Criminal Minds

Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • Profoundly creepy ... the transference of evil from one to another

    This is an incredibly personal journey that Reid goes on. His demons from the past haunt him. In this way, he is like the unsub. Most fateful line: "Tell me it does not make it
  • Reid is held hostage by a dangerous and unpredictable killer.

    This was a fantastic second part to a two part episode with JJ escaping a dangerous situation when she was attacked by dogs but Reid had now where to go when he is kidnapped by the killer who is dangerous and has different personalities that makes him unpredictable Things get upsetting for the team when they are sent a live feed of Reid getting tortured and throughout the episode JJ blames herself for Reid's kidnapping When Reid was getting tortured it brought flashbacks of his childhood when his father walked out on him and when he had his mother sent away when he was 18 It was interesting to see Reid decide which of the team would be killed and he chose Hotch but it isn't how it looks when Hotch figures out it was to help them find his location and they do When Reed is about to be killed he manages to get the gun to shoot him before Reed is shot himself and the killers personality turns from the father to Tobias as Reed watches him die This was no doubt a ten in an impressive season.
  • amazing episode

    this is the episode when reid became my fav character. best epi of the series so far.
  • LOVE IT!

    i can not express how much i love this episode its so suspenseful first time i watched this i was a mess of emotion i was happy, sad, confused, scared, hopeful, exited almost every emotion except for being bored no mater how many times i see this it the same!
  • Well done. When characters are this well developed, the viewers cannot help feeling their pain.

    Scary, dark, touching – what an episode. The writer kept the stress level ramped while giving us the best view of the real souls of these profilers we have ever seen. And. let’s face it, even though the plots are tight and involving, it’s the characters that keep us coming back for more. This episode had everything I wanted, except the scene we were all waiting for between Morgan and Garcia. JJ’s vulnerable response to her own situation was very realistic – much more so than most television characters’ one-dimensional reactions to horrors. Hotch was finally humanized, ending up, surprisingly, with the big emotional reunion with Reid that we would have expected from Morgan, or Gideon. The torture scenes were hard to watch – which should be a compliment to the actors and director. While I was hurting for poor Reid (and no one can show abject terror like Matthew Gray Gubler), Van Der Beek had me feeling almost worse for Tobias – the sad connection that grew between Reid and Tobias made the ending even more tragic. Having Reid “save himself” by shooting the man who had literally brought him back to life was an excellent solution that will only leave more internal scars for Reid to recover from. And the drugs? They were a way for Reid to escape from the torture for a moment during his ordeal. Clearly, his physical ordeal may be over, but his emotional/ psychological ordeal continues. On a more practical note, no one should stop taking Dilaudid cold turkey – the physical side-effects are much worse than a gradual withdrawal. Brilliant Reid will know this, and this could be a real rationalization for continuing to take the drugs. For a while.

    Gideon continues to make the hard decisions, and also pays the psychological price for the consequences to his team/family. I see another “major depressive episode” in his future.
  • Where the hell is this mans Emmy?

    I am serious. The acting in this episode is some of the best I've ever seen; from Matthew Gray Gubler or anyone else. The plot and the outstanding reactions from the team also contribute to the fact that this is my favorite episode. The name, revelations is certainly appropriate. We get an in-depth, first hand account of Reid's childhood and how he became who he is. It also plants the seeds for one of the darkest subplots in the show to date, Spencer's drug abuse (Which is second only to Gideon seeing his girlfriend's eviscerated body). A thrilling episode to watch.
  • My favorite episode of criminal minds to date. Multiple personality killer kidnaps Reid and the rest of the team can only watch while he is tortured and forced to make decisions about life and death of civilians or his fellow BAU members.

    My favorite episode of criminal minds to date. Multiple personality killer kidnaps Reid and the rest of the team can only watch while he is tortured and forced to make decisions about life and death of civilians or his fellow BAU members. The emotion really comes out in this episode Giddeon blaming himself for causing Reid's death, JJ blaming herself for Reid being captured Morgan's anger that Reid has been captured and their is nothing he can do about it. This is not only my favorite episode of Criminal Minds but one of my favorite episodes of any show ever. The ending was a surprise to me when Reid knelt down beside Tobias I thought it was to say his goodbye to the part of the killer's mind he had bonded with but he takes the drugs out of his pocket and hides it in his own. This episode should have won the show many awards saying that I wont forget it is an understatement.
  • Reid is being held captive by Tobias Hankle, whose multiple personalities could well be the cause of Reid's demise. In the second of this two-part special we see what a lifetime of abuse can do to any ordinary man.

    With Reid now firmly in the hands of Tobias Hankle and JJ set to fall to pieces, the team can only watch through video streaming from Hankle's house (which they are unable to locate) as Reid goes through hell at the hands of his captor.

    Hankle is a kind and gentle young man, but his dominating (and very much dead) father, as well as 'Raphael' are quite the opposite. Reid knows that he will die in the remote cabin in the woods in which he is being held if he doesn't manage to somehow convey his location to his team. In typical Reid fashion, he uses his intellect to do just that and in spite of being drug addled by Tobias, (who is trying to make things easier for him) he is alert enough to covertly give out necessary information. When the not-so-pleasant Raphael asks him to choose a member of the BAU to die. With the team watching, he selects Aaron Hotchner and gives him a message that only Hotch would understand ...

    A womderful climax to this episode as we see the team rush in to save Reid, Tobias shot dead and, sadly, Reid filch the drugs he has been given by Tobias from the dead man's pockets so we know this is not going to be a good thing for our favorite young genius.

    First-rate episode and fantastic work again by Matthew Gray Gubler and James Van Der Beek in the central roles. Watch this one!
  • Some of the best acting I've seen from Reid and The Funeral playing at the end of the episode was PERFECT!


    Basically the most memorable Criminal Minds episode episode I've ever seen. I have yet to see it on TV and think, "I've already seen that episode", and then change the channel. If it's on I'm watching it. Plus it gives a new insight into his character and his past! Loved every heartbreaking minute.

  • I challenge every programme on television to try and come up with an episode better than this was. Sadly for them, that isn't possible!

    This was definitely the best Criminal Minds episode ever on television. While i still enjoy a lot of episodes from throughout the season, this one put our own Spencer's life on the line, and it was edge of your seat drama from dstart until finish.

    I think the episode was scripted very well. The killer is obviously killing sinners, just as he did in th previous episode, but now he has Reid, and it is truly the most nerve-wracking Criminal Minds episode so far!

    The best part of it all is the way that Reid is able to send messages out to the rest of the team by discussing the unsub's profile with him. It is truly very intelligent stuff!

    Another aspect of the episode that I highly enjoyed was the infdsight into Spencer's past, and what happened to his mother. Of course, we saw his mother a while back, but a lot of uquestions were answered with wthis episode, as well as creating an interesting ellement to the episode. I always find it fascinating to learn about the characeter's past lives, such as we learnt about Derek Morgan in the episode 'Profiler, Profiled'.

    Absolutely magnificent television this was! If only I could give a score higher than '10' out of 10, I would! It truly deserves it! Keep it up, Criminal Minds, and I am well beyond the point of recommending this episode to anyboydy. You simply MUST watch this!
  • A fascinating episode, especially when one of their own is at stake!

    A great serial killer and an intriguing insight into the team.

    Reid has always been my favourite, he’s just so innocent and sweet. This is really the first time they’ve touched on his background. The flashbacks were interesting, Reid was really the same when he was young, and him at 18 was just too adorable, he was just a baby!

    I liked JJ… till now. When they find her, she’s more worried about the dogs than her own partner! It’s several minutes until they realize Reid’s been taken and she still shows little interest. And I don’t care if she was in shock at the time! The only time she expresses concern is when Derek silently blamed her and then, and at the end, her reactions were more guilt than actual concern for Reid’s welfare. Not my favourite person right now!

    Emily is another strange one – JJ has a point, Reid’s being tortured by a deranged serial killer and she’s acting like she’s doing paperwork! There’s been something off about her from the moment she arrived. I hope they explain this soon - where'd she come from, how'd she swing this assignment, why is she here? I still think she's a spy.

    I liked Gideon’s reaction when his ‘virus’ gets Reid killed. He hides and tries to convince himself he did the right thing, torturing himself. This reaction carries through to the end when he doesn’t hug Reid, instead looks very uncomfortable and miserable. Nicely done.

    Great funny moment was when Reid not only chose Hotchner as the target, but called him a narcissist! He rushes out of the room and everyone goes to reassure him… then realize that he’s looking up a clue. He then asks them to list his worst qualities and they freeze, before very reluctantly complying. And the man says he doesn’t have a sense of humour?! I loved at the end that of all people, it was Hotch Reid threw his arms around. A nice counterpoint to his early chosing Hotch for death!

    James van der Beek did another brilliant job this week, you could actually feel sorry for Tobias. He was as much a victim as his own were.

    Tobias has opened a can of worms for Reid – introducing Reid to the wonderful world of narcotics. This is going to be a major problem!

    I’m enjoying this series so much, I’m so *bored* of CSI! I used to watch every episode religiously but now it’s the same thing over and over. Criminal Minds is fresh and the characters interesting. It’s the only show right now I never miss.
  • THey Take on the hardest case

    Save Reid from a psycho. WHen I saw this episode i was so scared that Reid would actually die. Being a faithful viewer of CM I thought this was the greatest episode ever. Even if Reid was being beaten and was I pain I still thought it was the best this season. Still having thousands of people watching as Reid is being beaten and also he almost dies (well he does die but is revived)that was just aweful. If I saw something like that on the internet I would think it was fake or I would call my dad into see it and then I would report it. Seeing all this I noticed this episode brought out the teams emotional side. How Morgan slamed the wall not being able to locate Reid's location. Gideon being sad about what he had done causeing Reid's death. Good episode.
  • Although I agrre with most of the reviews I am have my own version of Reid removing the drugs from Tobias.

    Like most of you I look forward to watching wed night Criminal Minds, my version of why Reid took the drugs was so that the rest of his team would not discover them and he would not have to be investigated again for drug abuse. As far as JJ character is concerned, I believe the next episodes are going to be based on the trauma she is facing due to her guilt about Reid being kidnapped to begin with as well as the horror she went through with the dogs attacking her. Her panica and nervousness were quite apparant in this episodes conclusion.
  • Hankel behind the wheel of his pick up with an unconcious Reid, who looks like a 5 year old all tucked in for the night, lying on the floor board. Later, Reid comes to and is subjected to beatings, torture, and repeated drugging.

    At first, this episode didn't work for me. James Van Der Beek is very normal looking, even when playing the very disturbed Tobias Hankel. However, Van Der Beek pulled off a very complicated fete. As "the father", he was so violent that one would have no cause to pay attention to Van Der Beek's looks yet, as Tobias, he's boyish face lent credibility to his role as an innocent bystander. The use of the Archangel Raphael as Hankel's Angel of Death confused me at first. The Angel Raphael's name is connected to the root word for doctor. Raphael means, "God Heals". In the Christian faith, the Angel Raphael is the patron saint of people with nightmares and mental illness. It is said that Raphael once came to earth disguised as a human and was the traveling companion of a man named - you guessed it- Tobias. But, in Islam, the Angel Raphael is said to be one of the seven angels of the Apocalypse and it is believed he is responsible for signaling the end of the world. It is now apparent to me that, who ever chose Raphael as one of Hankel's personalities, did their homework. In combining the two religious perspectives, the Raphael personality became a physician whose sole purpose became healing the world of "sinners". Still, this expertly crafted episode would not have worked for me if it had not been for the kidnap victim. Matthew Gubler, who plays Dr. Spencer Reid, is well into his 20's but looks like a child and he has a believable child like quality that helps him exude innocence and vulnerability. When Reid is on the floorboard of the truck, he has his hand curled next to his cheek, looking much like a child would when he is taking a nap. So, when Hankel turns left, away from Fort Bend, one is left with a sinking feeling. Something awful is about to happen and you know something awful is about to happen.

    Reid comes to bound to a chair - where he is ordered to confess his sins. Gubler's ability to empty his eyes of all but innocence makes the beating and torture that comes next hard to bear. Having gotten to know this character over time, it was extremely stressful to watch him die knowing the mental health of his tormenter may just have been too damaged for the Tobias character to feel compelled to render assistance.

    At the point where one could be convinced nothing worse could happen to Reid, he is forced to choose who dies next knowing it will be a member of the BAU and, after confessing his "sin" he's even forced to dig his own grave! Yet, when he gets the drop on Tobias, Reid's eyes harden and we are reminded that, child-like or not, Reid is an FBI agent doing his job with no hesitation. Still, immediately afterward, Reid goes to Hankel and shows Tobias the compassion you would show one who is completely innocent of wrong doing. I was disappointed when Reid went back for the drugs but, then again, if he had just walked away and then reported for work the next day, I would have stopped watching the show! All in all this was an extremely well researched and well written episode. Gubler has excellent versatility as an actor and I think who ever hired him to play Spencer Reid is doing cartwheels right now! Keep up the good work at the BAU and I'll keep watching!
  • BAU has the hardest mission ever: Save Reid from a psycho.

    This episode is really exciting and well written. BAU has to save Reid and to do it they need to be faster and more intelligent than ever. The only problem is that the most intelligent man in the BAU is the one who they have to save. Spencer Reid. In this episode we also learn about Reid's childhood because Raphael, the psycho who kidnapped Reid, gives him some drugs that lead him to have some flashbacks. We see Reid's father, his psychotic mother, and we see why she's in an hospital. It's one of the best episodes I've seen. Criminal Minds is a great show.
  • One of them in real danger...

    A last episode storyline now continues and Reid is taken and team has to find a way to find him before it is too late...

    I most say this episode was just full of good angles and the story they built in last episode gets the full power.

    First JJ and she has to deal that Reid was taken and she was not.. and she really does not get how some can not take things as hard as she does..I like it was a great way to focus that Prentiss really does not take it all in.. why?

    And then Gideon.. he surely went very bad when they saw Reid killed.. and he felt guilty.. the scene when he was walking around himself.. and Hankel walking around too.. that was great scene.

    And mostly this was about Reid. I think it was the first episode when one of them is taken... and in so many times it looks like that it - the start when russian rullet is played on Reid.. when he dies... that was something I did notexpected.. and then saved.. and those flashbacks to his past.. and the end.. he going and taking those narcotics... I think there will be quite a lot to deal later - the emotional aftermath.. and those shots...

    OMFG!! I have not seen an episode that was this effing exciting!!!!!! this just beats every single criminal minds episode EVER!!! i instantly got hooked into the storyline in 'The Big Game' but that last 5 minutes was absolutely edge driven... and revelations DEFINATELY delivered THE BEST episode of all time... I felt so sorry for Reid, i wish he didnt get kidnapped, but when he took the drugs from Tobius' pocket, omg!!! I still cannot get the reaction of all the BAU members faces out of my head when they saw the live webcam feed of reid being tortued. i wish i could give this episode 100/10... i am just in love with criminal minds... this has been and will go down as a CLASSIC episode...

    O. M. G. Thats all i can say. I love this show, so to say I've seen this episode more than any other is really saying something. If you get the chance, watch it with commentary, which is featured on the DVD. It's hilarious, Matthew Gray Gubler is one funny boy. So, there is sooooo much going for this episode. First, the cliffhanger from the previous episode. That created a huge sense of suspense already. Next, the great music. Whoever decided on "Sympathy for the Devil" was a genius. And "Funeral" at the end is PERFECTION. Third, its all about Reid. He's an interesting character thats really lovable. It was beautiful, the way his team reacted to his treatment. They really are a family, Reid being the little brother. The team really rallied around him to save him. The acting by everybody was so much greater than any other previous episode. Especially by James Van Der Beek and Matthew Gray Gubler. James was truly stunning as 3 different people. With any lesser talent, i'm sure the episode wouldn't have been as great. The end of the episode was jaw dropping. I couldn't believe what happened. This is the episode, along with Lucky, that i suggest to my friends. With it, I've gotten 5 people hooked on the show in the past few months. Wonderful episode!
  • It is a sign that a show has lost its direction when it has to use a plot that puts one of its characters in peril. Criminal Minds has done this repeatedly to both individual characters and the whole cast. It needs to go back to its roots.

    So now we appear headed for a story arc with Reid having a drug problem? (on the sly, he takes the drugs he was given out of the pocket of his captor). And how many times do the writers take advantage of Reid's nerdness to set him up as a victim. The strength of Criminal Minds has been the uniquely developed characters and how they interact both to each other and the story at hand - and not being the story. Gideon learning to relate to and appreciate Penelope, the computer geek, has more weight than Reid, again, becoming prisoner of the pert of the week. I hope the issues that Reid has as a result of his capivity does not drag on. I just suffered through the prolong nasty cop after House storyline. It is a bad sign that the writers don't have any more original ideas when they repeat situations and mess too much with what a character is all about. Next thing you know, "Hotch" will have a sense of humor.
  • a weird show.

    Reid is capture by a serieal killer and is being toutured in order for him to be forced to give information about his past and his team but he will not. he is toutured almost to death but the killer uses cpr to resesitate him. Reid them starts talking about the revalation and angels. the killer says one of his team must be killed and asks him which one but he refuse to answer putting himself in harms way yet again. he almost dies and is found in a cemetery left for dead but his team finds him and is able to save him. a very strange show on CBS --coolchris44 out.
  • Review

    I liked the episode a lot. Now that the triple personality is common knowledge among the BAU members I thought that the episode was a bit more relevant to what was going on. Reid being a captive was a very good writing in terms of everyone else that could have been the one held captive. I think Reid is smart enough to talk his way out of things but at the same time could also use the help of his team. Loved the way he tipped off Hotchner with the quote from the bible. The bible references did get a little old after a whole, but it was still written very well I thought in the long run. I thought the second part was better then the first part and I loved to see the flashbacks of Reid and his relationship that he has with his mother. Overall, a very good conclusion that I can be happy with, hope to see them expand on Reid taking the drugs out of the mans pocket at the end of the episode.
  • This episode has a haunting quality that makes it hard to put out of you mind.

    Revelations, continuing the storyline started in the episode "The Big Game", takes the team to new levels of anguish as they try to save one of their own. Reid, captured, tortured, and drugged by the unsub is in serious danger. The rest of the team, all dealing with their own feelings about this situation, is further tormented when the unsub sends a live feed of Reid's torture to them over the internet. Morgan, angry and feeling helpless, Gideon second guessing his decisions in an attempt to keep Reid strong, J.J. feeling responsible, as she was partnered with Reid when he was abducted, Hotchner wondering what more he could have done to prepare Reid for this kind of situation, Prentiss, troubled but unflinching, and Garcia, forced to watch as Reid continues to be beaten. Through all of this, Reid, ever thinking, gives clues to his whereabouts that in the end enable the team to find him.

    James Van Der Beek is marvelous in the triple role of the unsub. Convincing and frightening in his ability to adapt to this demanding role. Meanwhile, Matthew Gray Gubler does an outstanding job. The emotions he portrays in the role of tortured, drugged, Dr. Reid are amazingly real. They will leave you breathless, but wanting to see more of this talented actor.
  • This episode is what made me a Criminal Minds fan, everything that I look for in an ensemble show is right here.

    This was only the 3rd Criminal Minds episode I'd ever seen and from watching this episode alone, I was hooked. "Revelations" has the lot : angst, drama, suspense, emotion and best of all (and what is so lacking in many other ensemble shows right now) a palpable sense of the teams tight connection with each other. The kidnap and beating scenes, were, on occasion, hard to watch yet it was so enthralling I stayed riveted to the screen! Every actor delivered - James Van Der Beek gives a beautifully underplayed performance while Matthew Gray Gubler is positively heart breaking throughout.

    I have to say the scene in the park towards the end where Hotch goes to Reid (as he says "I knew you'd understand") was the icing on the cake, LOL, I was an emotional wreck after that!!

    If I had to recommend one episode to convert someone to being a fan of the show - it'd be this one (but then as I'm now steadily working my way through all the other past eps I missed, I'm hoping I may find one even better!)
  • The second part of the story with Reid being held captive by Tobais.

    I thought this episode was absolutely brilliant - I was biting my nails the whole time!! Not least because Reid's my favourite and it was awful to watch him get tortured, but with all the drama - I mean Elle had already left, what if they were getting rid of Reid too? I was particularly moved by Morgan's reaction to the situation. I've always felt that Morgan is very protective and 'big-brotherly' to Reid and it really comes through - especially when they see Reid on the screen at Tobais' house and Morgan says "I'm gonna put this guys head on a stick" and thumps the door. A brilliant episode which has created a riveting story line for the next few episodes!
  • Just WOW!!!!

    This episode had me gripping to my chair. It was awesome. I thought the storyline was great with the unsub and the fact that a team member was taken just showed the interaction and care they have for each other i think. Reid is my fav character and i love matthew and think that he was amazing! The flash backs revealed alot about Reid and his childhood and i liked that. It adds more depth to the character. We dont just see a genius-we see his life. The ending was :D:D:D:D:D with him digging his grave. I thought the ending was well written with him shooting tobias and the team all hugging him. The drugs im undecided on but it deosnt really bother me :) More episodes like this make a show cool because i think when its a main caharcters life in danger, there is more drama and suspense but thats just me :D
  • Continuing where the previous episode left of, Reid is now a captive of Tobias and his other personalities...

    It's a Reid-centric episode. J.J. is dealing with the guilt of having separated from Reid in the barn (I loved it that she shot the dogs :D), and the rest of the team try to track down Tobias and predict his next moves. Meanwhile, Reid is being tortured by Tobias' father and Raphael, who insists that he confess to his sins. Strangely enough, Tobias tries to help Reid, by drugging him, and Reid begins to have flashbacks of his strange childhood (always great seeing his mother). While Reid attempts to convince Tobias that they can escape the "others" together, he is put in a position where he is expected to choose someone who'll die. Despite there not being any action per se (not much running or chasing or whatever), it's a very exciting episode. Finally, after attempting to send messages to the team as to his whereabouts, Reid confesses to his sin, and starts digging his grave (literally). The final scene where he lies to them and takes the vials that were in Tobias' pocket was disturbing. I really didn't like where they might be going with it, but that's for future episodes to tell.
  • Best episode yet!

    This is one of the best Criminal Minds episodes ever in my opinion! and i didnt think Van Der Beek could act that well! he played an awesome character!

    I specially liked this episode as it focused on Reid's character! i find him to be an interesting character but he has never really been the main episode character till now! and he was awesome! i loved the childhood flashbacks! he looked so geeky! but he is definatly my favourite character! he knows everything and has a really powerful brain, but he is such a weak person, but we have seen him growing stronger and into more of a man over these past few episodes, he knows how to fire his gun now and kind of srick up for himself now, that he never used to do before! but he is still scared of the dark! =)

    Great episode! highly addictive show!
  • Why do bad things always happen to nice people!!!!??? I don't get it!!!!

    This was a completely excellent episode. I love James Van Der Beek and it was deadly to see him playing a total psych instead of the super-earnest Dawson Leary!!! And poor JJ!! It was obvious that she felt ressponsible for what had happened to Reid. someone give the woman a holiday!!! And a big bar of chocolate.
    It was also horrible when the team were watching the live feed of Reid on the internet. That must have been awful, especially when it looked like Reid was gonna die. I had to cover my eyes and watch that bit through my fingers!! An excellent ep overall, so keep it up guys!!
  • The team hunts for Reid who's been taken captive by a psycopathic killer under the dilusion that he's doing God's will.

    This episode is by far my favorite. It was difficult to watch Reid be mercilessly tortured, but at the same time I loved to watch how the rest of the team acted. They really pulled together. I especially loved the moment Gideon and Garcia had together. I love Reid and it was nice to see him pull through alright. Hopefully he'll continue to be alright!!!! (Not so sure about when he took the drugs from Tobias' pocket...) Either way I can't wait to see the rest of this season!!
  • The unsub captured Reid, and is filming his killings and posting them on the internet for sicotic religous purposes. If that's not bad enough, Reid has to deal with his three different personalities.

    This is a wonderful episode! I loved it! Having Reid not be a part of solving the problem, but instead be the person the rest of the people have to find was so different, but it deffently increasced my liking of the episode. It was a very suspenful episode and I loved every minuet of it. I also learned a lot about his personal life, which is always cool. I loved the part where he chooses Hotch and it ended up being a clue. The only thing I couldn't figure out was that if he quoted the wrong verse why didn't Tibius know it? Overall this was an especially good episode.
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