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  • Way too much Morgan!

    Too much Morgan on every episode. He is always the one having too much roles and the one arresting while other group end up somewhere else!! Just tired of Morgan!!! Too much of him!!!
  • Love it so far

    I have only just started watching Criminal Minds and currently on season 3. Loving it so far! There hasnt been many, if any episodes, that i didnt like. Love the characters and their individual development and character backgrounds. My favourite character would have to be Morgan or Penelope!
  • MGG's contract

    MGG's contract will be up after season nine. Will his contract be renewed? I sure hope so.

    Oh, and by the way, enough about bionic JJ. It seems that season nine wasn't Criminal Minds but "The JJ Show and Those Other Guys That Are Just Standing
  • Very enjoyable until series 7

    Why oh why oh why did they have to bring Prentiss back? She has to be the most annoying, ,

    Misplaced, badly acted character I've ever endured.

    I'm sure she's still lying, and will betray rhe team again, or put herself first and get someone killed, if we get really lucky maybe she'lll get dead again and stay dead

    I'm also sick of hearing freakshow Penelope endlessly remind ufs (or herself?) how wonderful and indespensable she is.

    Rant over.

    It's still a great show though and the rest of the characters are really entertaining, ...
  • Please change the vehicle

    No matter where the team lands to investigate a crime, they have the same SUV.
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  • Still a "Mind"-bending fave of mine!

    I've watched from the beginning! Love the characters. Morgan and Penelope's flirty, friend-zone thing is refreshing! And, of course, you gotta love doesn't wish they could have an eidetic memory! Most of us struggle to remember what day of the week it is! However, they do need to decide whether Prentiss is a "now you see me" or a "now you don't"! See ya next time!
  • all or most

    The character of Emily really added to the shows. Try the character again if possible full time.
  • gotta love reid

    Im on to season 6 they only have upto season 4 on netflix so had to download the rest.

    Love the storylines and characters are so likeable
  • Triplehorn still sucking the oxygen out of every scene she is in.

    It was wonderful seeing Paget last week so going back to the Triplehorn thing was just too painful this week.. I think the Triplehorn character is out of sinc with the show. Not a good fit. Either her character is dead and the writers need to fix this or she is not up for this role. I have watched this show for years but the episodes that feature her character are too painful to slog through, I just don't care about this character or lack of one. Sorry Jean
  • Tradeing up- Love Blake

    Jeanne Tripplehorn is my favorite of all the female dark haired agents. I have watched this show from the beginning and she is the most believable. The character she portrays dominates over her looks which have been so distracting in the previous agents, although I like that her intelligent look gives the character dimension. I was ready for another character that I had to tolerate because I like the show, but I gave her a chance and love the character Blake. Looking back at her career, it is interesting that she is prettier as she ages! Always love Shemar!
  • Addiction comes naturally...

    I was never stuck with a series, never followed one, until I watched the 1st episode of CM. Since then I'm the biggest and most loyal fan. I never schedule anything the day of each show. It's interesting, educative, smart, with a constant development, brilliant, mind blowing! I love each and every one of all characters, so different and yet so amazing. Everyone gives their personal touch to this show. I wish it will continue for many more years.
  • Best Show Ever

    I can't help loving it. Despised all the switches in the characters, the deaths and joys, the love and hate on the show. Not the biggest fan go Tripplehorn, but she is loads better than rogue Lola Glaudini. The only thing I would have liked to see more of is those prison interviews directly with the serial killers. They say they keep profiles on file, and that they study the serial killers. I would like to see more bat that! But as always LOVE on the tvscreen for me!

  • Still hooked...

    I still like most of the stories (Although I wonder why some people complains about the gore, since this show is about rather bizarre crimes), and I learnt to accept that some characters are gone for good, and some new ones are here to stay. Still, I wish the cast would get smaller. I don't get the need to increase the cast all the time, because that means even less screen time for former main characters. I also wish Garcia wouldn't present the cases, since she is ok but in smaller doses, and as long as she doesn't make those awful out-of-lie comments, and I wish JJ wouldn't become a 'profiler', since I find her rather boring. I am worried that the 200 episode will be another family drama as the ending of season seven. I which her family was given the biggest spot and two annoying episodes to resolve the situation. I wish the original main characters (Hotch, Morgan and Reid) would get more screen time. Sometimes, specially with Hotch and Reid, you can barely tell what they did in the episodes.
  • Best Show Around

    I really love this show. I have all the seasons up to eight. I love the clues and pieces that the team has to put together to complete the puzzle. I like Agent Blake but I hate how Agent Prentiss is gone. I really dislike how the killed Meave. I was like really? Agent Reid has so much stuff going on in his life and they just BAM! kill his one lover. It irks me. I really do like this show, though. It is amazing.
  • crminal minds love this show

    i love the whole cast and I look forward to seeing esai morales. The only character on this show that I hate is agent blake. I would like to see love interest for dr reid and david rossi. Kill off agent blake and explore all characters back story.
  • Getting better with age, like fine wine!

    Jus finished watching "Bully". Can't believe after l these year of not missing an episode, the can still write moving personal stories. I love all the cast and miss the old ones who've left. Keep up the great work.
  • okay- not a fan yet

    am new to the show, in season 2 now, the stories are usually good, sometimes a bit predictable, other times very unbelievable and too far fetched, but the cast for me makes the show so far, I like them all with the exception of Elle..

    but the use of the word un-sub many times in every episode is becoming annoying, distracting and weird...

    I hope they stop that very, very annoying!!!!!!!!!!!

    at first I had to google it to find out what the hell they were talking about and now it is just annoying, how many times can we use that word in one episode?

    MISS YOU!!!!! Dynamics/family not the same. Quality and entertainment value, not even close?

    TRIPLEHORNE not even a near fit!!! DISTRACTION ABSOLUTELY!!! I've always so loved Criminal Minds and have been a fan for always. However, I cannot now say forever.

  • Still Hooked!

    Have been a fan since the beginning, and even watch all the re-runs, but I find I'm still having a hard time with 'Prentice" gone. There was a dynamic with her that no longer exists with Alex Blake. It kind of leaves somewhat of a void. Though Blake is a good actress, she seems to be in sort of a vacuum on the show. So glad the show is still going. Quality shows seem to be diminishing, or maybe it's just my age showing.
  • One Angry Man

    I have been a devoted fan of Criminal Minds since season one, episode one. I have endured Emily leaving, Emily coming back, and Emily leaving again. Same with . I have watched Charles Foyet nearly kill Hotch and finally, kill Haley. And finally, i have lived through Reid's hairstyles (too numerous to count). I always enjoy the show but recently I have found it to be very formulaic, that is, until this week.

    Strange Fruit, this week's episode hit it out of the park (baseball pun intended). The episode focused on Charles Johnson (Glynn Turman), an African American man tormented by a racially charged incident in the 1960's. While Reid and Blake are supervising the discovery of bodies buried on the Johnsons' suburban Virginia property, the rest of the BAU gang are back at headquarters in Quantico trying to get to the bottom of things.

    One by one, the BAU team questions Tina Johnson (L. Scott Caldwell from Lost), Lyle Johnson (Seth Gilliam from The Wire) and Charles. Through these interviews they determine that Charles is probably the perpetrator and the rest of the episode focuses on an interrogation of Charles carried out by David Rossi (Joe Mantegna). The dialog and byplay during this segment was electrifying. It reminded me of the classic play and movie 12 Angry Men (hence the title of my review). When Charles proves to be a more than formidable adversary, Rossi is reduced to revealing an incident in ninth grade when his older baseball teammates force him to shove a smaller black teammate into a locker and then urinate on him. Yuck! While this is going on, the other BAU team members are watching from the observation room. Derek Morgan can't believe what he's hearing and it takes all of his willpower not to disrupt the interview. The great thing is the story is not a ploy, it actually happened.

    We finally learn that a female classmate of Charles' lied about being raped so that she wouldn't be punished for staying out past curfew. When her cement head half-brother and his gang find out about the accusation, they drag Charles off the street, take him t the woods, hang him from a tree and castrate him. His murder spree over the next forty years is fueled by the hatred he feels.

    I know it must be difficult for a procedural show like Criminal Minds to maintain its quality over 8+ seasons. Strange Fruit is an example of how being a dedicated fan pays off your loyalty. It was great TV and I can't wait to watch it again.
  • No love interest for Morgan?

    Come on, after watching this show for nearly 9 season and Derek Morgan does not have a love interest? Is or what? I mean, look at it: Hotch had Haley at first and after she died, he managed to find time between Jack and his soccer games, his work and being out on the field, he dated Beth Clemmons. He was never even late for a date with her!

    Dave Rossi had Strauss albeit for a short tragic time. boy genus, the nerd of the team even had a couple; Leila and Maeve, although the last was sad.

    JJ has Will.

    Penelope has Kevin Lynch

    Even when Emily was around she had dated, when she started with the told Morgan of her failed date.

    He's supposed to be the Chocolate God! for goodness sakes'! I can't believe unless the writers had something against him having a girlfriend????
  • Criminal Minds needs help with their psychological consultants

    I really like criminal minds but there are so many inaccuracies about the psychological aspects of their show. I assume that these programs hire consultants to assist them in portraying their subject matter in an appropriate way. By not doing so, some people watching are misled into believing certain facts that are untrue. This is, of course, a fictional drama but even in fiction, there should be some fact especially about specific references.
  • Alex Blake spoils the show

    I have been watching criminal minds. Its really good serial. But I really dont like Alex Blakes character. She looks really funny and fake when she holds the gun and also her lines are actually than her, this show is really good.
  • penelope is getting tiresome

    I really like CM. it has been a favorite of mine almost since the beginning and I have seen every episode, most several times. but lately I have been finding the show tiresome, especially the pseudo-funny, cutesy-pie, puppy-love banter between Morgan and Garcia. the "baby girl" thing is wearing a little thin as well as her endless self-aggrandizing descriptions of herself--always in the ridiculously superlative.. does she really have to refer to herself as a Lamborghini for goodness sake? the other team members make mistakes but she is always perfect and super-human. a case in point was the two-part terrorism in New York episodes from seasons 3 and 4. at one point she states that from midafternoon to dark (approx. 4 hours) she personally watched 4468 video surveillance cameras. this would mean 18 videos a minute or about one video every 3 seconds! also,can't other team members who are more focused and professional than Morgan call her sometimes? then, can't she be a little more realistic? it's kind of ridiculous for her to type about six keystrokes and come up with a complete dossier on someone in two seconds including their current hair color, ninth grade GPA, blood type, how many times they've been to church in the last ten years, and age when they lost their virginity. it's absurd that she always, always gets her own way on everything, especially snooping on the other team members private lives. I think the show was more realistic and less predictable (a good thing) the first season or two when Garcia had a lesser and more realistic role. having said all that, I think Kirsten herself is a very talented actor. she has made the quirky role her own, down to the smallest details. too bad the writers have deified her, it's still a terrific show though (in spite of the addition of the utterly bland Jeanne Tripplehorn) and i'm thrilled that it's back for a ninth season. I will be glued to the TV every Wednesday night and just try to put up with the god-like Garcia as she hands the tablets to Moses each week. I suspect I need to get used to this because soon the cast will be reduced to just Morgan and Garcia--Garcia to solve the case and Morgan to kick down the doors and put on the handcuffs! sorry this took so long but I feel better getting this off my chest!

    uh oh. just watched 'to bear witness', the 4th episode of season 9, and I'm starting to get worried. one of the things that's made CM so good for the first 8 years was that each episode had a clear beginning and an end--with a story that built in tension and suspense nearly always leading to an explosive climax--many times with surprises and twists thrown in to keep you guessing. 'Minimal Loss' was a great example of building suspense. 'Demonology' was eerie but written and acted so well that it had my skin crawling with the essence of evil, yet at the end, I wasn't sure if the evil was the renegade priest or the Devil himself and I think they wrote it that way. my personal favorite, 'The Fisher King' was a classic example of this format--the intertwining of mystery, growing suspense, tension and malice. there was horror and even a certain bizarreness, such as 'Masterpiece', but they always supported the story. this one tonight was just plain weird, period! there was almost no plot and the ending was totally anticlimactic. and the new section chief seems like a really pallid character. please bring back the old writers before this beloved series is ruined!
  • Honest reviews of shows from a normal human

  • Great Show/disturbing subject

    LOVE the show and cast has great chemistry! Hope they can keep it going! We just don't understand the need for the subject matter. At night we like to watch something entertaining, funny, a twist, but certainly not about someone chewing peoples body parts, hurting kids, or horrible things you can do to the human body. Who thinks of this stuff? Disturbing! Hope they can somewhat "normalize" their subject matter or my husband and I are out. Shame because we love the cast. It's that which the show should be based on.
  • It was pretty "criminal"

    I've been a fan of the show since the beginning, but this 2-part season opener was the weakest, most poorly-written ever. If they can't pick things up (it looks like a former character may be coming back in a different role), the "shark" may be on the horizon, unfortunately.
  • Once a favourite, continues to decline

    I stopped watching regularly maybe two years or so ago and saw fewer than half the episodes last season. The major issue for me is the ''leaps of deduction'' - scenes (usually about two-thirds of the way through) in which they arrive at the final conclusion via a ridiculously few lines of dialogue. We, the audience, tend to accept this because it confirms what we already know. It just seems that the writers stopped trying and now depend soley on the audience's suspension of disbelief. Don't recall it being so hokey earlier on.

    Garcia continues to do too much with too few keystrokes, but that used to be tolerable within the general quality of the show. Now, not so much. Also, the Garcia/Morgan banter annoys more than amuses. (However, the overall chemistry between the characters remains

    All that said, I watched the season premiere thinking they might pull it together for the opener but... no dice.

  • Surprised

    There are still many people watching this!

    C'mon. This show has become just a narcist black guy's door kicking show. It has been a crime-taste's comedy drama and not a crime drama after S5.

    And Season 9 is just all about Morgan and JJ I heard. What can we expect? Boring, boring. yawn
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