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  • Turn on the lights!!

    Love, Love, Love this show! My favorite by far, but please turn on the lights. Episodes just keep getting darker, like being shot in the dark! Example: Episode on November 20, 2014.

    Thank you!
  • Why all the hating on JLH

    Am I the only one who quite likes her on the show? I've been a huge fan from day one and I'm still enjoying it with JLH. I haven't seen her in much other than ghost whisperer and she was likeable in that.

    I like what she brings to the team, she loosens them up a little due to her complete openness , humour and self deprecation. She's abit different, has a lighter, cheeky approach at times which I think the team needs and will appreciate. She is again likeable and I think she fitted in well with the group.

  • Agree with ALL of the previous titles

    I am a long time fan of the show but with the addition of JLH I am also losing interest this season. I am hoping that the powers that control the show realize JLH needs to go. I can't believe that the other actors don't realize what is happening. Please fix this problem.
  • I'm not alone

    I have no idea whether producers, directors and writers monitor this site for feedback, but I've not found any other avenue that seemed appropriate or sufficient including the CBS website. So, I am in hopes that this reaches those that matter!

    I don't remember ever commenting on programming before. I don't really do blogs and I don't follow celebrities. Nevertheless, i'm compelled to find some outlet for my frustration with, what has been, one of only a few shows I watch regularly -Criminal Minds. I was not especially fond of Paget's replacement, but apparently I'm not alone in finding JLH so poorly suited to the show, that I'm starting to loose interest. I'm not a fan of her, or anything she's done, in general, as I find her to be a poor actress and somewhat dull. Watching her on CI well it's frustrating to the point of being irritating.

    While I'm doing this, and as an aside, I'll also add that I find the romance between Morgan and Savanna to be uninspired, almost strained. As hard as it is, on occasion, to imagine the connection between Morgan and Garcia that's more genuine and appealing to watch-even if it never becomes romantic.

    I'm going to make another entry, for another program, and will monitor feedback for a day or so which I hope will come within that time, because I anticipate this to be the end of my celebrity/programming posting! If there is another, or more direct means of leaving feedback for those with the interest and power to influence change, I welcome that information.


  • kill off kate already

    i know u taught it was a good idea but you are wrong! i cant stand her on the show shes making me not want to watch a show ive seen for 10 yrs she has ruined every show shes been on terrible actress please kill her off soon i dont understand what the writers taught but im about to find some thing else to watch

  • Hello CBS - #criminalminds - Please find a way to get rid of JLH!

    JLH does not belong on this show. I have always loved the casting on this show, but why JLH? She brings nothing to the series. She's not a skilled enough actress to seperate from her other work. Her choices on this series view more like first year acting. The audience is speaking here. Please CBS - take note. Sorry, Jennifer - I'm not a hateful person, I just think you and CBS have made a bad choice.
  • Criminal Minds is on the road to cancellation

    This show is one of my favorites but this season is the worst. Are they dumbing down the writing? I am so disappointed. I tried to like JLH put she just doesn't work for me. However, she is not the only concern. There does not seem to be the same cohesive, intelligent plot development. The episodes are boring and predictable. The biggest upset is that Criminal Minds has lost its edge. There is nothing that makes want to watch. I fear that this show will sadly get chopped from CBS. A great show that seems to have lost it's writers.
  • awful JLH

    please writers get ride of callahan, hire a chief section like a mature lady that gives hard time to the team, like strauss, and more screentime for Reid and garcia, and less of JJ also.
  • Not in LOVE

    Definitely not in love with the addition of JLH to Criminal Minds. Her look is terrible for such a pretty lady. I don't see her lasting the season, there is not chemistry with the cast.
  • SADDNESS....

    I use to love this show, it is the only show I have ever watched constantly. I use to make sure I never worked Wednesdays just to watch this. However now I think I may start working, because I can't stand JLH, her acting I swear is getting worse. I am with everyone else I hope they killer her off or something before the end of the season because if not I am most likely just not going to be able to watch. That or I will have to continue what I am doing now, and only partly pay attention.
  • more reid and Garcia

    I don't care about JLH, i wish Reid and garcia have more screentime, same for Hotch and Rossi, those are my favorite characters

    I don't care JLH. Or I like her waay more than Shemar Moom centric.

    more Morgan? Ew.


    Which character the fandom always tells the most fav?

    WHY the heck CBS just KEEPS ON TRYING hard to CUT Reid's time,which seems almost they wanna get rid of Reid or Matthew Gubler??

    At least one thing great about Season 10.

    LESS Morgan.

    Thank God, JLH.

    Seriously, without Reid and Garcia, the team won't work properly.

    But Garcia, my love, seems that CBS tries to spare more time for her.

    But REID?

    On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever social media!

    CBS just keeps on ignoring Reid or Matthew Gubler.

    Is that so difficult even to mention his name?

    Enough of it!

    It's plain rude.

    And if you hate so much that there is an atmosphere that even mentioning the name of Gubler or Reid is forbidden, just FIRE REID!

    He deserves way more respect and appreciated.


    Some self-claiming Reid fan said, "full fan base doesn't tell Reid is popular.

    Well as you said, " full fan base" is "silent" and doesn't vote any.

    A moron didn't seem to know, that's why it's called,"ratings".

    And "ratings" tells Morgan has never ever been the most popular, or either the actor has.

    Almost all the Morgan centric eps dropped ratings compared to former eps. And so did the actor's guest starring talk shows.

    But Reid "centric" eps almost always raise the ratings.


    I don't think you are a Reid's fan.

    Self-claiming means NOTHING.

    And as you, I think other character fan, said, if you really don't appreciate "dedicated" fans' "hundreds" votes, then why you complain and care about them??? Huh? It seems controversial.

    And if as you try to believe "only dedicated fans' votes" mean nothing, CBS shouldn't broadcast like People's Choice Award at all, OR shouldn't have said,"vote for Shemar" on Twitter. Don't you think so?

    And at least, you admitted Reid or Gubler has dedicated fans. But you almost seem to want to say he isn't as popular as like Morgan?

    Well then, I'm so sorry for you about the fact that Morgan or the actor isn't so attractive to get even the small number of dedicated fans when there are way more "silent" Morgan fans IN YOUR MIND.

    Well for me, Morgan or Shemar fans look exactly like the old girls who are frantic with voting things, but yeah they may be silent.


  • Get Rid of JLH and have more of Moore on this show

    This year's Criminal Minds Adding Jennifer Love Hewitt is a mistake. The character Derek Morgan needs more show time, not Don't keep changing this show to please some stupid actress who wants her mug on a major tv I can see the show going downhill since Morgan has been put in the background. This is my favorite tv show, or was up until this year.
  • weak adittion

    Hotch Rossi Garcia Reid Morgan and JJ are the ones who make the show for me. Specially hotch Rossi Garcia and Reid, and i love the banter Morgan and Garcia. Sorry Callahan adds nothing, eansted i would love to see a chief section: another mature lady like Strauss.
  • season 9 isn't my favorite of CM but still love it . I would like for season 10 a little be less of JJ

    What happened this season? some episodes were ok, I enjoyed the funny team moments. But... JJ characters looks different,.. distant from the team, bossy.. icy i MISS Garcia funny responses ,she is opend minded, sparky, brillant, but season 9 seems to forget about Garcia and Reid characters. I don't like to see Garcia so nervous,, exagerating her gestures , love that Garcia sparky, funny, always has something to say, not when she is overreacting. And Yes i would like to see garcia going out with the team. i really enjoy those episodes.
  • Redundant storylines and weak addition to cast

    I love JLH, but she is a waste on this series. When they lost Brewster, they should have ended the series. She, Moore, and Gray made the show interesting (along with the actress playing "JJ"); but the rest are negligible. I'm over the trite sexual harassing comments from "Garcia" ; and "Hotchner" remains one dimensional. The blatant political influence (lying outright about the FBI acting above-board at Waco/Ruby Ridge) as "Hotchner" commenting in one episode something along the lines of "wasn't it a good idea we didn't inform the public what was going on" are obscenely frightening and perpetuate the myth that the FBI isn't corrupt, hasn't killed illegally, and looks out for our interests b/c we are just too stupid to handle the truth during crises and must be managed like cattle. On Netflix at least, I have the luxury of fast forwarding through the drier scenes and skipping the boring episodes entirely from previous seasons; this season is NOT one I would ever wish to view again. If Paget Brewster isn't returning, I hope it is cancelled.
  • Replace JLH

    I really don't like JLH's acting in Criminal Minds. She says her lines like a zombie and it sounds like she is reading her lines from a teleprompter. I think she is surrounded by all the characters we are use to and she just doesn't fit in with the others. They need to replace her asap!!
  • Love Hewitt's Character

    I've been really busy and I finally got the chance to watch the Season 10 episodes that have been aired... I now know why people are saying that Callahan looks like a deer caught in headlights throughout entire episodes...
  • Criminal Minds The Itch

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  • jennifer love to screw it up

    This was one of the best show's on tv, then come's old pudgy lame acting Jennifer and dragged it to a stop this ain't the ghost whisperer in which I hated for her over the top overacting and now she has destroyed the chemistry of a great team with her solid depressing state of acting and her running to a crime scene in her fat suit. Then her always hopelessness at the scenes makes me want watch fox get killed soon.
  • Where is Emily???

    I suppose most of us will or just have to understand, that the actress Paget Brewster decided to leave CM. It is highly unfortunate. Alex Blake could obviously not fill in the void. But her leaving for Kate Callahan was even worse. Allthough JLH is a nice actress, and has good roles in her carreer, she absolutely does not fit into the team; and I have to agree with my colleagues reviewers before me.

    Please rethink the casting (and maybe ask PB again)!
  • WTF is this!!!

    So i've been catching up to season 10 and just watch the first episode, what in the hell was that!?!?!?! Jennifer Hewitt was AWFUL, didn't fit at all in the team. She is ruining the chemistry and dynamic of the team. I have watch all episode of criminal minds and I can honestly say she is the worst I've seen in the crew! please get rid of her!
  • Get rid of Jennifer Love Hewitt!

    Hate the new character. Jennifer Love Hewitt is not a good dramatic actress. Please get rid of her. I don't want to stop watching but it was rather painful this week. Terrible. Please leave the team alone. We love you just the way you are!
  • Love Hewitt hate new character

    The person who hired Love Hewitt for CM should be sent to a funny farm. Ms Hewitt has no business being on this show. Her characters' attitude, wardrobe and hair style just don't fit. The Casting Director must have some dandy 8x10's of JLH as payment for the job! I believe acting is more than the size of your bra. And, in spite of comments below, I am not a female who doesn't like competition. I am a man who doesn't like JLH in this role. The woman that held that job last year looked out of place, too. Why not just work without that extra character or bring Emily back? Oh, PU-LEEZE don't get stuck with hanky-panky between her character and Morgan's. Let him continue to play the field and have cutesy with Baby Doll.
  • Going to stop watching bc of Jennifer Love Hewitt

    I LOVE Criminal Minds. I recommend it to everyone. I own all the DVDs. I watch it on A&E and ION whenever it is on. I only watched the premiere this season and hated Jennifer Love Hewitt on it so much that I have not watched any other episode. She is horrible on it. It changes a perfect show into one I don't even want to watch. PLEASE get rid of her now!!!
  • Get rid of Love Hewitt Immediately and lose Morgan's Girlfriend

    It has been years now since Emily and her the actor who preceded her left but I still enjoy the shows the most with them in it. I still love CM but I keep waiting for a new Emily or the first actress that played that role. They were both edgy and fearless with not many maternal instincts (Emily has some but it wasn't emphasized).

    What they got in Jennifer Hewitt was another JJ. Are they planning on getting rid of JJ:? JJ is the mother character and they don't need another. She and Emily were perfect contrasts. JJ who has actually shown real toughness in the last couple of years is perfect for her role but you need a foil who is tougher, just as tough as Morgan or Hodge. That was Emily and the actor before her. To get another JJ just waters down JJ's role and weakens the show. We don't need known people like the actor that left or Love Hewitt. You need good balance and good actors. Hewitt has thrown the balance off again.

    Another very strong woman who is as good looking as Emily (sorry but it matters) is what is needed.

    As for Morgan's girlfriend -yuk he's a player and needs to stay one. I like the psychological affair between him and Garcia and I think it should stay that way. An occasional romance for Garcia and keep Morgan a player. How can the directors screw this wonderful show up twice in a row by the wrong casting. Or why don't they give in, pay her more and bring back get rid of Hewitt immediately, admit your are wrong, and find the correct character. If you don't get rid of her at least do something with that awful hair, I can't believe it.
  • Not for me

    I really like Jennifer hewits acting but man she sucks in criminal minds. I watch every episode but I just can not get into watching it with Jennifer in the show they need to replace her. So until they do criminal minds is not for me and that sucks because I have watched it from the day the show started.

    Morgan doesn't need a girlfriend. Hell, I'm not watching Criminal Minds anymore since she first appeared, Their relationship sucks. Erica Messer, are you half crazed? This is totally ruining Derek Morgan's character: where is the eternal single who loves flirting and eats ladies for breakfast? I miss the real him. Now he's all fucked up.
  • Hewitt is great!

    It seems that only women dislike Jennifer Love Hewitt. I think that she brings a uniqueness to the show and she always portrays a likeable character in anything she stars in. This was a great move and I am looking forward to Season 10! Women need to smarten up, yes she is beautiful, and yes she has nice tata's as someone previously has put it, but that does NOT make her a bad actress. I liked Emil Prentiss (Paget Brewster), but Jeanne Tripplehorn did not suit the part. As I said, this was a great move and a great choice, because JLH is adaptable to roles she plays.
  • I miss Emily

    I really miss Emily Prentiss! Also, i bet that this season Reid and Kate are going to fall in love. And one more thing, but this is just something I'm guessing on: Reid is having problems with his neck, so i think he is going to get addicted on drugs again, but this time its pain-killers. I've also always wanted Morgan and Garcia to become a couple, crossing my fingers for this season! And i really liked Kate, at least more than i liked Blake.

    Looking forward to the next episode!
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