Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2011 on CBS

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  • Nothing is worse than waiting a week for a new episode for it to be rubbish.


    I did not enjoy this episode. It was gruesome and every character seemed to have purple eye bags even when they hadnt been crying!

    I thought that the storyline was rubbish: a disabled man turns to murdering girls who look like a girl he 'felt up' who turned out to be his sister in law? He then abducted his neice after she dyed her hair and wore her mums dress? I mean come on!

    We were told we would learn more about the characters this season. We haven't really be told anything apart from that Rossi lives in a mansion - and the cases are lacking informations; we never understood why he (Si) took his victims senses. It was all based on him and him videoing himself.

    We didnt see much of Emily! We need more Prentiss!!!!! I thought we would see tension between her and the rest of the team would be there. But there was nothing. Morgan just forgave her, its not very Morgan like.I did however enjoy the tension between Reid and JJ, i think we needed to see more of Reid's angry side, but it should have lasted a few more episodes. I like how Reid actually revealed his emotions unlike the previous seasons, but it was a massive jump for his character! He was like it when Prentiss returned not when she died. Its almost like the summer COMPLETELY changed him!

    I really love CM though, this episode was just not up to scratch. It needed to be stronger after the success of the family reunion of 7.01. I cant wait for 7.03 thought.

    We did however see Hotch smile!

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