Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday Nov 21, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • After Battle confirmed with Lynch that his files were wiped off the system, Fuchs stood and moved a step closer while telling Battle that he would keep Battle updated about their investigation. The view then moved on to Garcia's home screen, and Reid said Battle knew the profilers were on to him. However, from Garcia's home screen, Fuchs was still sitting when Reid said that.

    • Garcia is said to be an only child in this episode. However, Garcia stated in "P911" that she had four brothers who wore shirts from a wilderness group called the Tadpoles.

    • Guest stars Bailey Chase and Nicholas Brendon worked together previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    • Thomas Gibson and Nicholas Brendon worked together previously in the film Psycho Beach Party.

    • As Garcia was being transported to the hospital in this episode, it was revealed she is 30 years old.

    • This episode established a large portion of Penelope Garcia's backstory.

    • Garcia spent her childhood in San Francisco, California.

  • Quotes

    • Hotchner: How are you feeling?
      Garcia: (after being shot by James Colby Baylor) You know, I've had better dates.

    • Kevin Lynch: This system is insane. It's completely Linux-based, open-source programming. You don't see this in government systems outside of like... Switzerland.
      Hotchner: James Colby Baylor.
      Kevin Lynch: Right... I get it, chop chop, geez.

    • Reid: Tell us about the watch he was wearing.
      Garcia: It was a fake Rolex.
      Morgan: You sure about that?
      Garcia: I know my knock-offs.

    • Hotchner: Why does he risk coming into an enclosed courtyard to steal a purse?
      Rossi: World's boldest purse snatcher?

    • Rossi: (to Hotch) I told you I'm sick of this jagoff being in front of us.

    • JJ: (while watching Hotchner enter elevator)What's Hotch doing?
      Rossi: Right now I'm guessing he's wishing anybody else was the leader of this team.

    • Morgan: (grinning as he looks around Garcia's apartment) I, umm, I would expect nothing less.
      Garcia: (laughs) You should be flattered. Not many people are invited in off the grid.

    • Garcia: I volunteer once a week. Counsel family members of murder victims.
      Morgan: Baby, you don't get enough of this stuff at work?
      Garcia: I look at those crime scene photos all day long. I can't know that those families are out there trying to cope and not do something to help.

    • Morgan: You need some rest.
      Garcia: (nods, then hugs Morgan) You're right. Go. Be free my love.
      Morgan: Hey, I'm not going anywhere.
      Garcia: I'm fine. I've got my goon squad parked out front.
      Morgan: Goon squad or no goon squad that couch right there is going to be my best friend until we find this guy. Now leave it alone.
      Garcia: (smiles) Okay.

    • Garcia: (as "Heroes" by David Bowie plays in the background) You.
      Kevin Lynch: You.
      Garcia: You're good.
      Kevin Lynch: You're better. (extends his hand to her) Kevin Lynch.
      Garcia: (shaking his hand and smiling) Penelope.

    • Morgan: Who the hell uses a revolver?
      Reid: Someone who doesn't want to leave shell casings behind as evidence.

    • Rossi: You look like crap.
      Hotchner: Four days, no leads. I feel like crap.

    • Garcia: One of the last things I said before he shot me was everything happens for a reason. Derek, if I lose faith in that then nothing in my life makes sense.

    • Prentiss: (to Garcia, looking at Adam Fuchs) Oh, don't worry about your reinstatement papers. He'll sign them as soon as his hands stop shaking.

    • Kevin Lynch: (accessing Garcia's computer) This might be the coolest girl I've ever met.
      Rossi: You've never laid eyes on her.
      Kevin Lynch: Well, her GUI is mind-blowing.

    • Garcia: When I was in the ambulance I could hear the song "Heroes" playing in my head. I kept flashing in and out of consciousness, everything was really bright and I remember thinking, "Wait, is David Bowie really God?"

    • Hotchner: (at the crime scene) So, victimology - why Garcia?
      Rossi: Look at her.
      Hotchner: What are you saying?
      Rossi: Well, you don't look like that by accident. She wears her individuality like a shield.

    • Hotchner: I don't care about protocol. I don't care whether we're working this officially or not. We don't touch any new cases until we find out who did this.

    • Morgan: Hey silly girl. I love you, you know that, right?
      Garcia: I love you too.

    • Morgan: Take this gun.
      Garcia: I don't believe in guns.
      Morgan: Trust me, they are very real. Take it.

    • Garcia: William Shakespeare wrote, "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."

  • Notes

    • At the end of the previous episode ("Lucky"), Garcia is shown being shot in the chest. By the beginning of this episode, the bullet wound had mysteriously moved to her abdomen. The continuity error was explained as a practical decision made by the show's writers. Kirsten Vangsness explained in the extras from the Season 3 DVD set if Garcia had survived a gunshot to the chest, either she would no longer be able to wear her trademark cleavage-exposing outfits or else Kirsten would have had to wear scar makeup for the rest of the series because the trauma surgery requires the breastbone to be split and the ribs spread apart, so the surgeon can locate the bullet and repair the damage. This surgery always leaves a scar running down the center of the chest where the low-cut section of Garcia's blouses would lie.

    • The song playing when Garcia and Kevin Lynch are trying to out-hack each other was "Virtually Happy" by Holly Golightly. The song playing at the end of this episode when Kevin Lynch and Garcia finally meet was "Heroes" by David Bowie.

  • Allusions

    • Garcia's password to the encrypted files was "Gilman Street." 924 Gilman Street Project in Berkeley, California (aka the Alternative Music Foundation) is an all-ages, non-profit, collectively organized music and performance venue. The members strive to provide a violence, alcohol and drug-free environment, and will not book or support racist, misogynist, or homophobic bands or performances.

    • Reid: It's like Frank Abagnale; the Bureau figured if you can't beat 'em, hire 'em.

      Frank Abagnale is a former con man and impostor who at various times pretended to be a lawyer, a pilot and a physician. His story inspired the movie Catch Me If You Can, in which he was played by Leonardo DiCaprio. He now works as a security consultant.

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