Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2009 on CBS

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  • An old friend comes back

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. When a second family is found murdered and buried in their backyard, the BAU are called in to help with the investigation. Soon they get a phone call from a local prison saying that one of their inmates has had contact from the killer. We soon learn that this inmate is in fact a serial killer, who Hotch and the team caught in season 1. He takes Emily with him to the prison, and they begin to question him. As the episode progresses we learn that the killer is in fact a woman, and when she is IDed the team go to arrest her. But things go wrong and she attacks Morgan. Luckily he manages to shot her before she can do any physical damage to him. As the episode ends, we learn that the killer the inmate was talking about, was not the killer in this episode but in fact the serial killer who is stalking Hotch and his family.
  • I find myself rating the season this year as opposed to episodes, because of the ongoing story with Hotch it seems like one long episode.

    I really liked the story here. They go all the way back to the first season episode "The Fox" to try and figure out the motivation of one unsub and using it to get to the motivation of another.

    I didn't really get how the reaper knew they'd go to the fox. Unless he figured out just by reading the papers that all these murders were committed by the same person, and then profiled the killer himself and recognized the similarities to the fox. Anyway however he got around to it, it worked for the story. Like my opening statement said I find my self wanting to rate the season as opposed to episodes, and I don't think I like where we are headed. I don't want Hotch to leave the show! I don't want Morgan in charge!

    I am very sad about Hotch probably leaving the show, but if it's what Thomas Gibson wants I hope that it works out for him. I'm just glad that he has enough respect for himself, the show, the other cast members and crew on the show not do it the way Mandy Patinkin did. I lost all respect for M.P. when he pulled that, especially after finding out he did the same thing when he starred on 'Chicago Hope'! I think they've had some really great episodes this season and the storyline about Hotch has been very good leading up to all of it. I hope I'm wrong and he doesn't leave the show!!!!

    Personally, I don't care much for Morgan any more and I'm very sad about it. I miss the playful banter between him and Garcia. It added a comic element to the show without making either of them seem less intelligent than they are. I miss his interaction with Reid. I think it added a great 'friend' element to the show. And besides all that, I think he's being just a bit pretentious! He called J.J. Jennifer for crying out loud! I can't recall a time ever on the show in five years anyone on the team ever called her anything except J.J. unless they were introducing her to someone outside the team. Come on give me a break, he needs to get the stick out of his butt and loosen up a bit!
  • A completely mindblowing, exhilarating episode, definitely one of the best or if not the cream of the crop episode of season 5 so far. It will leave you on the edge of your seat during its 40 minute duration. Season 5 is just getting started!

    The actors/actresses (both the main cast and guests) once again proved that their talents are one of the reasons for the popualrity and life of this series. Not to say the writers didn't overexert themselves for this episode, which completely and utterly blew me away. By the third time of rewatching it, I felt that the wait had definitely been worth it. One of the highlights of 'Outfoxed' would have to be the Prentiss/Hotch duo as portrayed in this episode, as it really reinforces how the team is only getting stronger in their connections and have really grown from the previous seasons. The position Emily was placed in also exemplified once again how difficult and demanding being in their line of profession can be, whilst at the same time proving how damn good they are at their jobs. Paget did an exquisite job particularly in this episode in portraying Emily's emotions, everything from her disgust to her discomfort and one of the best parts; the changing of her voice and behaviour after deciding to turn her charm on in order to make Fox talk. I personally loved the concept of interrogating a past unsub in order to gain assistance for their case, as both that and the jail itself was particularly reminiscent of Thomas Harris' 'Silence of the lambs' (The scene where Pain throws himself at the glass was a strong reminder of Miggs from the novel and film adaptation).

    The ending of'Outfoxed' throws nothing that could allow the fans to predict the outcomes of the upcoming episode '100', meaning it leaves us craving, begging for more - perhaps even preventing people from leaving their couches or computers in anticipation for the new episode. I couldn't have wished for a better (albeit completely frustrating) finish for this already stunning episode; it's fast paced and is ultimately an extremely abrupt cliff hanger that truly leaves you questioning the reactions of the characters and the events that are due to unfold in '100'.
  • What an amazing episide!! It is truly one of the best eps of season 5 no doubt about that!! Trying to figure out the profile for one unsub while interregating another one in prison, priceless!!

    This episode had a great mind blowing conclusion, it left you wanting more and next episode 100 will give us plenty!! In outfoxed we get a taste of what's coming for us in the next ep and I can't wait, the showdown between Hotch and The Reaper as they battle it out. In this episode it got the tensions as high as they could and then they throw you into this next episode feeling addicted to the show!! The CM writers have done it again and 100 should be just as good as episode 99 "outfoxed" Outfoxed was the perfect climax to get us going for espisode 100!!
  • Another sensational one!

    Yet again, Criminal Minds has exceeded all my expectations with another epic episode. This one had a very interesting case and I was quite shocked with the way it worked itself out.

    I loved the interactions between Karl Arnold and Agents Hotchner and Prentiss, and that added another dimension to the episode.

    I thought that the case did not get boring at all, and it was edge of your seat action all the way, which is what made it terrific.

    Also, I absolutely loved the way they ended this episode, and it sets up a really memorable #100!

    I would recommend this episode extremely highly, for all the reasons I mentioned. It was just so great, and I loved every minute of this one!
  • Hotch and Prentiss must visit a maximum security prison to get help on a current case from a man labeled 'The Fox', one of the most prolific serial killers the team has ever tracked and caught.

    When two entire families, with the exception of the father in both cases, are found dead a year apart with an almost identical modus operandi, Hotch is quick to decide that a serial killer is at work. In both crimes, the mothers and sons have been shot and the daughters suffocated. Also, the male head of each family is a military man serving overseas at the time his family are massacred.

    Investigations into the crimes lead Hotch to think of a killer from his past, Karl Arnold, nicknamed 'The Fox', who murdered eight families in an almost identical fashion before Hotch caught him. There's something of 'Red Dragon' and 'Silence Of The Lambs' in this episode when Hotch decides to visit Karl Arnold in prison and take Prentiss with him. They realise that they have a copycat on their hands and they are also fairly certain that as the current killer is copying Arnold's M.O., he is probably a 'fan' and has most likely had contact with him in some way.

    Prentiss is understandably not keen on the idea as this is a first for her but Hotch assures her she will be ok as long as she sticks to the pre-prepared script when dealing with Arnold. Sure enough, he responds to her and gives her, and later Hotch, some invaluable information about how to catch their suspect. It doesn't take them long to realise that the killer they are dealing with is a woman, which explains the lack of sexual attacks upon any of the victims. But as if that knowledge is not enough, 'The Fox' has a special message for Hotch from someone who wants Hotch to clearly remember him.

    A terrific episode with a Hannibal Lecter/Francis Dolarhyde type character woven into one and a great performance by everyone concerned, not to mention a terrific script and fantastic foreshadowing as we head towards the inevitable confrontation between Hotch and George Foyet. Don't miss this one.
  • Always the best

    Possibly the best episode the show has scene since Gideon left in season 3, now i know that's a big call it just had a certain quality that the show hasn't had for a while, i thought the having to go back to the fox was great and i hope they do more serial killer interviews, they always make great episodes that keep you guessing, wasn't expecting the ending i thought it was a bit of a cop out i really wanted it to be foyett trying to bait hotch but in stead it was a girl with a psychological break, still a great episode i am super super super excited for next week it's the big 100 boys and girls see you then.
  • Mindgame

    Someway all those episodes are mind-games but I really loved this one. Even thought the ending really made it feel like long interlude to the coming episode what will probably be mind blowing (I mean, the idea itself is very intriguing and if executed right, I am sure the result will be amazing).

    Anyway, this episode. I think it can be separated into two parts - first was Prentiss and Hotchner in prison, talking again with fox and realizing more and more about his game, the case years ago and trying to solve this one. I really loved the tension there. Some really great dynamics and Prentiss having a totally different side than we usually see of her.

    And then the other side was the rest of the team in field. There were also very good moments. I mean, like when they told to that military man what had happened and the collapse. That was heart-breaking. And also the way team was in trouble with profile. I mean.. it did not made sense as they had one major thing wrong.

    But overall, it was very strong episode, with amazing mind games. Eager to see where the ending leads us next time.
  • Just watched this, guess it was a re-run but of course it was great.

    Just watched this, guess it was a re-run but of course it was great. I'm kind of new to the show and was a bit confused at the end when Hotch and Prentice were talking to Fox in prison and he mentioned another criminal that upset Hotch. Was this the "Reaper" that Fox was talking about? I think I did finally figure out what it was all about. Hey, can anyone tell me who Eric Tiede is? Why am I seeing this name associated with Criminal Minds? Did I miss something? drop me an e-mail.