Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2008 on CBS

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  • A good one. Go Wil Wheaton.

    Absolutely loving season 4 so far (besides episode 1 which I just skipped by this point - did not like that episode or the season 3 finale).

    My ONLY issue came at the end when the bad guy was impaled with a full speed truck and barely seemed to leave a scratch or cause any blood. Come on, you showed the truck hitting him so well, you could've not showed the body on the ground after and all would've been well ha.

    I quite liked seeing Hotch interview him too, shows that they're not infallible and that they too can skip things. Especially because this guy was so good, he automatically assumed they were bad = FBI and not victim, he had 'customers' come in that he could seem nice to and he just acted believably normal.
  • Trapped in a hotel.

    I liked the idea of the episode where the couple visiting the hotel got trapped by a serial killer and you never knew what he was going to do to them next This is a case that Hotch won't forget because he went to the hotel the killer was at and he never saw what he was but in the end that didn't matter I was glad the team was able to stop the killer and I thought overall it was a decent episode.
  • Remind me not to be out on a highway in Nevada when this guys is around.

    Hotch and the team travel to Nevada to assist in a case after three young couples have been murdered with their deaths being staged to look like car accidents. Autopsies soon prove that the couples were already dead before the look-alike accidents were staged. The women had been sexually assaulted before being murdered whilst the males had been badly beaten. Their cars are then placed around a bend where they are hit and so, the accident theory is at first accepted until the autopsies show the real cause of death.

    Meanwhile, a couple who have booked into a motel for the night face terror of the highest order when they are locked in and can't escape. Question is, why?

    I wasn't all that impressed with the episode to be honest. The script seemed weak and the episode didn't flow well. The BAU did a great profiling job but the script in general just felt like a let down. Let us hope for better things.
  • Freaky episode! As several others have mentioned, "straight out of a horror movie". I totally agree with that!

    This was a very interesting episode o Criminal Minds, but it certainly wesn't the best. The plot was very well written, and the episode was interesting right throughout it, but it just seemed to lack that special factor that we find in most other episodes.

    I thought the case was highly interesting and very intense, and I was quite freaked out throughout it.The ourtcome was terrific and justified, and I highly loved that! Justive was sereved!

    I think this was quite a good episode, but not th best. I would recommend it, but not as highly as several of its predecissors. Keep it up, this is going the right way!
  • Could be a psychological profile for Norman Bates (Psycho).

    Interesting twist on the "Psycho" theme. The plot ran well but I had most of my enjoyment from the profiling, probably because of the parallel between Norman Bates and the Unsub in this episode. The episode felt a lot faster paced than some of the CM's have been, maybe because we saw the victims storyline as well as the investigators. Excellent performances by Wil Wheaton and William Mapother, but I especially like the humorous lines that the writers give Kirsten Vangsness. Considering Garcia's job is pivotal to any case she is far more understated in her role than for example Pauley Perrette's Abby Scuito in NCIS. I know they do different jobs but their characters personalities are quite similar, and they're both "out and proud" science geeks. A good episode to follow on from all the tension with the season premiere. The tension for this episode was far more horror/thriller based. The "don't want to go out into the back yard when it's dark" kind of tension. The sort of tension that can make you jump out of your skin. It only goes to show that with the right writers and actors a thriller can work in a 45min slot.
  • Welcome to the Bates Motel

    This whole episode had bits of Psycho mixed into it. Cars are hit by semi trucks. It turns out the people are already dead. Oh, and there were two other cases just like it.

    I am familiar with the Reno - Lake Tahoe area. There are a lot of winding roads, a lot of tourists and a lot of traffic on two major interstate highways. Restaurants and motels dot the area. Having to canvas the area would have been a daunting task indeed.

    Pity poor Aaron interviewing the grief stricken father of one of the victims. The man was immensely sad, but Hotch had to keep asking his questions.

    Emily said the couple would probably never recover from the trauma they had been through. I disagree. The husband would not give up and fought the unsub. The wife was not raped. The couple lived to tell about it.

    Paradise was yet another CM that had me scared half to death. Next week seems to be more of the same. Yikes! Won't be able to watch it alone or in the dark!
  • A couple stops to rest for the night, little do they know they're the next victims!!

    A serial killer kills couples who stay at his hotel. His dad died he inherited it and went on his vengenful killing spree, raping the women killing the couple and then leaving their car on the road for a truck driver to hit it, and in return at the end of the episode the killer himself gets hit by an 18 wheeler!! A very interesting episode, and Hotchner blamed himself cause he should have guessed the guy was the killer when he went to talk to him, but didn't, Rossi said it happened to all of them and to even the best of them. Overall, not the greatest episode but it was good none-the-less.
  • Slightly disappointed.

    Ok so I LOVE Criminal Minds, it happens to be my favorite current tv show, however, last night's episode (Paradise) really annoyed me. It was wayyyyy too similar to the horror movie Vacancy. The Corbin couple even resembled the Fox couple from the movie. Especially Mr. Corbin. I mean it was a good movie, but one of the things I enjoy about Criminal Minds is the originality of the story lines and characters. I still love the show - it hasn't changed my opinion of the show in general but I wasn't all that impressed with that particular episode at all. :0/
  • Right out of a horror movie.

    I think this was one of the first cases, at least that I can recall, that they didn't want the public's help. Directly anyway. Hence our team finds themselves looking for a needle in the haystack and they've got to do it the hard way. I loved watching the reaction of Ian when he realized the danger of the situation. When all was said and done, I believe Abby and Ian loved each other and would work as a team to survive. Floyd Hanson's demise via being hit by an 18 wheeler was definite karma. Some of the things that stood out for me in this epsiode was despite his on screen presence being minimal, he I think came really close to James Van Der Beek's Tobias Hankel. The other thing that stood out in this episode was Aaron showing that he's not perfect, that he is human and capable of making mistakes.
  • Straight out of a horror movie!

    This was like it came straight from a horror movie. And that it showed for the very first time. The team really didn't need the public's help. Just like they are used to doing. And that they wanted to investigate it right away. It was like the movie from "Pyscho!" Where guests check on in. But they don't check on out. Shows what is going to happen to the unlikely couple turn victims next. The BAU must stop this. But find a wierd bunch of people from the woods. Probably they didn't want to help the BAU. You could get that feeling.
  • I enjoy this show

    but I would have prefer they keep to the facts when asked Garcia goes on telling about this fantastic town of Sherwood and later the wife states that she told murderer that she toldfamily they were staying in Sherwood the actual truth is Sherwood is a ghost town Today, only mine dumps mark where Sherwood was once a mining camp during 1887 and 1888. Only 15 miners every made there home at Sherwood. Most chose to live in more comfortable surroundings in nearby Union. The mines closed after the shallow ore deposits were emptied and no one has lived there since.
  • Another good one

    In this episode of Criminal Minds the following happens. The team is sent on a case which has 6 victims (3 couples) all in separate accidents. All of the couples were placed in a car and placed in the middle of the road and death looks like it happened when the car was crashed into by a truck (in all 3 cases). The team soon learn that all victims were dead before the crash and they believe that a serial killer is on the loose. We see a couple going into a motel, and we soon see that someone is watching them. The public is led to believe that all three were accidents and that they have no connection. The couple soon learn that they are been watched and start to plan to leave. As they start to leave they find themselves locked inside of their room. And soon all of the windows have covers over them, there is no way out. The team soon find out about the missing couple, after they fail to return home. The team learn that none of the female victims were wearing underwear when they died. They soon learn that the killer can get in and out of their room at any moment He quickly enters and attacks the Husband; he then goes after the wife.
    The team go to all of the local hotels and motels looking for the missing couple. Hotch soon realises that he interviewed the man who has the couple and the team head straight back there. The team turn up as he is torturing the couple. They find the couple but the killer has run. Hotch & Morgan chase after him and just as they are about to catch him, he is hit by a truck. He is killed instantly. The episode is eerily similar to Vacancy (2007 movie), but it's still a good episode.
  • Torture in paradise

    I do not know but something made this episode little cold for me - in some point it just felt the story is developing little too slow. It was sure that they do not get the couple before the end and so, the tension they were building was wrong as the culmination was already known. This story would have needed little twist in the end and sadly it did not happened - the couple was saved, Hotchner had to face fact that he interviewed the unsub and did not realized even if there was some hints... it all goes by...

    They have had more exciting and better episodes.