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  • Does everyone think this is a comedy?

    Another exploitation of a modern mania. Paranoia, or rather a unique sort of officially-dependent misanthropy is deliberately proliferated by this program by means of some serious wikipedia copying and pasting (of the 'Big Bang Theory' variety). The majority of the show's content can be categorized into two segments: the first is the 'look on and be amazed by the unlimited abundance of information our characters can flawlessly summon forth!' effect. This effect emphasizes the authority of the characters for the purpose of optimizing the impact of the second segment; the 'judgement'. These implied defamations of basic stereotypical models usually take the form of contemporary slang ('scumbag'). This casual format works to bring the average viewer, who was before somewhat alienated by all that sciency mumbo jumbo, into cahoots with the super-investigators, so that now the viewer feels that he/she is not some ignorant couch accessory, but a respected apprentice whose knowledge and experience is such that one needs not speak down to them. Now that the laymen have been established as empowered (also ego-vested/complacent) passengers of the Mystery Mobile, they are ready to face and demask all those ghouls and goblins of the world. What before was a boogey man hidden beneathe the bed, is now seen to be but a sad little pedaphile who, himself, was molested by his grandfather, oh, and on christmas, oh yeah and in front of his whole family... who were laughing, and, and they all molested him too! And then they all commited suicide, while laughing and molesting him. See, that right there is Criminal Mind GOLD! But no need to worry. Our faithful team of government employees is here to help protect us innocent PTA members from that writhing mass of terror scratching constantly at our windows. On a serious note, however, I must say that I believe this show and many other forms of media sharing in its business ethics and philosophy are, even now, proving greatly detrimental to the state of mental health in our society. You think that is a little overboard, but I would encourage you to look at the ratings these shows get. Every bit of stimuli the human mind receives is a drop in the bucket, and modern media has devoted itself to concentrating its drops as much as possible. If ever you are in wonder about the causes of the epidemic of antipathy and contempt we now see manifesting itself via physical violence (in the physically minded) or by suicide (in the introvert), perhaps you might then look into the impact stimuli like these massively broadcast messages can have.
  • WOW Show...!!!

    I love criminal minds.

    I never miss watching this show even the re runs.

    Thank you for bringing back JJ Cook.

    To me, criminal minds is not complete with out her.

    I like the way she acts...very natural/very pretty.

    My other favorite is Thomas Gibson.

    He is very smart and very handsome.
  • Q? What ever happened to the storyline of Rieds headaches?

    Just wondering if anybody else noticed the dropping of Rieds persistent headache line??
  • An intelligent show about people – good people, bad people and real people. And, sometimes, people who are a combination of all three.

    An expert combination of casting, writing and directing makes Criminal Minds the best show on television today. The actors chosen for the close BAU team, and the characters that make up that team, are very appealing. Yes, they’re all “pretty,” but even more than that, the characters and their relationship with each other draw us in – they make us care. The best plotted story will fall flat if the character interactions seem forced or unrealistic. That doesn’t happen on CM. The show’s engineer, Ed Bernero, knew what he was doing when he conceived of this team as a family – mother, father, sisters, brothers, even a crazy aunt who hangs around on the edges. And he gave them puzzles to solve and dragons to fight and a round table around which to discuss their cases. Brilliant!

    And the cases – wow – taken directly from life too often to be entirely comfortable. Real criminals really do these kinds of things to people just like us. And there are real BAU Agents out there figuring it all out to try to keep us safe. These stories aren’t about the fibers and the fingerprints, these guys collect emotions, personalities and delusions, and give us fascinating insight into the rationales of these dark minds. And they do it without making these “skeevy pervs,” as Garcia would say, into some kind of rock stars. Our heroes are clearly the heroes, here, and in a day of too much gray blurring into my black and white, that is refreshing indeed.

    But, even while saying that, our heroes are not one dimensional, white-hatted, paper-doll champions who always save the day, save the child and walk away with their happy families into the sunset. They are just flawed enough, just damaged enough, and just inadequate enough to seem real. Sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes they are shallow, and selfish, and slow on the uptake, just like real people would be. And their jobs take a bite out of their personal lives, but the viewers aren’t hit over the head with it in every single episode.

    The ensemble cast, the powerful writing and the excellent innovative concept make this show original and satisfying. As long as it continues along this path, this show could be around for a long time. (I hope!)
  • Name of last night episode of Criminal minds

    Can anybody tell me what is the name of criminal minds episode at 01/29/12 10:30pm?
  • I love this show

    This is the only crime show I love. The writing's good, the characters are 3 dimensional, and it keeps you in suspense. My favourite character is Spencer Reid, he's smart, brave, caring, handsome. I had (and still a liitle) a huge crush on him back in middle school.
  • reason why i watch

    i cant stop watching criminals i have to watch about 2 a day i blame reid and penalope and the newer episodes are better then older :P
  • What Does The BAU Really Do and How Much Does Criminal Minds Sice Up?

    Check out my article on what the real BAU does and what Criminal Minds sices up at link below...

    Btw I love the show! I just wanted to know what was a sice up. CHECK IT OUT!
  • No place like home.

    More of a question:

    Who decided to use Enid, Oklahoma in the episode of No Place Like Home?

    Would one of the writer's have lived in Enid, Oklahoma?

    I live in Enid, Oklahoma so the episode was extra intersting do to the town they used. Would like to hear information regarding this.

    Thank you,

    Linda E.
  • the BEST crime drama and show EVER!

    I am OBSESSED with this show, and I mean obsessed.... I watch ever episode on tv even if it makes me stay up all night. I LOVE the new episodes even better than the previous seasons! They make me... My life is basically revoloved around this show, and pathetic that sounds... I will try to watch every episode that is on that night. I am a sports freak, so I don't always get to watch them. This show is amazing, and I hope that CBS NEVER gets rid of it, or I will be VERY upset! Derek Morgan is my teenage cruch, and I love him! J.J is just sooo pretty, along with Emily and Garcia. I love ALL of the actors and producers! They are just amazing! The producers make a spine chilling show, but it isn't too overwhelming! Overall, just amazing!
  • Awesome!

    I've watched CM since it started airing in Sweden, but I was 16 (four yrs ago) when I first watched the whole first season. I got addicted immediately, the show has it all! Crime, relationships, drama (been crying my eyes out to more than one ep!) and humour (we all remember the epic Reid quote; "This is calm, and it's doctor"), and some horror! I find the series both entertaining and informative and I've gotten into a lot of real cases in crime-history... Dr Reid is my teenage crush and Garcia is the cutest.
  • I <3 CM

    WOOHOO <3 CM and REID and GARCIA!!!!!!!!! if they kick them of im just gonna stop watchin so they better not -____-
  • Criminal Minds

    A great show, I just love the thrill and drama. Always look forward to watching the new episodes.
  • review of kiwiagogo"s review

    regarding the review posted by kiwiagogo ... what time warp is this person in ... "agogo" ... doesn't that date back to the 1960s ... must be watching "dragnet" on "retro tv" as a point of comparison with "criminal minds" ... ah well, intelligence does elude some ...
  • yay =]

    i started watching this show cause my friend was taking about the episode: the fight, with the dude fighting and killing homeless dudes or his daughter dies. I was so interested so i checked it out, and i love it. the characters are awesome, another thing is that almost all shows have some love story which annoys me a lot and criminal minds does not focus on that, so watch it!!! =]
  • Criminal Minds is one of the most interesting, inspiring shows on modern television. It follows an FBI BAU team as they travel cross country to assist in a series of beautifully thought out and poignantly executed crimes.


    Criminal Minds was one of the first shows to really interest and amaze me. Through its seven season it has managed to create characters who are both deeply developed and incredibly real. Each episode revolves around a different crime, with each aspect being thoroughly fleshed out through the investigation of the shows leads. The plots are rarely rehashed and the episodes hardly ever uninteresting, with even the most mundane crimes having brilliant cinematic execution. This is not to say that there are no underwhelming episodes, but as with any good show, the good greatly out weighs the bad. Criminal Minds is a show worth watching if there ever was one.

  • One terrific show!


    Criminal Minds is one terrific show, with one terrific cast and crew. The show is on it's 7th season, but unlike other crime shows out there, CM keeps it fresh. They have not concentrated much on the main characters' personal lives, keeping them highly professional. No gimmicks have been needed. The cases are very different and the locations too. That alone keeps the show fresh.

  • Spencer


    Is it just me or could Spencer easily be a top model, he has that lovely geek sheek about him. I think he plays the part fantabulously too. I honestly believe that without him in it the show would not work. Im still debating with myself on long hair or short - today im thinking long. I admit to having a small crush on him - shame im prob old enuf to be his mother lol

  • Absolutely fantasic, the best show on tv.


    Criminal mindes is captivating, thrilling, and most of all realistic. every single character is rich and deeply evolved. there is never a dull moment, always on the edge of our seats. the show is still surprising, shocking and emotionally draining after so many seasons. never lost it's edge.

  • One of the best criminal detective shows ever made. Of all the shows of this genre, this one was more depth, more intense, and really was addicting at times. Unfortunately though, this show has lost alot of its luster over th

    This show was more than just your usual police investigate murder, detective solve and then arrest criminal cliche.

    This show showed you why a criminal did what he did, what was he thought process, ect. And to be honest, I loved that of idea of learning why evil people do what they do. The only thing I wish was the FBI agents could've done more was beat the crap outta more of the villains. Some of them were so vile, it made your blood boil at times how cruel they could be.

    Anyway, this show had one of the best cast of character I've ever seen. From the intense, yet soft Hotch, the mild mannered team guru, Rossi, the FBI tough guy Morgan, the braniac Reid, even to the bizarre, but somewhat lovable Penelope. It was a group of character that were very interesting to watch.

    Even the villains on the show were very intriguing to watch at times as well. But I think most would agree that none blew your mind than George Foyet, AKA, the Reaper. This guy took the term, serial killer, to a whole new level. No other villain was more vile, more cold, more depraved. Just a villain who almost was like a machine in terms of being a monster. And, I don't think anyone will ever forget the epic episode where he and Hotch finally had their showdown, with Hotch coming out on top, but not without suffering a heavy price in the process, losing his wife. That episode just left me breathless, even teary eyed. Such a masterpiece.

    Unfortunately though, after that episode ran, the series began to lose its luster. Killing off the Reaper instead of saving him from for the series finale was a bad move IMHO. To make matters worse, the 6th season was its most tumultuous of its entirety While its theme song improved, the character turnover really began to leave me feeling empty. I mean, I was able to handle Gideon and Elle leave the show, but not AJ and Emily. The fact both of them left in the exact season was a indicator to me this show may not much time left.

    Don't get me wrong, this show will always be my favorite, but only from seasons 1-5. Season 6 and on, it just doesn't have the same feeling much anymore. A series cannot keep changing its cast so much and not suffer some fan withdrawal. We get attached to certain characters, and the fact they leave the show abruptly is really disappointing, even sad.

    So anyway, to wrap this up. Criminal Minds is a really cool show, but their worst enemy seems to be themselves I hate to say. Who's to say Hotch, Reid and Morgan won't be the next to leave?
  • The show that keeps me hooked

    I think the largest testament to this show is that despite all the cast changes from actors leaving willingly to being fired by execs, the writers have still managed to consistently produce an excellent show for six years.

    I fall into the large group of rabid fangirls LOVING our dear Dr Spencer Reid/MGG more than is emotionally healthy, Hotch comes in second. No other show I have ever watched has been able to churn out episodes as tremendously ... EPIC! as CM's Big Game/Revelations, Nameless/Faceless, 100, North Mammon and The Tribe to name a shamless few. Some of the greatest examples of TV in the last few decades IMO.

    I really hope that this show and all the cast members (including Prentiss and JJ and maybe excluding Seaver) live on for a very, very long time.
  • Best Crime Drama out there right now

    I have to say that I never got hooked onto Criminal Minds when it first came out. TV was too crammed with nothing but the same Medical Dramas and Crime shows. I couldn't any more CSI, Cold Case, NYPD Blue and so on and so forth. All the same Cop drama day in and day out.

    What got me hooked on CM is the mix of characters and story lines. The writers of this show are AMAZING! They keep the story lines fresh and develop such real and interesting ( and many times PSYCHO) killers that it keeps you wanting to watch more and more and see who the next criminal is going to be! The show keeps you hooked from one episode to the other. Now granted some of the story lines aren't the best and some episode do tend to drag on, but all in all I think this is a fantastic show and I have a special place in my heart for DR. Reed.....sigh
  • Wow..I just love watching Criminal Minds because it help me alot in thinking how people are in this world, I mean not everyone is a bad person but you just have to be-careful who talk to or go with..


    I hope you guys keep doing the show.... because I know it will help lots people , just like it help me... it is a great show and hope that it will never come out the air.. I know is a little bloody and scary sometimes but that whats it make the show realistic and it keep me in the edge of my seat, just waiting for FBI to catch the killers lol these people are really crazy in the head I mean the but as I watch the show it makes understanding why they are like that..and it make understand people is a really great show to watch, there's no other show like this one..what else can I say , that you people are doing a great job.. and I hope to see some new episodes soon.. I hope they are good as the last episodes ...thank you and have a nice day..

  • This show is amazing!


    Like I said before, this show is amazing! Criminal Minds is intriguing and interesting, and like the team is able to get in the heads of the unsubs, Criminal Minds is able to get into the heads of its viewers. I absolutely love this show and I'm very glad to see that Paget Brewster and A.J. are back. The show wasn't the same without them and I'm sure that season 7 will be nothing but great episodes!

  • Focus on the criminal, not the crime. Criminal Minds is a scintillating series that explores the way criminals operate - what they feel and believe - and this becomes an essential tool in capturing them.

    Criminal Minds is clearly one of my favorite shows, alongside a few others. The aspect of profiling a criminal and putting a stop to the crime based on the criminal, and not the crime in itself is unique to this series.

    The cast in this show is sublime. Kirsten Vangsness (who portrays Penelope Garcia) is a really awesome character, who can put a smile on your facee, even when you are watching heinous crimes unfold.

    Shemar Moore (who portrays Derek Morgan) is a very itneresting character. He is very likeable and both strong and quite smart.

    Matthew Gray Gubler (who portrrays Spencer Reid) is really something special. He is basically a genius, and his interactions with other members of the team is often quite hilarious!

    Paget Brewster (who portrays Emily Prentiss) is also very likeable. She fits in well, and was a great addition to the team in Season 2.

    My personal favorite character was Jennifer Jareau (portrayed by A.J. Cook). She recently left the team, but was a really loveable character, who recently became a mother.

    Aside from the cast, 95% of the cases that this show delivers are phenomenal. The other 5% are alsogreat cases, just a tad worse than the others. The cases are unique from week to week, as each episode features a killer who does something you wouldn't normally expect.

    The show also covers many different types of crimes, which is something that I really enjoy. Bombings, sexual offenders, arsonists, kidnappers and my personal favorite, bioweapon-makers, are just a few of the multiple types of criminals that this show deals with!

    This is one amazing show, and I can not urge you enough to watch it! It is honestly like a piece of art, and I love this show to death!
  • An amazing show, filled with suspense, horror and hope.

    While the last season might have has more downs than ups, it is still top notch in my books. In the week of April 16th across the world you could see Criminal Minds fans smiling because one of the members was returning. If us fans weren't so *cough* sophisticated, we would have been doing cartwheels down the street. Why? Because through the 6 seasons that criminal minds has aired we have grown to love the BAU family. Even Wednesday our evenings are a bit happier because familiar faces appear on the screen, and each week we grow a little closer to them. With the genius Dr. Reid, bubbly Garcia, flirtatious Morgan, secretive Hotchner, sensitive and strong JJ that we have been graced with since season 1 and kick-a$$ Prentiss joining us in season 2 and playboy Rossi coming in season 3 we have seen what seven amazing actors thrown into one show can do. Amaze us. Of course "the powers that be" messed up the cast a bit, forcing JJ to take a "promotion" and making Prentiss "die" and the amazingness of the show could be in jeopardy. But with JJ returning and Prentiss possibly, there is no doubt in my mind that Criminal Minds will thrive for years to come.
  • To The Real Fans of CM

    This is the best crime show. That's my opinion.

    But guys: please stop with this «bring JJ back», «bring Emily back» and the other «don't let Hotch or Morgan go» moaning.

    As we've learned in the previous episode, JJ is coming back. But for the rest, please be loyal to the show AND the cast. So, stop blackmailing the producers with sentences like «When Hotch goes, I won't watch anymore».
    This is just childish.

    As I said before: we should be loyal to the show, not just single charcters.
    YES, Hotch and Morgan are essential characters...but that's life. If Thomas and Shemar leave (wheter they want to or the have to), we should at least give the show a chance and see how it works.
    When Gideon left, the earth didn't collapse, did it?

    And we also should be loyal to the cast like Thomas who maybe would like to play once again a character who may smile from time to time.

    If Shemar would get an offer for a James Bond - we should let him go to develop himself, shouldn't we?

    Once again: yes, splitting the cast of this show would hurt all of us CM fans, but maybe it's a chance for the actors not to get stuck into one character until they die.

    CM has been loyal to us, let's be loyal to them...
  • why I seldom watch anymore

    I loved the show when JJ and Emily were on it, when you took them off it lost its heart. If they come back I'll start watching again. JJ was sort of like the mother hen and Emily has done a superb job since day 1, I never cared for the first lady that was on, but I've always like Emily, and I'd really like it if you would show JJ's husband and son every once in a while. Besides these two the rest of the cast are also irreplacable. PLEASE bring the family back together again so I don't have to watch cartoons with my grandson on Wednesday nights.
  • best show on tv

    totally agree that people dont make a show storylines directors and acting do , so as long as good actors are replaced with good actors not a problem. I do hope they dont go too gruesome as i enjoy the fact that most of the violence potrayed is not shown and is psychological which gives it more edge. keep up the good work with the plots and it cant go wrong
  • I love this show but please bring back Emily & JJ

    I have watched Criminal Minds since it first aired and I love it. But, I do not like changing the characters that we have come to love. It has not been the same since JJ and Emily left. If more of the original cast is cut I don't think the show will survive. I especially would like to see JJ and Emily come back. I don't know why they have left but it is not as good without them. I'm not sure why there is a 100 word minimum because I have said all I have to say about that.
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