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  • Where can I watch all the episodes with no ads?

    I do not have the words to describe my love for this show!!!!! I LOOOOVVVVEE the cast and have a huge obsession with Shemar Moore!!!!!

    i love mystery shows so much. criminal minds is my absolute favorite. reid is so hot and nerdy. he is adorable. i love him so much. the mystries are great and they really are realistic and extremely interesting i can watch criminal minds forever.

    reid i love you.
  • morgans girl

    hi morgan i love you so much

    I am not a t.v person, usually just watch at bed time... and then came CRIMINAL MINDS.....

    I literally schedule my work nights around it. I could sit and watch reruns of this show all day.

    I truely think I am addicted, I don't know what I would look forward to if it ever was cancelled.

    I really don't have a favorite character because I love them all in their own way.

    My last name is Reed so my 6 yr old Twin Boys call them selves Agent DR Reed when they play cops and robbers, or should I say BAU and Robbers.

    They are always talking about growiing up to be an Agent all because of Criminal Minds................ I think I have proved my point, I will stop rambeling now.

  • LOVE!!

    criminal minds is one of my top five favorite tv shows!! reid and hotch are my top two characters, iv seen some funny videos online of Matthew back stage he is the most creative coolest person who is not afraid to do things on the camera!! i cant wait for the new episodes!!
  • huge fan

    I am very addicted to your show, love the entire cast. I also have netflix ad can't get your show to come up with them is there something I can do so I can watch all the previous episodes?? Please help!!!!
  • Cant get enough

    I was flicking through the millions of channels when I came across this program which was half way through one of its episodes and I waited and waited for another episode. I then desided sod this I used to find out how many episode there was, and of I went to download them
  • We're not in California anymore!

    Love the show haven't missed an episode. I guess I am a stickler for detail but so many times if they pan out the background looks like California with mountains and palm trees; yes I know it is filmed there. One episode was supposed to be taking place in New Jersey and we have mountains and palm trees again, I don't think so. Another episode was in farm land Indiana and the homes were made of stucco with red clay tile roofing, I don't think so. Glad they are bringing JJ back, missed her. Now if they can knock off sourpuss Rossi we would be in great shape.
  • cindy

    Criminal minds is a wonderful show. I have never missed one. The actors show such love towards one another, that is how you get the job done. Each character has such importance. I love it! Hope it continues.
  • Criminal Minds General Review

    One of TV's biggest jobs is to stay fresh; to make the audience want to carry on watching the program, to entice them with each and every episode. 'Criminal Minds' does exactly this.

    'Criminal Minds' is a show about a group of 7 elite profilers that are a part of the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit in the US. They analyse the most dangerous criminals in the country in an effort to prevent them from committing further crimes. In my opinion the best thing about 'CM' is that we (as the audience) get involved into the program so much, that by watching just a few episodes, you find yourself profiling the criminals as well, just because you can't help yourself.

    There is a character for every viewer- from Dr Spencer Reid- the genius-, and handsome SA Derek Morgan to the heart-warming, slightly crazy, Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia. These characters, together as a team, prove it takes wit to beat the bad guys. In shows as famous as 'Law & Order' and 'CSI' the detective characters are basically the same and in 'Criminal Minds' it is the characters differences, and the way in which they play off each other, that keeps the show interesting.

    Each consecutive episode has a different storyline- focusing on either all of the characters working together or more heavily on just one, so it is a very easy program to pick up/watch. For regular viewers there are extra 'goodies' where the writers delve deep into the characters lives to help us relate more to them- knowing they are human people not just profilers.

    Each episode starts out with the gripping suspense of a murder/kidnapping. Leading onto the 'BAU team' helping the viewer understand exactly what makes the bad guy tick. They dig deep into the 'unsubs' (unknown subjects) lives- right back to their childhood- to try and fathom what their next move is and how to prevent it. Following a highly intelligent break through is usually an extremely suspense-filled chase to catch the killer before they strike again.

    To bring an episode to a close, one of the characters states a famous quote that reflects that episode. This is a clever little way of putting across a moral and letting the audience know the show has a purpose. For example 'Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime' was at the end of the episode 'Mayhem'- which was related to a terrorist bombing.

    To conclude, in my opinion the acting is excellent, the stories are fantastically intriguing and the show never fails to be entertaining.

  • This Season's Finale

    I LOVE, Love last nite's season's ender!!! It was, yet, one of my very few favorites since I became a 'Criminal Minds' avid fan. I arranged my wednesdays just so I won't miss any new episodes.

    HIT. RUN is well scripted--KUDOS to the great writing crew. The twist&turns of how the storyline develop was Awesome. I enjoyed the suspension thrill!

    To each one of the CASTS (Rossi, Hotch, Morgan, Prentiss, JJ , Dr. Reid & Garcia)--very convincing acting and best suited for @ particular character. I think Emily Prentiss has become my fave character, as she's very analytical, speaks different languages and yet compassionate to all of her team members. Of course Reid has always been my 'baby doll'!!!

    I am looking forward to ANY one of these casts to be nominated for Emmy together with the Producton categories. It's about time, right?

    Also, I would 'die' to see couple real good episodes for JGideon's (Mandy Patinkin) cameo. I think it was so poignant how his character left the show and millions of us would like to revisit what had happened to his Respite from the Bureau.

    To the Executive Producers, please KEEP all the characters together. They just have this familial 'bond' that is so passionate shown in their 'eyes'. It's really what makes this show deeply profound inspite of the 'violence & darkness' it has to portray.

    I LOVE this show. We'll never get tired of watching it's reruns ocz it just gets better the 2nd time around((:

  • LovingCook

    Criminal Minds is an excellent show. I am biased as A.J.Cook is my favorite girl on TV, she is so fine.

    Aside from that, I like the way the show is presented and all the actors do their jobs well. I hope it keeps getting renewed and JJ stays on.

    Best shows on TV today IMHO. Justified, Southland, Revenge, Blue Bloods, Harry's Law, Shameless, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, COMEDIES: Big Bang, 2 and 1/2 Men,2 broke Girls,

  • Pattinails

    This is the best show on tv/cable the drama is exciting and stimulating. I plan my Wednesdays nights around getting ready to watch this show. Please keep it on
  • Matthew Gray Gubler talks "Criminal Minds" on the Red Carpet

    Hi. We just posted an all new red carpet interview with Matthew Gray Gubler, from Criminal Minds. He dished on what he was like in college and what methods of travel he uses to get around New York. You might be surprised to find out what compulsive behavior he has and what kind of car he's driving. You can check out the full interview on our YouTube channel (Starcam Celebrities) or just follow the link.
  • On Demand

    Why isn't criminal minds on "on demand" what's up with that all the other ones are.

    Maybe they should think about adding it to "on demand" like the rest.
  • love it

    i LOVE this show, i mean every character is awesome, but the best is reid.... i will never get tired of watching it. best show ever
  • A quote for the show

    A good government dares to tell the people the truth no matter what, it don't have any secrets, no lies only the truth and so there is no good government in the world

    Author: Jonas Pedesk
  • best show ever

    i love criminal minds my favorite character is morgan. he is soooooo hot. and the episodes get better every week!!!!!!! cant wait to watch the new one!!!!!!!!
  • Awesome show.

    Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows ever! I was only in high school when it came out and didn't start watching it until a little over a year ago. I found both my parents watching it, which is odd because they rarely agree on shows, and after sitting in on one episode I was hooked. I watched a few seasons online and then bought the entire series on DVD. I have since watched every episode at least twice and my favorites an embarrassing number of times. I love the main characters and their relationship as a team, the guest stars are almost always amazingly talented, and the psychological aspect of the show is intriguing. As a psyche major the idea of delving into the minds of criminals to predict their actions is really interesting to me. I love Reid, Garcia and Prentiss the most but in truth all the main characters are precious. The only problem I have is lately the show has been too focused on the actions of the unsubs and consequently we don't see enough of the main characters and their efforts to catch the bad guys. I always liked the mystery involved when the unsub was barely shown and the focus was on the process of finding him/her/them. Now it seems like the majority of the episodes are spent with the unsubs instead of our heroes and that kinda sucks.
  • Talk nerdy to me!

    ..I only watch this show b/c of Reid! SRSLY!

    I'm so sad he cut his hair /bc he's not as hot now :(

    He was soo hot in S 4&5

    I'd date him if i wans't only 22 & still in college
  • Does everyone think this is a comedy?

    Another exploitation of a modern mania. Paranoia, or rather a unique sort of officially-dependent misanthropy is deliberately proliferated by this program by means of some serious wikipedia copying and pasting (of the 'Big Bang Theory' variety). The majority of the show's content can be categorized into two segments: the first is the 'look on and be amazed by the unlimited abundance of information our characters can flawlessly summon forth!' effect. This effect emphasizes the authority of the characters for the purpose of optimizing the impact of the second segment; the 'judgement'. These implied defamations of basic stereotypical models usually take the form of contemporary slang ('scumbag'). This casual format works to bring the average viewer, who was before somewhat alienated by all that sciency mumbo jumbo, into cahoots with the super-investigators, so that now the viewer feels that he/she is not some ignorant couch accessory, but a respected apprentice whose knowledge and experience is such that one needs not speak down to them. Now that the laymen have been established as empowered (also ego-vested/complacent) passengers of the Mystery Mobile, they are ready to face and demask all those ghouls and goblins of the world. What before was a boogey man hidden beneathe the bed, is now seen to be but a sad little pedaphile who, himself, was molested by his grandfather, oh, and on christmas, oh yeah and in front of his whole family... who were laughing, and, and they all molested him too! And then they all commited suicide, while laughing and molesting him. See, that right there is Criminal Mind GOLD! But no need to worry. Our faithful team of government employees is here to help protect us innocent PTA members from that writhing mass of terror scratching constantly at our windows. On a serious note, however, I must say that I believe this show and many other forms of media sharing in its business ethics and philosophy are, even now, proving greatly detrimental to the state of mental health in our society. You think that is a little overboard, but I would encourage you to look at the ratings these shows get. Every bit of stimuli the human mind receives is a drop in the bucket, and modern media has devoted itself to concentrating its drops as much as possible. If ever you are in wonder about the causes of the epidemic of antipathy and contempt we now see manifesting itself via physical violence (in the physically minded) or by suicide (in the introvert), perhaps you might then look into the impact stimuli like these massively broadcast messages can have.
  • WOW Show...!!!

    I love criminal minds.

    I never miss watching this show even the re runs.

    Thank you for bringing back JJ Cook.

    To me, criminal minds is not complete with out her.

    I like the way she acts...very natural/very pretty.

    My other favorite is Thomas Gibson.

    He is very smart and very handsome.
  • Q? What ever happened to the storyline of Rieds headaches?

    Just wondering if anybody else noticed the dropping of Rieds persistent headache line??
  • An intelligent show about people – good people, bad people and real people. And, sometimes, people who are a combination of all three.

    An expert combination of casting, writing and directing makes Criminal Minds the best show on television today. The actors chosen for the close BAU team, and the characters that make up that team, are very appealing. Yes, they’re all “pretty,” but even more than that, the characters and their relationship with each other draw us in – they make us care. The best plotted story will fall flat if the character interactions seem forced or unrealistic. That doesn’t happen on CM. The show’s engineer, Ed Bernero, knew what he was doing when he conceived of this team as a family – mother, father, sisters, brothers, even a crazy aunt who hangs around on the edges. And he gave them puzzles to solve and dragons to fight and a round table around which to discuss their cases. Brilliant!

    And the cases – wow – taken directly from life too often to be entirely comfortable. Real criminals really do these kinds of things to people just like us. And there are real BAU Agents out there figuring it all out to try to keep us safe. These stories aren’t about the fibers and the fingerprints, these guys collect emotions, personalities and delusions, and give us fascinating insight into the rationales of these dark minds. And they do it without making these “skeevy pervs,” as Garcia would say, into some kind of rock stars. Our heroes are clearly the heroes, here, and in a day of too much gray blurring into my black and white, that is refreshing indeed.

    But, even while saying that, our heroes are not one dimensional, white-hatted, paper-doll champions who always save the day, save the child and walk away with their happy families into the sunset. They are just flawed enough, just damaged enough, and just inadequate enough to seem real. Sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes they are shallow, and selfish, and slow on the uptake, just like real people would be. And their jobs take a bite out of their personal lives, but the viewers aren’t hit over the head with it in every single episode.

    The ensemble cast, the powerful writing and the excellent innovative concept make this show original and satisfying. As long as it continues along this path, this show could be around for a long time. (I hope!)
  • Name of last night episode of Criminal minds

    Can anybody tell me what is the name of criminal minds episode at 01/29/12 10:30pm?
  • I love this show

    This is the only crime show I love. The writing's good, the characters are 3 dimensional, and it keeps you in suspense. My favourite character is Spencer Reid, he's smart, brave, caring, handsome. I had (and still a liitle) a huge crush on him back in middle school.
  • reason why i watch

    i cant stop watching criminals i have to watch about 2 a day i blame reid and penalope and the newer episodes are better then older :P
  • What Does The BAU Really Do and How Much Does Criminal Minds Sice Up?

    Check out my article on what the real BAU does and what Criminal Minds sices up at link below...

    Btw I love the show! I just wanted to know what was a sice up. CHECK IT OUT!
  • No place like home.

    More of a question:

    Who decided to use Enid, Oklahoma in the episode of No Place Like Home?

    Would one of the writer's have lived in Enid, Oklahoma?

    I live in Enid, Oklahoma so the episode was extra intersting do to the town they used. Would like to hear information regarding this.

    Thank you,

    Linda E.
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