Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 22

Out of the Light

Aired Wednesday May 04, 2011 on CBS

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  • Boring and inaccurate

    First of all, I thought the case was pretty dull and a little confusing. I couldn't figure out how the perpetrator went from abusive husband and step-father to sexual sadist. The connection isn't drawn very well. Also, having the original suspect developing photos at the end is annoying. Was he involved or not? However, all of this I could have forgiven except for a glaring error at the end. I thought it was extremely far-fetched that Hotch shot the perpetrator under water. So for a story that both boring and not credible, it didn't really do it for me.
  • Oh, Jeez, really? People doesn't do their homework?


    In general this was an OK episode and a return from the boring spy stuff of previous episodes.

    But I found some glitches that annoyed me and didn't let me enjoy the case.

    Garcia is giving the team data about the sex offenders at the area, right? Morgan says that a flasher doesn't make a sex sadist, right? Next comes Talbot, who was found peeping in a girl's restroom 15 years ago, right? So, a voyeur does make a sex sadist? Are you sure?
    Not satisfied with that, the team runs to arrest a guy just because he peeped 15 years ago and now he is teaching at some school. Come on! The poor guy made a mistake 15 years ago and he not only is a pervert for the rest of his life but he is the main suspect, just because.

    But there is more! They go to the guy's house and find a lot of art photos of eyes and lips. Eyes. Lips. The horror! Child porn!
    Please, don't be ridiculous.

    And that's not all! Later, when the team is chasing Bremmer, Garcia tells them that the guy was accused of abusing his step-daughter and that he then stalked her and her mentally unstable mother until they commited suicide. What?
    Why didn't Garcia find about him in the first search of sex offenders?Just because if she did the episode would have ended so soon? Hmmmmmmmmmmm...

    The final scene of Talbot developing Bremmer's photos was a pathetic attemp of the writers to tell us that Talbot was also a pervert, don't you dare to think that the team arrested an inocent man without a reason, no, sir, no.

    A shame. What could have been a excellent episode turned out to be just a mediocre one.

  • I love this show! It's the only one that I watch without fail.

    However, this episode was disturbing. There are a couple of things that weren't explained. The bloody shirt found at Talbot's house - was it planted or was he an accomplice? The photo developing at the end - does it make him an accomplice? Does it mean he knew about the abductions? Is he also dangerous, or just a sideline pervert?
  • This one is a borderline ten for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it definitely wasnt as good as most of the other episodes which I have rated a ten.

    This was a very good episoed of Criminal Minds, although as I mentioned, not the best. The case itself is what I will discuss first, and the case was quite interesting. The first scene was done qutie well, and I enjoyed the interrogation of the wrong suspect, as that was definitely an interesting way to uncover the truth.

    Aside from the case iteslf, I really enjoyed the first and last scene with Hotchner coaching Jack's soccer game, and especially Rossi taggin along as Assistant Coach. I enjoyed his reference to being Italian, as we don't hear it often, and I really enjoyed those scenes!

    All up, a very interesting episode! Very muc h worthy of a viewing, an d I would highly recommend it, but I'll reiterate once more that hthere have been better, and there will undoubtedly be better episodes in the future.
  • It's off to North Carolina where a sexual sadist/serial killer is in operation.

    So, we have a good shot of a girl landing on the road after running away from an unsub. The unsub is texting his mother and having a lot of fun. When the team arrives, it co-incides not long after with the discovery of several bodies in the woods near Lake Worth.

    When Talbot was brought in and 'unmasked' so quickly, it was obvious that he either wasn't the unsub at all or he was connected in some other way to the crimes through his photography. I actually found him more creepy than the actual killer and was hoping they would find a way to put him behind bars as well.

    My two favourite parts were seeing Hotch really step up as leader of the team, giving directions and making sure that the investigation was handled correctly. The soccer thing with Jack, Rossi and Hotch was perfect, and the main reason I gave this episode a 7. It's always nice to see Hotch smile and being around Jack is the best way to make that happen. Great stuff.

    I had a problem with the whole plethora of law enforcement officers being present and yet Morgan was the only one to take off at a run and jump into the lake to try and save the girl. The others just stood around watching. The underwater shooting by Hotch was very James Bond and looked good visually even if it wasn't all that accurate in reality.

    Seeing Thomas and Shemar together there at the end reminded me once again that their contracts for next season are still 'under negotiation'. I hope that CBS gets their act together very soon and re-signs these two men or the show will not be worth watching, even with the return of the excellent A.J. Cook.
  • Getting back to its best?

    I really got the feeling that this was Criminal Minds getting back to its best here. A gruesome, gritty crime and some actual profiling thought processes. Loved Rossi coming a bit more to the forefront - I do feel he is underused. Nice touch at the end with him and Hotch at the football.

    Seaver continues to stand pretty much on the sidelines. Got to feel sorry for the actress because that character really is a waste of space which hasn't been developed in any way.

    Talbot reminded me of the Spaulding character in the first season of Without a Trace. I thought the actor played it really well. Ending was creepy, but I loved it!
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