Criminal Minds

Season 6 Episode 3

Remembrance of Things Past

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2010 on CBS

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  • OK episode but I don't like this new direction they're taking the show...

    I had read how the producers had wanted to reduce the female presence on the show and of course we lost JJ last episode and reportedly they will be reducing Pagets influence also so...where does that leave us? With a much less interesting show in my opinion. These strong women were(are)the heart of this show. I just don't see how this is supposed to work out for the show, I don't think men or women will like this direction. But hey, what do I know except that I may be going in a different direction too. We'll see what happens.
  • I have a different perspective on this episode - I saw it yesterday for the first time when it was repeated. Not seeing the show for a while made this episode seem pretty good to me.

    Didn't know about the "Ellie" back story, so it didn't affect my enjoyment of the story - and I didn't miss JJ - in cases like this she was usually relegated to the background. This story, as many before it have been, was scary and fascinating at the same time. When I see men like "The Butcher" I always wonder how a human being becomes a thing of pure evil. I didn't quite buy his son becoming a willing participant - sure he probably spent his life trying to please a father incapable of love - but to become a killer just like him, and to have blocked out the brutal murder of his mother - didn't ring true. But the investigation and the fact that this meant a cold case was finally solved made this an interesting story for me.
  • Remembrance of Things Past

    An interesting episode this was indeed. I just wonder, whether the BAU would really go different ways to catch the unsub because of the gut feeling of one of the agents (ok, he is one of the most senior). But besides that, I found the case very interesting (even with the conflicting portrait of a person with Alzheimer's) and can understand that Rossi was tortured by the case because he never got the guy in the first run. (But has it always to be Rossi though, who has an old unsolved case, it makes you think that he was not that good at the job first time around and he therefore needed to retire and write the books.)

    What I liked for example: Rossi, who believes that evil exists, whereas Morgan says: "I believe there are evil acts, but those are choices - brain chemistry." (Season 4 Episode 17) This is picked up again when they are sitting in the plane and Morgan asks Rossi: "What's in the box?" And Rossi says only one word: "Evil."

    And now forget all the inconsistencies of the storyline. Where does that leave you with a serial killer who suffers from Alzheimer's? He did not have it when he started killing, so there are, if you will, your evil acts, but when he got Alzheimer's and forgot the last kill and had to relive it over and over again and forced his son to help him ... And how is the son responsible for his actions? I mean he has never learned that life is not supposed to be the way he experienced it. And the psychological dependency is believable, even if one could state that he could have known by now that what he was doing was wrong. I would really like to know what would actually happen to those people after they are caught. In this case the killer tried to commit suicide in his prison cell, but would he really have been convicted in court and put in prison, or rather declared unfit for trial and locked away in some forensic psychiatric hospital? What happened to the son? I have not the most profound insight in the American Penal System, so please writers indulge me.

    They could write something before the credits start, just to give me some closure.
  • I loved the intrigue, the mystery and the really ruthless case!

    This was a sad episode, as it was the first episode of Criminal Minds, ever, that did not star AJ Cook. However, it was also an immensely interesting case and one that I certainly aenjoyed and loved a lot.

    The killers were sick and disgusting, and the Alzheimer's really added a new and different dimension to this show. It was quite disgusting but they made a great episode out of it, with a very complex storyline.

    Great work by the writers, and I feel that this epiode is heavily underrated. Keep up the good work, Criminal Minds. THis show wiwll never be the same again, after AJ Cook's departure, but it can still be good.
  • Just not the same...

    Ok... JJ was my favorite character but I still love all the other characters so I decided to continue watching the show to support those characters, but to be honest it lacks something without JJ. Now this episode was good, I won't lie, that's mostly why I gave it a 4.5 which isn't very good but better than what it could have been. And it only being the 1st episode without JJ I will still probably watch the show at least for a little longer...but the team just doesn't feel like the same team. It doesn't feel like a family anymore and if they can't get that feeling back....well then its time for me to find a new favorite show. And hopefully CBS will come to their senses and bring JJ back because to be honest even if they replace her it still won't feel like the family that it was.
  • Another great show -- loved the unsubs.

    I really wish people would get over the whole JJ thing and move on. The unsubs this week were really good, they were definately pretty far out there. One you could completely understand because he had a disease and the other, I ended up feeling really bad for. I thought Rossi was a little harsh on the old man when he was questioning him, but all and all, they handled the whole alzeheimers thing well. I have one question though, why do people always go into their house when the door is wide open and it is supposed to be closed? Okay CBS, I think you've completely played that one out. Let's keep it moving.
  • Some proper research into the effects of Alzheimer's disease and how patients behave would not have gone astray here. A few less old Rossi cases would be nice too, as would seeing more of Prentiss and Garcia and hearing less about Ellie Spicer.

    From the beginning, I was somewhat sceptical about this episode given that the killer was, I learned, going to be sufering from Alzheimer's disease. I was a little more hopeful that it may be ok when I found out that the killer had a partner but once I watched it, my optimism went out the window.

    I am very familiar with Alzheimer's disease and it was obvious from the outset that the researchers for the show had done very little work to feed back to the writers so that they could put together a decent script.

    Through no fault of guest unsub Daniel J. Travanti, his character seemed to be almost complete unlike any sufferer of this awful condition that I have ever encountered. One minute he was asking for food (most Alzheimer's patients forget to eat or forget they are hungry), and the next minute, he was acting as though he didn't remember anything. The reality is that Alzheimers patients usually have quite a good long term memory, but their short-term memory is practically non-existent when the disease has advanced to the stage that the unsub's obviously had. Why then was he asking his son to (paraphrasing) "Get the blonde you were talking to the other day?" He would not have remembered 'the other day'. Ten, twenty years ago, yes, but not recent events, it doesn't work that way. He was also far too alert for long periods to be an Alzheimers sufferer and I found that very unrealistic. Yes, I know this is 'just television' but it seemed more like lazy research and poor writing to me.

    Rossi and his old cases are wearing a little thin and once again, he showed that he will stubbornly stick to his own theory regardless of what Hotch has to say on the subject. I can't imagine any of the others getting away with telling Hotch that their theory was the correct one and that everyone else was wrong unless they had some airtight evidence to back it up.

    Given the recent exit of A.J. Cook, it was noticeable that we hardly saw Garcia and that Prentiss was very much in the background on the case as well, in fact, it was pretty much a 'boy's club' from start to finish which isn't a good way to appease fans who are unhappy about A.J. being fired and Paget's role being reduced. It will be a sad day if this trend continues and even more sad if the strong females who are left on the show fade into the background.

    What a strange comment Morgan made to Prentiss, something about "I thought parents were supposed to protect their kids?" and Prentiss replying "I guess some of them didn't get the memo." It seems like a stupid comment from two highly skilled BAU agents who should know that it just doesn't always work that way.

    Then of course there is Ellie Spicer. We knew she'd be back and we know she'll be back again before too long but I pray the writers will find Ellie a delightful foster family to live with where she is happy and stable and where Morgan doesn't constantly become defensive and make excuses for why he remains in contact with her on such a regular basis. Prentiss was right to be concerned and she's not the only one.

    Please, don't ruin this show by covering old ground time and time again and reducing even further the role of the females, it would be a travesty if this were to happen. The things which make 'Criminal Minds' such an excellent show have already been tampered with enough. Writers and producers, just do what you're good at and take us back to 'the good old days' of 'CM'.
  • Feeble attempt with life after JJ

    Throughout the whole episode, I only like one scene: Garcia taking down the nametag of JJ and holding it dear with a clipboard. Most likely she aint gonna throw it away anytime soon. This scene was a touching follow up that symbolizes the love that has been lost through the leaving of JJ

    New plot was decent, but lacked meat to go far. Hard fact is that Criminal minds should be able to live without JJ, but their ratings are definitely gonna take a hit. Let's see something better with the next few episodes, and let's hope for the best.
  • Better title: "Rossi's Big Box o' Evil"

    Forgettable. That so should not be the one word that describes an episode entitled "Remembrance of Things Past," but there it is.

    What's to like: A nasty, wife-beater wearing, unshaven, crazy-eyed Daniel J. Travanti as an unsub who has such a hold over his son that it is truly scary. And the submission of that son in every way possible. That was a great, horrible relationship, a frightening duo of killers that should have sky-rocketed this episode onto my favorites list. So, why was it so lack-luster?

    What's not to like: The portrayal of Alzheimer's Disease. Yes, even rotten, nasty killers get sick, but to water down this team's evil-quotient by adding dementia into the mix was low and stupid and not at all well done. The father was too strident, too decisive, and too easily able to care for himself to be greatly afflicted. And yet, we are told, the reason he began forcing his victims to make the exact same phone call to their loved ones all those years ago was because the disease was already stripping him of his short term memory. So he's been afflicted for at least 10 years. But he's drawn to reliving his last victim. Who he can remember. Or maybe not. But he's strong and resourceful. But he's so scared he wets himself. But he taunts Rossi. But he's so depressed he tries to kill himself in prison. But he's even in a regular prison in the first place. Color me confused because, clearly, the writers were.

    So, SSA Rossi keeps a collection in his closet - I'm calling it the Big Boxes o' Evil Collection. And every season we'll pull out one or so and give our man Rossi some closure. Hey, at least, at the end of this episode, he could turn around and wave his hands in the air at Hotch, saying, "Nya, nya, I told ya so, I was right, nya, nya!"

    What else isn't to like: the whole 'bonding thing' between jock, player, ladies' man, suddenly quite complex Daddy-figure Derek Morgan with unemotional, orphaned Ellie Spicer. Prentiss should have smacked him over the head instead of rolling her eyes at him. The mini shout out to JJ's character looked cut and pasted in to me. Not tear-worthy.

    I am so tired of giving what used to be my favorite show bad reviews. Rick Dunkle, where are you? Maybe Rossi isn't the only one with writer's block?? Get those boxes out of Rossi's closet and replace them with some good writing and better plots, I beg you.
  • Can I just mention how much I loved the music in this episode?

    Seriously. It was very Sherlock-Holmes-Hans-Zimmer esque. I loved it. But on to the acutal episode.

    Also, I'm torn between loving the remixed, revamped title sequence and absolutely hating because of the absence of AJ Cook. The new pictures were very cool, and was it just me, or was the theme updated a bit? Either way, AJ Cook being gone destroyed almost all of my excitement for the new title sequence. But on to the actual episode. For real this time.

    I thought the premise was fascinating. The father-son relationship was great and I never expected him to have killed his wife. The thought of a serial killer who only continues to kill because he can't remember his last kill is something I find to be really scary. I really enjoyed the final scene between Rossi and the Butcher. I thought the guest actors did a good job. The Ellie Spicer subplot bothers me, but mostly because it means they're bringing back Isabella Murad at some point and I really didn't enjoy her performance.

    Good episode, not my favorite, but had some strong points.