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Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A young boy who had disappeared a year ago turns up for sale by a child pornographer on an online auction. A former profiler who now heads the FBI's Innocent Images Unit asks Gideon and the BAU to help her save the boy's life.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • A boy who has been missing turns up on a child molester website.

    4 months from the previous episode and the BAU have been called to find the boy who is on a child molester site and they have to find him before the auction closes I don't think this was my type of Criminal minds episode because I prefer it when they are chasing dangerous serial killers not a child molester but it doesn't mean the episode is bad it just means it wasn't my type of episode However it was good to see Elle back especially after she was nearly killed and she was very eager to get back to work it was also good to see that they got the kid back safe and to his mother but because he doesn't know its his mother it will take time to get use to her.moreless
  • Review

    I love the four month jump in time that we have experienced from The Fisher King episodes. You actually feel that this is the first episode of season two with the new beginning kind of feel. Reid is dressed differently then he normally was in all of the season one episodes and Elle is trying to get over the events that happened to her in The Fisher King episode. I thought the case in this episode was better then normal, with a great ending "Criminal Minds" read by Jason to end the episode. Elle's character clearly wants to get back to work, but Im not sure we are going to see any of the emotions The Fisher King left on her. Its been four months since it happened so I think we are left to assume that it was during that four months that Elle was doing most of her struggles. Overall I thought the episode was really well put together and hope to see more like it from the rest of the season.moreless
  • A hard topic, but very important..

    While watching this episode I really wondered - I think putting children watch it could finally make them understand that chatrooms can be dangreous.

    The episode has very good emotion, very intense atmosphere but to the limit - maybe because of the clock they are racing or something else, but it really touched me. Maybe the shock when they arrest the school principle.. maybe the whole way the female agent they had along took it and the confession she made in the end - she does not believe she could leave her job anymore - it is too important to her.

    And I think that thought is right - the job she does is quite hopeless but it is a little hope.. kids should be more educated on the threats out there..moreless
  • A lot of different emotions arise when you watch this one!

    This was an amazing Criminal Minds episode, based on a child who has been abducted, and now appears on sale as part of an auction created by a paedophile ringleader.

    First of all, this case was exceptionally interesting. It was a race against the clock, and episodes ecentred around children are usually fantastic, with this one being no exception to that rule!

    I enjoyed the insight into the technology and the sites that exist for all that vile stuff. It makes you wonder how diffficult it must be for real policemen and policewomen to solve cases which are like this one.

    There was tension throughout the episode, as I hoped that the episode would end well, and there was also sadness when at the end, we realised that the kid had grown up for five years away from his mother.

    I was espfecially touched at the end, when the biological mother asked her son, "What's your toy's name?", and he replied, "Jack." The mother goes one to reply, "Nice to meet you Jack. My name's Jackie." Very sweet touch by the writers!

    This was a scintillating episode of Criminal Minds, to maintain the standard set by the season premiere! Keep it up, guys, and I hope to see more brilliant episodes, just like this one!moreless
  • The test of the morality of a society is what it does to its children.

    Kid holding up a toy soldier to the camera. This is Jack, he will protect me. Can I come out now, I’ll be a good boy…

    Katie, “Peter’s” back. She gets back into the chatroom and chats with HUGZ, pretending she has an interest in the boy, and then she gets sent to a URL

    http://209.2334.310.112/ (doesn’t exist unless I made a typo copying it) where a live video of the boy is showing, with a clock counting down. It’s an auction. Call Aaron Hotchner.

    The chatroom was hosted by a web company in Cleveland, OH

    Reid’s got new glasses, and Elle’s got quite a drastic haircut. It’s been 4 months since she got shot. She’s desperate to get back to work, and gets the choice between either going with Reid, or going home.

    The test of the morality of a society is what it does to its children.

    Katie’s scared to fly ;) funny scene.

    There are 2 types of kidnappers/child molesters.

    Situational – they take advantage of a situation when it presents itself, rarely seek them out.

    Preferential – they target specific types, and very often have jobs that allow easy access to children.

    This unsub obviously falls under “preferential”. He has had the boy for a year, and now he’s selling him off, he must be losing interest.

    FBI is at the chat room hosting company to get access to their database. Garcia finds HUGZ credit card, and a video of another child….

    But that turns out to be “HUGZ” himself, trying to get money to get by since his dad left him.

    I laughed at all the creeps collectively logging off instantly when the FBI came storming in with their guns drawn.

    Mehtevas ( too bad I instantly turned that around…) 10 hours left until the auction ends.

    They notice the “room” has no door, so he must have built a room around him.

    HUGZ arranges a F2F ( face to face ) with Mehtevas, at an elementary school.

    Turns out Mehtevas is the principle there ( ewwww!) with a doctorate in child psychology. And he doesn’t seem to have a PC…that’s weird ! Reid genius as he is finally reverses Methevas as well ( and needs a pen to do so, OK, it looks nice, but come on ;)!)

    And they find a laptop locked away in a drawer. Mehtevas claims it’s for research.. yeah.. right. When the evidence claims differently he still tries to wriggle himself out of his own mess. Yes, he bid 8000 for “Peter”, but he was only trying to save him, and HUGZ, and .. Of course no one believes him.

    Meanwhile his arrest is all over the news, causing the countdown video to get pulled off.

    404 page not found. The unsub knew what Mehtevas looked like and knew he was busted… He also knows Katie is back on his case after she nearly caught him last year. But a smart ( but not very believable….) move from the FBI’s site has him put the video back up again. 1 hour left. The boy is changing clothes and they notice a Tadpoles shirt. They track down the church it was run from but hey got dispended 6 months ago. They do find a picture there of Tadpole boys, and later at the school they find the identity of the missing boy on the video. They also find the identity of the unsub. Michael Earlson, who was just about to drive off in his van with the kid in a large toolbox on wheels in his trunk.

    Katie – maybe it’s time to get out…but she can’t anymore.

    The boy was taken from his home when he was 1, his toy soldiers name is Jack..his mothers name is Jacky ( *blink 1 tear away now* )moreless
A.J. Cook

A.J. Cook

SSA Jennifer "JJ" Jareau

Kirsten Vangsness

Kirsten Vangsness

Analyst Penelope Garcia

Lola Glaudini

Lola Glaudini

SSA Elle Greenaway

Mandy Patinkin

Mandy Patinkin

Senior SSA Jason Gideon

Matthew Gray Gubler

Matthew Gray Gubler

SSA Dr. Spencer Reid

Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore

SSA Derek Morgan

Mary Page Keller

Mary Page Keller

Katherine Cole

Guest Star

Michael Len

Michael Len


Guest Star

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

Agent Amanda Gilroy

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Despite claiming that the agents were in Virgina, when the suspect turns on his car, his radio displays 106.7 KROQ.  This is a well-known radio station in LA, where this episode was likely filmed.

    • This episode takes place four months after the events that occurred in "The Fisher King" Parts 1 and 2.

    • When the unsub is first seen on screen, he is typing on his laptop connected to an ethernet cable. After looking at the TV news report, he comes back to pick up his laptop, only now it is not connected at all.

    • In the opening scene, the unsub's IP address appears briefly. It's easy to tell that it's a faked address because the first half of it is: http://209.2334.

      Digital IP addresses consist of four groups of one to three digits separated by periods, e.g., http://###.###.#.##/. Four-digit groups are not in use.

    • The nickname that Agent Gilroy at the CACU uses is "Peter Pan," the boy who never grew up. The nickname of the unsub is "Man Child."

    • Garcia has four brothers who were all Tadpoles.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Elle: (describing the room where Peter was being kept) It's like a ship in a bottle. He has built the room around the boy.

    • Katherine Cole: I gave up on him. A year ago, I gave up on looking for him – there were so many other kids.
      Gideon: Katie, I'm sure you did what you could.
      Katherine Cole: Do you ever ask yourself how you make a decision like that? How you come to the conclusion that it's time to move on to the next kid? I mean, how do you give yourself that kind of permission? What's happened to that boy in the year that I stopped looking for him?

    • Elle: (running from the car) Hotch? You already got him?
      Hotchner: I told you to stay out of the field.
      Elle: Yeah, I know, but Reid said that you wanted us so I…
      Reid: (indignant) No, I didn't!
      Elle: Yes, you did.
      Hotchner: I'm sure you didn't, Reid.
      Elle: (to Reid, sarcastically) Thanks.

    • Reid: 40,000 images of child porn are posted every week on the internet along with the appearance of 20 new children. The appetite for babies as young as 4 months old has soared. Many of these children have been kidnapped and sold into pedophile rings.

    • Elle: Well, if it isn't Dr. Reid.
      Reid: Elle, wow!
      Elle: Nice haircut.
      Reid: Thanks, uh, I like your haircut, too.
      Elle: Is that a boy's regular?
      Reid: Yeah, it is. What, do you not like it?
      Elle: (laughing) It's totally you.

    • Reid: (Watching Elle break into a locked desk drawer) Did they teach you that in FBI school?
      Elle: No, they taught me that in Brooklyn.

    • Hayden Rawlings: This is all just research.
      Katherine Cole: That's not research. That's a hundred years in a federal penitentiary.

    • Morgan: (to Reid) Come on genius, do something genius-like.

    • Gideon: Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, "The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children."

  • NOTES (1)

    • The character Katherine Cole, portrayed by Mary Page Keller in this episode, was based on real-life Emily Vacher, who is currently assigned to the FBI's Albany Division, Syracuse Resident Agency. She was previously a member of the FBI's Innocent Images National Response Team and was the manager of the FBI's Endangered Child Alert Program.


    • The title of this episode (P911) alludes to the term used in chatrooms that means Parent Alert, which is similar to POS (Parent Over Shoulder).