Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 4

Plain Sight

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2005 on CBS

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  • Serial rapist and murderer

    This was a great episode where the BAU had to track a serial rapist and murderer who some how is blending in the neighbourhood.For most of the episode find it hard to catch the killer after catching the wrong killer.It then changes when the BAU find out how the killer is blending in and that is because he is a phone technician and then they find out where he is going next.Gideon manages to persuade the killer that he will make him famous and surprisingly the killer gives up and doesn't kill the woman but Gideon knows how these killers think and they take another dangerous killer off the streets.
  • Perhaps not the best episode of the season but the excellent profiling work and fine acting make up for it. The BAU must travel to San Diego, California to try to capture a rapist/killer who operates during the day and glues his victim's eyes opened.

    An unsub labelled 'The Tommy Killer' is raping and murdering women in wealthy neighbourhoods in San Diego, California. The two strangest facts of the case are that he operates, apparently unseen, in broad daylight and that he poses his victims on their beds and glues their eyes opened. The killer, it seems, also has a poetic side, as he quotes 17th century ballads where Death has a voice and converses with its victims.

    When a further rape attempt goes wrong, the team think they are dealing with a copycat and Gideon is able to piece together enough to lead them to a killer who literally can operate in plain sight.
  • Typical of Crime Shows

    I thought that this episode, though well written and somewhat interesting, was pretty predictable. I did like the interactions between the characters. I didn't like the fact they got to the lady before any attack could occur because it is one of those "victim gets held hostage but the good guys get to the victim before any harm comes to them." I did like the kiss on the baby's head when Gideon was about to go look for the baby's mother and the bad guy. I definately would not watch this particular episode again, unless I am really bored in the future and it happens to be on.
  • I really like this tv show. My only problem with it is that every single episode, it is so simple to figure out who the killer is that there really is no need to watch the rest of the show! Please make it harder!

    I really like this tv show. My only problem with it is that every single episode, it is so simple to figure out who the killer is that there really is no need to watch the rest of the show! Please make it harder! I would like to be challenged and I am not!
  • Since their are a lot of cop shows, each one of them aims to find a niche. This show is maturing and finding its place.

    A rapist who attacks in broad daylight is a scary thought. Once again, they load up the plane and head to the scene of the crime. These folks are really starting to rack up some frequent flyer miles.
    This go around, there is a reference to an ancient poem. Normally, this would be the lynchpin on which no which most cop shows would rest their case. However, in this case it turns out to be something the perp does to get noticed. The manner in which the team figures out the modus operandi of the bad guy is fun to watch.
    Oh, and having the kid cry in the kitchen was unlikely. If this guy was as careful as they had said, he would know that a stay at home mom would have an automatic built in distress signal with the kid screaming. But I won't hold that one false step against them.
  • Great show and great characters!

    I really love Spencer as I remind myself of him
    As he is awkward with social skills like I am
    But is trying to get better and will get better with
    Time and age. The town is up in arms with a
    Serial killer who kills in the middle of the day!
    They must stop the killer before it is too late!
  • ...

    Dude, Reid turns 24, what\'s not to love? And now for your enjoyment: There was a crooked man, who walked a crooked mile. He found a crooked sixpence, against a crooked stile. He bought a crooked cat who caught a crooked mouse and they all lived together in a little crooked house.
  • Funny hats and trick candles, and bad CGI birds aside, a good episode.

    Very clever – the murderer hides in plain sight. A staple of mystery stories, this one twisted things up nicely delivering an unsub who really wanted to be noticed. Really. I loved the scene with the unsub watching the news and crushing his soda can until his mother (?) yells at him. It shows us that these guys live somewhere with people all around them who usually don’t suspect a thing. Makes you look at your neighbors a little differently, doesn’t it?

    So Reid and JJ are going to the football game. I am against “shipping” of any kind at any time on any show so please, let’s leave the whole JJ/Reid thing at the game, PLEASE! More great television shows were ruined by having two of the co-stars shacking up than by anything else in the history of television. Keep the pants on, everyone, and stick to the excellent story lines, acting and directing.
  • Review

    I liked the way this episode was written. I like the way they basically called out the killer and told him that he would be remembered. The way Gideon figured out the case was slightly farfetched, though I did like the "whats the point in keeping there eyes open if they dont look into his eyes when he does it" thing. The fact that the victim "looks at him after he has done it" was the only thing that I thought was a little weird. This episode was pretty high on the comedy end as well, with the woman back at BAU making a lot of jokes about her ability to do things from back there like trace the call of the man, etc etc. The profilers nailed this guy perfectly and I liked the scene with the man crushing his beer can when he thought he would never be remembered and the wife in the background who had him "under his thumb". Lots of cool connections in the episode, just lacked the way to figure out the case like the superpower episode "Compulsion"
  • An engaging and suspenseful installment.

    "Plain Sight" is my favorite episode of the first season so far, and I'm glad that it followed my least favorite, the bomb episode, because it only served to make me more interested in the series.

    The BAU travels to San Diego to catch a serial rapist and murderer, who carefully plans out every move and glues his victim's eyes open while he rapes them. In order to catch him the unit frames someone else to anger the murderer so that he'll mess up when he strikes again.

    This episode was nicely paced, nicely plotted, and nicely directed. It was very intriguing and fairly suspenseful episode. Outside of the case, the episode is more Spencer-oriented. We see the BAU celebrating his birthday, him having conversations with him team about whether or not he is weird, and Gideon gives him a gift that will help him get a date.

    Great episode.
  • Eyes wide open..

    This one was really exciting and nailed me to screen all the time.

    In some way it was weird case as so many things were different than usual and they missed the most significant thing until the end.. and there was lot of those really nerve wrecking places.. very well done camera work.. I really liked those places where Gideon was in the end on the right house.. how the camera moved - really got that kind of feeling that you are there.. or the start when the woman was doing her exercise and we see the whole process from window to her trough the murderer eyes..

    And the false case in the middle.. great to spoil the water..
  • Continues to uphold a sublime calibre!

    'Criminal Minds' might still be in its early days with this episode, but it shows just why this show has had the success that it does in future seasons.

    This episode was quiet intriguing, because it was the first episode that the show has done which focuses primarily on rape. I do like a uniqu aspect, which I guess was provided by this episode!

    The part I really enjoyed was that one of the victims was actually attacked by a different person! That was certainly a confusing one for the team, but the profiling they do is incredible!

    I also enjoyed the ending when the culprit was caught! Gideon certainly knows how to talk and interact with different types of people - and all that just from a profile!

    Keep it up, Criminal Minds! Fantastic episode which I would highly recommend to anybody!
  • Great combination of profiling and character development.

    I really, REALLY like this show.

    I started watching it becasue Mandy Patankin was the star, but the entire cast makes this work for me.

    The profiling team is nothing new, but the chemistry combined with the casting make it special. Even chasing a broad, daylight killer through an upper class neighborhood seems like 'the usual' to this unflappable group.

    I like that Gideon is just a bit off center and that the rest of the group both admires and are slightly fearful of his abilities.

    Great show, great episode. I hadn't figured out the occupation of the killer until well into it. Nice wriring and a few good humored lines as well.