Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 12

Profiler, Profiled

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • Very good episode but...

    One thing did not make much sense. They arrested Carl once he admitted to Morgan in not so many words that he molested him as a child... They had just said a minute earlier that the statute of limitations was long since up and absolutely no evidence points to Carl being the killer otherwise... so why was he arrested? Morgan on the other hand, had just escaped detention for multiple MURDERS to confront Carl... that is very much illegal, on top of the fact that nothing Carl said eliminated Morgan as a suspect. I guess that as good as the episode was as a whole, the ending was rushed and pretty random. Still an interesting one.
  • Morgan is suspected of being a serial killer.

    This was a superb episode when Morgan finds himself in trouble after being suspected of being a serial killer who has killed three boys As the episode goes further it points to Morgan more and more when the officer who arrested Morgan got his profile from Gideon and it describes Morgan It was weird to see Gideon and Hotchner profiling Morgan but they found he is hiding something apart from his criminal record which they found The truth is known when Morgan escapes from custody and goes to find the man who he thinks killed the three boys Morgan goes to Carl Buford who is a local hero but he abuses children that he has helped through their childhood and we find out that Morgan was one of them The officers already in including Gideon and Hotchner hear everything and arrest Carl I never would've guessed that Morgan went through all that as a kid.
  • Such a powerful message should have been given a better backdrop.

    What do you really know about the people you work with? In a job like profiling, it must be difficult not to automatically try to analyze one another. Morgan has apparently been able to avoid the curiosity of his fellow profilers with his friendly, seemingly open personality. Sadly, there’s more to the story.

    The character of Morgan was consistent, and wonderfully written and acted in this episode. He spoke and acted just like someone who had experienced child sexual abuse would – he was defensive and deeply protective of the privacy of his past. He was also appropriately appalled that someone he had worked so closely with for so long, Hotch, would suspect him even for a moment. His violent reaction to the name of his molester, and Hotch’s continual digging into his past, was visceral – even before we knew his history, we saw that Morgan had been deeply hurt. And the scene at the youth center with James was very touching. The ultimate confrontation between Morgan and his abuser couldn’t have been better.

    Unfortunately, the writers didn’t couch this revelation of Morgan’s character into a better episode. If, for even one second, the viewers could have believed that Derek had actually committed these crimes, it might have worked. If the circumstances of his expungement, his arrest, and his miraculous escape from lock-up weren’t so ridiculous, it might have worked. If the character of the police detective wasn’t so one-dimensional, it might have worked. It is a shame that such a powerful message had to be expressed within a weakly plotted story.
  • How much do you really know about the people you work with and how much do you want them to know about you? Don't we all have secrets we don't want to share?

    These are the questions brought to light in this very special episode of Criminal Minds. Shemar Moore is brilliant as Derek Morgan when he becomes the one his fellow team members have to profile. After being taken in for questioning in the murders of three boys, dating back 15 years, it becomes clear that Morgan is hiding something. While he tries in vain to keep the team from digging into his past, the team is determined to help him. While the team is hesitant to pry into Morgan's past, they must in order to provide that help. As the facts of his past come to light we see a huge part of what makes Morgan who he is. We see the possible life he would have lived had he not gotten a helping hand from a mentor at the community center. We also see the high price he had to pay for that help, having been sexually abused by this mentor as a child. In the end, the truth comes out, and we see the emotions play across Morgan's face with a painful intensity that makes this such an outstanding performance. The rest of the cast is superb in their respective roles, but it is Shemar's performance that really sets this episode apart.
  • Review

    Very emotional episode that make you look at Morgan in an all new way. Learning about a characters past is something that standalone shows often cannot do - but Criminal Minds continues to distance itself from the pact if it keeps coming out with powerful episodes like these. Loved the episode from beginning to end and I couldnt believe it when the credits rolled, the episode seemed to have just started when it ended. Loved the conversation between Morgan and the young boy at the end that reminded him of himself. That was one of the most powerful scenes in the series, with Morgan finnaly telling someone about what happened to him when he was a young boy. I like the fact that Morgan has never told anyone in his life about what had happened, it made it seem like it was the primary factor that caused him to want to live a better life. I also enjoyed the scenes between Morgan and Hotcher, considering that Hotcher was really the only one that called Morgan a suspect. Liked the scene when Morgan flipped out when Hotchner kept on digging into his past, a very emotional and gripping scene to see Morgan change from one extreme to the other. One of the best episodes in the entire series.
  • wow...

    I honestly loved this episode. There was a lot of character development, which is what I love about tv. Morgan was visiting home when he finds that he is accused of murder. The team comes in and has to profile him to try to catch the real killer, and he does not want that to happen. They find out that his father died when he was young and then he started acting out. The leader of a local youth center helped get him back on track, but at a high price. Dang. It was deep. I've seen the whole idea of being framed done a hundred times, but Criminal Minds did it differently. They allowed a character's past to be revealed because of the framing. Overall, great episode and one of my favorites.
  • Wasn't too bad - but one thing bothered me

    It was an OK episode. The only thing that bothered me was why Morgan didn't do something about the coach when he left his city as he grew up. Did he not feel that the same thing will happen to other boys as it did to him? I know it means exposing his past but who cares - as long as other boys are safe. Right???

    Sometimes stories in programs are really unrealistic. At first viewing this episode made me think it was quite interested -especially when it was a profiler being 'profiled'. But still - that all important question remains. Any agreements?
  • I love this episode…

    We got to have a look at Morgan's past, it was great!!!! I love it how Morgan is such a sweet dude, and this Garcia didn't want to check Morgan's past was cool. Very glad that Gideon had a cool head, I don't blame Morgan for getting cross with people trying to find out about his past… Reid being Reid was really funny, lol.

    I'm really surprise… I didn't suspect who the killer was, wow… though my brother was watching a little bit, he knew… I can't believe they would take advantage of that too!!! That was horrible!!!

    It's annoying just because Morgan has a bad past, this police dude suspect him… if only he gave Morgan a chance to explain why he did what he did.

    This season of criminal minds have been great, can't wait for more.
  • top episode

    i love this episode it is interesting the whole way and it shows that morgan is not just a big tuff guy it is unexpecting and exciting the whole way definly recomend this episode to anyone 10 out of 10 brilliant eposide if you have not watched this episode watch it any way possible if your thinking about buying the season buy it the season have been good but this episode has put it up too perfection and also you get to see mogan's family enemies and local cops who actually don't like morgan that much so bottom line watch this epiode
  • What an episode

    The episode title was already very promising and I have no words for the episode - it put everything together, major char development, emotions, danger and false looking plot.. As in the episodes many times even the BAU team used suspect on Morgan.. and he did fit the profile.

    I like the irony in this episode - a profiler profiled by his own team, Gideon in this time.. And the whole circus what went around - digging out his past, learning all those things about him.. it was eyeopening.

    And the scenes, the message - very strong and powerful. I really most say - one of the strongest episodes so far.
  • An annual trip home to visit his mother for her birthday turns into a nightmare for Morgan and his family when he is arrested for the murder of a young boy.

    What do you do when the deepest, darkest secrets of your past come back to haunt you and even your colleagues aren't certain whether or not you are innocent? Well, you react exactly the way Derek Morgan did in this episode when it happened to him.

    Morgan is on a visit to his family in Chicago. While there, he runs into several predictable characters from his past, such as gang bangers with a grudge and other such personages. Unfortunately, he also visits the grave of a boy whose body he found on a vacant lot when he was 15, which apprently, was 15 years earlier. (Later, they state that Morgan is aged 33, so obviously, somebody can't count because fifteen and fifteen SHOULD make thirty.) When another young boy is found dead and Morgan admits to having given the lad a lift home, the police swoop like vultures and arrest him for murder. The local cop, it seems, has always believed that Derek murdered the other boy fifteen years earlier and that he was also responsible for the death of yet another who was found just after Morgan had left Chicago on a previous visit several years earlier. The cop is totally focused on Morgan and cannot see past him as the killer. Apparently, he bases his assumptions on a profile put together ages ago by none other than Gideon!

    Of course, Hotch and the team arrive to help clear Morgan's name but Morgan (quite rightly) is outraged and furious beyond words when Hotch wonders whether he MIGHT be the killer? Derek (and the rest of us) have trouble believing that a group of people who profile murderers for a living would even suspect Morgan. When we find that Morgan and many other boys had been sexually abused by a rich local 'benefactor', we see that HE is the killer and that Morgan was conveniently being set up.

    I cannot praise Shemar Moore's acting enough in this episode, he did a superb job in every scene. We felt and saw all of his pain and his determination to prove his innocence became ours. How he did a Houdini and escaped from custody though is somewhat puzzling.

    I loved that we had a Morgan-centred episode but I was sad that the script was so weak in places and that several of the supporting actors did such appalling jobs. Kudos to Shemar Moore but writers and casting people, get your act together, please.
  • Scintillating stuff! This was an exceptional episode!

    This would have to be one of my favorite Criminal Minds episodes of the season thus far, alongside 'The Boogeyman' and 'North Mammon'. This one starts by giving us an insight into where Derek Morgan grew up, before twisting our expectations by having our protagonist arrested.

    The beginning was intense, and the arrest was unexpected and shocking! The erest of this episode continues in a similar fashion, and the episode was never predictable, and always suspenseful!

    The best aspect of the wepisode was taht we learnt so much about Morgan. He had some very bad experiences growing up, and his life was both saved and ruined by one man.

    This episode was a terrific insight into one of the best characters' lives, and I really enjoyed it!

    All up, this one is hard to beat! Great episode, and it was excelent in so many fdifferent ways! Please keep it up, Criminal Minds, as I am highly impressed with this show and this season!

    I would recommend this episode very highly!
  • An intriguing, emotional episode with the outstanding acting of Shemar Moore bringing the pain and shame of Morgans past to life.

    Profiler, Profiled finally brought us some answers as to what makes Morgan tick. He comes across as the tough guy who's not afraid of anything yet in his past lies a secret he daren't share.

    Shemar Moores portrayal of the abused Morgan was outstanding, the look of shame and relief at the end had me in tears. He fought so hard to keep his secret from the team, yet in a way he was relieved that it was out in the open.

    The episode also brought us an insight in to his childhood, how close he came to going off the rails and how much it cost him to get his life on track.

    This is definitly one of the best episodes in a truly amazing show.
  • An interesting look at Morgan's character/family history...

    I say it's about time we got a better look at Morgan's family/history. I've always wondered why each of Jason's team had joined the FBI, and, of course, the BAU. There was a glimpse as to why some of the others joined at the end of last season/early this season... but I don't recall seeing very much about Morgan himself... so this was an outstanding episode.

    But this episode also raises one question for me: why does it seem like a lot of abused children grow up to become cops/FBI agents/etc... or end up repeating the cycle and become monsters themselves... or, sometimes, even both?

    Take Aaron Hotchner for instance; both he and his brother lived in an abusive home -if I remember correctly- and Aaron ended up working for the FBI... though I don't remember exactly what the brother does... a drifter, I think?
  • Wrong man accused, right man arrested, point still missed.

    The recent trend of the show to delve deeper into each of the characters is interesting but, does not need to be the entire essence of each particular episode. This episode left me with more questions than answers. How many more boys needed to die before this monster was caught? Knowing that the man that had molested you was STILL working in the same job and now you work in a profession that has the capability of exposing this man for the monster that he is, and you choose to do nothing to help, I have a problem with that!!!Just knowing that other boys are still in danger of being molested should have been reason enough to take actions to protect the young men and not HIDE BEHIND his own shame. I'm seriously dissappointed in Morgan. Unfortunately the same cowardly behaviour runs rampant through our society.In the words of my exsister-in-law when her much older brother attempted to molest her....."DADDY..(name withheld) tried to touch my....." Our children need more courage like her!!!
  • Morgan is arrested on murder charges while visiting his Mother for her birthday. The team comes to the rescue, but in the end Morgan breaks the case wide open.

    What a wonderful episode! It was well written and had a poignant message to get across. Morgan shined in this episode of such a delicate nature. His interaction with the rest of the team was perfect. And the respective Gideon, with the forceful Hotch came across in full believable character. It was a smooth,interesting way to get some background information on Morgan as well. I applaud the writers, cast, and staff for getting the information out there in such a touching respectful way. Quite often people are unaware that predatory monsters exist in even the most dangerous places to live.
  • I cannot believe one of the team is suspected of murder. I liked this episode alot.

    Morgan is suspected of murder. That is great drama. But it is a set-up of course. And i'm glad. I cannot believe he has a criminal record though. It was supposed to be exponged. He also got in a fight when he was younger then he was arrested by the same cop who, since then, hasn't stopped getting on his case any chance he gets. And now he really belives Morgan murdered those 3 kids. Then the profiler accuses his mentor. I guy he has trusted since he was little. The guy who always got hi out of trouble. I can't believe he had the courage to do that. I was glad he was arrested. It was so sad at the end with the whole funneral scene. This was a very awesome episode. I enjoyed it.
  • Morgan gets arrested in his home town by a cop who went to a lot of trouble to plug him into a general profile that Gideon worked up all the time overlooking the obvious town hero who worked at the youth center.

    Likeable believable characters are what keep people (like me) hooked on television shows and my heart went out to Morgan on this episode. Shemar Moore acted the part perfectly with even the "tough guy about to cry, but no way did the tears really start rolling" look on his face. A look that said more than any lines the writers could have written for him. It was "in character" for him to "keep the secret", feel simultaneously betrayed and loyal to his perp and to even be the last one to suspect his own perp as the murderer.
  • Impressive episode.

    If your own people start to believe the evidence against you (Hotchner calling Morgan “suspect”), you know you’re in serious trouble. The secret you are still trying to keep then, has to be a dark one. Morgan found the unsub’s first victim when he was 15, and visited the grave every time he came home (at least one time a year when he was home for his mother’s birthday.)
    But by not telling the one thing he wanted to keep from his co-workers ( and the rest of the world) he was “protecting” the man who turned out to be the unsub. Morgan looked so guilty too, hiding it. The profile fit him, and he didn’t deny having a juvenile record. He only got mad at Hotchner because they unsealed it and started digging around in his life. And obviously they knew there was something he wasn’t telling them.
    When they finally figured it out, luckily Morgan was ahead of them and ready to talk, help his other victims come forward, and put him behind bars.
    Nice ending where they all paid their respects to the last victim Buford would ever kill.
  • More than Morgan wanted to admit

    I've recently noticed a bit of a pattern in the last couple of CM episodes. It seems that they are beginning to give us more information on character developement. For example we learned more about Hotch in the episode reguarding the anthrax at the shopping mall- a little insight into his family life. Then we learned about AJ with the episode about the 3 soccer girls- the one everyone thought was Saw! Anywho, we learned about her past as a soccer player. This episode told us a little more about Morgan. For example we saw his family life in Chicago- learned about his father, but more importantly, we learned about his childhood. Overall an exciting episode. I hope to learn more about other characters in the future- such as Garcia!
  • Morgan visits his childhood haunts and ends up being accused as a serial killer. While held in custody, the BAU strips him of all his childhood secrets and finds a man who seemingly could save Morgan. However, they find something else as they look deeper.

    "Profiler, Profiled" had been hyped up all week, and I couldn't wait to see it. However I was somewhat disappointed in the lack of action. It was an interesting look into Morgan's background, but was too internally focused to keep the usual intensity of the show. Obviously, everyone has their own secrets - especially in the FBI. It felt like they were ripping Morgan apart to find his secrets. And once they looked away from Morgan, the unsub was too easy to find, and required no additional profiling. And of course, we all knew from the beginning that Morgan wasn't guilty ... It was quite an informative episode, but it lacked the intrigue that usually draws me to the show.
  • Excellent episode.

    Loved that they explored more of Morgan's character. The episode was well written and showed a different side of all the characters. Need to explore the new girl's past. Didn't like the storyline with the youth center man, but I know that does happen in real life. The community buying the plot for the murdered boy was very touching.
  • I was pleased to see the writers finally devote an episode to Morgan's character. Even his colleagues came to the realization that they knew relatively nothing about his past. I love Morgan...

    The audience gets a glimpse into the past of Derek Morgan. Until now, we knew relatively nothing about him. Upon learning of his molestation as a child, a lot of his behavior patterns make sense now. The audience has always wondered why he has to bust doors down all the time and display such an aggressive nature. Maybe he's compensating (some may say over-compensating) for the control that he did not have as a child. He feels guilty because he thinks he just LET the molestation happen to him, so now, whenever he can, he is going to take charge (in his mind) of the situation and be the aggressor, not the victim ever again...
  • Don't get me wrong, it was an interesting episode delving into Morgan's background like that but that was the problem, it was a Morgan's background episode and not much else

    The crime itself felt like it was a second thought added on. I admit I love Morgan and I like how his background was developed this episode but it took them about 5 minutes to pick out the killer once Mogan escaped his detention. Admitted they already had a profile at ready but wouldn't the BAU team be just as guilty as the copy when they focused on the counseller? There must have been dozens if not more people who fit the profile that Gideon made. Also, why did the crimes only seem to take place when Morgan visited? Was he the reason why the boys (I would assume) were going to rat out the counsellor and thus lead to their murders? Also, what ever happened to that Gang leader that Morgan said he had problems with.

    As I said, it was a good character development episode but not much else and it left me a bit disappointed.
  • Morgan's tragic past

    Poor Morgan. Going through all that he did. He was just suddenly accused and the killer turned out to be the man who was supposed to have saved him. Then the truth came out that his "mentor" molested him as a child and has been doing so for so long to other children. That poor boy he killed was trying to tell everyone too. What Morgan had to face and his experiences must have been so terrible. At least he turns out to be a very good man and stops men like that horrible sadist. It was a very touching episode though. You really got to see Morgan's more sensitive side which is a change from the wise-cracking jokester that we usually see.
  • A Morgan based show!

    Morgan is on his way to visit his family and
    The cops think, on a tip from Gideon, have a
    Serial killer that looks like Morgan as they arrest him and When he is in hot water, the BAU come to the rescue
    Doing the best to prove his innocence before it is too late.
    A Morgan based show this one is.