Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday Oct 12, 2011 on CBS

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  • A truly ensemble episode as everyone pulls together to catch a murderer hell bent on killing more people.


    Ten years ago, a high school in Boise, Idaho was rocked by a school shooting as 17-year-old Randy Slade killed 12 people along with himself using a combination of a gun and a bomb, which he detonated in the school cafeteria.

    As survivors gather together to remember those who died, the school principal is murdered a a new unsub using a bomb. Randy's mother and brother are the innocent targets of reporters who just want a big story as the killer's parents co-operated fully when their son committed his heinous crime a decade earlier.

    Right from the start of this one, we see plenty of profiling and team work as everyone pitches in to help track down this new unsub who seems hell bent on carrying on the crimes of a Randy.

    An hilarious light-hearted moment at the home of the murdered school principal when Reid talks about how school bullying and J.J. asserts that she can't remember ever being bullied. Reid determines that she must have been one of the 'mean girls' from her school! Somewhat unnecessary was Morgan giving Reid's name and number to reporters during the press conference. It would have been (and later was) a very good inside joke and a good way to relieve tension, but it wasn't the correct time or place given the seriousness of what they were in Idaho for. It was time to be serious and to use the press to flush out the killer, not to make jokes.

    Hotch learning that Jack may be the victim of school bullying was a very good tie in to the team's belief that they may have been dealing with someone who had been bullied at school. Jack's way of dealing with it was exactly what I would have expected of a Junior G Man.

    Reid coming up with answers was vintage CM and it ws great to see, as was the gentle way that Emily dealt with Randy Slade's mother. Both she and J.J. have always shown a lot of compassion, and even, at times, we have seen the same from Hotch. A 'human side' to such a terrible job is always a nice change. Another thing I really liked was the fact that the identity of the unsub was kept until near the end as I have truly missed that area of the show. For me, knowing whom the team are chasing from the very beginning has been dull so this was a thousand times better.

    An excellent episode. I hope for many more of this quality.

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