Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 22

Profiling 101

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 09, 2012 on CBS

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  • Goodness! Shades of the 'Criminal Minds' of yesteryear.

    Amazing. Some REAL profiling and some REAL team interaction. A must-see episode for all of those old-timer fans who have been wondering what has happened to the show we all knew and loved. Clever play on words for the episode title: 101 victims of the unsub and the class referred to as Profiling (or Profiler) 101. It was shades of the very first episode when Jason Gideon was addressing a class and describing almost exactly the same things so the shout-out to the past was welcome and appreciated. It also showed that the writers were awake.

    I really liked the whole team addressing the undergraduate class. I found myself giggling, though at the way they were positioned as though they were all on a game show, ready to 'buzz in' with the answer to any questions which might arise. Absolutely LOVED the fact that the unsub was both uncovered and yet kept hidden at the same time because having all revealed about the person the team are chasing in the first five minutes has been annoying the heck out of me for many episodes now.

    Nice touch when Reid and Garcia both said 'thank you' to the genius comment. The class obviously appreciated it too. The class, however, were obviously not very advanced in their studies. As the title suggests, clearly a first year college subject because some of their questions were things they should have already known the answers to.

    Seeing Rossi carry such a heavy burden and yet still continue with his work was typical of the dedication of the character. I confess to not being a huge Rossi fan, even though I really like Joe Mantegna. I am still a 'Gideon' person but I love the way Joe plays the role, regardless. Fine acting. Matthew Gray Gubler continues to impress me with the way he portrays Reid. Give him a good script, such as this one, and he can do a hell of a lot with it.

    How funny and endearing to see 'young Hotch' as an agent early in his career practically falling over with eagerness to get the job done and impress the great David Rossi. It was fantastic! I'm not going to say much about the terrible wig that poor Joe Mantegna had to wear in the mortuary because it was scarier than many of the unsubs I have seen on the show.

    Speaking of the unsub, I was impressed with this one. He held just about all the cards and knew how to play them, and, by definition, he played Rossi perfectly, giving him what he wanted, annually AND on his birthday. Rossi should courage and style under very trying circumstances. Excellent acting by both men in the prison visit scene. I found it a little hard to swallow that Garcia didn't know it was Rossi's birthday because she has so much information at her fingertips and because these people are her family, I can imagine that she would have all their birthdays written in a cute little pink diary somewhere just so that there was no chance of her forgetting.

    This episode was so very much better than anything we have been dished up for a long time which makes me realise that if the writers and directors can do it once, they can do it again. Well done, 'CM', great job actors and guest stars. More of the same, please because this is the 'CM' we WANT to see. We know you can do it.