Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 22

Out of the Light

Aired Wednesday May 04, 2011 on CBS

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  • Oh, Jeez, really? People doesn't do their homework?


    In general this was an OK episode and a return from the boring spy stuff of previous episodes.

    But I found some glitches that annoyed me and didn't let me enjoy the case.

    Garcia is giving the team data about the sex offenders at the area, right? Morgan says that a flasher doesn't make a sex sadist, right? Next comes Talbot, who was found peeping in a girl's restroom 15 years ago, right? So, a voyeur does make a sex sadist? Are you sure?
    Not satisfied with that, the team runs to arrest a guy just because he peeped 15 years ago and now he is teaching at some school. Come on! The poor guy made a mistake 15 years ago and he not only is a pervert for the rest of his life but he is the main suspect, just because.

    But there is more! They go to the guy's house and find a lot of art photos of eyes and lips. Eyes. Lips. The horror! Child porn!
    Please, don't be ridiculous.

    And that's not all! Later, when the team is chasing Bremmer, Garcia tells them that the guy was accused of abusing his step-daughter and that he then stalked her and her mentally unstable mother until they commited suicide. What?
    Why didn't Garcia find about him in the first search of sex offenders?Just because if she did the episode would have ended so soon? Hmmmmmmmmmmm...

    The final scene of Talbot developing Bremmer's photos was a pathetic attemp of the writers to tell us that Talbot was also a pervert, don't you dare to think that the team arrested an inocent man without a reason, no, sir, no.

    A shame. What could have been a excellent episode turned out to be just a mediocre one.

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