Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Hankel Farm: The BAU team and local law enforcement rush to the Hankel farm and unload from their vehicles to look for Reid and JJ, and to try to capture the unsub, Tobias Hankel. Gideon and Hotch search the house while Prentiss and Morgan head into the barn. Morgan sees the dead dogs and the bloody mattress with the remains of Mrs. Douglas. Suddenly, a disheveled JJ pops up, aiming her gun at them as if she doesn't recognize them. Morgan and Prentiss speak calmly to her – she tells them she had to shoot the dogs, and that they tore the poor woman apart. When Prentiss asks JJ about Reid, JJ seems confused before telling her they split up and he went out back. Morgan goes out to search for him. Gideon and Hotch search the house, finding cluttered rooms, Bible pages thumb-tacked to the walls, Hankel's huge computer area, and no sign of the unsub. Hankel's Pick-up: Tobias Hankel is driving his pick-up truck along a highway with an unconscious Reid on the floorboard. The Hankel Farm: As the EMTs attend to JJ, Prentiss approaches Farraday asking if there is any word. The deputy tells her they have roadblocks up and Hankel can't have gone far. Morgan pulls Prentiss aside and tells her Reid followed Hankel into the cornfield and someone got dragged away. Deputy Farraday receives a call that a man matching Hankel's description was just asking directions to a motor lodge in Fort Bend. Morgan goes to get Hotch and Gideon. Hankel's Pick-up: Tobias Hankel's truck pulls up to a crossroads, with a sign showing Fort Bend to the right. He turns to the left instead. Hankel sees himself in a flashback with his father in the truck. His father tells him that, when Tobias starts hunting on his own, he'll need to find a special spot where he can feel peaceful as he takes an animal's life. Tobias tells his father he doesn't want to kill anything, but his father tells him to stop whining and be quiet. The Cabin: Reid regains consciousness tied to a chair in a small cabin, with Hankel looming over him. The Raphael personality introduces himself and tells Reid that the others are gone. Raphael is burning fish hearts and livers to keep away the devil. Raphael pulls out a revolver, and shows one bullet to Reid, calling it God's will. He loads the revolver with one bullet, spins the chamber and points it at Reid. Reid tells him he doesn't have to do this, but Raphael claims he is only an instrument of God and pulls the trigger. The Hankel Farm: The next morning, Hotch drives Garcia up to the Hankel farm. Hotch tells her there is no sense in splitting time between there and a field office as all the clues they need to find Reid are in the house. Garcia does not like the feel of the house. The rest of the team is gathered around a table, going through diaries and other papers. JJ is on edge, and Gideon tells Garcia they need her to go through Hankel's computer to find out more about him. Prentiss updates Hotch, telling him the diaries are extensive with a lot of information, but that also leaves them with a lot to go through. She says Hankel knew enough to throw them off the trail towards Fort Bend. Gideon, understanding better, tells her that Hankel's interaction with the police have been consistent – they always reinforce his position as an instrument of God, that no one can stop him with God on his side. Garcia shows Morgan that Tobias Hankel's computer seems to be programmed like that of a crazy-smart high school kid, with no religious manifestos or violent scenes. Morgan is incredulous, since the psychopathy of a religious fanatic does not match what she has discovered. She finds the webcam sites where Hankel was keeping watch over people through their own computers. He has labeled each with a sin: liar, adulterer, thief. Although Garcia mentions that Hankel shouldn't hurt Reid as Reid is completely innocent, Morgan reminds her that everyone's done something that could be considered a sin, even Reid. The Cabin: Reid sits handcuffed, dazed, with blood on his face. Hankel enters with a load of firewood and tells Reid he isn't Raphael – this personality has Hankel's father's voice and mannerisms. Reid thanks Hankel for burning the fish hearts, for protecting them from the devil. Hankel realizes that Reid is trying to get into his head, and calls Reid a liar. Reid denies being a liar, and quotes the Bible to Hankel, telling him he has memorized the whole Bible and can quote it to him. Hankel tells Reid the devil can read, too, and proceeds to take off Reid's shoes and beat the sole of his foot with a piece of wood, insisting that Reid confess as Reid cries out in pain. The Hankel Farm: Prentiss finds a list of Narcotics' Anonymous meetings that is twelve years old at Hankel's house. Gideon encourages her to follow up on it, as he discovers the walls of the house written over and over again with the Latin words: Honor Thy Father. JJ is cleaning up a wound on her arm in the bathroom as she flashes back to the dogs that tried to attack her, believing one is in the bathroom behind her. Grabbing her gun, she turns around and finds Prentiss there. Prentiss apologizes for scaring her and invites JJ to come along with her the next morning to interview Hankel's sponsor at NA. JJ confronts Prentiss about why she doesn't react to the horrible deaths and Reid's apparent capture. Hotch comes in and asks the same questions. Prentiss seems flustered and tells them she is able to keep her emotions separate from her job. Morgan yells from outside that he's found something. He and Hotch approach a storm cellar with their guns drawn. They find a room almost completely filled with ice blocks and holding the body of Tobias Hankel's father, decomposing. The Cabin: Tobias Hankel – in his own personality – enters with a sheep carcass and apologizes to Reid that his father has hurt him. Tobias takes off his belt and wraps it around Reid's right arm. Against Reid's will, he injects him with a drug, telling him that it will help, but not to tell his father. Reid is immediately overcome by a hallucination of his own childhood. Reid's father is leaving the family because Reid's mother cannot take care of herself. Young Reid is confronted by his father's unemotional rejection, and is left to take care of his very sick mother by himself. Young Reid tells his mother he is not weak, and comes to himself in the cabin muttering those very words. Unfortunately, the father personality is back and tells Reid he can yell all he wants, no one will hear him. The cabin is in the middle of a rural cemetery. The Hankel Farm: The next day, Farraday comes by the house to tell Morgan that Charles Hankel, Tobias' father, has been dead about six months. Morgan assumes this might have been the stressor that set off the killings. Elsewhere: Prentiss and JJ interview Tobias' sponsor from NA. He tells the agents that Tobias was addicted to the drug Dilaudid cut with a psychedelic, and if anyone ever really needed to self-medicate, it was Tobias. The drugs took him far away from a reality in which his disturbed father burned and abused him. The sponsor has no qualms about Tobias murdering his father, and tells the agents that it is amazing that Tobias is still alive. The Hankel Farm: Morgan and Hotch go through the diaries and find hour-by-hour updates apparently written by Charles Hankel, dating from after his death. The team realizes Tobias Hankel is living out at least three distinct personalities – Tobias, his father Charles, and the avenging angel Raphael. Morgan has Garcia log into the computer as Charles Hankel, and they find the violent, graphic websites they had been seeking. The Cabin: Raphael wakes Reid up and turns him to face four laptop computers and a camera aimed right at him. The Hankel Farm: Prentiss and JJ brief the team on Tobias' drug problem as Hotch and Gideon tell them about Tobias' fractured personality. Deputy Farraday reveals that a computer store was robbed the previous night and all the equipment Tobias might need to start killing again was stolen – laptops, external hard drives and satellite uplinks. The Cabin: Raphael turns on the camera and Reid's image shows up on Garcia's screens. The Hankel Farm: Garcia and Morgan call in the rest of the team when they see Reid appear on the screens. They are upset by his appearance, and Prentiss comments that he's obviously been beaten. Garcia can't track the location of the computer signal because Hankel constantly reroutes his IP address. The team watches in horror as Raphael forces Reid to choose someone to live and someone to die from the webcams on the laptops. At first, Reid refuses, but Raphael tells him he will kill all four people he's been watching on the laptops if Reid doesn't choose. Reid claims Hankel is a liar and will only leave the dead bodies as a poacher would. Hankel reacts with anger until, eventually and desperately, Reid chooses the woman shown on the far right to live. Raphael repeats her name – Marilyn David - and address so the team can hear it and warn her. Gideon calls her and she reaches down and shuts off her laptop. The Cabin: Raphael turns off the camera and leaves Reid to watch the other screens to see who he will murder. The Victims' Home: A couple from one of the laptops is relaxing at home. The husband leaves the room to open a bottle of wine when he notices a drawer open and a knife missing. Raphael enters the living room with the wife, and threatens her with the knife as he dials 911 and reports that Raphael is killing more sinners. The Cabin: Reid watches in tears as Raphael slits both of their throats. The Victims' Home: The BAU arrives at the crime scene at Pam and Mike Hayes' house, and Farraday tells them roadblocks have been set up at a 15-mile radius. The husband was a criminal defense lawyer, and the Bible passage from Isaiah left at the scene speaks about lies and giving birth to evil. Gideon approaches the open laptop on a table and sits down in front of it. He has a message for Reid. The Cabin: Reid watches blankly as Gideon tells him these murders are not his fault and he is stronger than his captor – he will survive. The Hankel Farm: Morgan tells JJ she should rest, but she resists. She seems to feel very guilty about Reid's abduction and asks Morgan if it is her fault. Morgan is short with her, telling her she has to figure things out for herself. Hotch and Gideon return to the house, and as Gideon is confident of Reid's strength and brilliance, Hotch is worried, and feels guilty for not helping Reid deal with the emotional aspects of their work. The Cabin: At the cabin, Tobias has returned and is injecting Reid again. Reid asks him to save them, or at least tell him where the cabin is. Reid will tell his friends and they will come and save both of them. Tobias tells him it is not worth fighting, and dares Reid to tell him that the drugs don't make it better. Reid can't. He's thrown into another hallucination about his childhood. Reid's mother is unable to get out of bed, and instead of letting young Reid go out and play, she insists he come into bed with her while she reads to him. She reads out of Proust as young Reid gazes at her. The Hankel Farm: JJ asks Garcia if there is any more video of Reid. Garcia tells her no, but the killer has just posted the last murder on the internet. JJ insists that Garcia show her the video, feeling like she has to be stronger to be a real part of the team. Garcia tries to tell her she isn't weak and she doesn't need to prove anything. JJ is adamant, and Garcia plays the video, but refuses to watch it with her. In the next room, Morgan realizes that it is the Tobias personality that is holding Reid, since the father personality would have stayed to fight; only the Tobias personality would run and hide. Prentiss suggests she go back through the journals looking for a special place Tobias went to escape – possibly linked to his drug use. Gideon enters to see the video, and is frustrated and angry that the killer has the ability to post the murder to the internet. He insists that Garcia remove it and doesn't understand the technical aspects of why she can't. Finally, she posts that these videos are infected with a virus to keep people from downloading them. The Cabin: Raphael's reaction is immediately angry and violent. He accuses Reid of taking away his ability to send his message, and when Reid reminds him he can't do anything, he shows him that's he's found Gideon's message on all four laptops. The father's personality then emerges, calls Reid a liar again, and notices the track marks on his arm before turning the camera back on. The Hankel Farm: Only Gideon and Garcia are watching as Hankel beats Reid, and demanding him to confess. Reid calls on Tobias to help him, but the father personality is in control, insisting that Reid confess his sins and continuing to beat him. Hankel knocks Reid over on his back and Reid begins convulsing, unable to breathe. Hankel tells him it is the devil leaving his body, but Reid's body continues to convulse until he finally goes limp – his heart has stopped. Garcia and Gideon are horrified as they watch. The Cabin: Hankel stands outside the cabin and argues with himself – all three personalities are in conflict over Reid's death. Tobias claims Reid was given to him for a reason, and that he can still save him. The father claims their work is done. Tobias wins the battle and reenters the cabin. The Hankel Farm: Gideon has gone alone into the bathroom to deal with Reid's death. He is agonizing over the decision he made to cut off Hankel's access to the internet – this is what set the killer off, this is what caused Reid's death. Hotch interrupts and calls him back to the computer screens. The team, still reacting to Reid's death, sees Tobias Hankel giving Reid CPR. Reid is revived, and gets a good look around the cabin before he is pulled back to his seat. Prentiss points out the time frame for the last murder and the posting of the video file. The murder occurred at 9:04 pm, and the video was uploaded at 9:23 pm – only 19 minutes later. Taking the suburban roads into account, the team narrows down the location of the cabin on the map to a 17-mile radius around the crime scene. The Cabin: Raphael is back in control. He calls the seven members of the BAU team the seven archangels versus the seven angels of death in Revelations. Raphael again insists that Reid choose someone to die – but this team it has to be one of the BAU team. Reid tells Raphael to kill him, instead. Raphael insists, pulling out the revolver with one bullet again. Again and again he points the gun at Reid's head, insisting that he choose, pulling the trigger. After three times, three empty chambers, Reid chooses – Aaron Hotchner. He calls him a classic narcissist, says he puts himself before the team, and quotes Gen 23:4. The team is watching Reid's plight with shock. When Reid names Hotchner, he races into the next room as the unsub fires the gun at the wall – that bullet would have killed Reid. He reloads the gun with one bullet, calling it God's will. The Hankel Farm: The team surrounds Hotch to reassure him that Reid didn't mean it. Hotch knows he didn't and he makes them tell him his worst qualities – none of which is narcissism. The team admits that he is a bully, a drill sergeant, that he believes men over women, but he has never put himself above the team, and is not a narcissist. Reid and Hotch had been arguing about the definition of a classic narcissist. It was a clue – the Bible verse is about cemeteries, not about character, and Reid would not make a mistake like that unless it was a clue. Gideon asks Garcia to replays Reid's first comments - about poaching. The only records of poaching are in a small area within the 17-mile radius. Reid has been able to give clues that narrow down the possible geographic area where he is being held to a place near Marshall. Prentiss remembers a diary entry about Tobias wanting to stay clean and stay out of Marshall. Garcia finds a cemetery at an old plantation on the map and the team rushes to the site. The Cabin: Tobias gives Reid a drink, and Reid thanks Tobias for saving him, but Tobias is fatalistic – he claims there is no way for either of them to be saved. He confirms they are in a cemetery, and Reid is relieved to learn he gave Hotch the right clue. Tobias gives Reid another injection. This flashback is different: Reid is 18, and he has called a hospital to take his mother away. His mother is devastated, hurt that he would do this, but he knows she needs help. Reid is very upset, but knows it is the best for his mom. He breaks down and asks her forgiveness. Still semi-conscious, he confesses his sin to the father personality, who sentences him to death. The father releases Reid, and takes him out into the cemetery with a shovel. The Cemetery: Reid is being forced to dig his own grave, but he moves very slowly and claims he is weak. The team raids the now-empty cabin, and finds the bindings, camera and laptops, but no sign of Reid or the killer. They know the two are on foot, and team heads outside. Reid can see the flashlights of the team through the trees, behind Hankel. Raphael is holding a large knife and is frustrated by Reid's slowness. He removes his coat and moves towards him as if to help when he notices Reid's attention on something in the distance. He turns to look and Reid quickly grabs the revolver from a bag on the ground nearby and points it at Hankel. Hankel, wielding the knife, reminds Reid there is only one bullet in that gun. Reid calmly shoots him in the heart. The BAU team approaches as Reid shares a last moment with Tobias. Tobias seems at peace, and hopes he will be able to be reunited with his mother as he dies. Hotch and Prentiss are the first to reach Reid, and help him to stand. Reid embraces Hotch, telling him he knew Hotch would be able to figure it out. JJ hugs Reid hard, and tearfully says she's sorry for leaving him. Reid reassures her that it was not her fault. She walks off, brushing away a tear as she locks gazes with an emotional Morgan. Gideon tries to assist Reid away from the cemetery, but Reid asks if he can have a moment alone. The team backs away and gives Reid space. Limping and hurt, Reid crouches down next to Tobias' body. He reaches into Tobias' pocket and pulls out two full vials of the drugs. Reid stashes the vials in his own pocket before rising to join the others. [Recap written by highwaykind and phf3947]
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