Criminal Minds

Season 4 Episode 16

Pleasure Is My Business

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2009 on CBS

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  • What a great episode!

    I was intrigued from the start, because we got to see the unsub rirght away. I know it's been used before, but in this case, it was fitting. There was a lot of tension because we already knew the unsub, for example we knew she 'bonded' with Hotch before she even contacted him. I can understand her motives for doing what she did, I actually feel sympathy for her. It's sad to see what can happen when a marriage breaks up, children are still often overlooked. Especially in these high societies, where pretense and appearances is everything, it must be very hard to play that role.

    I also enjoyed the fact that this was Hotch-centered for once. He is a very interesting character, and throughout the episode he has proven himself again.
    The fact that he actually kept to his promise to stay with her was so cute. It is pretty in character.

    Reid's awkwardness at the madam(e?) was cute and quite believable. It was rather strange to hear them talk about sex like that, with those little personal comments thrown it. It was just... weird, but not in a bad way. All in all a very good episode, and one of those fine examples of what makes this show great.
  • A woman unsub!!!

    Really good chapter! I liked that the unsub was a woman we get very few episodes that this happens. And I like it that they made her look very human at last. I kinda feel sorry for her and understand why she was doing all that. Suicide was the better ending for her and I really liked that she didn't trust her father after all but she trusted Hotch. I found quite weird that the one calling Hotchner at the beginning wasn't a cop and that he was more worried about the lawyers than about the unsub! Lawyers were one of the main problems in this case...
    Not the tipical CM chapter, but I enjoyed it anyways!:)
  • A hooker whose a serial killer...... priceless!

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. This episode opens with a man and a woman alone together in a hotel room. The man drinks some champagne and soon collapses on the floor and dies. As he lays there dying, she takes a phone call off of another man and arranges to meet him. Hotch gets a phone call from an attorney general, Jackson, who is in Texas. He tells Hotch that he wants just him to come to Texas, as soon as possible. We then see Jackson and Hotch going into the crime scene, where the dead man is still on the floor. We then learn that they believe this is the 2nd murder with similar MO. We learn that both of the victims, are known to have been involved with prostitutes, and so they believe that a female prostitute is responsible for the murders. As Hotch gets into the lift, little does he know that the Unsub/killer is actually in the lift with him. We then see her leaving the lift and going into another hotel room with another man. Soon Hotch phones the team and they are then on the plane on their way to Texas, to help Hotch and the local police. We then see the Unsub looking up Hotch on the internet. Could he possibly be her next victim? Soon a 3rd victim is found murdered and found in an elevator. The team soon learn where she lives and head there. Whilst there, the team get a phone from the Unsub and she asks to speak to Hotch. She gets mad at him on the phone and shots the client she is with. The team soon learn that the Unsub got her client list from a girl who retired from the game. When they find a photo of the girl, Hotch realises that she was the one in the elevator with him. We soon learn that the Unsub is the daughter of an CEO. When he learns his daughter is the Unsub he sets up a meeting with her, and so they have a face to face. He asks her for her client list and she agrees to give it to him. But instead she gets a gun out, but before she can do anything, the FBI turn up at the hotel. When they get to the room, her father has gone and she has drunk the poison which she used to kill her clients. Hotch sits with her, and hands him a sim card filled with the client list. She gave her father an empty cell phone. He agrees to stay with her, until her death, which is only minutes away. Then she simply dies.
  • An episode that i highlty enjoyed!

    This was a very great episode of 'Criminal Minds'., The storyline was quite interesting, and certainly, the idea of a hookr as a serial killer was a unique and definitiely, unprecedented one.

    I really enjoyed the case, becaue it was interesting and differenyt. I enjoy the episodes where something stands out from the rest, and this episode certainly did just tht!!

    Keep it up, Criminal Minds, as there have been many terrific episodes from this eseason, and I hope that is to continue! Can't wait to see some more, and I'd highly recommend this particular episode! Great job guys, and please keep it up!
  • A very good episode which showed what can happen to a girl when her father acts like she doesn't exist - and the pain - and death which can come from that rejection.

    CEO's of big corporations and wealthy businessmen are dying at the hands of a very high class, expensive prostitute. The killer drugs them and then kills them using various methods, all of which are highly successful.

    As we watch the murders, sympathy for the killer is hard to repress. When she targets Hotch as someone who is caring and understanding and will help her, the team have to find her before more men die.

    I felt an incredible amount of sympathy for this unsub, most particularly at the point where her wealthy, high-profile father pretended that he loved her and would help her, when all he really wanted was to get hold of her exclusive (and explosive) client list in order to protect them from public exposure.

    Incredibly moving when the beautiful young woman takes her own life with Hotch holding her hand as she dies, staying with her, just like he promised.
  • This is one of my absolute favorites!!!!

    I was intrigued by the idea of a female serial killer. The team doesn't deal with those types of cases normally so I was very excited from the git go. I loved Reid's watching Reid squirm during his interview with the Madam; it came off as very genuine. I loved the aspect of turning to the corporate lawyers for information on the unsub. I actually found Katherine's motive for murder pretty believable and I thought her connection to Aaron had a solid basis. The twist that Megan was doing all of this to get even with dear ol' dad was great. But in the end I actually felt really bad for Megan and extremely proud of Aarron for not letting her down.
  • I really liked the way story was shown

    It looks weird, I know, that episode what concentrates around callgirl, could have a message about family values but it does - it was a drastic example what happens with children.. so many time it is all about parents when marriage is brokes.. but children.. they suffer the most and that woman.. for sure she was not evil or bad.. she had a totally wrong way of doing what she did.. but.. she wanted to find out why her parents marriage broke.. wanted a revenge.. When the episode started.. I really wondered.. not again- episode where we know the unsub. But as the story developed, it did not bothered at all - it made so much more sense.. it was figuring her out.. why she did what she did. And the way she involved Hotchner.. and slippery ice he got in middle of episode.

    I really enjoyed the episode.