very 'different' episode in that we knew just about from the opening sequences who the killers were and what they were doing and how. This meant that the BAU, when they were called in to investigate had to 'catch up' with the audience and figure out what was going on.

    I was impressed with the acting by the two unsubs, I thought they did a great job, but the victims didn't do a lot for me at all, they seemed to resign themselves to their fate right from the start, with the exception of Miss 'I'm going to survive at any cost' who, it was clear would sacrifice everyone else as long as she remained alive. This is not an uncommon theme as the human instinct for survival is one of the main things which has kept the entire race alive for so long, even under intense and horrific circumstances.

    For me, the best part of the episode was Gideon's interaction with the dying younger brother who was so clearly completely dominated by his sibling and so obviously terrified of being alone, so kudos to the writers for this impressive dialogue. Next time though, please have your guest actors a little more talented and give them some better lines because it can only make a good episode even better.
  • htis episode was great

    you know hwat this episode reminded me of it reminded me of the season 1 supernatural episode benders it was almost exactly like it! the ppl kidnapp innocent ppl hten they hunt them and kill em with is so horrible becuase just to imagine there are ppl in the worl that would kidnapp you abd hunt you thats so bad but the good thing is they end up catching the guys i think they ended up dying i think the only diffrence was that they used arrows and bows in this episode and in supernatural they used guns im perdy sure anyways well this WAs a kick bass episode!
  • Great story line, reminiscent of Dueling Banjos, but the lack of fact cheking by the writers left me somewhat in the cold.

    I think the episode was very well done, but I was slightly dismayed by the lack of fact checking evidenced by the named locations. The Boise National Forest is in the Southern end of Idaho, almost 450 miles from Spokane, Washington. The National Forests closest to the Spokane area are the Kaniksu and Coeur D'Alene. I was impressed at the beginning by the fact the actual highways referenced were correct, but it went downhill from there.
  • This was an awesome episode! The case was pretty freaky, but it had a great plot line. Can't wait until the summer reruns, hopefully I'll be able to catch up on this season then. (SPOILER WARNING!)

    This episode showed why Criminal Minds is such an awesome show. The character interaction was superb, and the case was riveting (but also very creepy). The fact that what the brothers did was a sick family tradition that they decided to continue with after the death of their uncle just made that much more intriguing. It was awesome watching the girl turn the tables on them in the end. I must admit though, I did feel bad for Johnny when his brother was shot, I got the feeling that he may not have been as into to the hunt as his brother. He only went along to be with him.

    The best part of the episode, I must say, was with Prentiss, Garcia, and JJ at the bar and messing with the head of "Mr. FBI" Brad. That was just hilarious! I hope we get to see more of that kind of interaction with the three of them.

    I am just glad to have been able to catch this episode because I have to work for during the last two of the season. So I will have to wait for reruns to see them.

    Enjoy the rest of the season, everybody!
  • Us v. Them – what separates the hunter from the hunted?

    During the first viewing, I was torn between love and dismay. Some truly brilliant scenes for the ladies – laughs in the bar, tears with the sheriff, and anxiety with Prentiss. And one touching scene between Gideon and the dying younger brother. The intercut scene when the team gives the profile gives new meaning to the phrase “finish each other’s sentences.” On the downside, some sketchy acting among the victims, and a terribly obvious ending to the entire scenario. But after a second, and a third viewing, I saw something much deeper. I hope I’m not the only one.

    Suspenseful? No. Revealing? That is the question. The audience knows more than the BAU in this episode, as the director and writer choose to reveal the criminals, their methods and their motives to us before the team comes to any conclusions. Is this a deliberate choice in order to pursue a theme, or are the show’s producers just trying to switch things up a bit? Maybe I over-analyze, but I prefer to think the framing of this episode was calculated – designed to accelerate the viewers to the theme of the season finale. And it’s Prentiss who gives voice to this theme, twice, during the episode: Us v. Them.

    What is the difference between a criminal and a non-criminal, and what could make someone step over that line? We’re given the example of Bobbi Baird – a young woman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and had to face personal horrors. But somewhere along the line, Bobbi changes, and we see that she is going to do whatever it takes to save her own life, even at the expense of others’. The first glimpse of this is when Heather comments that “we’re both going to die.” Bobbi’s response? “Not necessarily.” It is then we see the first formulation of Bobbi’s plan to attack her hunters, and, if Heather is sacrificed in that plan, so be it. Bobbi’s aggressive line said to the dying Paul only underscores the changes in her – how else can we analyze “Looks like I had all the fun”? Fun? Is that what you or I would be thinking at a time like this?

    It is Prentiss’ character that reinforces this theme in the last scene, on the BAU jet. What at first seemed like a silly comment for her to make – we think like the hunters – that’s their job after all – becomes something deeper. It may be much too easy for a hunter to become one of the hunted, for one of the team to be pushed over that line, especially when faced with a real personal horror. Something to think about.
  • The team looks for two brothers hunting humans.

    Oh My God this episode was so good but very disturbing at the same time. I thought that the two brothers hunting people was a really sick storyline why anyone would teach young kids to hunt humans like that is really messed up and I felt bad for both brothers because that is all they know it was what they were taught. I was happy that the brothers last victim was able to take down one of the brothers and then the FBI team was able to find her and take down the other brother. I really enjoyed watching the team analize the unsubs.
  • this show never gets old

    i really did like this one... though the plott of the story was a tiny bit strange i still really like it.i couldn't help but feel sad for johny at the end...i don't think it's really all his fault.. if he hadn't lived with his sick uncle his whole life he wouldn't have felt like he needed to follow in his foot steps.i also liked how even though they herded people into the woods to hunt them, paul and johny were still very close and brother like almost as if they were just hunting animals not people and they stuck together and were devistated at the loss of each other. you might think i'm strange for feeling compassion for them ....but i also enjoyed it because it had one of my favorite actors Jake Richardson in it(johnny. yeah it was origanal too... not many other shows would have thought of a storyline like that
  • this show never gets old

    i really did like this one... though the plott of the story was a tiny bit strange i still really like it.i couldn't help but feel sad for johny at the end...i don't think it's really all his fault.. if he hadn't lived with his sick uncle his whole life he wouldn't have felt like he needed to follow in his foot steps.i also liked how even though they herded people into the woods to hunt them, paul and johny were still very close and brother like almost as if they were just hunting animals not people and they stuck together and were devistated at the loss of each other. you might think i'm strange for feeling compassion for them ....but i also enjoyed it because it had one of my favorite actors Jake Richardson in it(johnny. yeah it was origanal too... not many other shows would have thought of a storyline like that
  • Not that good but not that bad

    The show wasn't that good nor not that bad as
    I found it to be a bit creepy. As we are dealing
    With a fake FBI agent name "Brad" or so
    He calls himself. As the team try to find out who
    Has been killing and dumping dead bodies in the Idaho wilderness. While I am glad that Reid is back to his sweet self.
  • good episode but lacked the usual flair.

    First I must say that I am truely a fan of this show, but unlike most episodes this one showed the unsubs right away. The mystery of how they get thier victims is cleared up in the first half hour. What they do with the victims cars is cleared up almost near the end before the final hunt so to speak. The usual long digging up of the facts by the team is covered this week in what is happening to the latest victim in the woods and here recuers/other victims. The unsubs seemed to lack background (drab)even the profiling work on them really did not turn up much and we do not learn much about the influence that made them this way other than they were raised by thier pshcotic uncle. Good show rather than my ususal great show evaluation. I'll probally skip the repeat run of this episode.
  • Incredibly impressive.

    I usually write long detailed episode reviews, but I can summarize this in one word.


    What an incredibly impressive episode. It left me speechless, with my mind going at 100 miles an hour.

    I hardly ever cry (in general, and especially when it's "just" TV), but I was moved to tears by Gideon. I didn't expect it, but it completely made sense when he did it.

    This is the best episode I've seen in a long time, and I watch a lot of series.
  • Much better than the last episode!

    Okay so I was a little creeped out by this one. People hunting people in the woods. Definitely creepy. I loved the scene at the beginning with the BAU girls. That was fantastic! Gotta love it! Anyways, this episode wasn't my favorite. It was good, much better than Honor Among Thieves-can't see how you could get any worse, but anyways. It didn't really live up to my excitement about it. Still it was intriguing. Interesting/creepy storyline and I liked how the last victim fought the guys at the end. Very cool. As for the Reid development thing. I was hoping for a little more but I know you can't have a good show revolving around one character. Understandable. In conclusion, this was a good team episode, it was well written and I liked it.
  • i thought this episode was a little creepy to be quite honest!!

    I swear i had nightmares... (i am also very sqweemish) I loved the interaction between Morgan, Emily, amd Gideon as they worked in the woods to figure the case out.what really made me feel sick is that they were laughing about it.. as if killing people isnt bad enough! The question the bobby asked Emily was a little odd nobody has ever asked that question before. and the fact that Emily was having second thoughts about her answer. I dont think they are like criminals. yes they hunt them ut the hun t them so that more people can live! the difference is that they haelp people and the criminals murder. i loved the very beginning with JJ Garcia and Emily in the bar with the guy who claimed to be a FBI agent. that was really funny!
  • Back on track!

    After an extremely sub-par episode (Honor Among Thieves), the show appears to be getting back on track. While it did not offer much in the way of character development, we do see Reid acting more like Reid and some more character development for Emily - whose acceptance by viewers has been hard-fought after Lola Glaudini's exit. For this episode, it wasn't about the main characters so much as it was about the story. The true show stealer was the last intended victim, Bobbi. Actually, she wasn't a victim, but a survivor - way to kick butt! And don't think we have seen the last of her (i.e., her last line "guess I got to have all the fun this time" - yep, she'll be back, and we may be profiling her next time). Moreover, while we love Gideon, Penelope, Reid, JJ and the rest of the BAU Scooby Gang, every once in a while it's okay for them to take a back seat to the story. Especially when the story is as strong as this one. It takes a real actor to realize that, too. The idea itself was somewhat original. Although, I think I saw something similar on Starsky and Hutch, but it was not nearly as well done, and there was no explanation as to why the killers hunted humans in the S&H episode. At least the CM writers provided an explanation - and in that way humanized their killers. Thus, Gideon showed compassion for the poor kid who was doing this - because frankly, the kid didn't know any better, and Gideon understood that the kid was as much a victim as the people he had killed. You know, there is no limit to what Mandy Patinkin can do! The guy is truly amazing!

    Oh, and in response to someone who said that Reid and Morgan shared a look on the airplane but it didn't pan out to be anything more. That look was perfect in its subtlety. I think it's wonderful how the writers are playing out Reid's struggle with addiction and his captivity in such a subtle way. These characters are not the mushy gushy, huggy kissy types. They take care of each other, but do it in a subtle way. For example, that look was a look of thanks and acknowledgement. Morgan was looking out for Reid - whose last experience in the woods wasn't quite so positive - in Revelations Reid was in the woods with Tobias - in a hunting cabin. So, tons of character development in that one exchange alone - Big Brother Morgan looking out for Little Brother Reid. It was really sweet - and consistent with their previous character development.

    Oh, and a side note, the opening scene in the bar! PRICELESS!!!!! Nice to see them being regular people and having some fun with what they do for a living! The show is typically so dark, it's refreshing to see something light. (This is my second favorite scene with women showing men up in a bar. My first favorite is still when a friend was in a bar, and a guy was hitting on her. When she is not receptive he asks, "So, are you a lesbian?" She responds, "Only if you are the alternative.") I like to see the Criminal Minds women bonding in this way (I think this scene was Paget Brewster's idea, right?) And, in a way, it really sort of foreshadowed what Bobbi ended up doing. I mean, the BAU women were being hunted by a slimeball liar in a bar, and they turned the tables on him. And Bobbi turned the tables on her hunters. Nice literary acrobatics there. This is what makes the CM writers so wonderful! I just talked myself into upping the rating for the episode!
  • Left me wanting more.

    I expected this episode to be way more character driven. There were these small hints at the beginning, at least I thought they were hints, that made me believe we would see more interaction of the main characters, and more of their personal lives and problems. I thought there would be something with Prentiss, because they made the big deal out of her knowing the woods so well, but then they did nothing with that for the rest of the story. And the way Morgan and Reid shared that look when Morgan suggested that Reid stay in town and Morgan take the crime scene made me so sure there was something more there. But...nothing. I really wanted this episode to be so much more about these people we see every week. Especially now that we're so close to the end of the season.

    I will give it this, the first scene was among the best openings that I have ever seen. I especially loved Garcia, both for her mispronunciation of Quantico and for her telling Prentiss that she was not in her top 8! Garcia just cracks me up!