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  • I love this show, however this episode threw me off!

    I could not believe how this criminal minds episode destroyed my views about criminal minds in general! I was shocked to see that you have chosen a woman from "Srebrenica" to be a serial killer. And the mispronunciation of the language was catastrophic! I'm so extremely disappointed, that Criminal Minds didn't take the time to research what they were throwing, just for the public to know, Srebrenica, does not have a "ch" sound at the end. I'm honestly appalled at the lack of creativity. Ex-Yugoslavia has been a target for far too long, I did not imagine that you would not let it rest! Especially a place like "Srebrenica" And, do not believe everything you hear on CNN!!! Although the episode itself was good, it brought tears to my eyes when I realized that you were now calling the people of "Srebrenica" or any part of Ex-Yugoslavia, serial killers! Before you put something like this on film again, I beg you to do your research more thoroughly, as the words that the woman spoke, were incorrect, and very poor accent!
  • Good viewing when there nothing else on

    It took me time to get into this show it wasn't something that gripped you straight away. You always get a mixture each week, sometimes the cases can be really interesting and other weeks the show can be boring. Also I like the fact this show dose not have that usual concept "team of cops can save everyone" and brings in an element of shock and sadness to the programme specially the one when Hotch wife was killed. Though it does make you question who will be bringing up the child, as Hotch is fully committed to his job and Haley was living as a single parent when she was alive. One thing about this show is that none of the characters are very charismatic, that the show needs them to bring in the ratings, with the amount of actors who have been replaced on the frontline up you never really miss them from the show and can continue to watch it. I not sure if this was done intentionally by the producers of the show.
  • It is O.K. and that's all I will give you.

    Well sometimes this show can be boring. First of all I would never let my kid watch this. It is showing you how to be a criminal. That is a no no. Kids just watch some disney channel would ya? I really like watching it other wise if kids aren't in the room. I don't want them to be evil masterminds. That would be a double double triple no no no no. I don't suggest you block it though if you have TV block. Then you can watch it and it will be all O.K. and such like that stuff.
  • how many shows like this do we need?

    I watched an episode of Criminal Minds because it looked good on the adverts and I saw that Paget Brewster had joined the cast. I must say I thought it was a load of balls; it was an earlier episode but it was just like CSI:Miami it had a load of random over-the-top heroism and over excited action scenes that weren't nearly as exciting as they made out. It's entirely possible that I have happened upon a bad episode and in fact this is a good show but what I saw was crap.
    If you want a cop show, look elsewhere.
  • What started out as a promising, psychological drama has collapsed into a mindless series constantly trying to top itself with shock and gore.

    I was drawn to "Criminal Minds" initially because of Mandy Patinkin, and he didn't disappoint. The early episodes of Season 1 were taut, psychological, dark and were working outside of the traditional "safe" mode of a prime-time crime series. Sure, there were weak links in the cast (Shemar Moore, Lola Glaudani) but the rest of the players and the strong writing made up for it.

    Script quality began to slip towards the end of Season 1, but rebounded in the early episodes of Season 2 (the child for sale online, the sadistic bank robber, etc.) Plus, Lola Glaudani left and Paget Brewster stepped in. My hopes were dashed when I saw that Ms. Brewster seems to have been hired for her looks - there's no character there. Like most of the BAU, she exists to spout off statistics and utter grim proclamations like "We're running out of time." We hardly ever see the BAU develop a profile now. We hear Reid toss out some explanations and descriptions of older serial killers, and Shemar Moore gets to purr at Garcia. I used to love the scenes where Mandy Patinkin would dissolve in and out of crime scenes as he explained the methodology the killer was using. Lately, though, we are treated to dumb hick cops constantly astounded by the FBI agents. "Profiling? Huh? What's that?" And characterization has gone in the toilet. Hotchner has always been bland; domestic strife doesn't help him at all. Morgan is the jock, the ladies' man, and nothing else. Shemar Moore is a better drunk driver than he is an actor. Now, in the early weeks of Season 3, the lowbrow appeal continues, as Paget Brewster and A.J. Cook show off more skin and less thought. They're trampy, not intelligent.

    Season 2 saw a HUGE decline in the quality of the writing. The unsubs grew more and more horrific in their crimes (in what seemed like a conscious effort to top the previous episode) and, in what is never a good sign for a TV show, the writers began ripping off popular films ("Saw," etc.) in concocting their crimes. Gone was the dark, believable tone of Season 1, where the fear came from the fact that the unsubs and their crimes were so ordinary and grounded in reality. Season 2 saw the serial killers take on comic-book villain mentalities and their M.O.'s were obviously products of writers out for shock value. I'll probably get trashed by fans who read (or don't read) this review, but I used to LOVE "Criminal Minds." It was must-see for me on Wednesdays, and I bought Season 1 on DVD. This newfound obsession, though, with gore for gore's sake and a complete lack of character development (coupled with poor acting) is too much for me. Now, with Mandy Patinkin gone, the one character I still admired is off the show. I was going to stick it out until Joe Mantenga arrived, but I can't do it. The early batch of Season 3 episodes have turned me off for good.
  • ohh, not that good

    CBS' Criminal Minds opens each episode with a quote, wistfully read in voice-over by one of the show's actors. They are eclectic in source — Gandhi, Robespierre, L. Ron Hubbard — and they have only a vague connection to whatever dastardly case is being featured. These nuggets of wisdom, hope, and encouragement seem, in fact, to be yanked from some dial-a-Bartlett's machine: Lend the aura of intelligence and class to your subpar TV series with a quote from Millard Fillmore! They are the epitome of what's wrong with Criminal Minds — a drama that, in its second season, is making mystifying strides in the ratings. Following a grim FBI team that profiles serial killers/bombers/kidnappers, Minds is not as gripping as any of CBS' CSI series. Nor is it as smart as NBC's Law & Order franchise: This season, both Minds and SVU featured — in the same week — a story about a serial rapist who was trying to impregnate his victims. SVU's take was far more intelligent and complicated — and it didn't even have a Helen Keller quote!

    Like every procedural crime series of late, Minds is stocked with weary, overworked detective types. But here they also seem bored, bitter, and unengaged. Even pleasantly average NCIS has more chemistry among its actors (the two CBS series each boast female computer geeks of the safely ''punk'' variety). Minds' profilers are led by Mandy Patinkin — so uncharacteristically subdued and detached it's like watching a tranquilized circus bear dreaming of his happy forest days. Joining him on gray plane rides to ''cities'' that all look suspiciously interchangeable is a team that includes Dharma & Greg's blank-faced Thomas Gibson and the likable Matthew Gray Gubler, who, as the group's young mastermind, sports a cold, fashion-free look. The goal is Brilliant Nerd Chic, but he looks more like a serial killer than the serial killers. (All he's missing is one of those sinister beige cotton Windbreakers.) Like those silly quotes, Gubler's psychiatrist Spencer Reid supplies a veneer of thoughtfulness: He makes scientific-sounding yet incredibly obvious observations such as ''The gun gives him power yet lets him maintain distance.'' (Yes, that's the definition of a firearm, genius.) Paget Brewster (Huff) joined the cast on Nov. 15, replacing Lola Glaudini's hastily written-off Elle Greenaway. Brewster's a snappy actress who may temporarily add some zip before succumbing to the inevitable air of malaise her castmates exude, trapped as they are amid plotline rip-offs of Red Dragon and Saw, reduced to muttering sanctimonies and feigning concern over women-in-jeopardy-in-skimpy-clothes. Yes, Criminal Minds tries mightily to distract, but in the end... oh, what's that quote about lipstick on a pig?
  • series made up of true events portraying the pychological behaviour of criminals.we follow the f.b.i. crime unit as they examine the crime & criminals involved & attempt to solve using modern day forensic evidence & profiling.

    NO!NO!NO!what a shame.the perfect chance to make an excellent television series worthy of attention messed up.maybe i was expecting a little too much.maybe the producers are trying to grab a bigger audience by introducing different elements into the series.
    allow me to explain:
    x-files:started off good,a crime of supernatural occurrences would be reported & a special team would be sent out to investigate.they would appear dressed in black looking mysterious,solve the crime & disappear as quickly as they appeared leaving the viewer with more questions than answers at the end of each episode involving the main characters.but then the producers had to give the main character personality & deception had to be added.good show made rubbish.
    bones:in your face characters,each one possessing the ability to annoy you more than the last.good plot,characters no thank you.
    alot like a joke that you feel you have to explain.
    same can be said for criminal minds.
    excluding the last few episodes from series 1,it looked like a sure fire winner but then they had to go & ruin it all.
    not very good plots,two parters made intentionally to keep the viewers watching.characters wandering off elsewhere.
    i dont bother putting pen to paper to voice my opinion but i do so now because i am utterly disappointed in this show.
    shame really.
  • What a downer !

    Shemar Moore should have stayed on the SOUL TRAIN or the daytime soap operas. The guy always stands around like he's posing for a print ad.

    Thomas Gibson was better on Dharma and Greg; he's much better in comedy.

    How many of these type crime shows are there now? They are all the same and they are all depressing. For shows of this type, at least HACK and THE DISTRICT had interesting and/or likeable characters and they were taken off without notice. To me, this is just another copy-cat crime show about twisted people. There is really little more to say and these final words are just here to get up to the required minimum of 100.
  • The best show, can't even describe just go watch it!

    THE BEST SHOW. Even thought JJ is gone:( It's still pretty good. I am really looking forward to JJ coming back because this new girl sort of annoys me. I got so used to the characters that I felt like I just lost someone really close to me. haha. THiS SHoW WiLL NoT Be REPLaCED By CRiMINAL MiNDS SUSpECT BEHAViOR. I'v seen every episode at least twice because I record them all on every channel. I'm only 14 and most of my friends love pretty little liars, gossip girl, or glee, but I am obsessed with CRiMINAL MiNDS. If they get rid of this show I don't know what I'll do with myself. I got into a honers justice and law class becuase I LEGIT pland to be in the BAU when I grow up. I'v visited UVM and other colleges although I am only in 9th grade because this is my future career. Sorry this was soo long. Haha ok well point is, is that this is the BEST show, and I was JJ back(: hahaha.
    OK. BYE.
  • With shows like this, there's hope for TV yet.

    I've long been fascinated by the science of criminology, and have read more case history books on the subject of serial killers than I can remember. If I were to be invited to match wits with some real life behavioral analysis in an F.B.I. think tank, there's a chance I could give those people a pretty good run for their money. I just love Criminal Minds. This is one of the most unique and fascinating crime dramas ever produced for television. The producers and the writers really did their homework on this one. Smart without being stuffy, great story lines that are just bizarre enough and terrible enough to be believable (truth is stranger than fiction is a major recurring theme in a lot of my own writing)this show has never once let me down. I've never been able to change the channel once on an episode once I've begun to watch it. In this age of mindless reality shows that unfailingly go for the lowest common denominator and consistently insult the intelligence of most viewers, Criminal Minds is such a refreshing and exciting change!
  • i love criminal minds it is the best show on tv

    criminal minds is a great drama i have watched it since i was 6 years old and i still watch it now i really started to like the show when paget came on and when jj left i positive that at least half the people that watch it didn't want her to leave the show my friends hate it when i talk about it because none of my friends like it well at least as much as i do anyway great drama and even great cast to play the parts of the fbi agents of quantico virgina best show ever!!!!!!!
  • Brilliant drama, great suspense, fantastic characters

    Although a lot of my favourite shows are comedies, and despite the dark subject matter, I really enjoy Criminal Minds. The quality of the drama and suspense are better then any other crime drama on television. The characters all seem genuine, with great depth, without needing any unnecessarily extravagent personalities Its always exciting to watch the BAU team use profiling to track down the unsub each episode, being able to tell so much from so little, and the plots always seem to be developed with great intelligence. Some of the psychological insights they are able to gain as they hunt the unsub each episode are fascinating, and episodes are usually brought to a satisfying and fitting conclusion, without the need for cheap action thrills.
  • CBS WRITERS WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU THINKING??? You can't get rid of A.J. Cook! She is an amazing asset to this show and you are blowing it.

    We have been hooked on this show from the beginning, from day one it was amazing! Changing the show for "artistic" reasons is a laugh, network writers haven't figured out what "artistic" really is, you haven't listened to anything the viewers want.

    You are taking away good shows, like Ghost Whisperer and now you are messing with the shows that viewers truly enjoy. Even though I want to support the rest of the cast members, I won't continue to watching this show if you continue to make changes that mess up the ebb and flow of this show's amazing team's chemistry.

    What the heck were you writers thinking about? Toasting J.J. as a budget cut action is a poor way of getting her off. Or is it that A.J. wants more cash for her role? I just saw tonights episode in Ohio and realized she if gone. I feel it was a bad move on the network to write her off and if it was her wanting more money ..... well I guess that is the way the cookie crumbles. I say it is too bad to see her go as she played the nicest "non-cop" on a cop show. Write her back in if you can and A.J., if you left for more bucks.... well good luck. I personally will miss your charming smile on the show. I wish you good luck either way.
  • The righters need to bring back JJ I lover her acting and she brought a great deal to the story. Please pring JJ back it one thing to put in the story if she want off but you wrote it in listen to the people bring JJ back.

    I love Criminal Minds but JJ is missed by many I think you need to bring her back. Its so sad you wrote her out. Please bring her back! I agree with the other actors/actresses that she is unreplaceable. It one thing if the person want to leave the show but to write her out that different. I miss her and the show is way different without her please bring her back. Many others have said the same thing she is so missed and we want to see the show the way it was. I love Criminal Minds w/JJ.
  • I used to consider the show a "10" - but with AJ Cook gone a great deal of the show's cohesiveness is gone!

    Not sure why producers thought this show needed changes...."not broke/don't fix it" With AJ Cook gone the show has lost the glue that helped to keep the group together. And she was a talented and beautiful actress that brought depth and empathy to the role. Unfortunately for the blonde gal they brought in as a replacement character is quite flat in comparison - a shell of the previous character...
    She just isn't connecting. Not sure if the writers aren't giving her any substance, or if she can't act, or if she is supposed to be without expression.....but it's so sad to see such a bad choice made for a great show! POOR Marketing decision...likely reflected in the advertising dollars in the coming season! Too bad....looking for some other show to give my loyalties to if show continues to make poor choices....
  • An entertaining, addicting, and edge of your seat hour of whodunit television.

    This is a good show with a good cast and good writing. I look forward to watching this every week. The battering between the team (unlike NCIS) is of a higher calibur of intelegence that most shows. They are not affraid of getting grusome and gory; yet they do it with a sophistication.

    I would hope that the characters never develop personal, intamate relationships with each other; the flirting, teasing, brother/sister kind of interaction is part of what brings this show into my living room every week.

    I think that they should more explore plots beyond the serial killers; maybe try to tackle some of history's unsolved mysterys, like who shot Kennedy or where's Hoffa...
  • The FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit profilers, lead by Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner,travel the length and breadth of the US assisting local law enforcement officials to identify and apprehend criminals whose very nature makes them defy capture.

    When 'Criminal Minds' first premiered in 2005,with the catchy tagline 'To catch a criminal, you have to think like one', and with well known actors Mandy Patinkin (Agent Jason Gideon) and Thomas Gibson (Agent Aaron Hotchner) in leading roles, the ABC network knew they had a hit on their hands. Add a strong supporting cast and the irresistable element of an elite team of FBI criminal profilers whose job it is to analyze, hunt and capture the worst of the worst, and you have a formula which continues to be fresh and exciting episode after episode. Even the exit of lead actor Patinkin early in the third series did not lessen the appeal of this captivating and realistic drama. Joined by former agent David Rossi,(Joe Mantegna) Hotchner and his team, which also includes Agent Emily Prentiss, (Paget Brewster) Dr. Spenser Reid, (Matthew Gray Gubler) Agent Derek Morgan, (Shemar Moore) Agent Jennifer "J.J" Jareau (A.J.Cook) and quirky Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia, (Kirsten Vangsness) face,on a weekly basis, horrors most of us can only imagine.

    The show is sharp, polished and superbly reasearched. Add to this a stellar cast of guest actors playing the villains and their unfortunate victims, and you have a winner that, heading into its fifth season in 2009, will continue to rate highly and deliver the goods!
  • What make, for me, Criminal Minds an excellent tv show?

    Well, on my opinion, the reasons that make Criminal Minds an excellent tv show (my favourite and probably one of the best criminal shows)are:
    - the unique central subject - whem I first see CM I think "it's a really different show". And it is different of any other tv shows. The subject is dark and deep, it makes us think about the "why?" of certain people make certain acts. I really love psycology;
    - the great characteres - they are fun and smart, they make us feel that victims and killers are real people whit real fellings, they humanize the show (I want JJ back, now!). Aplause for the fantastic cast;
    - the ideal quantities of romance and humor - with a show like that romance and humor are vital. But it's important don't lose the central subject. I think that's visible more in the first 4 seasons but it still is a impression.
    To finish: althought I prefer seasons 1-4, CM is (and will be forever) a great show that I strongly recommend.
  • Fantastic acting, complex and interesting characters, clever and profound scripts and a bunch of talented directors. Plus, you learn a lot! Just perfect.

    A lot of shows featuring teams have let me down lately.
    'House' has become a shadow of itself since the writers decided to focus on the personal issues and relationships of the characters, happily ignoring the medicinal aspect more and more. 'Lost' has ended and can't provide me with complex human relationships anymore.
    'Mad Men' made almost every character more or less inaccessible for me and fired the only character I could relate to and sympathize with after season 3.

    'Criminal Minds', however, is the only show that manages to balance the personal issues and individual character traits of the team members with the work they do - analyzing the deep and many- layered psychology of crimes. And it does so perfectly. It is also one of the few shows out there which don't feel the need to make their characters hook up with each other just because they have great chemistry.

    Instead we have a bunch of highly intelligent, yet flawed, colleagues who happen to form a family at the same time. Delivered by excellent actors (my favourite is Matthew Gray Gubler who has the most unique and expressive style of acting I've ever seen), CM is surely one of the most addictive shows ever.
    I also appreciate that the show has no fear to explore the abysses of the human soul, even though it hurts watching sometimes. People who dislike violence should definitely NOT turn in, but what's the point in making reality look less horrible than it is?
    The world needs no harmless, sweet TV shows anymore.
    'Criminal Minds' is the perfect proof for that.
  • On a scale of 1-10 Criminal Minds is a "100".

    On a scale of 1-10 Criminal Minds is a "100". This is the only prime television show I watch. I own the first 4 Seasons on DVD and can't wait until Season 5 is available. The characters are superb. The actors seem to have the perfect chemistry and the writers are awesome. (I am very sad, however, about A.J. Cook leaving next year.) When the characters and story line of a TV show move you from tears to laughter and from fear to anger, all within a 1-hour episode, "that's just good TV". I give this show five gold stars.
  • The cop show that doesn't focus on evidence to solve a crime, but the actual killer themselves. These agents try to think like killers to catch them.

    I love this show. I think that it perfectly balances the actual murder/solving plot with character interactions. Some cop shows are all about the crime and dont really show us anything with the characters, but some focus entirely on the characters and make the crime just a subplot. I find it hard to get into both of those types of shows because you either can't get attached to a character or you can't really remember what the point of the episode was in the first place. I love how dynamic the team is, with a tough guy cop, skinny braniac, focused boss, and zany computer genius. All of the characters add their own twist to the team and make it fun to watch. Even though some of the crimes are really disturbing, isnt that the point of the show? No one ever said it was supposed to be for the faint of heart. I actually like that it can be dark, because it makes it easier to believe.
  • Criminal Minds Review

    Criminal Minds is a great show! It is by far one of the best thrillers I have ever seen. The actors are great, and the plot is amazing. I just love how it shows you how the victim died in the beginning, just like House when they show you what is wrong with the person. This show has cases so emotional and so complex at times that it just gives me goosebumps. It isn't very hard to understand which is great. The characters speak smartly, they don't just scream the script out and make the viewers follow, they actually lure the viewers in and then talk about the crime, profile the victim, and then do what they can to stop him or his next target. This show is just great a 9.5/10 !
  • Good entertaining, show to watch but when it come to the script it does not compete with Dick Wolf writing.

    It took time to get into Criminal Minds it wasn't a show that jumped out at you and I feel it took time for the writers to develop the characters. Although I enjoy watching the show I do feel the writers haven't decide which direction they want to take show. You have the shows like NCIS and CSI which are a little faecal but the humour and interaction of the characters make the show or you have criminal programmes like Law and Order which are darker and have interesting scripts that will captivate the audience which I feel Criminal minds will struggle to compete with. I have recently got up to date and watched all the series and it was only in series four that I found the characters have fully established and you start to warm to them. The storylines are always hit and miss and some episodes are really far fetched but it must be limiting if you are basing most of the episodes on serial killers and therefore getting the dynamics between the characters right is the only way to move the show forward. Having watched all 5 series now none of the show episodes stay in you head but the characters do, the women and their constant change in hair styles let you know which series you are watching but the winner of how many times you can change your hairs goes to Reid or as I like to refer to him as boy band and he has the right look to fit right in. Morgan is hilarious and if you watch enough of criminal minds you will notice he is always the first one to draw out his gun (that man loves his gun) and always has to make the arrest. I never watched one man jump to the front as much as him. Though I do fine the relationship between him and Grazia a little strange as most people don't call each other baby and baby girl in the office. Hotch is my favourite character, but I was gutted when they killed his wife off. Meredith Monroe played the hard done by wife brilliantly but I feel they should have used her more to make Hotch character more personable as the rest of the team have to stand on egg shells when he around (him being the boss). It's fun to watch him give the team a look now and then whenever they are messing about but it would have been good to have a character that put him back in his box occasional and the wife role would have been fantastic for that but the writers killed her off not sure why even Gibbs and Grisson were know to be in relationships. To sum it all up, the writers need to give up on trying to make the show dark as its just not working but as for entertainment value the show is certainly watchable.
  • Great series that focuses on analyzing the profile of the suspect to find him. The crimes are very gory however, though like I just said, it is not the focus. I like shows that find the bad guys and this one is a great one for that.

    Great series that focuses on analyzing the profile of the unknown suspect in an attempt to locate him/her. The crimes however are very, very gory though like I just said, it is not the focus (in fact, my husband finds the show too gory to watch himself). The profiling process is very, very intriguing to watch. I also think the characters help lend to the success of the show. For the most part I like shows that find the bad guys and this case, I especially enjoy watching the profiling process which is usually a rush against crime - these are usually serial crimes.
  • an intellectually stimulating show with an amazing cast

    Right off the pilot episode, I knew I would support this show. The dynamic characters, intriguing plots and the talent on both the cast and crew gave CM a different atmosphere to other crime fighting show. The action is not so much in the physical sense, although there are a lot of pursuing scenes, but in the decrypting criminal minds. There's also a balance in the characterization of each member of the team -- each his and her own strength and weaknesses, each his and her own story. As for the episodes, although it becomes repetitive, I never felt asking "Another chase-the-serial-killer episode?" cause there's something each episode offers to the viewers that others doesn't.
  • Totally amazing show, very intellectual and intriguing, the BEST on air, bar none!!!!

    Totally amazing show, very intellectual and intriguing, the BEST on air, bar none!!!! I find the characters easy to relate to, they have heart and are not afraid to show it, as well a very intelligent. The show is mind stimulating, you find yourself trying to profile the bad guys along with the cast! Ha! Ha! Extremely entertaining........and I absolutely LOVE all the cast/characters they make the show the HIT that it is!!
    I hope the network keeps this show on the air for a long long time, I think you are all fantastic actors, and your work is amazing!
  • Awesome show....Great Cast!!!

    OMG....I love this show...I love the cast. I watch the same episodes over and over again. I just seen one of the new episodes and started crying because Hotchner's wife Haley got, I'm still crying. I was hoping they would get back together. I wish they would show more new episodes instead of all the old ones. I'm getting tiried of watching the old ones. I rated the show score a 10 because you all deserve it.

    I record the shows so I don't miss anything and I can delete the commercials. Sincerely,
    Debbie Frickey
  • Brilliant show! Constantly reels you in with brilliant story lines, amazing characters and creepy serial killers.

    I am a huge fan of this show. I first began watching it on and off as it clashed with a previous show I liked watching. After a while, my best friend (who is hooked) convinced me of how amazing it was so I began from the start. What first got me were the amazing quotes - I love them! I always love quoting people, about life, and other general things.
    Then the characters - the team - they were great! You see them all grow together and become hooked on each of them. Each character is unique in their own way.
    My first shock was when they got rid of Elle Greenaway - I really really liked her. And then Gideon the season after. I was a little disappointed with the characters leaving but at the same time, the show had so many that I continued to watch. Rossi and Prentiss quickly made their mark and became liked.
    From season 3 onwards, I kept finding myself wondering "how can they top that crazy serial killer from that episode?" - and then they do! Again and again, they delivered brilliant stories and it kept me loving it.
    I've since watched up until the current season and latest episode. And this latest episode with JJ's departure (sorry for the spoiler if people read this before watching the show), was emotional. She has been absolutely amazing and one of my favourite characters (alongside Spencer Reid).
    The only other episode that was up there with the level of emotion as JJs departure was episode "100". These are the only two episodes that really brought tears to my eyes. But JJs has the worst impact.
    A brilliant show - I'm hooked and have already gone back to start watching from season one again. However, I'm confused as to where CBS will take the show without JJ.
  • my husband i watch this show wheter it be new ones or reruns,great cast works so well together, great chemistry.wouldnt change a thing and keep them coming id be so lost without your show!!!!

    cant choose who is my favorite character they are so wonderful together.penelope,smart and funny,reed, so smart,shemar, caring and so cool,jj,tough but soft,elle, tough and full of spunk,then you got the pros, the two that keeps everyone in ine with a caring tone and tough love but with understanding and a strong rule of the hand.dont change a thing makes me want to be in the forensics field,but ae does matter in this world and 43 is a little hard to start over, but if i could thats what i would do,inspirational show.makes you see the good thru the bad things.
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