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  • Please hewitt lose some weight and dissapear forever! Stop ruining talented people's hard work

    Loved the show, Love Garcia, JJ and the rest of the cast.

    Now seeing jennifer hewitt makes me feel sick and she can't be taken seriously with her past performances.

    Absolutely hate jennifer hewitt terrible actress and person, only thing she adds is as set of fake tatas and arrogance and that's it. Anyone would be a better pick all I can say is jennifer needs to die

    She's also fat

    carrroll -- omg, are you JLH?

    Tired of watching JLH in every scene. I hate her even more because she's the focus of the show;Would like to see more of JJ,Hotch Reid Rossi and Garcia characters, And i miss Morgan and garcia flirting. Garcia needs to go out more often with the rest of the team. Love the humor she brings to the show. And if somebody want to watch a more proffesional behavior they should watch documentaries shows. Never tired of JJ Hotch Garcia Rossi and Reid,. Wish i can see a little be more JJ.

    I find it so disgusting how they're treating AJ and the rest of the cast.

    JLH has 20 mins screen time/ ep while AJ has less than 2 mins screen time /ep. How is this fair?
  • More team please

    Tired of watching JJ in almost every scene. I Like her character when was part of the team not the focus of the show;Would like to see more of Hotch reid rossi and Garcia characters, And i miss Morgan and garcia flirting. Garcia needs to go out more often with the rest of the team , she has her Pc and there is always cameras and other pcs to check to ... and internet is very important nowdays. Love the humor she brings to the show. And if somebody want to watch a more proffesional behavior they should watch documentaries shows. Never tired of Hotch Garcia Rossi and Reid,. Wish i can see a little be more Garcia
  • private jet

    If the team has their "own private jet" why is it that the numbers on the side always change?
  • Boring and Predictable

    If its not bad writing/bad acting its the terrible special effects. There are plenty of other shows out there that do what Criminal minds fails to do. My advice, watch Law and Order SVU or really anything else similar.
  • A little disturbing sometimes, but interesting nonetheless

    I get a little freaked out on some episodes, and squirmy on others, but I have to give them credit, they are interesting.
  • Why do "love"hewitt fans need to promote her 24/7 and bring others down?

    JLH and her fans are monsters UrielMendes's comment is the proof to that. He/She wrote at least 30 "reviews" with different names about how amazing jlh is and how she needs even more screen time (while she gets more screen time than anyone else) and this moron is promoting jlh while bashing Shemar Moore and AJ... eueu put the same comment on this site 10000 times. These 2 JLH fans are bullying everyone who thinks that JLH ruined this wonderful show. Sick people......

    AJ is having a baby and she still gets treated like sh* by CM fans but mostly she's bullied by the fans of JLH. They're sick bullies. It's heartbreaking what AJ have to endure - JLH fans are sending death threats to her and her unborn baby. To AJ the baby is a miracle, she's not birthing kids 24/7 like JLH. Actually i think JLH and her sick fans have no idea what does this baby means to AJ. It's shocking to see how they're treating her. JLH HIT AJ's belly... i don't know if she did it accidentally or not but she did it and she should get fired because of this. She went way too far with this. She's the worst kind of monster ever.

    It's depressing thinking about it but i kinda hope that next season is the last for CM so AJ doesn't have to endure the hatred she gets from JLH fans. It's unfair and so very sad :(
  • Shemar Moore

    Shemar Moore. That's all I have to day.... Oh, and the crime scene stuff, that's cool too.
  • Why did they ruin a great show.

    When I first stated watching criminal minds the show was dark and you could never see the killers face till the end when they caught him. Then as the years went on they started making it like law and order. Bright scens more talking and you got to see the killers face right in the begin.. Now they added Jennifer love Hewitt, witch makes the show dumb she does nothing for the show. I bet she was just broke and need to do something. Also in the 2nd or third new episode in this year's season she got pregnant wtf who cares and who cares if her first daughter is upset about that. And I didn't even know Jennifer love Hewitt had a man to begin with. This just makes me not want to watch the show any more I hope they change everything back to the way it was.
  • Why, Why, Why Ruin A Good Show

    jlh has added nothing to Criminal were the powers that be thinking? They could have just left Tripplehorn's spot vacant. Now jlh is But maybe they are planning to write her out of the show which would make MANY people sayin'
  • Is this site only for talking about TV shows?

    Can I not actually watch any older shows here? If so, how?

    Thanks for any reply and for any info.
  • Really? Just respect please.

    akathleenkellyy, you are posting the same comment always too and bullying me and after that you are saying that I am doing this. I think you don't read my comment at all. I have no words anymore. I just said my opinion, I have never bullyied anyone. I don't have time for this ridiculous argument.

    My old post: First of all, this is ridiculous to blame 1 person for all bad comments. I love all Criminal Minds' actors and actresses! I am so happy for AJ's & JLH's pregnancy. I never told any bad thing about them. All cast member are awsome. But first look at all fans wrote terrible comments about JLH. So akathleenkellyy, you are only looking this on your side. I just would like to see all fans would respect to every amazing people who is working so hard to put this perfect show. That's all. I am a JLH fan and if you read all comments, you can see I don't blame anyone for anything and I don't insult to anybody. But the words '' sick people '' brings you the same words that you said to JLH fans because of the same reason. Everyone has to respect to everyone. And please somebody tell me when JLH hit AJ's belly? This is so crazy ridiculous! I never saw any threats to her. I see all biggest JLH fan pages & sites sharing all great news about other cast members with positively and supports them. If you don't know that, check out and tell your opinion then. All cast members are already friends now. They are working together. But all negative comments from fans are making them sad. Like Piaffe28 said, what is the need for some of you to write with such hatred?

    I never bullyed any cast member or a fan! akathleenkellyylove, you are saying that JLH fans are bullying you but you are bullying and insulting all JLH fans. I love CM and I love all cast! I hope that every fan of CM especially who doesn't like JLH can see how she is amazing, and they can respect to everyone. I never saw a JLH fan insult and wrote comment with hatred to any cast member of CM especially to AJ. Everyone has to search all news about what or who they are have problem with. It' not only for people who doesn't like JLH, it also for JLH fans like I am. I am so happy for all cast members of CM are friends and I am also so happy for AJ and JLH are pregnant for their 2nd child at the same time. This is so cute.

    I think people who writes terrible things about JLH out of their minds and they are so rude. I can't believe these disgusting comments about Jennifer Love Hewitt. She is such a amazing person. She is a good actress and very talented. She is singer, actress, director, producer. At least just respect her career and experience. She is in this bussiness for a very long time. Besides it is not easy to join to a serie that aires for 10 season! Everyone know each other. If you never watch her just watch a movie or show of her. She is so nice person to everyone. The show is wonderful nothing has changed. She is really great fit in this character. Just don't blame her and don't be disappointed. If the producers of Criminal Minds didn't love or believe her, they wouldn't ask her if she want to be in the show. So just trust her for a second and watch the show. You'll see it. You don't have to love her but at least try to understand her and respect her. As a fan of JLH, I really loved her in this character, she is doing her best.

    a dick of Shemar Moom?

    Why does it always post ONLY Shemar Moore's pics on their official accounts?

    Yes. the pics of Reid, AJ and Hotch are posted too, but their pics are never titled with the names of their actors or with like the comment,"HOT". WHY "happy vday" or "Merry Christmas" greetings from its accounts ONLY had ugly Shemar Moom's pics?????

    I've NEVER thought he is hot or even interesting. He is just disgusting for me. If ab is so important for you, just go to the nearest gym, take a pic of six pack and draw a face on the pic. IT WORKS. I mean what's the difference?

    And some idiot said there was hatred toward Garcia. WHAT? WHERE? I couldn't find it any on here. Don't misunderstand me. I LOVE GARCIA. JUST I NEVER LIKE MORCIA. EW. Garcia is too important to be needed just as a sidedish of amazing Morgan. Thank you Shamer fans. NO ONE HATE GARCIA or said bad things about her. You were just too concentrated on Morgan and Morcia, which enabled you to see nil hatred toward Garcia. FUCK YOU BITCH! GARCIA ISN'T JUST a SIDEDISH of Shemar!! Remember. There are tons of girls who don't want to be called "baby girl" by Morgan!

    This is why I NEVER LIKE Shemar Moom and his fans. ALWAYS SELF-CENTRIC. And JUST ONCE other casts, ESPECIALLY Gubler, are spotlit on or praised as hot, they never fail to complain about it. YEAH, YOUR BLIND EYES CAN'T SEE THOUSANDS of ONLY PRAISING Shemar or Morgan PICS. Yea, Morgan and Shemar are the most popular among Criminal Minds. WAIT. I DON'T THINK SO.

    Please CBS. If you think Shemar Moom is only a celeb you should care about, FIRE OTHER MALE CASTS, KIRSTEN and JLH. I always think MGG is most underrated one, which is not only owing to that he is playing a nerdy character but also owing to Shemar Moom's fans, including CBS, never fail to bitchy about or dare to ignore him.

    I'm sorry for JLH. Yes, her character is a little bit annoying, but it's a writers' fault. Has she ever acted like one big diva on the set? No. Actually it's Shemar Moom who is always late on the set and keeps others waiting for him!!! But you say nothing about it, hun.

    Now. WHO IS SELF CENTRIC and FULL of HATRED? Don't ever describe the people who hate the real unfairness and fight back toward it as hateful people, idiots! They are just FURIOUS with the unfairness, and real hateful people. It's you, some of Shemar fans and haters of JLH who can't allow other casts to be focused just "sometimes"! Spotlights for Shemar Moom are like 10000000000, then for AJ 5000000000. And Sometimes MGG, then TG. JLH? ALMOST ZERO. "Hateful people" means you who are full of jealous and always criticizing other casts, hidden by the hypocritical comments such as "hatred toward Garcia". ASSHOLE. There is ALMOST NONE of it! Well, gorilla was offending, but just one comment. If you pick on one hatred, then the hatred comment about JJ's and Reid's hair was offending too. Well, I wasn't offended -hair? whatever!- but if you want to talk about "hatred toward Garcia", why didn't you say "hatred toward Reid" too? The hair thing wasn't criticizing?

    "Hidden ugly honest feelings under hypocritical masks" This is how I always feel toward Criminal Minds' fans. It's OK to fight among fans! If there is a specific bully to JLH, then fight back! That's what you are doing right now and awesome. THEN WHY NOT for MGG, KV and TG? WHY it's not OK that some or many fans are really ANNOYED with the fact that CBS always focus on Shemar and recently on AJ? And say it?? Why is every CM fan just silent about the real unfairness?

    You can say,"I'm a CM fan" even when all you talk about is Shemar Moom and Morcia, but you can't say it when all you talk about is MGG?? You really think this is a normal situation??

    When the official account posts MGG's pic, soon you say, "post AJ!" or "post TG" etc, but NEVER reply it to Shemar's pics? TONS of Shemar's pics? DO YOU REALLY THINK THIS IS NORMAL???

    In my opinion, that's why Criminal Minds have and will have never won even fans' voting awards. Those awards are rigged even at the nomination stage -if they aren't, nomiees have to be all written in-, but Criminal Minds isn't even close to win when CBS do buy some votes for CM and Shemar. Castle>the Mentalist>Bones>>>CM I'm sorry for the Mentalist. If the schedule had been changing so frequently as TM, Criminal Minds would have been canceled. So don't be proud of "CM is a long lasting show". Long lasting for nothing.

    Anyway. I think fighting with honest feelings is great. B/C it's the only way to expose CBS's or media's lies. It's the only way to let brainwashed sheep to be free from being brainwashed. MGG and KV fans should shout out louder. Especially MGG fans. It's ok that you like MGG and Shemar. I do think so. But just DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES to the fact that MORE than HALF of Morgan fans think MGG isn't hot at all and Reid is only popular for the character which is owing to writers. And remember the fact that MGG was a top model and actually the number of MGG's fans is bigger than that of Reid's fans LATELY. Still you avoid fighting with Reid's fans or CM fans and be silent?Allowing Shemar fans to describe him,"faved only for his character"?? Please. Lies never fail to be exposed under the white light in the end. But when they are exposed, it's often too late to recover the loss. About CM, the loss of viewerships.

    If you, guys think I'm just a hater, it's fine. I don't care. Whatever you say, I know the ratings of Criminal Minds keep dropping and even if CBS, meaning Shemar fan is so fussed about only Shemar and doing its best to ignore others, he will never ever be able to join the movies that have possibilities to be nominated for oscar or golden globe. He is talentless as an actor. Sorry, but the truth, isn't it? All he can do is showing off muscle. What's the difference from Morgan to Shemar himself?? Other casts are somehow different from their characters. MGG is nerdy but acutally quite cheerful, TG is cheerful and funny too. KV isn't so nerdy. JLH is way sweeter. Joe is acually funny. And Moom? WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

    And if I was a girl admiring six packs, I would rather like to chase after Channing's ass. He isn't a gay, so different from Shemar. OK, then I would chase after Matt Bomer's fine ass.

    So. I'm fine if CBS keeps on praising ONLY Shemar and if you think I'm just a hater. Just please don't come out from where you are. It's pretty annoying when I'm searching for some comments about other shows, then the praising comments for Criminal Minds come up. Or when I'm just watching Ellen as usual, then disgusting muscle comes up. Please. Stay there. Don't come out until your fandom becomes normal.
  • What happened to the CSI Women

    Jennifer Love Hewitt has added nothing to this show. The class of the women has gone downhill since she joined the cast. These are supposed to be intelligent and well educated agents. Is CM dumbing down the women so Hewitt looks better?
  • jennifer love hewitt

    get her off , she is not needed , her make up sucks, she does nothing for the show
  • What's with the HATE in these posts?

    I am sorry but I have been a loyal fan of Criminal Minds from the beginning. I am the first to admit that I do not feel that JLH is a good fit with the team at all, but what is the need for some of you to write with such hatred? There's a thing called a remote and if you feel compelled to write with such foul language and hatred CHANGE the CHANNEL! For goodness sake. It's embarassing as an American to read some of these posts. As with any long trending show or movie with sequels, its just a matter of time that it declines in quality and viewer interest as the writers struggle to come up with new material. That's just what happens. I will continue to watch Criminal Minds since I still find it entertaining enough to watch. Sure I have some disappointments here or there, but there is no need to write with such hatred people. Watch something else if you need to write such a lengthy posts with nasty inappropriate language. Grow Up!
  • Einstein LOL

    I don't care if Reid will get a steady or not. At least I wish it wouldn't be ridiculous "Einstein" girl. What a lame shitty drama then. Just Reid and Matthew Grey Gubler need MORE appreciation and way more respect from CBS. I miss Reid as one genius. Not some team member who can be replacable. In Season1, Gideon introduced him that Gideon couldn't imagine how big Reid would become when he turned into his 30's. Where is the genius Reid?? Oh, I forgot. Even talented Gideon was murdered so easily in nowadays Criminal lame Minds' dillusional world. LAME.

    And I always wonder why Gubler is just ignored by media, especially by PeoplesChoice and by Ellen that are mostly reflected never viewers' demands but powerful Hollywood person's intention, like CBS's willing. I wished the new spin-off would have been Reid's one. Reid's getting slowly into maddness because of Meave's death, then turning into a huge villain like Hunnibal would be awesome. Then Gideon would have get a big role again. But CBS just killed Gideon and treated Reid's loss for Meave's death like NOTHING.

    I really don't wish that Einstein never-cute girl became a girlfriend of Reid. She's cute? I think you just look down on Reid and underestimate the existence of Meave for Reid.

    Recent Criminal Minds is just an SOAP OPERA. Door kicking, bang, Aaab, gross phone sex by a thin gorilla and a nerdy girl. Well, I do like Garcia, LAME. It's never a crime drama!!! Some people criticize that NCIS is boring but recent Criminal Minds isn't even a crime drama. It's just a cheesiest soap opera.


    Are girls getting so stupid now?

    No. As I love Reid, I repect his genius character, and I love Matthew Grey Gubler, I don't wanna see Reid's love romance with a not-cute-at-all girl. I need more Reid's scenes such as he solves the case or he goes to see his mother.
  • Bet you all miss Blake now, huh?

    I never understood why people disliked Blake. Sure, she was no better than Emily and people still missed her, but I liked Alex. I think she was kind of a mother figure, especially to Spencer. I loved their relationship, it was sweet, especially because he didn't get to see his own mom very often and she lost her son. I was sorry when she left. And damn I hate, Callahan. Liste, I like JLH, I do, but her character... dear God I hate that woman. More than Seaver actually. I think she is a waste of space in the show.

    But the thing that bugs me most is that Spencer never has a real girlfriend. I'm tired of that. He deserves some love. And I would love to see him trying to be a BF. All the others have pairs, or lovers, or relationships, except for Reid, who happens to be the most attractive person in that team. So that's just BS to me. Get him a girlfriend. For the love of God! I like that girl Dylan Einstein for him, I mean, she's cute and smart. Also, her name? Great.
  • Yes, PLEAZEEE Replace Jennifer Love Hewitt

    LuvCriminalMinds, I agree with your entire (very long may I add) blog. But you hit it right on the nail with everything you said. I too agree that Jennifer Hewitt does NOT belong on CriminalMInds as a BAU/FBI Profiler. I use to love watching Ghost Whispers, and I now notice that the ION network has been running all The Ghost Whispers reruns - I guess that is trying to persuade us viewers to accept her on CriminalMInds. But I DEFINITLEY DO NOT! YES REPLACE HER. I also use to love "Elle" from Seasons 1 and 2. I have all the seasons on DVD, and its sad how they are making these bad choices with this character :(

    Love "Criminal Minds" since Season 1. I am still a fan now in its 10th season. I have a few concerns about the show and characters: Please don't get me wrong, I love Jennifer Love Hewitt (JLH). I think she is atalented actress: I loved her in The Ghost Whisperers, The Client List and many movies (especially Heartbreakers). But I am posting this and hoping it gets read by the directors, writers & producers of Criminal Minds when I say that JLH is a beautiful & talented actress, but in MY PERSONAL OPINION: She is NO FBI Profiler. JLH was great asThe Ghost Whisperer, but I have to say (AS A LOYAL "Criminal Minds" FAN FOR 10 Seasons) that JLH does not fit in with the rest of the cast. Honestly, if anyone who is part of the show's creative talent, writing, directing "PLEASE" reconsider who should fill Emily Prentiss' shoes, because since Season 10 began I feel as I watch each week I find myself not interested when they show JLH in ANY scene. I liked Alex Blake (JT),when she join the cast for just (2) Seasons (she seem to fit in okay) but did not remain on the show since Season 9 ended. Again, I have LOVED "Criminal Minds" since the VERY first episode. I even watch the daily reruns on "ION" & "AE" channel whenever possible, but to me having JLH now on the show is not interesting. PLEASE WRITERS, DIRECTORS, CASTING, PRODUCERSI advise you to make a change. I LOVE all the remaining characters so very much. I did feel kind of sad when the episode aired with Gideon being killed (That to me closed the door on ANY possibility of Jason Gideon (MP) ever returning) It also sadden me that during the entire episode it did not show the real (MP) not once, not even in a show with all the original cast. It only showed him as a younger agent. I felt that episode was not at its full potential. As a LOYAL FAN, and I will DEF remain a LOYAL FAN no matter what the future holds: Please consider replacing JLH. I do like her, but as I stated she is NO FBI PROFILER (and to me does not fit in with this GREAT CAST). Years back I was very sad & disappointed during a season when not only JJ (AJ COOK) left the show, but also when Emily (Paget Brewster) was killed off. I was so glad JJ returned and I love her husband Will. I am also glad when Emily came back and the door to her possibly making appearances is still open. I loved when they reached out to Emily for help on a caseat her job in London.

    May I please make a smart suggestion: For Season 11 maybe if "Elle" returned: Lola Glaudini was great when she played Elle. She was an original cast member, I loved hercharacter, personality & attitude as "Elle Greenway" - Bringing her back would bevery interesting, especially since "Criminal Minds" left the "door open" for her character. Even though Elle (Lola Glaudini) left the BAU on bad terms with the team in regards to when she was attacked andrefused to seek theproper evaluation she needed(at least her character was not killed off) PLEASE consider Lola Glaudini possibly returning. I feel that would increase the show's viewers and make the team whole again. I thank you for your time and I DO HOPE someone besides us loyal fans reads this. Hopefully the writers of "Criminal Minds" #1
  • Some fans suck

    I'm no Reid fan, but just an old fan who don't watch this regularly after S7 but it's nothing to do with Brewster's left just I prefer Gideon. So sometimes I check it and its fandom.

    And I felt like I saw almost no Reid in Season9 and 10. Just count how many minuites he has been in every ep then his total screentime would turn out be waay less than other characters.

    But some girls in fandome keep saying "the show is all about Reid!! Others need more time!" YOU SERIOUS? Or JUST YOU ARE PLAIN STUPID???

    And as already someone said before, Hotch is no longer a leader looks like actually Morgan the Ab.

    And all the official pages of CBS or Criminal Minds are ONLY ADVERTISING Shemar Moore and AJCook. as already told.

    Merry Christmas pic from Criminal Minds official was only Shemar and there absolutely no other cast.

    I do know the number of Matt Gubler fans is bigger than him, and the show can't be the same without Thomas Gibson who is so famous as Shemar Moore, still CBS always treat this only ab guy like an only celebrity in the programme.

    But, strangely, no self-claiming Criminal Minds fan complain about Shemar Moore and JJ centric.


    You know if Reid's screentime is so little still you feel he is outstanding, well then the ACTOR'S ACTING may be OUTSTANDING.

    And whatever Shemar fans try to believe, the Reid's actor may be way CUTER and more ATTRACTIVE to MORE VIEWERS.


    But Criminal Minds fans always love to bash Reid.

    Normally, if there is one outstanding character or actor or whatever, fans support him or her and of course so do media UNTILL the number of fans is so huge that fandome can make the show or some cast win some famous voting award.

    Yes, I know all the awards are somehow rigged, but Criminal Minds hasn't reached the level to be OK to criticize it.

    Most of us don't care about this show AT ALL.

    I mean, look at Empire! People are now all talking about it! Look at Person of Interests! It can't win like teen awards, but ratings are great and Emmy cared about it. NCIS? Well, it's the king. The ratings are the justice, you know? Supernatural, once glee, Vampire Diary, Arrow, Walking Dead? Ratings may not be as high as CM but the YOUNG love THEM.

    But WHAT IS Criminal Minds?

    "I love the show, because I'm learning profiling!! And wanna know their real life!! Not character!"

    Their real life? Are you serious??? I mean ARE you SERIOUS???????

    Please don't be a profiler. You are too stupid to be it. I MEAN IT.

    This show has NO POINT.

    It trys to avoid making one strong main character, that's why storyline also blurred and once there comes such characters as Gideon and Reid, STUPID MINORITY TASTE's fans COMPLAIN ABOUT it.

    But they don't care about those truly attractive characters and actors, so if the screentime of the character or the actor is almost ZERO, they don't care.

    The show is lame, so are fans. And these idiots' envies or stupidness are killing the show.

    Get rid of Gideon and Reid, or those actors? Awwww, NICE!

    Then, how can normal people who are just randome and never blind cult admirers of the show like them be dragged to the show?

    As everyone tells, it's no fault of JLH.


    And if you people so keen on bashing Reid, just make a spinoff of him. You must be happy to get rid of him and make more time for other character, and viewers will be happy too to focus on one interesting character who is a genius and makes viewers expect to see something decent detective drama, no blurred storyline like CM.

    And call back Hotch to the scene. He is a boss, not Morgan!

    Rossi? Sorry, I prefer Gideon.

    But CBS killed him easily.

    I'm really glad that Mandy and Paget left the show years ago.

    They were right and even I feel their choice proved they are real top actors who can't keep on being in just a crappy show and try another dramas. If you don't belive in you, you can't act like that, and professionals always trust themselves and never surrender in others.

    I almost forgot to say this.

    Shemar Moore fans are always reporting Matthew Gubler's FB page or tweets that praise Matthew Gubler over Shemar Moore as spam or sexual pics and illegal pages.

    That's also the reason Matthew Gubler's FB page doesn't come up in the affiliates and advertisement section so much.

    Or strangely sharp reduction of his followers on Instagram.

    Seriously, the number of foced to unfollow accts is 8k!!! In a day!


    Why I know it?

    Well, don't ask me.

    But it's THE FACT.

    Anti Gubler is seriously PAID by some agency.

    Whose agency?

    Guess who?

  • If he leaves

    If Shemar Moore leaves the show, I will be happily back to watch this show.

    What's a big deal of this guy?

    I was just watching Ellen and this ugly guy turned up, showing off his abs.


    CBS had better consider why this only-ab guy or Morgan can't be so popular even as Reid or Gubler, or Hotch or Gibson may be?

    I once started watchingthis show for Gibson -as a fan of Darma and Greg- and then Gubler. And Gideon at the time.

    Please don't excuse that Morgan doesn't have enough story-line or the character is not so attractive as Reid.

    There has been already plenty of Morgan's storyline and HELLO? Shemar is only guy whom girls are let to admire as hot by CBS and its slavery media. It's all owing to Morgan's character, isn't it?

    Still Morgan is NEVER EVER as popular as Reid who has been disgraced just as nerd or not hot for its character when actually Gubler is the one real top model meaning never unattractive.

    And some votes for hot guys showed that Thomas is hotter than Shemar. Well the votes were based on fandome, so fans might just feel sorry for Thomas who has been ignored as well as Gubler, but it was like tripple scored.

    I happily live without watching "praising Ab" lame show now.

    It was just a tourture for me to look through getting-boring show to have just a glance of Reid and Hotch.

    Or on peopleschoice, for Gubler or whole other casts.

    Why not Gubler? He is actually more popular among especially teenagers than ab. And he is the one who never fails to be on top and is the key of the show anyway.

    And why not Kirsten or Gibson? Especially in this year. They were nominated by rigged PCA this year. But when Shemar decided not to come to PCA, they weren't invited either.



    So I stopped watching after S8.

    CBS murdered Meave and stole Reid's chance of becoming a genius hero to save girls.

    Yea,yea, I know for ugly Shemar stan, CBS, it's inconvenient for Reid or Gubler to be a hero, which means Shemar or Morgan can't be an only hero there.


    Shemar Moore isn't the show, actually he is NOTHING compared to Matthew Gray Gubler. Or Thomas Gibson.

  • Shemar Moore SUCKS

    There is no agent like Morgan the dumb.

    He is so stupid and just ab.

    Are you guys dissing FBI agents?



    And his face is ugly enough to make me feel sick everytime Criminal Minds official posts his ugly pic on insta!

    I have one question for him.


    Well, with hair he looks even MORE DISGUSTING but WHY??

    He looks so narciccistic.

    Derek Morgan is diffinitely the MOST LAME and UNREALISTIC character.

    It's not because Shemar Moore is hot but Morgan is too dumb.

    And Shemar Moore is actually, VEEEERRRRY UGLY.

    I really can't understand why CBS and Criminal Minds official are sooo keen on spotlighting SOLELY on him.

    No teenagers find that old hideous face guy hot or sexy.

    Just ugly face is UGLY.

    CBS and Criminal Minds official, or some old lady staffs who are blindly obsessed over Shemar must take in the reality.

    HELLO! It's 2015 and NO 1970 or 1980!

    JUST MUSCLE means NOTHING! Or so out of date! Not cool at all!

    And if we wanna see some abs, we just switch the channel to Teen Wolf or Arrow or something like that. Or just watching Channing Tatum's lame movies.

    I'm sooooooooooooooooo over Shemar Moore, the UGLIEST FACE guy.

    Please CBS.

    LIVE in 2015!!!

    You Shemar fans are sooo done and dumb!
  • Who is making the decisions on Criminal Minds Season 10?

    I have all of the Criminal Minds seasons. I watch it faithfully every week. Season 10's story lines are casting Jennifer Love Hewitt is not. She looks like a slob on the show. Not professional at all.

    JJ and Reid need to do something with the hair. Reid looks like he forgot to comb his hair and JJ looks like she forgot to wash hers.

    It seems some of the characters are dressing down as well. Do FBI agents really wear jeans and T-Shirts on the job??????

    I sure hope the powers that be go back to the professionalism depicted in previous seasons.
  • Immature fans

    Some of these JLH hater fans are seriously nuts. its a tv character get over it. its not real its all make believe. grow up already!
  • Hero Worship

    Show was set in Indianapolis but it was obvious that the writers did little research about the city. There is no "Main Street" as one of the major streets, the building facades did not look anything like downtown Indianapolis, and the city hall is a 1962 building not like the facade shown in the last scenes. Also, the cops are IMPD, not Indianapolis Police Department. Indianapolis is east of the Mississippi so all TV stations start with the letter W not K. Did you see the mountain in one scene? Indy has no mountains.
  • Bored

    Last night show was really weak - very surprised as I'm a die hard fan. That being said, you guys really miscast with JLH - come on, she's like "smell the fart acting", always has been. You need an actor with depth - not fluff.

    The other cast members are normally awesome, last night just not a good show (that was writing).
  • criminal minds sucks

    Season 8, JJ gets kidnap and tortured and then rescued and then handcuffs are taken off and she is able to run after the killer!!!! Jesus Christ can a actor get worse at acting and whoever the writers are please find another job. Mandy Patinkin was so right to leave this series!
  • ENOUGH Shemar Moore and AJCook

    I don't care about Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    Seriously guys.

    Calm down.

    She doesn't take much screen times

    EXACTLY like Gubler and Gibson.

    There are others who ALWAYS CBS and official account CARE ABOUT MOOOORRREE.


    OH. I made mistakes. OOPS!

    Can I ask you some questions dear CBS and FUCKing Messa, the main writer BITCH???


    Even about Gideon's death ep, YOU IDIOTS or HATERS of GUBLER NEVER


    Even though, MORE VIEWERS talk about Reid and Gubler's performance than Kirsten's writings.






    E N O U G H


    I dreamed one day I could see REID'S SPINOFF and GIDEON IN IT.

    "FUCK YOU"

    This is the words what almost all the viewers want to say.

    Well, EXCEPT NOISY MINORITY, Shame Moom fans and AJCock fans.

    In every show award that fairly nominate Matthew Gray Gubler as well as Morgan, MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER WINS OVER SHAME ugly MOORE.


    And I'M NOT even LYING!!!!

    Even on twitter or instagram HOT GUYS votes, GUBLER NEVER FAILED to have done a HUGE TRIUMPH OVER ugly MOORE.

    And even in fan bases, sometimes GIBSON WINS some votes, but ugly MOORE HAS NEVER.

    N E V E R.

    HOW MUCH MONEY the AGENCY of Shame MOORE PAID I don't know, but speaking of viewers



    and then THOMAS GIBSON.



    E N O U G H

    Oh, and to UGLY SHAME MOORE and AJ COCK fans.


    JLH is WAY MORE FAMOUS than Shame Moore or AJCock.




    SHUT the FUCKing YOUR FILTHY MOUTHs!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Guys please.


    Reality means NUMBERS.

    Numbers mean ratings and iMDB starmeter.

    Facebook favs CAN BE BOUGHT and NO URBAN PPL are ON IT for these couple of years. It's statics speaking.

    Twitter users are proved that live more in towns than FB users, still no professionals count on FB or Twitter.

    They count on iMDB starmeter, and ratings.

    And iMDB starmeter ,or more precisely to say auto correct worlds' voices meter, always tells Mattew Gray Gubler is ONLY realy celebrity, NEVER Shame Moore.

    Shame Moore is alwost the same ranked

    as Thomas Gibson.

    Well, AFTER that CBS's FOCUSING ONLY on Shame Moore.

    You'll get what I want to say.

    And AJCOCK???


    I heard Japan or Asia except China, the one moron, is very good at predicting the next break.

    And I found Japanese votes for HOT guys told Matt Bomer is #1 and Matthew Gray Gubler is #2 over Ian Sommerhalder.

    And there is absoulutely NO Shemer Moore.

    Should I keep on this??

    No, I think you are getting me now.

    ENOUGH OF Shemer and AJ.

    The WORLD, seriously the world, including OUTSIDE of US is ENOUGH of SHAME old UGLY MOOM and AJCOCK.

    I used to love JJ and AJCOOK. She was really off beet and had a great personality.

    But now?






    HE is the ONLY ONE who WON Twitter votes over the NATHAN FILLION.


    Criminal Minds over Castle?


    And GUBLER WON over Fillion at wordpress or WHEREVER.

    NOT Reid.

    And MATTHEW GUBLER is the ONE who ranked within top 30th of USA and Canada dramas' characters, but Criminal Minds itself was in 62TH.



    Dear CBS and Criminal Minds producers.

    Empire @fox is earning more and more viewerships by every week.

    But you the stupidest people keep on ignoring Reid and Gubler, the one 99% of original viewers wanna watch centric and miss most.

    You idiots even ignore ONLY HIM.

    Now REID can't beat Castle but MATTHEW CAN.



    And about Thomas Gibson.

    Well, hes alcoholic and hes rather nothing for viewers than fans expecting.

    STILL, I'm so SORRY FOR HIM, b/c hes NOTHING.

    Even in Gideon's death episode, he in background.

    I don't hate Rossi but C'MON!!!!

    Reid and Hotch and GIDEON were the one big kinda FAMILY!!!!



    I love Darma? and Greg.

    I just LOVE, ADORE and RESPECT Gubler as a true actor.

    I respect Joe and Vagsness too.





    Secondly, idc about Gibson, but HOTCH IS THE LEADER, NO MORGAN or Rossi.

    FUCK YOU CBS and CrimMinds_CBS.


    And if you DO WANT WIN some PCA or some voting awards,



    JUST INVITE Gubler on Ellen's show or some talk show on CBS.




    And about Hotch.

    MORGAN is NEVER the LEADER of the


    Oh. Do you, CBS remember the word, "TEAM"???

    Well, the LEADER of the TEAM is HOTCH.


    JUST FOCUSE MORE on REID and may be more Garcia.

    IT will WORK.

    If you, CBS and official account or PEOPLE's Choice lol Award keep on sticking to ONLY SHAME MOORE and AJCOCK,



    I SWEAR.

    Should I say thank you Empire @FOX???


    Rating droppings is nothing to do with JLH.




    CBS, officials and fuckin Hollywood HAVE BEEN IGNORing MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER and HOTCH, and DISMISSed PAGET BREWSTER.




    U G L Y.


    NOT IN.


    YOU KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Matthew Gray Gubler>>>>Thomas Gibson>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>may be Joe Mantegna.

    This is what ex viewers feel.



    I'M SOOOO SAD HOW STUPID YOU guys ARE as ONE of ex Hollywood ppl.


    fans' should accept the reality.


  • Get rid of Jennifer Love Hewitt -she sucks!

    This my favorite show and is being Ruined by having JLH in it! This show is/was great with the cast that made it successful and popular! If not broke, why change it! Love the cast. -as is! Not with phoney, over-rated, washed up, has been actors like -Jennifer Love Hewitt, trying to regurgitate her crappy acting career and Scabbing onto other peoples success And an already good show. Don't need or want her on Crim Minds -and Ruining it! Will have to switch to another show if JLH stays and ruins Criminal Minds! Get rid of JLH! Leave the cast as is, if need New cast get New, fresh faces, new blood actors who can earn their place, and acting reputation on show. -NOT JLH! SHE SUCKS! Many thumbs down, with her on it! Rating: 0. ***DEFINITELY RUINING THE SHOW. GET RID OF JLH! They Have dumbed down the script and by having this crappy low budget phoney, & RUINING THE show -as expected! She SUCKS & does Not suit or belong on this show, AND YES, NEEDS TO GO BACK TO TALKING TO GHOSTS! Get rid of JLH AND KILL OFF HER CHARACTER ASAP, THIS WILL NOT IMPACT THE SHOW AT ALL! NO LOSS! Rating: -10 with JLH on it! GET JLH OFF CRIMINAL MINDS!
  • missing conection -10 SE

    I just want repeat mark.

    The chem between characters is weak and I feel like missing some scene, althoug I have been watching the episode since the first scene.

    I am following other series and somehow I can connect the actors/characters...

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