Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • Very very scary.

    It was scary how someone could poison you with an every day item and you not know it. Most of the episodes deal with stuff that could or could not happen in every day life. Poisoned bank envelopes was scary. I really did believe someone could go completely postal after losing their job of 19 years.
  • wow...scary

    ok, first of all, it creeps me out to think that people can do that so easily. i mean, if you think about it, acid can be given in liquid form without people even realizing it. how bad did you feel for the kid whose dad almost killed him? hallucinations are a scary thing. ok, to the show, i liked the story, the plot and everything else about it. i enjoyed it to the very end.
  • It was veary creepy .

    I think it is vearry creepy tha tpeople can posin you so esay and if you think abou ti t you will relize taht this stuff can happen in real life. I felt so bad for thase boys who watch thier fathers be posioned like that i mean haw scary can that be to watch you dad almast die from a evelope i a bank. I think that it had a veary good plot line and was veary well played out. I think that it is a great episode yet it is fritening that that can actually happen in reaql life.
  • Review

    I thought that the episode was good, with only a couple of real complaints that I had about it. First - the good points. I liked the poison storyline, I thought that was a nice change it up case from the rape/murder serial killer style things that they usually do. I really liked the way the entire story played out - with the man killing himself just as the profiliers said he would and then finding out that there was a bigger plan and then saving the day just in the nick of time. While it would have been one of the shocking endings to the show so far had they shown up and everyone been dead - I still thought it was a good episode as a whole. The fact that we didnt get any closure from the man and the son who were featured during the first ten minutes was the only real downside to the episode I thought. I would have liked to see there storyline closed off. Solid episode overall though.
  • Something different..

    I most say this was different kind of episode and I liked it - the profile was something totally different as the case - poison. And even if they thought the person will work alone, they were wrong and he has help and he killed her..

    And this case really worked trough many layers to get to the bottom - first it looked like a brank a highschool boy did for his girlfriend and the bar was involved, then they got to the bank and candies, then to the killer and the party and still they were off the real thing - a camping and envelopes. I totally loved the way story was built, the way it nailed me to screen.
  • You'll probably never lick an envelope again after you watch this episode when Gideon and the team are called to investigate a series of poisonings where a combination of LSD and Rohypnol is used on several victims.

    When a man beats his young son almost to death with a tire iron after suffering hallucinations and several other people from the same area present to the local hospital suffering a combination of erratic behavior and amnesia, Gideon and the team begin investigating and trying to isolate the unsub.

    Initially, it is believed that a local restaurant is the source of the poisonings and then later, several victims are seen eating candy from a jar on the counter of a local bank when CCTV footage is viewed but things change dramatically when the woman caught on camera placing the poisoned candy in the jar dies herself, but from Botulism poisoning rather than the previously used drug combination.

    When the unsub is finally caught and confesses to placing the toxin on envelopes in order to get revenge on the company he worked for who down-sized him and cut his salary and health benefits, he kills himself before they can gain anymore information from him but a chance conversation with a company secretary reveals that the top brass are away in the wilderness for a special weekend retreat and are unreachable by phone. The team must get to them before they too ingest the toxin which is sure to kill them as they were the main targets all along.

    Lots of suspense and plot twists in this one to keep you entertained.
  • What has the world come to? Licking your envelope = signing your own death certificate!

    This was yt another sublime episode, and there have been loads of great episodes recently! This one was centred arond the idea of a biological botilinum checmical attack, transferred through the sticky seal on an envelope. (It's times like these that I am grateful that I don't lick envelopes that often!)

    The case was really something special. It was quite intense, and there was suspense and action right until the final moment! Luckily they got to their victims at the right time! It was a good ending!

    The 'Criminal Minds' first series continues to impress! I was very surprised by the high calibre of episodes that the show has produced, even this early in its lifespan! Keep it up, guys, and I highy recommend this one!