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  • It was pretty "criminal"

    I've been a fan of the show since the beginning, but this 2-part season opener was the weakest, most poorly-written ever. If they can't pick things up (it looks like a former character may be coming back in a different role), the "shark" may be on the horizon, unfortunately.
  • Once a favourite, continues to decline

    I stopped watching regularly maybe two years or so ago and saw fewer than half the episodes last season. The major issue for me is the ''leaps of deduction'' - scenes (usually about two-thirds of the way through) in which they arrive at the final conclusion via a ridiculously few lines of dialogue. We, the audience, tend to accept this because it confirms what we already know. It just seems that the writers stopped trying and now depend soley on the audience's suspension of disbelief. Don't recall it being so hokey earlier on.

    Garcia continues to do too much with too few keystrokes, but that used to be tolerable within the general quality of the show. Now, not so much. Also, the Garcia/Morgan banter annoys more than amuses. (However, the overall chemistry between the characters remains

    All that said, I watched the season premiere thinking they might pull it together for the opener but... no dice.

  • Surprised

    There are still many people watching this!

    C'mon. This show has become just a narcist black guy's door kicking show. It has been a crime-taste's comedy drama and not a crime drama after S5.

    And Season 9 is just all about Morgan and JJ I heard. What can we expect? Boring, boring. yawn
  • Amazing!

    Untill this year Id only ever caught a few of the episodes on the telly every now and then, but I instantly loved it, since the beginning of this year i've watched every single episode! I absolutely love it, sometimes it scares the crab out of me and im scared to sleep in the dark xD but I still love it! The characters are awesome, specially Spencer Reid! was absolutely devastated for him last season when he didn't get this happy ending with Mave, he really deserves a love interest that isn't going to get shot in the head by a crazy stalker bitch! Well done criminal minds, keep up the good work :)
  • i love love love this show but...

    I love this show its my fav but when r they going to give Spencer a romance i liked his romance with lila and j j never gonna Happen she has will. They need to either bring back Lila or give him s new love interest and bring back prentiss she should be hotch new romance t
  • awesome !!

    This show is great I've watched every episode more than once and cant wait for the new season to start..........

    But the people with their bitchy comments about all the things they don't enjoy or get about this gripping TV program should just Piss off really if you don't like it don't watch it!! simple as, you don't have to take up a web page with your crappy comments that are bull any way.. rant over ..
  • Criminal minds

    Did you notice how the actors take turns speaking their lines? It's so unrealistic. The more I watch the more I find it annoying. I also used to enjoy the show but now the content is too dark and disturbing; especially the torture scenes. I prefer more reslistic crime dramas where sometimes people speak at the same time.
  • Meh...

    For 4 or 5 seasons CM had episodes that actually managed to creep me out and I loved that they could do that, having just finished watching season 1 - 7 back to back over a couple weeks -I just feel so disappointed.

    The 2 or 3 good episodes can not erase all times I actually verbalized "WTF!", "seriously?" and "OMG *sigh*" throughout the later seasons.

    A lot of the times the victims are either incapable of fighting back or escaping due hostages/restrains/surprise/etc. but there are the many other times when the killer has made it almost undoubtedly certain that you are about to be killed -say by maybe having you get on your knees at gun point and then putting a pillow against your head *sigh* this would the point when someone who isn't keen on getting shot in the head would freak the hell out -fighting tooth and nail to live but not the people in the the CM universe.

    There are also a staggering amount of 'Worst Parents/Spouse Ever' and no; not the Unsubs and/or their parents -I'm talking about victims:

    So you are in a car with a serial killer and she has you at gun point, you are driving and she is making you take her to your house where your young child is.

    Personally I would have driven off a bridge, into a river or head on into a 18 wheeler rather than put an assassin in the same room as my child but apparently JJs police detective baby daddy wholeheartedly disagrees with me and proceeds to escort said serial killer into his house *sigh*

    Someone breaks into your house, you are upstairs with a gun -so you would call 911, gather your children and wife in the most defensible room, barricade the door and kill anything that tried to get through right?

    Nope, at least not according to a CM universe Army veteran -he prefers to leave his wife with baby in their bathroom, he goes to his young daughter -tells her to call 911 and then leaves her alone with the sage advice of 'hide under your bed' before going off into the dark to engage an enemy of unknown size, strength or disposition*sigh*

    One of the most prolific serial killers/rapists ever has a gun at your daughter's head and you have one pointed at his, so naturally you put your gun down and let him kill you and thus leaving your daughter and sister completely at the MERCY of a SERIAL KILLER -really good plan there Dad of the Year aka police detective Spicer.

    And do the CM writers seriously believe that serial killers who usually attack those unable to effectively defend themselves will suddenly change and not shoot the profiler in the head when *sigh* the profiler puts their gun on the floor? because the profilers keep on doing it and have not been shot once.

    I thought there were going for reversal when JJs boyfriend got shot when he went in unarmed, but he survived lol.

    Oh and special mention for the good call of sending Morgan (yes, the big black guy) to talk down a mentally ill, white supremacist, serial killer holding an hostage *sigh*

    Profilers are effectively fictional so as per suspension of disbelief -accepting their skills and attributes are expected and assumed.

    However SWAT teams and technical analysts are not, so you can't just make up nonsense and expect an intelligent audience to swallow it with a smile.

    AFAIK SWAT doesn't even take non-SWAT EOD guys on dynamic entries where explosive may be present yet profilers get on the roster while having nothing to contribute that a former JSOC; now SWAT operator can't?

    And a non-trained, non-field technical analyst in the field -yep nothing wrong with that, I especially loved it when the said 'non-trained, non-field technical analyst in the field' was sent in to negotiate with an armed

    serial child rapist/abductor unarmed and face to face.

    I don't know about anyone else but I am so over the 'just in time save' EVERY. DAMN. EPISODE. -it is just such a lazy and obese way of a creating a pathetic sense of suspense, it makes me want to gag.

    OMG I wish every "reviewer" on this site that keeps rating every episode a 10 lapses into a coma from an overdose of their stupidity because thanks to their brain dead and especially useless "reviews" and the internet they almost made me.

    This site should consider these people as spamers because they add nothing to the site, they just clog up the system with their babble -a 10 means, there has NEVER been a better episode (at the very least) of Criminal minds EVER before, how can every damn week be the very best episode EVER?

    I'm pretty much over CM now, I will have to run out of other vastly superior shows to bother watching season 8 or the following seasons.

    Thanks for the earlier seasons -watching at 2am, some of the EPs made me glad I have roommates.
  • Best Police Drama

    This is my favorite police drama.... I love the whole cast and every week is good.
  • spice it up

    Oh no they caught the guy just in time as normal now boring. Looked like we were going to get action someone following taken photos then nothink. Need to change writers or your lose us watching it used to be my favorite now its csi new york
  • Entertaining

    I watch Criminal Minds and the rest of my shows faithfully. Don't care about the other opinions this is a good show.
  • FBI's BAU Elite Team is who the good guys call when the bad guys are THAT bad.


    Spoke too soon! It was a matter of time before the show's writers insulted its own audience by letting us all know exactly what they think of us: that we are all nothing more than a bunch of ignorant, naive and unobservant spuds who don't bother with silly things like story or plausibility so why should they?

    Case in point: the Season 2 season finale where the Bad Guy Frank is cornered at a train station by BAU... and a bunch of others (they already evac'd the civilians). They bring Jane in to talk Frank down... but the 2 instead pull a Romeo & Juliet by jumping in front of a train that speeds through the station.


    1) the FBI didn't lock up a station where a serial killer was cornered and a hostage exchange was taking place?

    2) the train didn't STOP at the station but sped on through.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, CM writers!


    orig review below:

    Finally. A high-brow crime show nearly everyone can enjoy without having to skip past lofty dialogue intended to make you feel stupid and them look oh, so clever. Better than its older cousin "Profiler"... this FBI team is made of individual behavioral experts - each adding much of themselves. A+++

  • Is this now the Alex Blake Show?

    Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows but where'd everybody go? I don't like the Alex Blake character and she seems to be the main character in this season's episodes. Hopefully, she'll decide to stay at Harvard. It's bad enough that Prentiss is gone. Hotch, Spencer, AJ, Derek, Rossi: come back!
  • Paget Brewster

    I think Paget Brewster should come back to the show. She had been on there for a while. I liked her character.
  • I like her!

    Tripplehorn's character, to me, fits right in. She's smart, insightful and contributes to the

    cast and the show.

    The One I Could Not Stand was Elle. Totally Useless as a Profiler.

    I will continue to be a fan of this show.
  • This may be the last time

    I heard that either JJ or Garcia may be leaving the show. I am really disappointed about this. I am a die-hard fan of the show and still have not adjusted to Prentice leaving. I love the show and have all the episodes on DVD ALL! But I still have not gotten use the new character (don't even know her name). Spencer doesn't get the love interest I think he may very well be my last season purchase. I am not sure I will continue watching if I have to get use to new people again this season.
  • I have My Limits

    I started to watch Criminal Minds a year ago and quickly became a fan! ..... THEN I noticed that every single episode uses the word "un-sub" like 100 times. I have now gotten to the point that I will only watch it until the point where they use the word the very first time then I switch the channel (usually only takes less than 3 minutes). Come on guys... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!
  • Help me find the missing

    I really want to go back & watch CMinds from S1,E1. So much has happened over the years - I'd love to have a 'refresher briefing'; not everyone has Spencer's photographic memory, and/or his ability to recall exactly what happened! I belong to both Netflix (streaming) and Hulu+ - but sadly, CMinds isn't available on either of them. I'm on an iPad, so even if I could find the show online somewhere, chances are pretty good that it wouldn't be compatable anyway! ::sigh::

    Where is Penelope when I need her?!

    Maybe somebody in the crowd out there, reading this, will come forward. Someone HAD to have seen something, somewhere that could help me! It's just a matter of finding them, & getting them to tell me where they saw it.

    If anyone can help, please come forward with your information!

    (Ok, that was cheesy, I admit it!).

    But I *would* appreciate it very much if someone would help me out. And I also agree that Jeanne Triplehorn is NOT a good 'fit' in our BAU. I find her acting, at least in this show, to be very apathetic. She comes off very dark. I know the show doesn't have too many light-hearted moments, but most of the team still manage to be able to smile & tease sometimes! Come on - I don't know it's the personality of her character, or just her personal character, but she just doesn't fit into our family of Crime Stoppers. Spencer may be introverted & have a hard time dealing with the emotions that come with life, basically; but with his sweet personality & little quirks, even he fits in! (He's one of my fav characters!) But Alex/Jeanne doesn't - on any level. PLEASE bring Emily Prentiss back!

    I still give the show a 7 rating, simply because even with the irritation of Alex' lack of character, CMinds is still better than most of the shows on now ... (I'm hoping to show my 7 rating, anyway - the rating bar won't stay put!
  • Please get rid of that stupid woman

    Jeanne Tripplehorn (Alex Blake) is a terrible actress in this show. She has the worst/most useless lines or she doesn't know how to deliver them. Actually no, if you gave her lines to Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss), Paget/Emily would still make something good out of it, she's that wonderful. And while everyone in the team might have proven themselves to the viewrs at some point in time during the series, Jeanne Tripplehorn/Alex Blake is just a seemingly confident woman with absolutely nothing to show for it. Please get rid of her. I don't know what she's there for. She's just such a waste of everyone's time including her own. Please step down from the role, Jeanne Tripplehorn. Stop trying to look smart you just look stupid.
  • this show is on a downward spiral

    I've watched this show for years, but this in with out a doubt the worst season ever. The writing and scripts are just so flat and predictable. When you compare this with some new series on TV . person of interest, bates motel, good wife), this show is just terrible now. It seems like it's dying and this would be the last season. While most of the original characters are still intact, they are left with boring writing and no excitement. Did they change the entire writing staff on this show? If so, they'll be looking for jobs soon too.

  • I miss Emily Prentiss

    Cast got worse - Emily Prentiss shoud "ressurect" as they did for JJ.

    I keep watching it on behalf of Rossi and Reid's characters. I really don't like Blake's character, it just doesn't fit. Seems end is near.
  • Criminal Minds Renew-- ASAP-- Please

    CBS You guys need to get with it! In my opinion Criminal Minds is a great show and the only reason I even watch CBS still. Not sure why the wait on their renewing but I hope it all comes together soon.. This show hasn't disappointed me, the cast is amazing and the show is even more amazing! I love each and everyone of them!!!!!
  • Standards Were High and So Were Our Expectations

    Early on CM set high standards, excellent cast, brilliant writers who understood their craft, directors and producers who kept a consistently intelligent plot the core of each show- Alas, it's all coming undone- even with the same great cast. Characters are "weirding out", Hotching fading instead of showing his champion leadership, Garcia-being unfriendly (ie with Blake) and looking often like she's doing most of the case solving, Morgan becoming an arrogant ass,(heroing to the exclusion of everyone) relationships cracking (Morgan/Hotch, Morgan/Garcia) although there still seems to be some consistency in Reid's, Rossi's and now Blakes roles. And geez all that horrid can't make up for poor plots. (CBS lists so many writers, but how about a few that really do justice to the job, and what's with all this self promotion of writers (blogging fans). Things are looking desperate at best. Woe are you faithful fans who've given years of watching only to be let down in the end. Well thank you all for the good years. You were indeed, a really good night of entertainment. A once 9 now becomes a 6 in my opinion.
  • Great Show

    Love this show! Morgan and Penelope have such good chemistry as do all the others as well but these two are an item :)
  • A little more in MIND

    I wish there were more new episodes and more character interaction. The subject matter is dark. It is the characters that bring the light into the show and keep me coming back for more every week.
  • Is it true?

    Is Emily Prentiss coming back on episode 20 of this season? I do hope so, she shouldn't have left in the first place.
  • Love the show, Loathe the episode

    Please don't get me wrong I love this show. have followed 1 actor from days on The Young & the Restless, laughed with characters, cried with others, and can't miss an episode!

    I think every Canadian is aware the writers of this show have taken a real life horrific event in the history of Canada .ie: the worst, vilest mass murderer and created 2 hrs of entertainment ( I really question this)

    with anger right now as I watch the episode's "And Back" (2 pts) 2009. Some of the events have been changed but the one that you cannot dismiss is the Pig Farm!

    I very least the creators of this show could've done is include at the end an "In Memory Of" to the victims of this event. What would be better is to hear somewhere, everyone involved with this show, donated $'s to the organizations trying to protect women of the streets!!!!! This is the very least that should be done!!!! There is no mention For Shame!

    You made money from murdered victims to create this 'story'. give back . acknowledge the sacrifice that was given to bring about your story.
  • Awesome Show

    There are so many dramas on TV, but this show is special, because the creator of the show aims to analyze the criminal by profiling the but being a TV show, they profile the perp almost exactly and then they have Kirsten Vangsgness find information by upscale computers. Perfect casting and stories. This show demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T........................... SCORE 10
  • Utterly mesmerizing!

    Astounding cast with intelligence, grit, character, and the human touch! I am in nursing school & DVR this show every week. When there's a week of no new not happy. Love the story lines, guessing who the unsub is, and love it when the show makes me cry at the end. It takes some pretty kick ass writing to have a show that's based on FBI agents tracking down serial killers to make me cry. The reason is: a superb cast that you get to know & love. Disagree with post below - I like Blake. She's a little odd, but highly intelligent. She's a lot like Reid but without the crazy unmeant humor he brings to the show. Love Reid. The only cast member I disliked was a fan. I do miss Prentiss! Please keep it up! BEST SHOW on TV hands down in my eyes!
  • Genius

    My favorite show, highly intelligent, perfect casting, right balance between episode story and main characters.
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