Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 19

Pay It Forward

Aired Wednesday Apr 10, 2013 on CBS

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  • Fake rape w/ eye witness???

    I watched this episode without subtitles and I'm not a native speaker so maybe I missed something, but how come the old fisherman saw a girl being sexually assaulted, called the cops on that, and later on we find out the girl pressed fake charges?
  • Why is the character of 'Alex' still on the show.

    I stumbled across this episode tonight of Criminal Minds and was shocked to still see Triplehorn. She spoke and ruined the scene and again. What is going on? This can't be the writers and producers know how dead her role is to this show No chemistry, no life, no passion. What were they thinking?
  • Ageless Beginning

    Who knew that 25 year old concrete on a busy walkway doesn't age? Nary a stain or wee crack. Suspiciously, the interred time capsule emerged 'shiny and new'. Being so accustomed to Criminal Minds professional presentation and keen attention to detail, the lack of 'evidence of time' was glaring.
  • Very good storyline!

    This episode had a storyline that was unique and very interesting. I absolutely love the way the first scene was done, as well as the way the last scenes were done. It came together very well.

    Some really interesting events took place and I love the connection between all of the victims. It made the episode a little unpredictable, although you always had a feeling that the wife was gonna be in trouble, from the very first moment when the unsub told her not to come in.

    Nonetheless, the case was very fascinating. I wish the next episode wasn't so far away!
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