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  • Over thinking it

    This show was great when it stuck basically to it's title getting into the criminal mind to solve cases. Don't these dumb ass writers and so call creative people realize people have DVR. There is Netflix and other format they can use including CBS all access online service to go with the 9 episode storyline crap. The reason no one watches soaps anymore is because they realized it was crap tv. I just watched the latest crap by fast forwarding it and viewing it in 8 mins. If the producers are trying to follow an NCIS format they missed the main reason it still works GIBBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Hotch and Morgan no show. Oh and Mr Scratch please long term fan remember this retread he was known as The Reaper or was it the Replicator. When you fired Gibson that was the death nail. Just quit trying to reinvent the show and cancel on a good note or fire your writers, producers and anyone else who thought this season was a good idea.
  • Sooo disappointed

    I have watched this show from the beginning and while I appreciate actors desire to move cannot throw Damon G into this is monotone at best and not the right role at all for him and I haven't seen Aisha improve even a little. Paget was great before but not good as the boss. I'm sad to say I won't be watching the show anymore...
  • Unwatchable this season

    Whoever is responsible for the grossly bad casting with actors who cannot act and the newly horrible writing needs to be fired. In less than 1/2 a season this went from one of the best shows on television to unwatchable. The new actors and the writing are so bad this season, that it makes the core group - who we know actually can act, and have always enjoyed watching - look like they are struggling through an elementary school play. Watch the reruns prior to this season, when the show was actually good. Don't waste your time with this season, and if they don't get rid of the bad actors and the person responsible for the bad actors and the bad writing, they won't be around for much longer.

    I am wondering if you fired the original writers as well as Thomas Gibson. The dialog actually started changing before he left. It is terrible. The show is terrible. You may be trying to attract the millennials with brainless meaningless chatter and they are constantly snivelling and nursing their feelings, but you are losing a much broader audience that likes insight, facts and action. Meaning, fire the writer, hire back the amazing actors, or you are done. The last show ended with Emily telling Spencer how courageous he was for asking for help. The actor, even looked confused. he did not ask for help' he shared, ugh, where he was with mommy.

    Thomas should have done more than put his foot out. DID that writer get his wittle feelings hurt!!! SERIOULY.
  • there shouldn't be a lady boss!

    if "rossi" gone, i stop watching this. actually i am not disappointed when they rid "hotch" since he is sometime hardhead, but they suppose to rid "prentiss" forever and bring back "morgan". even though that i am a lady, but i don't like lady boss at all.
  • Format and cast dynamics not working

    Season is sooooo disappointing. No team talks this way, conversations are stilted, each delivers one line and then onto the next when they're one the phone, in the car, stupid format. Too much time spent on the personal lives of the team, this season is just not working. Hard to watch.
  • Criminal Changes

    My favorite show since it began! Now? Unwatchable! Aisha Tyler is talentless. The chemistry is gone. They're trying to save it by bringing Prentiss back, but it's the wrong role for her! I really miss Criminal Minds but this show is no longer it!
  • Downhill

    I really missed Morgan and Hotch.... The dynamic of the show is lost. Reid is hardly there anymore. Rossi should be the team leader... BRING the cast 12 is disappointment for me. More like it sucks....
  • My DVR knew

    It's ironic. Right after Thomas Gibson was fired my DVR stoped recording CM... I swear it knew something was wrong n that I would not be watching the show any longer. I have watched every episode and reruns on the ION station. I considered myself a criminal minds junkie, but no more.

    Hotch was amazing and to fire him was just horrifying.

    The new cast is bad, just flat out bad. That chick from The Talk as no right being on a drama. Season 11 episodes with her were so hard to watch, I cringed every time I saw her.

    I tried to watch a couple of shows this year but just couldn't. No Hotch. All three new people don't fit in. I don't know what they are doing with Garcia but she sounds like an idiot and even Emily's character changed from years ago.

    If u look at the history. They just love to fire their actors. It should have been Virgil who went bye bye, aren't writers a dime a dozen out there. The writing is bad to begin with this year. Bring back Hotch and let Virgil go to the unemployment office.

    I DO NOT care for the new characters! This was my favorite drama until recent changes in personnel!! The team just does NOT mesh anymore. The characters get lost now in a disjointed group! The Rossi character should be in charge of the team! He's a STRONG character and he's getting lost now in the team! The Prentiss character should NOT be in a leadership role. The entire show isn't the same anymore and I don't care to watch. A smaller team of FAMILIAR actors would work better than actors who just don't fit. I really miss my favorite show!! Bring it back with just the ORIGINAL characters.
  • We have been profiled

    The studio has taken heed from the negative reviews, so have delayed the release of the next episode, this is psychological profiling. The premises is, keep food away from an animal will make it hunger and enjoy the food when it finally gets it. Basic but apparently works, and now you know why studios deliberately delays episodes.
  • This show has gone downhill

    I mainly loved this show because it Had some good moments into the personal lives of the characters. I liked Morgan and Garcias relationship, JJ background, how strong hotch was and his drama with his family, and I liked how wise Rossi was and I liked prentiss and especially Reid!All the original characters were amazing and went so well together! But then the characters started being replaced!! First Gideon, then the girls and then they brought in that stupid Aisha Tyler!!! I could barely watch the episodes with her! I'm only on season 11, and I've heard that Morgan is going to leave then Hotch. NO!!!! They are the original main characters! They can't be replaced, if they are it's a completely different show. It was so great in the beginning. And also the show seems predictable. Each episode is the same, in the end there's a victim you learn more about and the agents get there just in time to save them. No one but the agents ever save them and it's rare that the victims don't die in the end!! The criminal stories were ok, some were great and some weren't----but they can't be perfect all the time. Just wish the cast stayed the same. I don't think I'll watch once Morgan and Hotch are gone. I'm watching the rest of the current seasons to learn what happens to them and then I think I'm done!
  • Season 12 Sucks!!!

    I can not stand this show any longer and have been a fan since season 1, Does anyone else think all the charters have had a lobotomy why does Penelope seem so stupid, Reid barely has a role

    The addition of Adam Rodriguez is terrible, he seems to be the entire show and it is not good, 'He is not able to fill Derek's role n matter home much the producers are trying to push it.

    This needs to be removed from the DVR list, can not see it continuing,
  • YOU ARE FIRED!!!!!

    I have loved your show from the beginning but I am over it!!!! I get that actor want to spread their wings and do other things but you had such a winning combination. Don't get me wrong I love all your replacements but just not on this show. Well you did have a long run I'm thinking you are about to be done. Hate to see you go but we fans love who we love. As for the writer you should have wrote yourself some tolerance because I am sure there was an apology flying around after the incident. and they say actors and actresses are hard to work with. I am sure in your travels you have worked with someone you just could not stand were they fired? I hope you know what you are doing because the Fox channel is looking good!!!
  • Losing interest

    I still love the remaining characters (with the exception of the new guy) but since Morgan and now Hotch is gone, I'm losing interest. Some of the episodes have still be good but it's just lacking what drew me to the show to start with. This saddens me because the show has always kept me coming back for more. I loved how the characters just worked to well together. How Morgan and Garcia played off each other and so on. I don't see the show being renewed again unless they bring Hotch back.
  • No Longer a Fan

    I have been watching Criminal Minds since Season 1. They have lost me. Without Morgan and Hitch the show has no appeal. I am not sure if I will finish the season.
  • Winona episode

    Shame on you in am a huge fan of criminal minds but tonight was extremely disappointed when I found out that there was not one iota of my hometown of winona portrayed correctly in the whole episode do a little background research next time again SHAME on you
  • Life is the way you make it.....

    Man, I started it by accident and now its like a stress reliever for me. It has everything, ryt from criminal psychology to how people working in force live their small moments. I love this series a lot now.... Suggest everyone to watch this.... Its AMA-Zing
  • Downfall Of A Once Great Show

    This show was once my favorite on television. It's ruin began when the writers got rid of JJ and Emily. Their excuse because they couldn't come up with storylines for them. Although, they managed to come up with some good ones for their exits. They got rid of Erin Strauss whose character I hated in the beginning, but was starting to like because they 'humanized' her and we began to see that she had weaknesses like everyone else. I think they could have done more with her character. Now, we've lost Morgan and Hotch. CBS needs to work something out between the actors and writers so they can express themselves without resorting to physical confrontations. It seems to me, and this based only on what I've read, that the writers of this show don't really care what the actors think. If they want it in the script then it stays in the script. If they 'can't write a storyline for a character', out that character goes. I agree, that no one should be allowed to get physical, but I read Thomas Gibson was 'punished for this'. No matter who was right or who was wrong, this show needs all of its characters back. They are what made it good and getting rid of any of them weakens the show. Proof of that is the low ratings it suffered when JJ and Emily were written off. Right now, it's a show I no longer care to watch. How sad to watch the demise of what was once a great show.
  • criminal minds

    Without Thomas Gibson on the show I will not watch it. He made the show. Just because you got pushed??? Be a man and brush it off, don't ruin the show by removing the person who made the show. I use to love the show, but not now.
  • No Thomas

    It is probably the right move to fire someone when they are violent but i miss Hotch. He is out and they removed him from the leader so quickly it is like he never was a part of this awesome show. But maybe ( i really like the show) they should just cancel the whole thing now that Hotch is gone. It has been 12 seasons so just end it and be done with it. It is gonna happen anyway now that a lot of people probably will stop watching this show now.
  • Thomas Gibson is the heart of the show

    Without Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) there is no Criminal Minds. The show is good but He made the show great. Will not watch.
  • Fist episode of season 12...

    It was wonderful to see Mr Thomas. I hope they will re-think the firing of is "the key" to this group. He is what makes this show to wonderful to watch. Happy "Emily" is coming back, but remember all, a few years ago that they stated PAGET WILL NO LONGER BE BACK? Lost Morgan, you lose Hotch, you lose alot of this is how they are going to roll, I hope the show is cancelled. Just be done with it. Seriously, Nick from CSI Miami? Getting pretty desperate. Tried watching the first episode, knowing "Hotch" was going to be gone, and fell that's how much I love it knowing what's coming up. Mike and Molly, here I come lol. WTG whoever decided this crap. Hope you NEVER work in the industry again.

    -Watcher from day one with they are actually editing my . Leaving out things I put in. WELL DONE

  • Smurf

    Without "Thomas Gibson" I will NO longer be watching Criminal Minds
  • Stylist PLEASE!

    Can we get a someone who knows how do do ethnic (BLACK) hair. Must it be so obvious that Dr. Tara Lewis is sporting a wig. I'm like DAMN!!! I can't pay attention to anything else but her hair when she's on screen.

    not even on the Cast roster.

    Good luck, lady.
  • Great Series, 'clueless on JJ's partner

    Love the series, love the intelligence, quotes, and the up-to-date neuroscience and 'diagnoses of mental illness this series profiles.

    Don't get how the intelligent JJ pairs up with 'guy 'who never opens his eye-lids and slurs his words; she's intelligent; but how did the writers pair her up with this sleeze???? 'half opened eyes and slurring of 'southern 'words 'is not sexy.

    I love this show soooo much i watch this all the time. best show ever
  • DO IT NOW!

    Just finished season 11 season finale and it was brilliant, as was the whole season. Time to stop procrastinating and renew this awesome show!

    This is the greatest show ever please keep renewing it!! Cant stop watching and want to be in the FBI now because of it!

    I'm a huge fan of this show and I wanted a place where people could talk about it. so I have a website

    There is a section called the forum! - would love you all to come and chat!
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