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  • Is it true?

    Is Emily Prentiss coming back on episode 20 of this season? I do hope so, she shouldn't have left in the first place.
  • Love the show, Loathe the episode

    Please don't get me wrong I love this show. have followed 1 actor from days on The Young & the Restless, laughed with characters, cried with others, and can't miss an episode!

    I think every Canadian is aware the writers of this show have taken a real life horrific event in the history of Canada .ie: the worst, vilest mass murderer and created 2 hrs of entertainment ( I really question this)

    with anger right now as I watch the episode's "And Back" (2 pts) 2009. Some of the events have been changed but the one that you cannot dismiss is the Pig Farm!

    I very least the creators of this show could've done is include at the end an "In Memory Of" to the victims of this event. What would be better is to hear somewhere, everyone involved with this show, donated $'s to the organizations trying to protect women of the streets!!!!! This is the very least that should be done!!!! There is no mention For Shame!

    You made money from murdered victims to create this 'story'. give back . acknowledge the sacrifice that was given to bring about your story.
  • Awesome Show

    There are so many dramas on TV, but this show is special, because the creator of the show aims to analyze the criminal by profiling the but being a TV show, they profile the perp almost exactly and then they have Kirsten Vangsgness find information by upscale computers. Perfect casting and stories. This show demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T........................... SCORE 10
  • Utterly mesmerizing!

    Astounding cast with intelligence, grit, character, and the human touch! I am in nursing school & DVR this show every week. When there's a week of no new not happy. Love the story lines, guessing who the unsub is, and love it when the show makes me cry at the end. It takes some pretty kick ass writing to have a show that's based on FBI agents tracking down serial killers to make me cry. The reason is: a superb cast that you get to know & love. Disagree with post below - I like Blake. She's a little odd, but highly intelligent. She's a lot like Reid but without the crazy unmeant humor he brings to the show. Love Reid. The only cast member I disliked was a fan. I do miss Prentiss! Please keep it up! BEST SHOW on TV hands down in my eyes!
  • Genius

    My favorite show, highly intelligent, perfect casting, right balance between episode story and main characters.
  • Amazing show!!

    Amazing show! Love it! Great stories, great storylines and great actors!! But I'm having doubts about Morgan. The first few seasons I really liked him, but he is so damn arrogant lately! He thinks he's knows everything better than the others and I don't like it! And how JJ 'tries' to be a profiler?!?! Come on, really!? Go back to the beginning when it was right!!! (JJ being a And writers/producers of the show: bring Prentiss back!! And get rid of Alex Blake, don't like her at all! She doesn't fit in! Everyone can see that? What were they thinking!! The rest of the team are great!! I do hope Criminal Minds have at least 2 more seasons (or more)!! Love it!!

    My God, this show is amazing!!! It's realistic and very suspenseful! When rising to the climax and thrilling and WOW! This show is just PERFECT! 2 thumbs up. Really good show.
  • Enough already

    Stop pushing the gay agenda, it is such a turnoff and soooo obvious. Like some other shows we watched, this one is going down the drain fast. Turned it off last night because of the storyline, it's disgusting. It is NOT the new normal, it's not normal at all.
  • I agree with altemislune...

    The amount of time in the drama which was devoted only for PROFILING has reduced greatly.

    The way Morgan usually reenacts the crime scene.

    The way how Reid comes up with something "out of the box"

    I miss the earlier episodes. I do miss Gideon ( though most of them won't agree with me).

    I guess I miss the script where there is a lot of depth in the profiling aspect of the show.

    Nevertheless I love the show. I usually go and watch my old favs in Season 1 like the first few are amazing, The Fisher King one.... rather than watching the new ones

    Ofcourse I love Reid-centric ones like Revelations, Masterpiece, Amplification, The Uncanny Valley...

    "Imagine how he'd be by 50".... and Reid is already 30 ... I wanted him to be a mastermind ... :P... Too much of a Reid fan you see...
  • bad ending

    very bad ending.....
  • I was more offended...

    By the fact that Dr. Reid was having a relationship via payphone than I was by Payphone Maive getting killed off. Don't get me wrong, I want Dr. Reid to have a wonderful, lasting love affair with someone as totally awesome as he is but I want to actually see the relationship. I want to see Morgan and Garcia go through girlfriend's life with a fine tooth comb and finally give their seal of approval, so that I can give mine. I felt cheated, honestly. One day he's on the phone with some chick we couldn't see, the next thing we know he was in love. That was so not working for me.

    Anyhoo, Dr. Reid's wound will heal and his heart will mend, hopefully without any lasting damage. Going forward, if he's going to have a romantic relationship, the audience has to be in on the development part.
  • Still a Great Show

    I understand what everyone is saying. A girlfriend storyline could have been interesting for Reid as they havent done one like that before. I did feel bad for Reid as it was nice to see him happy but I have no problem with the ending. I didnt see that coming until the last second & that is what makes this show great.

    Recent episodes had become a little predictable and this one shook things back up. The girlfriend character was rather mysterious until last weeks episode. We never got a chance to get to know her & get attached to her so it was no big loss. There's been a million police type dramas on tv so the more twisted this show is, the better. The fact that this show is unpredictable & keeps you guessing most of the time is why it is one of my favorite shows on tv. Keep up the great writing!

  • It's happening...

    So sad. Like every show that lasted over 5-6 years, the writing starts to suffer. This fact is well documented in TV circles. CM is in my Top 5 shows of all-time. But the end is near. Mark my words. The last two years have been painful. The hijacked school bus episode was terrible. So over-the-top. The drama with Reid in the last episode: ugh. Saw re-runs of Seasons 1&2 recently. Wow! Edge of your seat stuff. Now we're starting to delve into the private lives of the characters, which is always a sign. Still think they need a shot in the arm. Maybe a two-parter with an international focus. Filmed at locations in Europe; different scenary; agents not being taken seriosuly by European cops; plot twists. Without some kind of boost, the show is sadly going nowhere.
  • Terrible Ending

    Don't have much to say that's different from the other comments. I've seen all eps and with the background of the Reid character, this was a huge disappointment. It's not genius writing, it's a let-down for viewers who were excited and happy for Reid. There is more than enough drama to go around without needing this. I was already excited at what storylines this couple was going to have. Bad, bad choice.

    A side note: I like Jean so far. I see many don't, but think she just needs further character development. She brings a calmer, but confident persona to the group. She also relates to Reid differently, almost like a mother figure. Hopefully, she'll get some bigger storylines soon.
  • Why????

    Why in god's name would the writers end the episode in such way? Hasn't the team had enough? Hasn't Reid suffered enough in his life? This was the worst possible ending an episode could have. I am very disappointed....

    This episode was incredible! I applaud the writers for ending it the way they did, it was completely captivating and shocking. I was getting worried the show was going sour after what I thought to be a rough start but this episode reminded me why I love the show. Good job Criminal Minds, another amazing episode.
  • Never Again

    If last night's episode ended the way it seemed.... I will never again watch Criminal Minds. This is my favorite show, but last night's ending was the worst ever. I have never missed a show and watched most shows multiple, multiple times. But this episode's ending was completely wrong in so many ways. What is wrong with your writers???
  • and Disgusted!! WTF!!!!!

    Loved Criminal Minds, and have really enjoyed it, until last night. Reid finally finds someone who he connects with, after all he has gone through. It would be really nice to have him and the show have the characters have some good things in their lives. This was a chance to show that people in this profession can have a nice personal life. Shame on the writers. Sure hope Maeve is just unconscious! So upset with this ending. REALLY?? Can't you end something it better than that????
  • I am so done with Criminal Minds

    I am so done watching Criminal Minds. I have watched this show since it first aired. Reed finally gets a love interest that went on for months and then they meet and the stupid writers kill her off. I watch TV for pleasure not to get so damn depressed. This was the worst show ever. If the writers hate their jobs and this show so much they should look somewhere else, because they just ruined Criminal Minds for me and I will never watch it again.
  • Worst ending ever!

    This show was great from the beginning up to almost the end. Gubler's performance was outstanding! I cannot believe the writes let her die! Reid has had so many tragedies in his life, growing up a geek, being the object of bullies, his mother, being younger that all those around him it his job. He's grown so much and finally found someone he could truly relate to, found real true love, something many never find and he never even gets to touch her, or kiss her. Unbelievable!! I really don't care if I ever watch another episode of this show and it is the only one I care enough to DVR so I never miss it. I have never been so disappointed! I'd have given the episode a 10, but the ending so ruined it the best I can give it is a 5.
  • Bad Ending

    That was a terrible ending. Reed finally was getting it together and found someone he could really relate to and you killed her. I hope it was all Diane's blood and Maeve is just shocked by the blow.

    I rate this as one of the best episode with the worst ending.
  • Boooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    How dare you Breen Frazier! kill off another love interest!!!! Why can't you get it right!! Spencer deserves to be happy. Just when everyone is excited for him, you take the happiness away!! HOW DARE YOU!!!! BRING HER BACK!!!! My score is a 2/3 because you messed up with killing off Maeve.
  • Not FAIR!!!

    Hate what you did. It was a great episode until that! It didn't have to be so drastic! I hope it just looked that way and the next one she will still be alive!! Reed and Maeve were great story lines!!
  • hell to the NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    omg that wasnt even right what they did to spencer in tonights episode
  • Never Thought I Would Say This.

    I can not stand one of the characters in this show.

    I know that they had to replace Prentis, but agent Blake is not doing a very good job. The character seems dry and boring. I know she needs time to develop as a person in the series, as everyone else she almost has no emotion. I am starting to dislike watching the show, well the episodes where she has a larger roll, and I used to LOVE this show, I own every season and watch it constantly.

    Please make Blake more get her to leave the BAU. /=
  • Getting Boring

    I actually lost affection to this show long time ago.

    This show seemed to me becoming just some only Garcia working show. (I like Garcia though)

    Other members don't seem to work enough to solve the case, but to have tons of luck,and unsub is suddenly turned out.

    I may be only one, but for me,when Guideon was in, the members were more thoughtful and did their job.

    Why the super genius doesn't grow and becomes more key person to solve the case?

    Why Rossi who is supposed to be like Guideon doesn't so standout?

    That the f*** producers don't know how to treat the characters properly was so obvious long time ago.

    And now that Blake girl? Instead of Prentiss?

    Are the producers out of their minds?

    I'd rather see the story like Reid comes into mad and becomes against the team or something.

    I will never watch this show.
  • Criminal minds is the one of my favorite serial tv

    Criminal minds is the one of my favorite serial tv which makes me excited always. There are so many cases that I've never thought and imagined. So brilliant. SALUTE !!!!
  • Where is Penelope? Undoubtedly one of the best series, the best of its kind. Amazing quality scripts, excellent cast

    Where is Penelope? Undoubtedly one of the best series, the best of its kind. Amazing quality scripts, excellent cast
  • Mind Blowing Show!

    Each and every episode seen by me here in India were simply awesome. Your entire team effort rocks! But where have you disappeared these days as we miss you everyday at 9pm on Fox Crime?

    Kindly come back with a bang asap and we all sincerely hope here in India that you guyz won't let us down k!

    Best Wishes & Happy New Year to you all!

    Happy (Kolkata, India)
  • love the show love love .

    criminal minds best show ever . must watch . Amazing .
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