Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2006 on CBS

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  • Bank robberies which aren't robberies.

    When a series of bank robberies take place the BAU is called to investigate but then they find out that the robberies aren't really robberies its about a fantasy for the unsub where the makes them take of their clothes before he leaves The BAU then find they have to act fast because he is doing it in a short space of time and he is killing anyone in his way and any one who refuses to take their clothes off will be killed The unsub makes the hostages do horrible things like making a son hit their mother harder and harder but one son refused so he killed him This then got personal for Hotchner because he had hated what he has done and when they catch up to the unsub Hotchner shoots the unsub first chance he gets and makes sure that he is in pain on the way to the hospital.
  • Crank up the weirdness meter!

    Sunny California: home to traffic-tangled freeways, easy shooting locations, and some weird-type therapy techniques. Where else will you find an unsub who starts off being a bank robber, segues to sex offenses, and ends up shooting children? This is a new one, even for our team of champions, and Hotch, for one, is getting rattled.

    A good, twisted, hard to follow case, with an actual car chase - how many of those have we seen on CM? Okay, it's a lame one- mid-town traffic keeps us from squealing on two wheels around corners, but still. Everyone on the team is involved poring over files, checking out crime scenes, and the interaction among them is also good. The unsub is potentially the most creepifying yet, even though we only really see him at the end. It's always scarier when we can in no way understand what makes this guy tick.

    We learn some things about the team, too. First, Elle's favorite word is "scumbag". New Yorkers may be high on sarcasm but low on vocabulary. Second, Reid can channel Mr. Spock on a moment's notice: "Remarkable. By utilizing a practical MO this unsub has stumbled into a psychological signature. Fascinating." (I am not making that up, it's word-for-word.) And Morgan would rather use his brawn than a key to open a door - but we already knew that.

    Poor Hotch. First his wife arrives with a tractor-trailer sized load of guilt for missing his son's doctor's appointment. This starts our Captain America off on the wrong foot. Then the unsub starts targeting little boys. Nothing is more certain to get Hotch's blood boiling than any possible parallel between the violence of the case and his own family. And apparently the pay's crap, too.

    Great scenes between Hotch and Gideon. These two have quite a bond.
  • Once again, the writers can not dissapoint! The drama, comedy, and all the acting! One of the best I have seen

    Once again, the writers can not dissapoint! The drama, comedy, and all the acting! One of the best I have seen

    The way that the episide flows so smoothly, the music that it in the background, the speciall effects. All of this contributes to one of the best episodes i have ever seen! The plot is so well written, the writer must be a genious. I am only half way through the episode and I am glued. When a guest walks into the room, they are stuck, fixated on the screen. There is no turning back when you have seen such a good episode!
  • Actually, this episode wasn't one of my favorites... But it still made for good entertainment...

    Not a bad episode per se, but there was just something about how the investigation went that I kindda found myself not paying attention a few times... The idea was an interesting one, having a bank robbery disguising something else entirely different, and having the "unsub" almost not know what he was really doing either, hehe. All in all, despite my initial criticism, it was a great episode, but like I said, not one of my favorites. I thought it actually got better towards the ending, when they get more of a handle on the situation.... Maybe I was just having a "bad tv watching" day... ;)
  • A disturbing case with the worse kind of un-sub.

    An episode which shows clearly how being a member of the BAU affects the teams personal lives. (if they've managed to have one!) To see the pain on Hotchs' face as he realised that he hadn't been there for his son was heartbreaking. Balancing work life and family is the toughest thing for anyone but especially in a job ike that. It was nice to see Gideon reach out to him, even though Hotch didn't actually talk about the problem, he must appreciate having someone there who he can talk to.

    The case was disturbing, anything involving children is bound to be. But imagine being a child and being forced to hurt your mum. It's a parents worse nightmare not being able to protect them. The humilation the people in the bank must have felt having to undress is awful and the family of the bank manager must be in a living hell.

    It often annoys me when shows have the case parallel in to the lives of the characters, but I liked the way they did it in this episode.
  • creepy...

    The BAU is called in to investigate a series of bank robberies where the gun man made the victums undress and do was creepy. I was watching it at night and I was just creeped out. I hope their's no one like that in real life. The story was very interesting though. I liked the whole idea that the man just hated his mom and it took him so far to kill. It was good. The team was great, as usual, and there were some good and some funny moments. Overall, great episode with a great story and some great investigating.
  • The BAU investigates a series of bank robberies that have escalated to sadism as the unsub forces the hostages to act out psychodramas.

    This was an episode that kept you guessing. I thought it was a unique criminal whose motivations were really strange. The main thing I liked about this episode, as usual, was Hotch. Seeing Hotch confused is rare so his frustration was palpable. I also really felt bad for his wife after he forgot the doctor's appointment. I betting he is going to get divorced soon. I just don't see his marriage working out as long as he forgets things like that.

    The other great Hotch moment was in the end when he just shot the guy. I really liked that part of the episode.

    The rest of it was pretty average to my mind. I just feel like they are phoning it in this season, so far. I really hope that the writing gets better than this as the episodes go on.
  • Review

    I actually loved the episode a lot and think that its the best episode so far in Season Two. I can somewhat understand the low ratings - with the BAU's part pretty much handled for them since the killer kept making it more and more obvious each time. Even still, the case itself was still very important to the overall analysis. The team still had to make the connection of why the killer (bank robber, sex offender...what have you) was doing these things to the people. By finding out that he had a bad relationship with his mother the team was able to determine why he was doing some of the things that he was doing. I also liked the change it up storyline, the bank robbery thing was a nice shift. Hotcher got devoloped a lot in this episode when he found out what this man was doing to kids and I loved the scene at the end where he shot him in the shoulder. It went along perfectly with the beginning of the episode when his wife came in all mad and angry about him not spending enough time at home with his son. Overall, great episode in my mind.
  • Very brutal episode

    I do not know but those episodes of this season has really been hitting with brutality - I do not know. Usually I have no problems with it on TV but somehow the way they are showing it.. it really bothers..

    I most say I really enjoyed them focusing back on chars and first one to get some more focus was Hotchner - I really wondered how far it will go - we have seen many episodes where he has had those talks with her wife and she says she understands - but for how long. He is never there..

    Oh.. other than that - I really do not find much else to say.. It was very brutal, very cruel episode..
  • The BAU certainly have a strange individual to deal with in this case. A bank robber in Los Angeles who is more interested in humiliating his victims than in the money at his disposal.

    When a bank robber commits four heists in Los Angeles, Gideon and the team are asked to come and profile him because his behavior is certainly way outside the norm. When he holds up the bank, he makes the hostages undress and humiliates them before leaving the scene with his loot. Of course, he also forces people unknown to each other to simulate sexual intercourse and other such things but that is all in a day's work for this guy.

    As the robberies continue, it is soon realised that the sexual nature of the crimes and the humiliating of the hostages is far more important to the unsub than they money he is getting from the robberies and that in itself requires and entirely different profile as the team move to capture him with some help from a reluctant bank manager.

    Certainly a 'different' type of unsub than those we are used to seeing and that was refreshing but the script itself was rather weak although I did enjoy the part where Hotch is made very strongly aware that his family are suffering because of his long stretches away from home as Hotch always seems the most 'together' member of the team.
  • Another brilliant episode! This one had a sick element to it.

    Once again, I was really impressed by this episode of Criminal Minds. The storyline was immensely interesting, because there was a bank robber who was robbing banks, but not for the money! That put a nice spin on things, as this is not your usual case!

    It was really brutal to see the UnSub ordering and demanding boys to attack and kill their own mothers. I thought that the killer was rilly quick sick, and obviously very delusional.

    There was quite a bit of suspense n this one, and I would definitely recommend this episode! Great acting and a great storyline led to a very enjoyable and worthwhlie episode of Criminal Minds! Keep it up!
  • The best show on TV (imo)

    This is such a great show, many of us have a morbid fascination with killers and what makes them tick and Criminal Minds never fails to find a shocking and depraved instance of humans hurting other humans to show us and look into the mind of the perpretrator - albeit fictional. *Spoilers ahead* This is not the best episode I have seen yet still fascinating as the team profile an unsub who is acting out the pain he has suffered in his past using hostages from supposed bank robberies as 'actors', with fatal consequenses.The climax being where the unsub holds a knife to the throat of a teenager and demands the lad shoots his own mother or die himself an unimaginable scenario especially given the victim is a child. Interestingly the unsub when caught still views himself as the victim despite his actions.
    This episode is well acted and well written with further character development of Agent Hotchner who is particuarly affected by this case with its family theme as he feels he is neglecting his own.
    An intelligent thoought provoking show which is unafraid in its subject.
  • you'd think that someone who goes to a bank in a black ski mask was there to rob them...but when he starts to make everyone undress...kinky?

    A young man hits several banks wearing a black ski mask, disables the security guards and makes everyone else gather around for a game of strip and torture by performing embarassing sexual acts in front of the group. Huh? As this case progresses, the unsub gets sloppier with each bank/public place he hits...even going so far as to kill a 14 year old boy in front of his parents. This case really hits home for Hotchner because he feels that he's missing out on his own son's life when this guy is willing to kill in front of children. One particular disturbing event is when he gets a young boy at his birthday party to try and shoot his own mother. Twisted!
  • I just love this show!

    I really love this show and it shows a different side of Hotch as at first I didn't like him but now he has grown on me as he really loves his wife and newborn son and you can tell it. The robberies really don't care much about money but about how they torture their victims by stripping and raping them until they are dead. Just really mind boggling.