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  • Amazing insight into the mind of a criminal

    This is one of the most amazing shows on television! The actors are amazing at portraying realistic characters with their own quirks, strengths, and weaknesses. Matthew Gray Gubler does a fantastic job as the young doctor Reid, creating a believable young genius with difficulites interacting with people who are not profilers like him.

    You really get the sense from the show that it has been well reaserched and written with the intention of staying true to the job of a profiler.

    Any episode you watch will draw some emotion out of you. Heartwrenching, gripping, and funny, this show is truly a fantastic example of what a procedural can be.
  • Whoa!

    THIS is riveting television! I was unprepared for how intense the episode would turn out to be when I tuned in and ended up burning my dinner. I'm an avid fan of this well-written and well-acted show, but last night's episode just took my breath away. To think I originally eschewed watching the show because I didn't like Thomas Gibson's character on "Chicago Hope"!! Having finally awakened from that coma, I now watch every re-run of it I can find on any channel. Thomas Gibson should really get an Emmy for this performance - along with the writers, directors, supporting cast, etc...
  • Tracking down a criminal is more than just dusting for fingerprints, and this team proves that they can do that, even with their eyes closed.

    This is one of those shows in which you can just find anything. With a tenacity and will power that matches some of the most brilliant detectives in literature and cinema, like Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, Jacques Closeau, among others, this team doesn't play while on the job. And who are the members of this incredible team? Well, through the course of this series, we many team members in this team. Some are still there, while others have gone... But who are they? Well, let's start by the ones who left: we have the brilliant Jason Gideon, and the beautiful Elle Greenaway and Jordan Todd. Then, we have the members of the team who are still around there and those are: the amazing David Rossi, the complex Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner, the funny Derek Morgan, the genius Spencer Reid, the fabulous Penelope Garcia, the rookie Emily Prentiss and finally, the glamourous Jennifer "JJ" Jareau. All of them try their best to accomplish their mission, which is to snatch criminals, sociopaths and psychos who do almost everything to get away with a crime. Applying their powers of deduction and psychology, and crossing references of every suspect they come into contact with, and applying the knowledge from similar cases, this team does anything possible to accomplish their mission. The cast is really good, and I praise the work of Thomas Gibson, Matthew Gray Gubbler, Kirsten Vaughness and Joe Mantegna, as well as the rest of the cast and team, who does such an amazing work, portraying these complex characters. It's what I like to call a crossover of C.S.I. Las Vegas with House M.D. 10 out of 10!
  • One of the best shows on TV. Period. Intense, wonderfully crafted, and probably the best thing you can watch on Wednesday night.

    Criminal Minds is, without a doubt, perfect entertainment. With it's thorough and extensive plot lines, characters, backstory, drama and suspense, it has everything you could ever want in a television show. There won't be a moment you're watching where you won't be on the edge of your seat. The psychological drama makes for intense viewing, so people who don't have a tolerance for graphic images and violent plots should shy away from this show. However those with the stomach for it should definitely tune in by all means. You can't miss a minute of this fantastic show. You'll definitely regret it.
  • Im 14 years old, and i know i wanna do this as a career.

    I would really like something to happen with Garcia and Morgan. I just think they are adorable and it would make this show a million times better. Like when she got shot and he was there for her like a husband just made me love the show a million times better. Just an idea! Your protege, Taylor McAdams Baker City, OR
  • Not your typical crime show - the Criminal Minds group is a Behavioral Analysis team that gets inside the minds of the most evil criminals in our society. Each member has an unique talent that they bring to the table (kinda like an FBI Super Friends).

    This is the most interesting and intelligently written show on television. The characters are real, the plot lines are fascinating, and they don't write the episodes fast enough for me. Just started reading the books that are written about the series and they complement the TV show wonderfully. At least I'll have the books to read when the show is on hiatus. I really love this show (especially Dr. Spencer Reid and SSA Aaron Hotchner) and I hope that everyone gives it one watch so that they can see why the show has so many fans. I plan my Wednesday nights around it!

    From the moment i first saw this show, I was a huge fan!
    It has love, excitment, humor, sadness, amzing storylines, great cases, wonderful characters & sometimes it's soo scary! (well actually most of the time xD)
    It's nothing like the other crime shows I watch becuase you can actually see how a killer's mind works. And the show gets better every season!
    I really started loving this show when I saw a Spencer Reid episode, Matthew plays the character very good!(just like the other actors on the show)
    And i love how Morgan (Shemar Moore) treats Spencer, like a brother.
    It soo cute
  • A show about a team of profilers whose goal it is to catch the bad guys.

    Criminal Minds is in my opinion the best American show when it comes to detectives. It is the most realistic and also fun to watch. The way the actors play their characters is one of a kind. I do not think any one else could pull this off. Not only is the chemistry great between all of them, but they are also very convincing. The storyline is marbles as well. Every episode there is a new kind of criminal and a new kind of personality. That combined with the characters personal lives makes Criminal Minds a fun and very interesting show to watch. I would definitely recommend it.
  • This is a really interesting and different show which keeps you on the edge of your set till the end.

    I cant remember what the first episode was that i saw but when i did see it i was hooked. I am very interested in psychology (i study it at uni) and so having a crime show that has action and the profilling (even though i know its not exactly how it works) is brilliant and different. The story lines have the freedom to be extremely different without the restraint of staying in the same part of America, like CSI set in just Vegas (because if all of these crimes were set in the same place i would be really worried). I think that the characters and the relationships between them work really well with the show. We are shown just enough about the characters to keep us happy(ish) but not too much so we want to find out more. This show is really well put together and i can't wait to see more!
  • Criminal Minds is a great drama that explores the wide spectrum of humanity in its darkest self.

    After watching from day one, Criminal Minds certainly grows on many viewers. This is one of the rare shows that actually did not insult viewers' intelligence. The characters' dynamics make viewers want to tune in for more. The lack of love affairs in the show actually makes it unique. Thank to God, it does not fall into the cliche of many TV drama shows with the usual storyline-heroes having affairs with their female co-workers. Don't get me wrong, the love factor is needed in any show, but please make it different, for instance showing the bond between family members, the bond between father and son or mother and daughter or as what Criminal Minds has shown the strong bond between the team members. Shows like Criminal Minds make it worth it to watch with the family and actually make the "idiot box" less idiot. Kudos to the great team in Criminal Minds, the writers, directors, characters and the whole crew.
  • It's like CSI with some character development and without all the pretentious BS.

    I used to love CSI, simply because I find criminals and murder mysteries fascinating. However, there was always something off about the show, and when CSI:Miami began airing I finally figured it out. First of all, I can only name two characters from CSI and CSI:Miami, and they are the main characters. Grisham is a hearing-impaired genius, and Horatio is just a genius. Sound like bad writing? Can't blame me. On CSI, produced by the ever-predictable Jerry Bruckheimer, characters mean almost nothing. It is all about the forensics, so you only get short glimpses of character development. The main thing you learn about every single character is that they are out-of-this-world intelligent. Every twist relies on one idea: crime scene investigators are not only geniuses but they read every obscure book in existence, and you the viewer are pretty dull and unlearned in comparison. It makes for entertaining television at times, because murder mysteries are naturally exciting, but when you boil it down to the elements it fails, not because of the actors, but because of lazy, pretentious writing. I have said it before and I will say it again: Horatio taking off his sunglasses during a bland one-liner is an extremely cheap and lazy way to heighten drama. Wow that was a big paragraph of irrelevance. Anyway, Criminal Minds isn't perfect, but it is lightyears beyond CSI. The writers know how to balance cases with characters, though I personally would still like a little bit more character development, I think they do an amazing balancing act. Instead of an entire staff of super-human geniuses, the BAU consists of normal intelligent cops with actual emotions and histories. Spencer Reed is the exception. He is a prodigious genius, but this is addressed in a realistic way unlike CSI. We learn that he was bullied in school, he struggled with the isolation caused by his IQ, and most of his life was spent trying to take care of his mentally ill mother. We know he is smarter than us, but the circumstances allow us to accept that he is very much human. As much as I love character-based drama, the cases are what make this show special. After all, serial killers are more fascinating than one-time murderers and criminal psychology is (in my humble opinion) far more interesting than forensics. I like all the characters on this show! Reed is my favorite, but Prentiss, Derek, Gideon, JJ, Hotchner, and Rossi all have interesting backstories and each play an important role in solving the cases. Actually, to my surprise, Derek is one of my favorites. He is the young, muscular male (not usually a well written role) but he too admits he has issues you wouldn't expect from the average jock. Not to mention Shemar Moore is perfect for the role. As a young man, I also have to add that I love JJ and Prentiss for reasons that have nothing to do with writing or directing. They are gorgeous women whose charm grows on me, but they are not too young or pretty to be believable. There are better crime dramas out there, and there will be in the future, but I don't see any being as entertaining while following the CSI formula. My final comment is that to me, Thomas Gibson seems more comfortable in this role than he did in Will & Grace. He plays the serious leader very well, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  • Criminal Minds is a one of a kind show, but typically it is cause there is no other show like it. Jeff Davis the creator of the show has a brillant mind of coming up with this suspenseful FBI drama, also for casting a talented group of actors to play them

    Criminal Minds is one of the most interesting thiller Dramas on television these days. Jeff Davis did a perfect job of creating a group of characters to play these profilers that every fan of the show in the world has come to love. You have the leader Aaron Hotchner (played by Dharma & Greg star Thomas Gibson)who likes to be secretive and keeps things to himself. The Brain Dr. Spencer Reid who is the youngest team member but is gifted and holds many diplomas. The Hotness Derek Morgan (played by The young & the restless star Shemar Moore) who was previously a cop and sometimes gets to far involved in the case which sometimes ends in bad consquences. The computer Geek Penelope Garcia who has the biggest heart but can outwit anyone on the computer. This show has a great cast, Always has a great storyline and hopefully we will keep seeing it years to come!!!
  • Criminal Minds peaks the suspenseful mind. Typically I have a thriller/suspense movie figured out within the first 15-30 minutes, but most Criminal Minds episodes leave me guessing-I look forward to watching this show every week.

    Criminal minds and Damages are the two top shows on my list. I started watching Criminal Minds when I learned Shemar Moore, formerly on Y&R, would be part of the cast. What hooked me is how similar Matthew Gray Gubler's character is to that of my own nephew. I miss Mandel Patinkin's stoic-father character, but I enjoy the mystique that surrounds Joe Mantegna's character. I figure at some point Patinkin will return since he wasn't killed off the show. The season finale was quite suspenseful with Thomas Gibson supposedly being shot. I am looking forward to next season.
  • One of my personal top five tv shows

    Here in Italy, since every foreign show is dubbed, i have to wait several months to see what you lucky american guys can appriciate right away. Luckly it goes on in double language, so i can enjoy the original voices and acting.

    I love this show and how during the series the different personalities of the characters were evolving. And the profiling side this FBI unit, the way they study the psicological side of the serial killers is the "new" thing i was waiting to fresh up the police related tv shows.

    It would be a full 10, as a vote, but... there is a but... there is a little bug that every single episode drives me mad:

    Each time they end up composing the unsub profile.
    Each time they explain it all to a big audience composed of any kind of agents present in the local investigation team.
    Each time NO little help to reach the final resolution is ever coming from any of this local agents, no one even coming up with "he was seen there..." or finding a little clue.
    So all the profiling explanation remains there as a little teather made just for themselves and the audience with no impact in the plot.
    This is something i'd like the writers to fix a bit.

    For the rest, can't wait for next season to come.
    Of course... forcing myself no to come right away to read 3/4 months before the reviews here on and spoil myself the surprise of new episodes
  • Great crime drama series...

    We are not just watching how the clues lead us to the killer, also we see how the killer's mind works. That is alittle bit creepy. But also this makes the show great and different than any other crime drama series.
    The stories and the cast are great. The players are fitting their roles greatly.
    I love all of the team members, every one is a kind of unique. Hotchner is the cold blooded one, David Rossi is the wise man, Emily is the analyzer, Derek is the action man, JJ is the emotional , Read is the genuis one, and Garcia is finder. The only thing about this show is there is so much we know about their personal lifes and relations outside BAU. What is Hotchner doing when he gets home? Do Emily has a boyfriend and Derek and Read Do they have any girlfrineds?
    At the end it is one of the best shows in TV.I havent watch the last episode of season 4 but I am looking forward to watch season 5.
  • Different from other crime shows.

    Criminal Minds is different show in that it portrats a team who are not only catching criminals giving viewers a bit of insight as to what and why criminals do what they do. Profiling is an amazing ART and rarely if ever shown on TV. The characters make this program interesting and touching at the same time in how the characters are very differnent and sometimes even completely opposites. How the main characters rely on each other for their individual unique skills is sometimes amazing. The program uses the characters to show team work. Season 5 is the best yet.
  • One of the best, if not already the best, crime drama shows on TV right now. Highly suspenseful and grippingly full of action, this show highlights the best and the worst of the human mind. This show just keeps getting better and better.

    Brilliant. Genius. Amazing. Wow. These are the words I would use to describe the show.

    FBI agents from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, otherwise known as the BAU, consist of Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner, and SSA's David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Jennifer Jareau (a.k.a. JJ and also the team media liaison), and Dr Spencer Reid. Part of the team is also technical analyst Penelope Garcia.

    The team travel to various towns and cities in the US in which the help out the local police solve a serial crime occurring in that area. Whether it is murder, arson, kidnapping, stalking, rape or bombings, the BAU team are called in for help. The BAU builds a profile based on the past crimes and analyze what the unsub (unknown subject) will do next, finally solving the case.

    The show, although focusing primarily on the procedural aspect of the law, also highlights certain personal areas of each agent's lives and how a case might affect them. The season finales so far have been brilliant and it makes you really want to watch the next season. So far, the episodes have been getting better and better and each season is definitely stronger and better than before. Definitely a must-watch series for those who love crime dramas.
  • Great Stories, Great Cast, Great Show.

    Criminal Minds an outstanding series that deals with the psyche of serial killers, rapists, and kidnappers. The Behavioral Analysis Unit or BAU is team of FBI agents that profile, investigate, chase down and arrest suspected serial criminals. The team consists of Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner, Senior SSA David Rossi, SSA Emily Prentiss, SSA Derek Morgan, SSA Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, SSA Dr. Spencer Reid and Analyst Penelope Garcia. Each team member has a different roll to play in the apprehension of criminals that is unique to the strength or skill that they possess.

    Criminal Minds is one of the best if not the best shows of its kind on TV. I hope it stays on the air for many years to come.
  • Criminal Minds is probably the best (if not one of the best) TV shows currently on air.

    Criminal Minds, just continues to get better as time goes on - and shows no signs of stopping. It has it's moments (i.e. bad episodes), but somehow even through those times it still continues to hold the viewer's undivided attention. The cast is superb, and has some of the best ensemble charisma I've seen yet. The writing/direction is also astounding and truly gripping. The fan base, is one of the most dedicated and diverse I've seen. In final summation, everyone should watch one Wednesday night at 9pm, and give this amazing program a chance. I'd be surprised if someone can't find something they like.
  • High impact show with a stellar cast.

    Ive been watching CM since the beginning, and its just keeps getting better in my opinion.

    Maybe unlike other fans, I felt the replacement of Elle with Emily only helped the show-its seemed to really solidify them and turn them into a real close knit team.

    The premise of the show is very original, deviating from the norm with crime shows. To me, the fact that the main characters are shown to be a bunch of brilliant but ulimately damaged and flawed people only helps. The fact that all their lives seem to revolve around their work (Hotch's to the cost of his marraige)is very realistic, showing the devotion a job such as theirs requires.

    Then of course theres Morgan and Garcias banter, which is nothing short of hilarious and at times really sweet.

    And then we come on to my favouriter character. Hotch. Despite the fact that he basically never smiles, the uber talented Thomas Gibson manages to portray him as complex, multi faceted and at times very funny ("just so you know, you sound like a fortune cookie").Plus that man is haaaaaandsome! Followed my Emily-that girl brings some much needed sarcasm ("Oh, ah this is really gonna suck!".

    And then of course theres Garcia, who is pretty much self explanitory. Putting her character is a show as dark as this was some writing genius, her unique humour brings some excellent levity.

    The only problem I have with the show is the lack of lives outside the BAU shown. I know JJ has her baby and Garcia has that dude that was Xander and all, but come now, give Reid something. Poor little genius needs some lovin'. And Hotch! Give me Hotch/Emily writers. Pleeeease?!

    But thats only a little niggle. But still.....please?

    So basically, a total favourite of mine, and up there on my list of best show currently on the tellybox.
  • I love Criminal Minds

    You would think that this crime of the week show would be tedious after 4 seasons, but it gets better & better all the time.
    Probably because the acting is top notch. The mix of mystery and the personal stories of the main cast. How many cop shows have their been with invincible cops and FBI agents unaffected by their work? Well this is not one of them.
    Bad stuff always comes back to bite these characters.

    This episode guests Michael Boatman and Dana Davis shone, along with regular Shemar Moore. And director John E. Gallagher gets a pat on the back too.
    It was set up very much like a stage play in the interrogation room. A battle of wills, if you will. And you have to be a fairly good actor to pull that off. Top marks.
  • There is a team of profilers at the FBI. The BAU (Behavior Analysis Unit) travels around the country (and once to Mexico) to help local FBI offices and police catch unsubs (unknown subjects) who are committing horrible crimes.

    This is one of the better shows on TV. It is consistently well-written, well-directed and well-acted. It isn't yet another serial crime shows (ie CSI). Yes, it does deal with crime, but in a different way. They don't talk about mass-spectrometers or GCMS. They use psychology and behavior to get their unsubs. The team (in its various shapes and forms) work well together, for the most part. But like any other tightly knit group, it can't always been peaches and roses. But the actors do a great job of portraying well-rounded and fleshed out characters. Like any other show, some episodes are subpar, but for Criminal Minds, that's very few and far between. This is one of my favorite shows, and I love what they've done so far.
  • A show about the F.B.I.'s utilization of psychology to profile and capture the worst of the worst in the world of criminals.

    I cannot get enough of this show. Just when I think that they cannot possibly get any better, they surpass my expectations and blow me away. I have always loved psychology, and I love that television finally has something for me to turn to. They don't just break down doors and beat people up, like some cop shows. They use intelligence and ingenuity to change the face of law. When you get right down to it, everyone exhibits behaviors specific to their past and present lives. This show teaches us so much about the human psyche, as well as provides insight to why some people are the way they are. I don't think that there has been a show like it , nor can there be one better.
  • This show is a great example of how you cast and write a great show. A great cast of actors that are allowed to shine and show-off there talents. I will keep watching!

    "Criminal minds" is differently in my top 10 of best crime shows out there. The nice quotes at the beginning and end give it a nice elegance about it. 99% of the characters a beautifully written and extremely well played. The inter-character relationships are strong and fun to watch.
    When Mandy Patinkin was still playing Jason Gideon I liked the show a bit better. Joe Mantegna was just not a good fill for that spot. Don't know why Patinkin left the show?
    The story lines are very nicely contracted and keep the show great and strong. This show is a great example of how you cast and write a great show.
  • Quite interesting.

    I do not think this show is boring. I have to say this show is fun to watch and I like the action, drama, and the plots. My favorite aspect of the show is the fact that it makes you think and sometimes is unpredictable. The thing that I find the most interesting is the storylines. I also like the premise of the show. One thing I do not like about the show is the average acting. At times, it is very painful to watch when the characters are the always the same with no progression. Overall, this is a decent show. Thank you.
  • criminal minds follows the Behavioral Analysis Unit, "bau", as they look into the minds of serial killers and profile a supspect. the show popularized the term "unsub"-unknown subject.

    very serious and dark show. can be a bit graphic at times, hence 10pm time slot. we follow the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the fbi along on cases. the study the crimes, figure out a pattern, and get into the minds of serial kllers(the usual crime). with the information they gather they can build a profile that can be provided to local law enforcemen who can then search criminal backgrounds and find a suspect. a lot of the profiling is based on psychology and statitics, very ineresting and informative. and many of the crimes are based on actual events. many references are made to famous american serial killers, btk, son of sam, etc. the show exposed viewers to the term "unsub"-unknown subject, the perpitrator. since then, i have actually watched shows on discovery investigation that use the same term. main characters are aaron hotchner, unit chief, ssa's(supervisory special agents) david rossi, emily prentiss, derek morgan, dr spencer reid and jennifer "jj" jareau, and anaylist penelope garcia. the show is generally serious and dark, comediec moments come from garcia, anaylist and former hacker. i don't feel that the show needs more funny moments, that would just detract from the entire theme. it's meant to be dark. the crimes are at times unspeakable. it just gives us a glimpse of what "ordinary" people can be capable of. the past two seasons we have seen more of the personal lives of the agents, which is nice. it helps to know what makes the characters tick, not just see them as drones who do their jobs well. although i miss mandy patinkin's agent jason gideon, i do like joe mantenga's david rossi. he seems to have more passion for the job. the cast works well together and has great chemistry. especially morgan and garcia, they're like bro/sis or just plain best friends. love the banter. if you're into crime drama, i know, the airways are filled with them, this is a good one to check out. very intelligent and well produced.
  • I think the show could do with a little more humour.

    The show is a little too serious for my liking, but overall it's a pretty cool show. I think that humour would improve the show and make it a little more interesting.

    I also believe that the show should focus on the characters once in a while instead of totally focusing on the crimes. This would give the characters a chance to let the viewer get to know them better and develop some background information and more charisma. Humour means a lot to a television series, and charisma, but right now the only characters who make me laugh is Penelope and Spencer.

    So while there's improvement required, it's a decent show all in all.
  • Just what I like to see.

    I loved everything about it, I think it was a great piece of fiction. The ending was so scary, good thing it was not a real story about real people or a culture but a wonderful tale that allowed me to escape the real issues that effect our lives. It's nice to see actors and writers being creative - making art that entertains the masses.

    I am going to call my lawyer about this episode, and tell him to watch it, because he too loves a good police fiction like I and I am sure he would enjoy this episode.

    Kudos to the writer and crew.
  • great

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  • Criminal Minds is by far the best show on television in any genre of shows! The material in each episode gets better and better with each passing week.

    Criminal Minds does what many other shows fail to do...stay fresh. I never lose interest. Granted, the characters in the beginning of the series were the ones who made it what it is. Each person was equally likable for who they were and for what role they played for the team. Even with the replacements of Gideon and Elle, the show is still captivating. Some of the stunning details given that almost make the show go over the edge are just enough to make the most dedicated fans keep watching and wanting more. The show is a learning experience for anyone, whether it be to learn a little about what it's like to be a criminal profiler or to learn about what it's like to be a criminal.
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