Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 15

Public Enemy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 10, 2010 on CBS

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  • Revenge killer

    This was an okay episode. The usual nut case killing for another stupid reason. Lots of profiling. Lots of JJ and Rossi. Reid seems to have FINALLY got over the injury from the beginning of the season but he's not out in the field at all - and what is it with his disastrous hair!
    There is a lot of concentration on watching the murderer do his stuff. Hotch is back directing everyone at the BAU.
    No character development for our BAU team - just another day at the office for our guys.
    Lots of blood. Lots of murders.
    YAWN. Hard to stay awake for some of this.
  • One of the best episodes I have ever seen!

    This episode kept me interested the whole time! It was one of the best episodes ever!

    I particularily liked how the unsub was the same as an arsonist, without actually being an arsonist. It was a quite interesting twist in the profile. I like the fact that the unsub didn't care who he killed, it's not a good thing in real life, but it was quite nice to see an unsub who had no regrets and that could have killed a father just as easily as a child. It makes him stand out a little bit.

    I hope the next episode is just as good as this one, although I don't think I have ever seen a bad episode on this show, so even if it's not as good as this one, it will still be good.
  • Brilliant one

    A really strong episode. No other words as that episode just caught me to the screen. It had all the excitement, that tension rising, the way it was build. Brilliant and classical episode: pure profiling, some good char moments and emotional touch. I loved how that case had not so traditional profiling. That he was using knife but they profiled him as arsonist. And the way episode started. That was the last thing I expected on the opening scene and how tension was just so brilliantly build from that moment on. Those jumping between storylines not knowing what will happen.. And also the ending. Story looked to be over.. but no..
  • Wow!

    This episode was very good. It was a major improvement from the last episode. I like how the team became personally involved in this case, and I like the team's gesture towards the victim's family at the end of the episode. This unsub was completely crazy, and he was very unlikeable. It was nice to see him be put away. It is hard to believe that he killed so many innocent people in the name of revenge, or rather he killed them so that he could get his final revenge. We got to see a lot of the team, particularly Rossi, Prentiss, and JJ. It's always great when we get to see more of the team.
  • A bit on the dull side for my tastes and nothing terribly interesting. Just ok but too predictable as the team hunt a serial killer in Providence, Rhode Island.

    The team travel to Providence where a serial killer is on the loose and has murdered three people in public places using a knife as a weapon. He then leaves the knife at the scene of the crime. With each kill, he becomes more daring. It is clear that the killings themselves are random but perhaps the location of each of the murders has more significance?

    The BAU profile portrays him as being more like an arsonist who likes to watch his buildings burn but perhaps there is far more to it than that.

    I found myself not really caring because I was bored. The guest actors didn't do a lot for me either and the team themselves seemes somewhat unenthusiastic. Ah well, at least Reid is more mobile now so that's a plus! And at least they did SOME profiling with this one which has been sadly lacking in many episodes of late.
  • Terrific! Absolutely incredible!

    This was a top notch episode of Criminal Minds, and I still can't believe how great it was. It was quite a challenging case, and very different to a lot of what we have seen in the past, which is always nice to see, in my opinion!

    I really enjoyed the storyline throughout the whole entire episode, and I absolutely loved it.

    I do feel, however, that it did lack something special to make me rate it a perfect 10.

    I would highly recommmend thi episode, as it had absolutely nothing bad about it. It was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable, and I think you will love it as well!