Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2009 on CBS

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  • A completely mindblowing, exhilarating episode, definitely one of the best or if not the cream of the crop episode of season 5 so far. It will leave you on the edge of your seat during its 40 minute duration. Season 5 is just getting started!

    The actors/actresses (both the main cast and guests) once again proved that their talents are one of the reasons for the popualrity and life of this series. Not to say the writers didn't overexert themselves for this episode, which completely and utterly blew me away. By the third time of rewatching it, I felt that the wait had definitely been worth it. One of the highlights of 'Outfoxed' would have to be the Prentiss/Hotch duo as portrayed in this episode, as it really reinforces how the team is only getting stronger in their connections and have really grown from the previous seasons. The position Emily was placed in also exemplified once again how difficult and demanding being in their line of profession can be, whilst at the same time proving how damn good they are at their jobs. Paget did an exquisite job particularly in this episode in portraying Emily's emotions, everything from her disgust to her discomfort and one of the best parts; the changing of her voice and behaviour after deciding to turn her charm on in order to make Fox talk. I personally loved the concept of interrogating a past unsub in order to gain assistance for their case, as both that and the jail itself was particularly reminiscent of Thomas Harris' 'Silence of the lambs' (The scene where Pain throws himself at the glass was a strong reminder of Miggs from the novel and film adaptation).

    The ending of'Outfoxed' throws nothing that could allow the fans to predict the outcomes of the upcoming episode '100', meaning it leaves us craving, begging for more - perhaps even preventing people from leaving their couches or computers in anticipation for the new episode. I couldn't have wished for a better (albeit completely frustrating) finish for this already stunning episode; it's fast paced and is ultimately an extremely abrupt cliff hanger that truly leaves you questioning the reactions of the characters and the events that are due to unfold in '100'.