Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2011 on CBS

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  • I was rooting for the unsub!!

    i feel bad for the the unsub people are so mean! good episode but i wish the unsub hadn't been killed that wasn't fair
  • I loved Reid's phone freakout!


    This episode was great from start to finish. From tidbit's about Rossi and the teams pervious case, to Spencer's freakout to a reporter on the phone. This Episode did not dissapoint. The 10 years later concept was also a really great touch. The disorder they mentioned, about people who can't feel pain is also a really great touch.

  • What an excellent episode!


    This gave good screen time to all the team members, meaning there's something for all the fans. Spencer Reid is my particular favorite and the writers didn't disappoint. We learn more about Reid's high school experience (it would be impossible for Reid's high school years to be all like the incident he shared with Morgan during the Owen Savage case, or he really would have been an unsub), Reid loses his temper and curses quite interestingly, almost unloading the beginnings of a devastating profile on journalist sicced on him by Morgan before Hotch reigns him in, and shows Reid's mischievous side at the end. We also see some of Jack, and we get to see echoes of the staggering tragedy that has come to define Hotch's life (ep 5x9); we also see that Hotch is a great dad.

    There was one inconsistency, Reid refers to himself as an MIT graduate when we know from season 4 he went to CalTech; I'm reconciling it in my personal canon by ascribing one of Reid's many degrees to MIT, but the major part of his college years still spent at CalTech.

    Great episode!

  • Criminal Minds is back, as it should be. Back to the basics that made it a great show to begin with, and still renewed properly to keep up with all the changes faced.


    Little gore despite a lot of violence; multiple misdirections as to who the unsub really is, thus quite an amount of tension that glues the viewer to her seat; neat and brief character interactions, just enough to break the rigidity of the case; but most importantly, the team and the profiling, inarguably right at the centre.

    Despite the fact that especially in the first half there was an overload of information which made it slightly difficult to follow what was going on, the complexity and solidness of the case is the main story that carries the show, as it should be. As opposed to the scattered, out-of-character and distracting character scenes we've seen in some past episodes, the interactions in this one are tidy and purposeful in providing much needed comedic relief, as well as giving us those much-missed glimpses into the characters' lives.

    One thing that's slightly worrying is that the writers should keep better track of what has already been established as the characters' backgrounds. I'm certain that Reid was a CalTech graduate, not MIT; and I'm a little tired of Rossi having a seemingly endless pool of old cases that he somehow always manages to remember details from on spot. As it's been noted already, he should've been retired 'ten years ago', so he can't have been working on the high-school shooter/bomber case.

    These are tiny details, but they are important to the integrity, and to the quality of the show.

    On the other hand, so long as we get such solid, well-written, case-and-profiling centered episodes, it's not too difficult to look past these minor things. Hopefully the writers will keep at minimizing the gore while giving us just enough to imagine the damage, and keep at the mystery, because the not knowing about the unsub is seventy per-cent what keeps the show going.

    I'm hopeful that the season will carry on in this fashion. And so long as that happens, I'll be happy that Criminal Minds is, despite last year, still Criminal Minds.

  • Criminal Minds is on a roll baby !!


    Another excellent episode of CM. I think the plot of this one was really well written, had all the elements: suspense, action, profiling, psychopath, surprise...the usual awesome criminal minds characteristics.What I am really liking this season (even though we aren't even half way through yet) is how the writers are balancing out an excellent case along with small aspects dealing with personal lives of the team members. Reid freaking out was crazy good with the whole Reid and Morgan sibling sort of rivalry and Hotch and Jack scenes were as usual quite touching. JJ, Prentiss and Rossi had substantial roles as well.

    Coming to the was quite intricate but very interesting. The first half led the viewer to believe the unsub to be someone else and then second half its a complete turnaround leaving you to be a little taken aback in a good way. I mean I for one did not expect the unsub to actually be a survivor of the previous bombing. This episode also dealt with a relevant issue and pushed it to the limit: outcasts of the outcasts, being rejected by the outcasts themselves.

    I don't see why everyone is relieved that when a episode has no gore it automatically becomes better or vice versa. season 1 and 2 had serious graphic details and those were some of the best episodes of CM. I think CM does a good job of making those graphic scenes relevant and not make it seem out of context. Although all episodes have been great upto now I am hoping for a darker episode like those of the earlier seasons.

    Keep them coming!! Loving CM!! Waiting for next week and to actually see one of Rossi's three ex-wives. :D

  • A truly ensemble episode as everyone pulls together to catch a murderer hell bent on killing more people.


    Ten years ago, a high school in Boise, Idaho was rocked by a school shooting as 17-year-old Randy Slade killed 12 people along with himself using a combination of a gun and a bomb, which he detonated in the school cafeteria.

    As survivors gather together to remember those who died, the school principal is murdered a a new unsub using a bomb. Randy's mother and brother are the innocent targets of reporters who just want a big story as the killer's parents co-operated fully when their son committed his heinous crime a decade earlier.

    Right from the start of this one, we see plenty of profiling and team work as everyone pitches in to help track down this new unsub who seems hell bent on carrying on the crimes of a Randy.

    An hilarious light-hearted moment at the home of the murdered school principal when Reid talks about how school bullying and J.J. asserts that she can't remember ever being bullied. Reid determines that she must have been one of the 'mean girls' from her school! Somewhat unnecessary was Morgan giving Reid's name and number to reporters during the press conference. It would have been (and later was) a very good inside joke and a good way to relieve tension, but it wasn't the correct time or place given the seriousness of what they were in Idaho for. It was time to be serious and to use the press to flush out the killer, not to make jokes.

    Hotch learning that Jack may be the victim of school bullying was a very good tie in to the team's belief that they may have been dealing with someone who had been bullied at school. Jack's way of dealing with it was exactly what I would have expected of a Junior G Man.

    Reid coming up with answers was vintage CM and it ws great to see, as was the gentle way that Emily dealt with Randy Slade's mother. Both she and J.J. have always shown a lot of compassion, and even, at times, we have seen the same from Hotch. A 'human side' to such a terrible job is always a nice change. Another thing I really liked was the fact that the identity of the unsub was kept until near the end as I have truly missed that area of the show. For me, knowing whom the team are chasing from the very beginning has been dull so this was a thousand times better.

    An excellent episode. I hope for many more of this quality.

  • A very unique type of episode with a very unqiue unsub! (Possible spoilers ahed!)


    Well, this was definitely a terrific episode and instalment of Criminal Minds! I loved the storyline - a serial killer attacking on the 10 Year Anniversary of another murderer's work in Boise, Idaho.

    The plot was very interesting. The talks with the various suspects along the way were very interesting and they led to a very enjoyable ending. I also admit that I am happy that this is the first episode of the season in which the unsub's identity was not explicity revealed unti l the latter stages of the episode.

    I aslo loved the Reid/Morgan pranking! It was hilarious, and it was the perfect side-storyline for this episode! It started off in hilarious fashion when Morgan talks to the press and gives away Reid' s phone number! And then all th e stuff on the aeroplane was hilarious too!

    I also loved Prentiss's comment about playing Internet Scrabble with a user named Cheedobreath! That was beyond hilarious, and really emphasised the JJ/Prentiss bond! Great work!

    Terrifc episode! I'm hoping that Criminal Minds maintains this very high standard into the future!