Criminal Minds

Season 8 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2013 on CBS

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  • Song?

    Anyone know the name of the song being played at the very end?
  • weak ep

    Ok im not against having a Mogan-centric ep nor am i having anything against his acting. But we have gone through this aspect of his history already. Everyone knows he lost his dad, Carl took him in and gave him opportunities, brought him to cabin by the lake and molested him. Everyone who watched the show from Season 1 til now knows that. We had episode that featured on it. We had him using his story to relate to other victimes. The thing is, why cant the writers explore other aspect of his life? I want to know more about him! Was there any crazy neighbor story? Or any ex girlfriend that was murdered or had their house invaded etc? Basically things that happened after he moved from that timeline. Theres really no need to keep using the same storyline and try to make more out of it. I found myself quite disappointed about not knowing more about him even though its supposed to be a Morgan-centric ep.

  • Boring

    Morgan's centric eps are always boring. And some and not many fangirls of him who always criticize others praise Shemar too much,which is so nonsence and boring too. Make some proper thriller! damn writers. Too many boring episodes thesedays.
  • Lackluster

    While I found the acting of Shemar Moore to be superb, I was not impressed by the killer or the character of have begun to realize that something has happened in the past two years to the quality of the show. The writing has taken a nosedive and the majority of the unsubs have been pedestrian and bland.
  • Spectacular!

    This one is right up there with some of my favourite episodes! So much great character development here, and I really enjoyed seeing some characters from six seasons and six episodes ago!

    There were just so many different facets to this episode and they came together superbly for a terrific episode and terrific character development.

    I don't need to go into too much detail here - it was simply perfect.

    In other news, The Replicator is keeping a low profile as of late. Perhaps that is a good thing, ad I would really love to see that storyline play through the Season Final and maybe a Cliffhanger too!

    Overall, very good stuff! Can't wait for more!
  • Does one proud

    This episode left me proud of the actors, writers, directors, and CBS for dealing with this topic not once but twice. Some question how Derek could come across as the healed victim, but I can and do see it. It's been 6 years since he confronted his past and 2 years since he completed his therapy. So, yes, it is believable that a man of his strength, maturity, emotional stability, and intelligence can have come this far. Does it mean he doesn't have further to go, no. For him, like so many others, it will be there for life and continue even after the forgiveness, but Derek is in the right place.

    This is a wonderful and fantastic episode and was running on all cylinders where necessary. I found it anything but boring keeping on the edge of my seat and waiting with bated breath for the commercials to end, but at the same time not able to step away because I don't want to miss the moment when the show returns. The writers, actors, and director did a wonderful job for both the viewers and the advertiser; thus giving CBS a power example of a well done commercial.

    OK, the following paragraph is pure speculation on how this episode might fit into this season and the replicator. I'm not sure why I want to discuss this here, but here goes. While it is possible this episode is simply an outstanding filler, I suspect the writers may a long term objective given how the replicator is getting into the minds and lives of this team. I am NOT saying he caused the unsub to break. NO, this was because of circumstances. What I'm saying is one could expect the replicator to use this part of Derek's past against him. By including this episode we know Derek is in a strong place; he's able to withstand an emotion onslaught based upon his past. In fact, should the replicator try to use Derek's past we should see it back fire on him. What I'm hoping is the writers originally thought to have the replicator bring up Derek's past and have it fail. It would give a quick way to show Derek's progress and his emotional growth. Yet in the end, they decided to expand the entire concept of Derek's growth in to an episode to help - again - raise awareness of this topic and advance the Derek character.

    Well done CBS, well done.
  • Wonderful

    Personally I thought this episode was fantastic and lived up to and beyond the hype. The emotion portrayed came across as very real even if the episode did move slowly. Moore's Morgan did a wonderful job of trying to help the other victims admit what had happened to them. The flashbacks were well placed and showed us the kind of man that Morgan has become. All in all, a great episode worth watching.
  • I Can Only Manage It - Escape Is Impossible

    I'm ambivalent about this ep. Perhaps too much hype and an easy guess where the unsub would be coming from but all in all better then some others this season. Whiile Moore did an admirable job he needed a little too much ego message to really come out the healed hero and I personally felt he did the better job in Profiler Profiled. But there were some really touching scenes the last one being my favored, Morgan looking up to the sky from his restored window, leaving one guessing at what emotional turmoil still haunted him. For me the message was that sexual abuse never truly leaves the abused, even the stronger survivors. The fact that this ep was cowritten by a survivor perhaps speaks even louder to that issue.
  • Boring!

    Like another reviewer stated, I too found this episode really boring and disappointing - another over-hyped episode, basically because it was Morgan-centric - started out good, but was soooo slow and dragged out.... half way through I was barely paying attention and only continued watching it to see how the "bad guy" is... which again, disappointing :(
  • Best Episode Yet!

    In this episode, an UnSub is killing men in Morgan's hometown. It is quickly revealed that the killer is somehow connected to Carl Buford, the man who sexually abused Morgan when he was a child.

    This episode was emotional and exciting. I loved the ending in particular. A very respectful way to discuss the issues surrounding sexual abuse. Incredible performances by all the casts, especially Shemar Moore. Definitely my favourite episode of criminal minds!
  • Disappointing

    I found this episode boring and too slow. It didn't help that they went on and on with Morgan's abuse all over again. I only enjoyed the beginning of the episode. The rest, just a typical Messer's view of angry Morgan and everybody else looking dull.