Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2010 on CBS

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  • Surprised people have marked this down so low. I've just started to catch up with the series, which I fell out of faith with end of last year - largely due to the writers' obsession with one of the character. This is much much better, IMO

    Love the actor who played the white collar cop. Now THAT is a good actor. Who is he? He got inside the role, didn't he? And he stands out head and shoulders above cut outs such as Gibson. This was a good plot, nice tension, and beautifully acted by a serious actor and there was -- blessed relief -- none of that over-sentimental flaccid stuff we were given the first half of this season. The con guy and his family were OK but the detective made it. Him and Mantegna. Similar weight and energy in their styles.

    It's an interesting premiss for the unsub. The underlying narcissism and whatever else made up his 'dark triangle' condition, but put under pressure by his high-stress job and the economy. You kept thinking the kid might save him. A simple identity: not Hunter or Grant or Randy but 'Dad'.

    But really it was the desk cop's personality and vague intensity that made the main interest. There was one beautifully filmed moment, the angles and the attention on the plane where the cop looks out the jet window watched by Rossi. Subtle. More human relation and depth in that one moment than in most of what we were served up through the long Hotchner arc.

    BRAVO the writer and the director, whoever you are, and particularly white-collar cop guy, whoever you are. Good on you. Ah... it was Oanh Ly. No wonder it was so good.