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  • Smurf

    Without "Thomas Gibson" I will NO longer be watching Criminal Minds
  • Stylist PLEASE!

    Can we get a someone who knows how do do ethnic (BLACK) hair. Must it be so obvious that Dr. Tara Lewis is sporting a wig. I'm like DAMN!!! I can't pay attention to anything else but her hair when she's on screen.

    not even on the Cast roster.

    Good luck, lady.
  • Great Series, 'clueless on JJ's partner

    Love the series, love the intelligence, quotes, and the up-to-date neuroscience and 'diagnoses of mental illness this series profiles.

    Don't get how the intelligent JJ pairs up with 'guy 'who never opens his eye-lids and slurs his words; she's intelligent; but how did the writers pair her up with this sleeze???? 'half opened eyes and slurring of 'southern 'words 'is not sexy.

    I love this show soooo much i watch this all the time. best show ever
  • DO IT NOW!

    Just finished season 11 season finale and it was brilliant, as was the whole season. Time to stop procrastinating and renew this awesome show!

    This is the greatest show ever please keep renewing it!! Cant stop watching and want to be in the FBI now because of it!

    I'm a huge fan of this show and I wanted a place where people could talk about it. so I have a website

    There is a section called the forum! - would love you all to come and chat!
  • end theme

    I heard part of a song at the end and would love to know the title and the group. I was great seeing Pagett again.


    I LOVE this is pretty much all I watch, great acting, excellent scripts, mind boggling, edge of your chair kind of stuff. The team works so well together. The only thing I hate are the changes CBS makes with the team. . and Prentiss worked great with the others. They were all tuned in. The lady that replaced Jennifer Love I miss . and Prentiss so much. I still watch the show but went down a few notches with the change in crew. I love all the team (cept' the new so) JJ cracks me up. I LOVE Penelope. (I agree with one review messing with the cast).
  • Great Hair Thinks Alike

    I wish I could post pictures so I could share this visually, but has anyone else noticed that Kate and Spencer had once both shared the same hair cut? Coincidence? I think not! I cannot put the address either on this review (which sucks), but try searching "A murder of muses: Dr. Spencer Reid" for Spencer, then "Kate Callahan fan forum .com" for Kate.
  • 11 seasons and still awesome!

    I still love this show. After 10 years, I still LOVE it. There were some downs like the whole JLH season, and losing Gideon and Brewster. But we got Rossi, I LOVE him. I'm not that much fond of Tara, but she is not bad.

    I used to love JJ. I don't anymore! She is a different person since she gave birth to her first child. In my opinion we see to much of the actres, not the JJ from the first 2 seasons.

    Hotch is great, a real boss. The chemistry between Morgan and Garcia is still there, also between Garcia and Rossi, something new and fresh, different. Dr. Reid is the real candy of the show.
  • So glad to hear JLH is gone

    I really like CM, but the addition of Jennifer Love Hewitt, for me, wasn't a good decision. I don't know whose idea it was to have her wear nude lipstick (or none at all) and put dark circles of shadow all the way around her eyes. She looks like a corpse, or vampire, or zombie. Every time she is on the screen all I can think is, "Why?" She's a very pretty lady, but geez! I'm glad she's no longer on the show because she really looked bad.
  • ugh stop screwing with the cast

    Please never ever let Jennifer Love Hewitt back on the set of Criminal Minds. Worst season ever with her in it. It was painful to watch her flit around on the screen. She looked clueless and no chemistry with the rest of the cast. The show will never be the same until Paget comes back for good.
  • Loathe Aisha Taylor character

    No chemistry at all . Mr. Scratch on season 10 one of the best in a while. Ugh this Dr. Tara is awful. Aisha Taylor has been over rated for ages. More on Dr. Reid
  • Criminal Minds

    The writing on this show is still fresh & crisp. The cast still relevant & engaging. But Aisha Tyler was a misstep. She simply does not fit in on this show.
  • Matthew Gray Gubler/Spencer Reid

    Spencer Reid in "Entropy" is the best Criminal Minds ever. Matthew Gray Gubler was outstanding! Please feature him in more stories. As much as I like all the Criminal Minds characters (and I've been watching from the beginning) Spencer Reid remains my favorite. Still miss Emily but I do like her latest replacement very much.

    I would like to add something about Aisha Tyler. When she was first brought on the show, her character displayed a special talent for discerning ways of speech and duplicating them. That talent has never been used again. By not including this special talent, you are missing out on "sparkling up" Aisha. Just a thought.
  • Criminal Minds

    You should totally watch this show it is so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • criminal minds

    I love watching criminal minds I watch every time the show comes on I love all the cast please don't let anyone leave the show.
  • Matthew Gray Gubler?

    And where is Dr. Spencer , maybe i miss something i hope he is returning!
  • Criminal Minds

    I love the show and the story lines. Serious actors with serious stories. I just have one Lewis' . I know you want to downplay the "looks" category but, we must do something about that wig. I know we can do better. Couldn't we have used her hair & put it in a bun, ponytail or something?? Let's work on that. Other than that 2 thumbs up!
  • PLEASE cut JJ's HAIR!!!!! and FIRE the cast hairstylist!

    The entire female cast on Criminal Minds needs a hair makeover.... The stylist on this show SHOULD be fired. JJ.... PLEASE cut that high school cheerleader hair. You are suppose to be a professional FBI agent... Not a want-a-b prom queen. Garcia, Your hair has gone from ugly long red to a nice light shorter blonde to an uneven color stringy long mess. Reminds me of Abbie on CSI,,, at lease Abbie in real life shave her head bald and looked GREAT, when younger. And that wig,,,,,,, OMW.... could they have chosen a worse wig for our newest agent to wear? I've done cuts and color for over 30 years, and from the guest police to the 1st line cast the styles are AWFUL!
  • No Reid No Watch

    And thank you CBS for making it clear that you do hate Matthew Gray Gubler and Thomas Gibson by posting "thanks to the cast" video w/o MGG or TG.

    Many younger viwers have already decided to quit watching after ep8, but you need to confirm them to stop watching.

    Congrats. You succeed.

    Wait and see your demo and ratings tank as if they hadn't tanked yet.
  • Criminal minds reboot

    Criminal minds is terrible so far this season. And what's going on with Aisha Tyler? Who thought, "lets get Tyler she'd be great," Tyler is the worst possible choice, she looks completely out of place. No chemistry not to mention that she's bigger than all the other actors on the show. Maybe six feet tall with the biggest head and worst hair I've ever seen on a woman works somewhere but not here. Please let her stay be brief and let the writers wake up before the show dies a slow death. CM deserves a better fate. I have given up on this season of CM. Tyler's presence is too distracting, brings the show quality down. Camera shouldn't do closeups of her gigantic head.
  • Aisha Tyler

    Gotta go, nothing personal, love her but comedy or a lighter genre is her forte, she's terrible bringing show down, just a show that requires a perfect casting gonna be tough!
  • Anyone notice?

    How many actors/actresses coincide with and modern family??? Oh and everyone shut the hell up about Aisha Tyler. She feels out of place. Watch her hands... She doesn't feel at home. Yes I miss Blake and Prentiss, and Elle always sucked. But give her a chance. Also, bring back Jennifer Love Hewitt pss. Also, wouldn't it be cool to bring Elle back as an unsub!?? Ohhh and bring Lila back for Reid since he lost Maive
  • Fake British Accents

    I love Criminal Minds, but this episode was one of the worst I've ever seen. Rossi's daughter was a joke. She and the other two bad one's with the Fake British Accents. Two thumbs down. And yes Aisha does not fit in.
  • Criminal minds

    I like the show and Aisha Tyler but not together. Her hair is horrible and what makes it worse is that it's a wig it doesn't have to look like that. I can't look at it. It's like perpetual bed head. Brush it for goodness sakes. They just keep casting bad people in roles. Jennifer love Hewitt was terrible for the show also. Just leave the show alone
  • This is serious!

    I have literally stopped watching the show. It took me a while to get over Emily leaving. Then I started to get attached to Blake then she leaves. The show is really declining. Please bring back at least one orginal from the past.
  • Hate the Short Haired Tyler on CM - Bad Choice

    Please do not sign Aisha Tyler for Season 12. She is terrible and I agree with the bad hair day.

    The big problem is that Tyler is a host on "The Talk". Most of the other actors on CM have had to visit TT to promote the show, so when Tyler is in a scene with the other actors, it just feels fake and weird. CM is losing credibility with Tyler on the show. I don't believe her in the role and the others look like they are "Acting"

    Get someone new, it doesn't have to be Big Name, just someone who can act.
  • The Night Watch

    Season 11 of Criminal Minds is AWFUL! If this is all the writers can do, put the show out of its misery and let it die. The storylines have all been horrible, this season. I think Aisha is okay, in her role, but that wig is terrible. I'm looking forward to seeing JJ back, otherwise, this show is completely screwed! This is why CBS should have kept Stalker!!!
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