Criminal Minds

Season 7 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2011 on CBS

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  • Sy the unsub told us via video camera that he liked the end of a story. I was rather pleased when this one was over myself so I can understand his feelings.


    This constant shoving of the unsub in our faces from the very beginning annoys the heck out of me. I like to be surprised, I like suspense. I DON'T like to have our intrepid crime solvers running breathlessly to catch up while we, the audience, sits back and watches to see how long it takes.

    Reid's behaviour and lack of professionalism as he kept throwing what I'm certain he thought were poisonous barbs at J. J. was annoying, to say the least. When he called her 'Jennifer', I think that was supposed to hurt more than anything, but with all of his nonsense, he sounded and acted like a sulky, petulant kid whose favourite toy had been taken from him.

    Of COURSE we understand that he grieved for Emily but surely, he also understood that Doyle thinking she was dead was the only way to keep her alive? Perhaps not. Definitely not, judging by his sillyness, even within earshot of others. He works for the FBI for goodness sake, doesn't he understand that secrets must be kept from others upon occasion? Hotch was right, even if Reid DID cry on J. J.'s shoulder for ten weeks, she was still in no position to tell him the truth. Hotch made the final call but didn't seem to cop any of the flack, so I'm glad he mentioned that to Reid.

    The unsub may have had a fairly high degree of mental impairment, but he was obviously not in any way psychotic as he never once mixed up Tammy with her mother after he had taken her captive. Speaking of the unsub, why exactly he found it necessary to rob his victims of their senses is a little beyond my understanding and smelled like filler to me. The torture being so graphically portrayed was unnecessary. We truly got the picture. Bit hard to figure out why the places he worked for hadn't noticed that large quantities of acid were missing.

    As for Ben, he must have been taking lessons in cool, calm and collected from Reid because if my brother had taken my daughter, I would have attempted to kill him first then ask questions later. He was very calm considering the circumstances.

    For me, the best part of the episode was when Emily spoke to Reid on the plane, pointing out that she mourned six friends and it had given her an ulcer. (Note to CM writers - please do your medical research about the cause and development of ulcers before your characters mention them.

    The parts I had the most trouble with were snarky Reid, laid back Morgan and that appalling cooking scene. I've never liked Rossi's character (although I really like Joe Mantegna as an actor) and the whole pasta extravaganza was just a wee bit too much for my delicate stomach. If that was meant to represent a 'family' scene for the team, Heaven help us if anyone should say, go onto drugs or start acting in theatre productionjs again.

    Wonder what next week will bring?