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  • x ... Hewitt sucks

    Great show, absolutely hate Jennifer love Hewitt terrible actress, only thing she adds is as set of fake tatas and that's it. Anyone would be a better pick all I can say is another Kate needs to die on the show
  • God awful hair style on Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Like the show, I'm a late comer with it, trying to watch some older ones to get the feel of the show. Love Garcia and the rest of the cast.

    Now seeing this Jennifer Love Hewitt with the " I got my hair stuck in a blender" hair style, not a good addition to the show. Can't be taken seriously with her past performances. BLAH
  • Terrible Decision - JLH

    Adding Jennifer Love Hewitt to the cast is a terrible decision; I believe the producers could have hired any other actress, and they would have be a better choice than her. Please fire her it will be brutal to watch as she takes down the show.
  • Let Reid get his true props

    It seems Matthew Gray Gubler has some extremely dedicated fans. I'm one of them. Dr. Reid is my favorite character. I noticed that whenever I look at the page for an individual episode that Spencer has several hundred (over a thousand in some cases) votes as the Episode MVP. I love him too, but I don't think this does him any justice. It is an ensemble cast. Ensemble cast shows don't work if the same character is the "MVP" of every episode. I say vote objectively. Then the episodes where he really shines such as "The Instincts" or (2 parter) "The Big Game" "Revelations" will stand out. As it is it his votes can be objectively dismissed as they were given not for his performance in that episode, but because he appeals to the fan base that votes most often here. This will make me vulnerable to a lot of people hating me for pointing this out. Just keep in mind I say this because I love Reid.

    Update: I knew when I wrote this that I would be upsetting many Reid fans, and there are a lot of them on this site. So a few people seem to understand I wrote this as a fellow fan. Judging from the response more believe I've slighted the great MGG aka Dr. Reid in some way. I would like to iterate that I love Reid. He's more than brilliant. I simply don't think it does him justice to make him MVP by hundreds of votes on every episode. It makes it impossible to know what episodes he stands out as best more than usual. So thumbs up or down, I stand behind my hypothesis. Voting for Reid as MVP in every episode tells CBS that fans subjectively voted for their favorite actor, and the youngest therefore the one most popular with subscribers. It doesn't tell them that he's the cast MVP with the full fan base (most of whom are not represented here) of Criminal Minds. Why not just write a review about why Reid is the MVP of every episode deserving hundreds more votes than other cast members? Explain what good that does for MGG and the show. I'm curious to hear your opinion, and it requires more thought than a click on a downward thumb.

  • best show on tv

    enjoy watching CM, one of the best show on tv. Love the cast. But still want some characters to be developeed like Garcia and Hotch, really miss them last 2 seasons. And JJ less arrogant, miss JJ /garcia frienship. Love Garcia interacting with the team, and going out with them to different places. I miss Garcia and Morgan flirting also. Hope season 10 isn't about JJ and the new agent, but the team. Love how Garcia presents the cases. There can never be enought of Garcia Rossi Hotch and Reid
  • Same Tired Plot

    This show needs some new writers. The plot this last season was the same in every episode. One would know the eventual outcome of the episode from the very beginning.
  • Love Hewitt, I do not.

    Seriously? Jennifer Love Hewitt on Criminal Minds? Oh, how I used to love this show!.
  • More team, less JJ

    Loved this show to bits in its first 4-5 seasons - it was a well-rounded team, all got equal screentime. But since JJ was upgraded (and Cook apparently negotiated her return really well), she's in every scene, taking over every case... and losing what made her the human face of the team. The 200th episode was just the cherry on top, set during those months she was away in the 6th season - and we are meant to believe that she went from media liaison to interrogator in a few weeks? Please.

    And then there was that Reid/Maeve-romance. Don't get me wrong, it could have worked. But wasn't his loss just a pale imitation of the whole Hotch/Haley/Foyet-plot? Reid's storyarcs used to be the best of the best, but now he's faded into the background.

    And could TPTB please stop typecasting female actresses? JJ was replaced by blonde clone, Elle by darkhaired Prentiss who in turn was replaced by darkhaired Alex... and now there's again a dark haired new female character taking over from Alex. A bit ridiculous.

    This show has still so much potential as I've rarely seen a cast that just works well - but writers/TPTB/actors are slowly destroying that which bothers me enormously. Where are Hotch and Reid, or even Rossi? Not to mention cases that focus more on the psychological background than on showing every atrocity in every gruesome detail? This show used to be about profiling - now it's your everyday run of the mill crimeshow... But I still have hope that season 10 will improve on that.
  • A great show

    I have loved this show since the beginning. Season 9 was the beste season in a while but I actually think season 10 should be the last. I am looking forward to Jennifer Love Hewitt joining the cast. It might bring something new to the show. And I hope they cut down JJs screentime. I loved her as a communication liason but as profiler she has changed too much. She comes off as a know it all and icy. There can never be enough of Reid, Rossi and Hotchner.
  • The show is AWFUL

    I compare this show to Law & Order: SVU. SVU BEATS IT IN EVERY WAY!!

    First, I don't like the acting on CM. Way too melodramatic for my tastes, especially the older gentleman with the goatee. There's constant melodramatic music playing throughout, which makes the show feel like every moment is an earth-shattering moment in their lives.

    Every episode of the show is basically a mini horror flick, with all of the clichs you might expect.

    I find the shows to be too predictable. Unlike Law & Order, you don't get to see how the trials of the suspects pan out, so you basically have to believe that these profilers are perfect in every investigation, all the time. Not very realistic, IMHO.

    Also, murder cases are often not open/shut cases. We see many examples of this in real life (OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony). There are many blunders that occur during police investigations and prosecutions that complicate the outcomes of them. This show encourages people to believe the profilers are accurate every time.

    First off, it's just a tv show. The actors and actresses are all very talented. Also there needs to be some comic relief in the mix due to the subject matter that is dealt with. Look at the CSI shows. Those investigators in real life don't carry weapons or do interrogations yet we've loved these shows for years. I love everything about the show and can't wait for season 10. Been a fan since the beginning . I give it a 10
  • New cast member

    The newest cast member (Jean Tripplehorn) does not seem to fit in. The cast seem to mesh better when Paget Brewster.

    Ms Brewster was tough, she made you believe she could back up the guys or she could hold her own. She was more believable as a FBI agent than Ms. Tripplehorn.. If you insist on replacing Ms. Brewster pls get someone who fits as a FBI agent.
  • Criminal Minds

    Cannot get enough of this show I have watched every episode since the beginning. Can't wait for the new season to start hope JLH is a good fit.
  • Note to Writers

    Bring back Beth Riesgraf !

    As a new character: one that reminds Reid of Maeve, but isn't her. Let her be blonde, brilliant, way more fun and energetic than more Maeve ever got to be - other words, Parker ;-) with a different name. She would be the perfect match for Reid - please, please.
  • Average to good...

    I initially liked the chemistry between the actors involved in this show but they run so many repeats that it has worn a bit thin of late. They often seemed to come up with complex plots which is good from a viewing perspective, but sometimes I find it comes off as just another Police Procedural which can is the most predictable genre that has ever existed. Good guys win and bad guy loses. I think there is not much to that. Could be better.
  • Inappropriate/unprofessional behavior, stereotyping

    While there are flaws and other things that sometimes bug me about this show, I still like it. But I have to wonder whether Reed would really get by with that goofy hairdo, for one thing, Garcia goes way over the line in her actions and in the way she talks to the agents, and the interactions (foreplay?) between Morgan & Garcia are totally unprofessional. It drives me up a wall the way they talk to each other ("Baby girl", "I give great phone", something which would NEVER be tolerated in any profession, let alone one that's part of the federal government. And the sexual innuendos between the latter two characters also reinforce the stereotype of the overweight white female/black male attraction or relationship.
  • Sorta, kinda too many mistakes

    As much as I love Criminal Minds, ie Shemar Moore, your scriptwriters need a technical adviser badl y! Having studied Criminal Justice, Forensics and worked at a large police department, albeit a civilian, I pick up so many mistakes in the show it's crazy making. Just one among many is a rerun I saw recently on A&E. The show was called something 'Hanley" where a woman walks into a gun store, is shown a .38 and the owner of 20 something years walks away from her with the gun right in front of her to help another customer. Sorry guys, but no gun store owner is ever going to do something like that or he would have been dead a long time ago. Common Sense! Please, get a technical adviser before some of us go nuts, lol! Just a thought, thanks.
  • Always the same

    I might have missed a season but I didn't notice. Characters are the same in that there's NO character development. The murders are as disgustingly brutal as always. Ho, hum....
  • How do They Know?

    I may not be the first to say this, but... they are always in different cities, how do they always know where the chases are and who is closest? I am lucky to know my way around a small town after a few weeks, either they have the best GPS system ever or they all have maps in their brains of every city everywhere.....
  • too much hair

    why do all of the women on Criminal Minds have the same boring hair-do It makes some of the older look even older. How about a pixie cut or bob shake it up a little
  • Way too much Morgan!

    Too much Morgan on every episode. He is always the one having too much roles and the one arresting while other group end up somewhere else!! Just tired of Morgan!!! Too much of him!!!
  • Love it so far

    I have only just started watching Criminal Minds and currently on season 3. Loving it so far! There hasnt been many, if any episodes, that i didnt like. Love the characters and their individual development and character backgrounds. My favourite character would have to be Morgan or Penelope!
  • MGG's contract

    MGG's contract will be up after season nine. Will his contract be renewed? I sure hope so.

    Oh, and by the way, enough about bionic JJ. It seems that season nine wasn't Criminal Minds but "The JJ Show and Those Other Guys That Are Just Standing
  • Very enjoyable until series 7

    Why oh why oh why did they have to bring Prentiss back? She has to be the most annoying, ,

    Misplaced, badly acted character I've ever endured.

    I'm sure she's still lying, and will betray rhe team again, or put herself first and get someone killed, if we get really lucky maybe she'lll get dead again and stay dead

    I'm also sick of hearing freakshow Penelope endlessly remind ufs (or herself?) how wonderful and indespensable she is.

    Rant over.

    It's still a great show though and the rest of the characters are really entertaining, ...
  • Please change the vehicle

    No matter where the team lands to investigate a crime, they have the same SUV.
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  • Still a "Mind"-bending fave of mine!

    I've watched from the beginning! Love the characters. Morgan and Penelope's flirty, friend-zone thing is refreshing! And, of course, you gotta love doesn't wish they could have an eidetic memory! Most of us struggle to remember what day of the week it is! However, they do need to decide whether Prentiss is a "now you see me" or a "now you don't"! See ya next time!
  • all or most

    The character of Emily really added to the shows. Try the character again if possible full time.
  • gotta love reid

    Im on to season 6 they only have upto season 4 on netflix so had to download the rest.

    Love the storylines and characters are so likeable
  • Triplehorn still sucking the oxygen out of every scene she is in.

    It was wonderful seeing Paget last week so going back to the Triplehorn thing was just too painful this week.. I think the Triplehorn character is out of sinc with the show. Not a good fit. Either her character is dead and the writers need to fix this or she is not up for this role. I have watched this show for years but the episodes that feature her character are too painful to slog through, I just don't care about this character or lack of one. Sorry Jean
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