Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

A man is speaking to a video camera about his normal childhood. It turns out he had actually a pretty rough one. Holding a dropper pipette, Cy approaches a woman tied to a chair with her eyes held open by tape.

At the BAU office, Reid is being cold to Prentiss and JJ, who is developing solid profiling skills. Garcia talks about trying one of Rossi's recipes and Morgan offers to give her a cooking lesson. Then Garcia presents the case. Two blondes were found in Oklahoma, tortured and blinded by acid.

While Garcia researches other murders involving blinding, JJ and Reid are in the field. Reid won't talk about what happened between them. Instead, the two focus on how the unsub abducted victims from bus stops. They wonder how he might have blended into his surroundings.

Interviews with the victims' families reveal they weren't wearing their own clothes. The fact that the unsub changed the victims' clothes is a clue.

Cy leads a women away from a bus stop after he sees his friends Matt and Lyla happy together as a couple. They want him to move in with him, and Cy is excited about the upcoming dance their daughter Tammy is going to.

As more victims turn up, the violence against them seems to escalate. The nose, mouth, and ears are also being affected, as if they unsub is trying to obliterate their senses. Rossi tells Hotch the victims were wearing clothes from the 80s, which also must be a clue.

During the profile meeting, the group speculates that the unsub is in his 40s and the victims remind him of someone who rejected him when he was a teenage in the 80s.

In a flashback, it is revealed that the team is on target. Cy recalls kissing Lyla when they were in high school and Matt laughs at them. Obviously, Matt got the girl.

Rossi asks Hotch how he is going to handle the team's inner-turmoil and suggests he give them a cooking lesson.

Getting ready for the dance, Tammy dyes her hair blonde and borrows her mother's dress, which is obviously going to lure Cy. Turns out Cy is Matt's brother, and he can't imagine that his brother could be the killer, even as Prentiss and Morgan ask him if this could possibly be so. Meanwhile Cy has a knife to Tammy's throat.

Lyla reveals that she did reject Cy in high school and then again, recently, when he made advances at her after finding out she and Matt might be headed for divorce. The killing began right after she rejected those advances.

Morgan and Prentiss have Lyla help with the case by leaving Cy a message and Garcia traces the call back from Cy. She asks Cy to meet her because she's upset that Matt got arrested for hurting Tammy and needs him to comfort her. They meet and the team confronts Cy, demanding to know where Tammy is.

Turns out Cy had Matt and Tammy and that he damaged Tammy's hands when she criticized his touch. He didn't do anything to Matt because he wanted him to hear his daughter being tortured.

Luckily, a surgeon says Tammy's hands can be fixed. Prentiss tells Reid so on the BAU jet back to Quantico. She asks Reid if he's going to Rossi's for the cooking lesson, but Reid is still hurt and says he isn't sure he wants to go. Prentiss apologizes and says she's also hurt and mourning the loss of friends.

Later, at Rossi's home, Reid shows up. He stands back at first, and then joins in with the rest of the team to cook an Italian meal.