Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2007 on CBS

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  • We all watch helplessly as Garcia fights for her life after being shot and flashes back to her past where we learn a little more about the quirky Technical Analyst we have all grown to love while the BAU unofficially hunt the perpetrator.

    Penelope Garcia may not survive. That is the word from the doctors who are treating her as she undergoes extensive and hopefully life saving surgery. Meanwhile, the team feel helpless but one thing is for sure, they intend to find out who did this and find him quickly, in fact, you get the impression that Morgan would shoot him first and ask questions later!

    When Garcia, still groggy after the surgery, tells the team all she knows about her attacker, they correctly predict that he has a lot of knowledge of law enforcement and that he obviously targeted Garcia on purpose - his 'meeting' with her was no accident. He wanted her dead for a very specific reason, and when she mentions that she has been volunteering as a counsellor for victims of crime, they think they have found their link. Turns out that the shooter is a law enforcement officer and one Miss Penelope Garcia, with her unrivalled knowledge of cyberspace, has red flagged several of his cases and he is none too happy about this.

    Enter Kevin Lynch (superbly played by Nicholas Brendon, best known from his days on 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer') who is also an FBI analyst and whom Hotch asks to delve into Garcia's system to try and figure out what the connection is. Lynch adores Garcia's artistry but is more than a little intimidated by Hotch.

    Meanwhile, the shooter, in full uniform, turns up at BAU headquarters, supposedly needing some 'police business' looked into. Garcia, now home from the hospital (very VERY quickly after such major surgery!)links up with Kevin who is at her computer station and is horrified to see her assailant standing right there! But what can they do? Easy, let the girls handle it! Only JJ, sitting in her office, it outside the area, and so, only JJ can shoot the unsub through the glass door with pinpoint accuracy! Go, JJ!!!!

    A fantastic episode and really edge-of-your-seat stuff. My only problems with it were that the team as a whole didn't show as much concern for Garcia after her surgery as I would have expected, which is bad writing given that these people think of themselves as a 'family'. Also, as mentioned, the speed with which Garcia was released from the hospital, given that she almost died, was a little far fetched but, apart from these little nit-picking issues, it was great. Watch it and see!