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  • Season 4:6 and 4:7

    In season "4" episode "6"Morgan tells Reid that Riley was found dead behind a dryer, but then when they look into the case; agent Rossi says in episode (4:7) that Riley was found behind the washer. There was a error in the script or the words were simply forgotten. I love the show i just thought you should know, I figured others would catch on as well. If it was purposeful i was inquisitive on why the confusion, or Was it to keep us on our toes?
  • derek

    i have a complaint. derek morgan needs to come back. he's my favorite. therefore he has to come back. i don't want him leaving he should've stayed. but other than that great show:) but seriously bring him back. :((
  • To All the Actors in this Wonderful Show.............

    Thank you for the wonderful memories. I will remember you for the remainder of my life.

    Best wishes on all your new endeavors.
  • Thank you for the memories

    I have been watching Criminal Minds since the first season and since then I have always looked forward to each upcoming episode in each upcoming season,even though we have seen new agents come and go, there are some we have gotten to know very well, and can't bear to say goodbye to, so in conclusion if we must say goodbye in Season 15, then we must enjoy each and every moment that we have with this show, so I would like to THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES CRIMINAL MINDS!!
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  • Don't care no more....

    Nope, they lost me..... the team has no chemistry and although Spencer was my favorite, I truly don't care if he lives or dies..... and that was one of the better shows on TV.

    Although Hotchner could have been replaced with a card board cut out, he did hold everything together like a conductor an orchestra. Too bad...

    And the one, where the guy is holding the machete and holding the injured agent bleeding to death..... Prentiss could have easily shot him instead of talking to him... all the time she was talking, the agent was bleeding.... ridiculous .....
  • New episodes

    The new episodes of criminal minds are AWFUL! This show used to be great. The director now makes the show unbearable to watch. Just cancel the show or get new direction. It's not even worth watching anymore
  • Seit der staffel 13 Folge 15

    I think that the new ones of this is very shit the BIU was the best ever put since Barnes is in this i hate it because its bad and low
  • Used to be a good show

    Sorry guys this one stopped being interesting the minute Gibson left....
  • Criminals minds 2018

    Ive been watching the show from the start. The last dew seasons with major characters leaving has changed the show dramatically. After Morgan left, Hotch left, and Reid's arrest i stopped watching. Then i decided to try again, but i was disappointed. The writers are noy staying true to the show. I hope everyone who feels the same way stops watching. No Penelope. No Reid. No Morgan. What's the point. Just end the show. RETIRE.
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  • I hope this get's renewed.

    I really hope that this get's renewed for a 14th season, they way they left season 13 off they have to come back, so we can find out what happens.
  • Awesome Show!

    I am absolutely obsessed with Criminal Minds! I think season 13 has been incredible. The writers and cast never cease to amaze! I, of course, miss Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, but Criminal Minds still has an awesome cast. I really hope it is renewed for a 14th season.
  • Mrsdissapointed

    new criminal minds is awful, what are the writers thinking? AD Barnes really!!! can her please she is awful instead of watching the current episode i surfed the net that has never happened, but it is boring i think im going to stop watching it.

    thankfully NCIS is still good phew
  • Losing focus

    Ever since Shemar and James Coney left. Lol yall been slippin with who is in like the the BS with the Team being under investigation was some bad karma horrible Season get back to the stories and less about the semantics...
  • What happened to my favorite show

    This season is horrible! Hate the new boss and tired of the group being split up. Knock off the stupid side drama stories and go back to solving crimes. Let them do what they do best. Together!!! Or it may be time to find a new favorite show.
  • New story line is TERRIBLE!!!!

    I agree with everyone else here - this show WAS great - it doesn't need all the BS drama, and crappy story line. As someone else commented "putting every boss through this "you are no longer the leader" trash" - I agree what a pathetic, over done story line. And the new director they couldn't have found anyone less believable or less likable - horrible character, not fond of the actress either - it's ruining the show. There were good characters and great story lines, why not develop those instead of coping out to this nasty boss woman and breaking up the team scare - what a load of crap, truly cheap. Why don't they try showing some class and originality .

    I have loved this show, it has survived some tough character changes but still comes out shinning, unfortunately they may have finally ruined it for a lot of us. Hope they pull their heads out before it's too late.

    This season's story arc on Criminal Minds is horrible and BORING! Change it, or I will change channels. More precisely I will stop recording it, and you will have one less viewer. The new boss theme is ridiculous and frankly something you have already done. Perhaps you have heard of Strauss?
  • Writers have ruined Criminal Minds

    This is my favorite show and it didn't need drama. The show is about solving crimes. Quit ruining good shows and write stories about crime, news has plenty of examples. I've already given up on SWAT and NCIS; I can quit watching this too. I canceled my DISH and I can cancel CBS too.
  • Turning into crap.............

    Seriously this was my favorite show. But now i cant stand to watch it. If they dont get this show back on track and drop the new annoying as hell boss. I will drop this show. Sounds like everyone is having this problem. Get your writters inline or there bosses if not cancel the show while there is some respect left.
  • Why do these writers continue to ruin good shows

    I love criminal minds, but having that woman waltz in and screw up that case by interfering in the way the team works and getting away with putting the blame on them. That's is terrible writing and you better fix it soon other wise cancel this like you did the 2 spin off's that I personally thought were great television but was cancelled before the world had a chance to get to know the characters.

    I love this show but if they do not stop putting each and every boss through this "you are no longer the leader" trash. This is recycled every year and it is getting old. I love the other story lines but NO MORE of the unit leader is in trouble junk. That is my only issue with the show at this point. I see that they are finally fleshing out the character that Adam Rodriguez plays - this needs to continue.
  • From Good to Awesome to Lame

    Loved the show then all of them left and Reid isn't the same.

    Who is writing for this show???? The story lines use to be wonderful and kept you guessing and on the edge of your seat! Now as soon as the show starts you know who the killer is and the episode is drawn out! No excitement to this show anymore! Love all the characters but it's gotten so boring
  • It went on for too long

    This show used to be the best! For the first 7 seasons it got a 9 rating from me. It has been steadily going down hill since then. Now they are reusing the "boss trying to break up the BAU" trope again.... am I the only one who's kinda hoping they will just be disbanded? They need to quit while they still have some dignity left.
  • Zzzzzzzz. Scratch <-- Worst Villain Ever

    I know I'm behind in viewing, since I've binge-watched most of this show and did not catch it since the beginning, and in all fairness, I have to say KUDOS for some great episodes. Sadly, however since the introduction of Scratch, the episodes have been less-than-stellar, ESPECIALLY the ones dealing with him. What the heck is it with the Hypnotic spray, and you'd think the guy would go off and do less boring things with the ability he has of kidnapping anyone **eye roll** and hypnotizing them. The actors are okay and I really don't care whether Gibson is on the show or not (never found him to be too engaging), but someone with some charisma really needed to fill his place. My 8 rating is for episodes before the Scratch story-line.
  • Aisha Tyler has killed this show

    Last season was a total waste and the new season 2018 is showing less promise. Used to be the best show on TV but without Shemar Moore & Tom Gibson it is toast. Love Prentisss, AJ, Rossi, Reid & Penelope, but they don't even need the others. Just dump them and go with the core is what I say. Tyler and Rodriguez and the other guy bring nothing but PC to the table. Just dump them already or this show will be gone. OH and BRING BACK THOMAS GIBSON.

  • Want to blow my brains out

    Sorry watching season 12 on Netflix and I absolutely hate this season. The actors are ok, I guess you have to replace people that are somewhat to what we've lost. I mean the Hispanic dude to replace Shemar, really??? But this unsub, Mr. Scratch, has gotten some major pull here. For him to frame Reid like this is unheard of. I hate to watch Reid in prison it's baffling that he would put himself in that predicament to even get setup know Mr. Scratch was targeting all members. That was dumb & out of character for someone who is highly intelligent. Didn't understand why everyone isn't cautious with their families knowing he's going to come after EVERY ONE!!! The only reason I am continuing is to see how he gets out of this crap!!!

    My rating is just for this sorry season, NOT FOR THE SHOW IN GENERAL!!!

  • boring, fake, slapped together episodes

    the episodes are getting worse, acting is wrong, leader sounds like a robot every episode so far BORING.

    The one thing i see from the early days of this show, the well thought out intellectual content, ITS GONE

    i enjoyed it, when Mandy Patinkin,Thomas Gibson were the leaders , now it seems more like scripted, put together episodes not well thought out, this is what make episodes grab you and what more.

    Fact is sitting at a table now profiling and drinking coffee, seems to be what the producer likes, i feel like criminal minds is dying.....

    This show was very good until the day Aaron killed the reaper and left the show, there was a few after that to were good to, but overall its changed, i don't see mystery, shock, anticipation of the actors & unsubs anymore, its structured very flat, not downing the show just disappointed, just my two cents 1st time commenting

  • Disappointing new season

    Matthew Gray Gubler no longer looks like a kid & needs to be given a more mature role. Reid's psychological development seems to have regressed when any decent writer would have matured him by now. Garcia has no depth now. The new characters are not fitting in. The criminal behavior is just bizarre; Mr. Scratch is just strange. I sincerely hope this show can be returned to its former high quality.

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