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    WTF The get so excited to "GIVE THE PROFILE" but the people that "GET THE PROFILE" never solve the crime. Just seems dumb to those that like the show and pay attention to the plot.
  • Their Impeccable Timing is getting boring.

    After 8 seasons the same old ending is starting to bring a slight burden on the criminal minds. Aside from the few two part episodes that dont end with a heroic ending every single episode has had the same crap...the killer kills a few the FBI interject, and then near the end they just miraculously come in and save the final victim at the right time EVERY SINGLE TIME, now i understand that their heros and everything but they need to change the ending up a bit for once. It would be nice to see the final victim dead, a killer escape the FBi considering that their suppose to be serial, the FBI does seem to catch them quite easily . Aside from the ending I still do love criminal minds
  • Wheel of Torure

    Id like to see them do an episode really focus on the killer, usually u get to see the teams pov. Id like them to get a killer with a sadistic aditude, kinda like the joker from batman. My idea would be this killer make a game out of the victims. A wheel with different types of deaths on it, and stream them on the internet ad really see how he gets off on his kills and how pumped he is.
  • New episode idea please check out

    they should make and episode, like the one about jack the ripper remake, but they should make it about Bob Burdella. Just an idea. That would be very interesting!!
  • A Different Kind of Procedural Cop Show

    Other than needing to keep a minimum of three female characters because otherwise feminists will cry "sexist" I feel like this show keeps getting more and more interesting. We have major arcs for all the characters, things from the past that come back to haunt them and it all seems to blend fairly well with what they do for a living that none of it seems particularly forced into the program. The killers -or criminals- are different each week, there is very much an excitement in seeing how the protagonists piece together the psychology of the unsub based solely on that person's actions. This is more of a psychological procedural cop show which makes it fairly unique compared to things like CSI and Law & Order. Definitely something to look into if you haven't already.
  • Impressive

    There's not that many series that I can say I like despite the cast members leaving the serie. But this is one of those very few, if not the only one. What makes it so good is how the serie is directed. It never seems to bore me. The smart quotes and all this is just a big wow. Keep it going, exchange characters if you want as long as you keep the concept the way it is.
  • A clever title goes here!


    Criminal Minds is my favorite show. But, Jeanne Tripplehorn is a terrible replacement for Paget Brewster She just does not fit the role. Watching her, I feel like chalk squeaking on a chalkboard. Nothing wrong with her acting, but she really stand out like a sore thumb. If she continues in the role, I will probably stop watching the show. It is that annoying! Sure would miss the team.

  • What About (Cyber)-Criminal Minds?

    I'm a huge fan! Criminal Minds has great characters and actors who portray them; great locations; great plots, specially the unraveling parts at the end, and most of all, the series itself has a great theme as compared with other typical mystery flicks and whodunnit series as it focuses on the criminal itself (the WHO) rather than on the crime (WHAT).

    I specially can relate to the investigations and more specifically to the profiling activities since I also work more or less in the same field, but in cyber-criminal investigations.

    I'd love to see an episode, or better yet a series of episodes, that will have the team solve and profile cyber-criminals or attackers - now that will really be awesome!

    Keep up the great work guys!
  • Jeanne Tripplehorn

    Unfortunately she, Jeanne Tripplehorn really sucks as a replacement for (Paget Brewster) Emily Prentiss.

    She is not a team player what-so-ever, she's an all about "me" person and it shows through in her character on the show.

    She has managed to ruin the show, which by the way "used to be" my favorite show.

    Nope, don't even try to change how she acts on the show now, she can not pull it off! It's too late ...

    Shows are a success because of all the characters interacting together on the show, you have now ruined this show!

    You would have been better off to leave Prentiss's character without a character.

    But then the same was done to:

    CSI - I don't watch anymore

    CSI NY - I don't watch anymore

    and other shows as well.

    You just can't bring new people into a show and have them act like they are now the only one who knows how to do everything - heavens knows how the team solved cases before the new arrivals came on the scene.

    My Rating for this show used to be 10, but since I still love the other characters I will give it a 5 in their honor as I know it is not their fault Prentiss was replaced. I just have a hard time watching it with Jeanne on there! She basically ruins the show ...... enough said

  • A Very Disappointing Criminal Minds

    I know it's very hard when you have to make cast changes. When you replace a character you have to find someone the viewers can relate with. That is the reason in the first place we watch each week. The replacement for Prentess was a very poor pick. You would have been better off with someone like Laurie Laughlan (x Full House) or Jayne Brook (x Chicago Hope). The woman you have on there now has no personality. You used to have a really great team. You can't replace them with just anyone.....has to be a standout. ...someone that you would like to know. I have always loved this show but I won't continue to watch unless you come up with someone better. It was a very disappointing eveing.
  • Alex Blake needs a new assignment

    The writing and the cast is wonderful but the character of Alex Blake is such a downer. I am really sorry to see the energy of the show diminish. Some are saying to bring back Emily's chararacter which would be great- but any character with a little more color, humor, and life will do.
  • Complicated show.

    ok i seen , watched all of the series and i love it. but why this show is so great , the answer is simple : because the team has complicated and different characters but they act like a team. everyone know the role of the team. you are not going to see SSA Dr. Spencer Reid chasing a suspects and you are not gonna see SSA Derek Morgan thinking like Dr Reid. so with Emily Prentiss the show had more chasing - gun shots - action - and less mind thinking . with the new character thinking like SSA Dr. Spencer Reid ( who is my fav character ) the show will be all about mind thinking , how solve a case with out chasing and action. i like very much the new character as i liked Gideon in Season 1 and i still dont know why he was removed. Bring him back. Dr Reid represent the age of our time and its the age of geeks and mind thinking.

  • Jeanne Tripplehorn's character does not fit in with the show

    this used to be my favorite show on tv until this season........Jeanne Tripplehorn as a replacement does no justice to it , at least , prentice's character was more realistic and compationate............Jeanne Tripplehorn doesn't add anything at all to the show other than making her look as cold as the bad guys.........i'd rather watch the reruns instead now........i guess that the show is on the downfall unless the team brings back or changes the attitude of Jeanne Tripplehorn's character....

    This is my favor show I watch the reruns like I've never seen them before. In all my years of watching there were three down points on the show. Number one was when JJ (A.J.Cook) wasn't on the show, for the second down point would be when Emily was gone and the third point is for now with this new charter Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn). She is not working at all!! I know the show has to go on but maybe you should have picked someone with a little more of a human side she seems like a cold fish. I know she is supposed to be all smart and stuff but we have Reid for that and no one can take his place. We need someone who is going to be humble and doesn't think she knows it all. If she was a man they would say she is a bit cocky. We need someone who can show the softer side of a female agent but still be able to kick butt!
  • Lost.

    This show was great from seasons 3-7 great plots, great characters, identifiable characters, and of course the serial killers. But, then producers started cutting and adding people to the show and showing us people then taking them away and now my favorite character, Emily Prentiss, is gone. The show just isn't the same without her smile, insight, and snide remarks. Emily Prentiss was a wonderfully unique character on the show, and now that she is gone I am not sure that I can watch anymore. Everyonehas seemed to lose their flare. No quirky remarks from Garcia in the first episode. Not as much witty banter between Garcia and Morgan. Alex seems to be taking over. Things just aren't the same. Everyone had good chemistry and it seems to have been lost.

    OMG didn't you people learn when you took JJ off the show???

    Now Emily is gone and replaced with a power robot????

    Bring Emily BACK or I'm GONE.

    Nothing like wrecking the only good show on tv worth watching!!!!!!!
  • criminal minds

    one of my fav. i love it!
  • Not happy

    This new character has got to go or I may tune in to another show during that time slot. She is full of herself. She took over the team and by the end of the show, I was bored to tears with all mean she was to everyone. It turned into the Blake Mind instead of Criminal Minds. I would rather watch a rerun which I have seen before than to watch the show with her.
  • Can't stand to watch with this new character

    Criminal Minds is the one show I hate to miss. With this new character, I can't stand to watch! She took the team over and did a horrible job. We like Dr. R being our team genius and Rossi is the one to keep things level. This new character trounced all over the team's chemistry. It was like a bull in a china shop. The way she poke to Morgan? Bad, very bad. I stopped watching other favorite shows in the past because they brought in a character you just can't stand to watch. Looks like I'll have to do the same again. What a shame, it is as if they are trying to kill the show. I'd rather you just don't fill the last slot of the team than try to do it with such a dry, annoying character.
  • Unhappy fan

    I understand that changes have to be made but DO NOT bring in a new person and make the show center around her...NO one is smarter than spencer so don't even try...she may be a vet in her profession but don't come in and take over...they were a family before u...I will miss Emily and can accept a new person but agent over powering Blake is not it...I have watched every year and continue to watch reruns almost everyday but I can not take this new season if she stays....and one final thought...DO NOT interrupt Derek Morgan..that man can speak anytime he wants...come on producers u r smarter than this

    This is my favorite show curruntly on TV & I could not stand to watch this new "know it all character" that was supposed to fill Pagets shoes. HA! Shame on you CBS...there's only room for 1 true genius on Criminal Minds & sadly it's not her. Don't know if I can watch her another episode, much less the entire season. I know I'm 1 person & no one cares, but bad move people.
  • I miss emily prentice

    WHY WHY WHY Did they take her off the show? The network broke the family up, the cast acted so awesome together, they were like a family. BOOO to the network

    Criminal minds is my favorite show of all the shows on tv, i watch reruns over and over, bad move, they just could not leave a good thing alone.

  • The new woman!?!?!?!?

    what is with this woman? she is arrogant and they are completely leaving out Garcia! If you think of getting rid of Garcia? !?! If that happens, you have gotten rid of me too.

    Why is this new woman allowed to TAKE OVER the team? She is talking more than Hodge and the way she spoke to Morgan, oh no!

    I hope their is a twist to this episode because this is NOT GOOD!
  • I thought we took care of this...

    Didn't the fans of this phenomenal show voice their strong opinions when "JJ" and "Emily" left once before? Didn't they suddenly appear back where they belong?

    What the ?@&$%^* happened over there, management? Are you just nuts? This is a TEAM that we viewers have grown to love and respect. Ok, not real life, but a great escape and yes, we do care about them (come on, admit it). BRING BACK PAGET BREWSTER. This cast is worth whatever they want.

    Good luck all, I might be awhile before I can look again. First Mandy, then El, then JJ & Emily, now Emily again. AAAhhhhh!

  • Favorite of all

    Criminal Minds is one of the BEST series I have ever seen. I love the personal storyline as well as the true to life cases that is presented and solved. Keep it up!!!! I am always sad to see characters go as it seems Emily may go; however, I have not yet been disappointed at decisions made in earlier seasons even though you get to know the characters so well, I find myself wondering "what are they doing now'? (as if their lives are continuing on.
  • Criminal Minds

    Love the show. Watch it over and over. Just have to wonder what kinds of criminal mind comes up with these plot lines.
  • The music

    I just really loved it last night! I also am trying to find the music that was played. Does anyone have any ideas where I can find that info out?

  • Episode Aired September 12, 2012

    OMG, I am a Criminal Minds "freak" and have watched every episode (most of them 3-4 times during the marathons). The episode aired last night (September 12, 2012) was, BY FAR, the BEST episode, story line, wonderful, twisting, dramatic, awesome episode I have ever seen. I have suggested that Criminal Minds compile a track of the opening and closing quotes with the music selections they chose for the episodes.......... kudos to the writers, producers, staff, actors and actresses for ALL of them, but the song "As it Seems" by Lily Kershaw-------- THE BOMB! I had that song in a "line-up" to be played with power point during my "going home celebration"; after last night - there is NO DOUBT, that WILL be the song. Great job ALL of YOU! ~ Lynn
  • Great show

    One of my favorite crime shows, it shows what a weird and disgusting world we live in...
  • Criminal Minds Spin-off

    I really think that CBS and the Criminal Minds.Executives should attempt another spin - off but this time try to make it more trendy with a.street.edge like for example New York.Undercover.or the movie Training Day. Have some old school music that coincides with the premise. The cast must have.a.strong following and have.the ability to engage an audience. Forrest Whitaker was fine in his.role but I had a.problem with.the.other cast members. First, I'd never heard of them and second no one was.cute. So I.hope that the powers that be consider another spin-off because I'm truly a fan.of the series and really to continue. Sincerely, Jocelyn Williams
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