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  • criminals minds sucks

    I have not watched it since Tom has lwft & will not until he has come back.

  • Life is the way you make it.....

    Man, I started it by accident and now its like a stress reliever for me. It has everything, ryt from criminal psychology to how people working in force live their small moments. I love this series a lot now.... Suggest everyone to watch this.... Its AMA-Zing

    I love this show soooo much i watch this all the time. best show ever
  • DO IT NOW!

    Just finished season 11 season finale and it was brilliant, as was the whole season. Time to stop procrastinating and renew this awesome show!

    This is the greatest show ever please keep renewing it!! Cant stop watching and want to be in the FBI now because of it!
  • Great Hair Thinks Alike

    I wish I could post pictures so I could share this visually, but has anyone else noticed that Kate and Spencer had once both shared the same hair cut? Coincidence? I think not! I cannot put the address either on this review (which sucks), but try searching "A murder of muses: Dr. Spencer Reid" for Spencer, then "Kate Callahan fan forum .com" for Kate.
  • 11 seasons and still awesome!

    I still love this show. After 10 years, I still LOVE it. There were some downs like the whole JLH season, and losing Gideon and Brewster. But we got Rossi, I LOVE him. I'm not that much fond of Tara, but she is not bad.

    I used to love JJ. I don't anymore! She is a different person since she gave birth to her first child. In my opinion we see to much of the actres, not the JJ from the first 2 seasons.

    Hotch is great, a real boss. The chemistry between Morgan and Garcia is still there, also between Garcia and Rossi, something new and fresh, different. Dr. Reid is the real candy of the show.
  • ugh stop screwing with the cast

    Please never ever let Jennifer Love Hewitt back on the set of Criminal Minds. Worst season ever with her in it. It was painful to watch her flit around on the screen. She looked clueless and no chemistry with the rest of the cast. The show will never be the same until Paget comes back for good.
  • Matthew Gray Gubler/Spencer Reid

    Spencer Reid in "Entropy" is the best Criminal Minds ever. Matthew Gray Gubler was outstanding! Please feature him in more stories. As much as I like all the Criminal Minds characters (and I've been watching from the beginning) Spencer Reid remains my favorite. Still miss Emily but I do like her latest replacement very much.

    I would like to add something about Aisha Tyler. When she was first brought on the show, her character displayed a special talent for discerning ways of speech and duplicating them. That talent has never been used again. By not including this special talent, you are missing out on "sparkling up" Aisha. Just a thought.
  • Criminal Minds

    You should totally watch this show it is so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • criminal minds

    I love watching criminal minds I watch every time the show comes on I love all the cast please don't let anyone leave the show.
  • PLEASE cut JJ's HAIR!!!!! and FIRE the cast hairstylist!

    The entire female cast on Criminal Minds needs a hair makeover.... The stylist on this show SHOULD be fired. JJ.... PLEASE cut that high school cheerleader hair. You are suppose to be a professional FBI agent... Not a want-a-b prom queen. Garcia, Your hair has gone from ugly long red to a nice light shorter blonde to an uneven color stringy long mess. Reminds me of Abbie on CSI,,, at lease Abbie in real life shave her head bald and looked GREAT, when younger. And that wig,,,,,,, OMW.... could they have chosen a worse wig for our newest agent to wear? I've done cuts and color for over 30 years, and from the guest police to the 1st line cast the styles are AWFUL!
  • Aisha Tyler

    Gotta go, nothing personal, love her but comedy or a lighter genre is her forte, she's terrible bringing show down, just a show that requires a perfect casting gonna be tough!
  • Anyone notice?

    How many actors/actresses coincide with and modern family??? Oh and everyone shut the hell up about Aisha Tyler. She feels out of place. Watch her hands... She doesn't feel at home. Yes I miss Blake and Prentiss, and Elle always sucked. But give her a chance. Also, bring back Jennifer Love Hewitt pss. Also, wouldn't it be cool to bring Elle back as an unsub!?? Ohhh and bring Lila back for Reid since he lost Maive
  • "The Witness" - loved the actor who played Charles Senarak

    Found him very "believable" & genuine in scenes displaying variety of emotions. Would like to see him as a regular! This particular episode was a bit contrived, but I love the show!!
  • best show ever!

    i love this show and the characters are amazing and each and every one of them having such a distinct personality just flares the show up even more
  • love it

    I dont watch much tv but this is one show i love!
  • Out of JLH

    God, i been watching the serie from the first episode and i love all the actors but i hate JLH in the show! She do not have the profile for the show!
  • Stop Bashing People, Please!!!

    Bashing Jennifer Love Hewitt may be a way to vent, but it isn't fair to her, or to the rest of the cast. Criminal Minds continues to be one of the few TV series that I watch. It was good last year, the years before that, and it still is. JLH is an actor. She is a grownup now. Stop judging the appearance of a pregnant woman against some preconceived stereotype and start paying attention to what the entire cast is doing, please! If we're lucky, we get to grow older, right? I sincerely doubt any of us know these folks personally. This is a freaking good show!!! That said, I do wish that female characters such as Paget Brewster were still part of the cast... but not at the expense of any characters currently involved.
  • Suck it Up JLH Haters

    JLH is not the whole show and if it takes the addition of her character to stop watching after ten years then GO. Guess what? We have this little thing could freewill. DON"T WATCH IT! Simple as that. But, seriously, why feel the need to post about it all the freaking time? And to twingmma, JLH is pregnant that is why she is 'fat' and can't 'lose weight', moron. It's keyboard warriors like you that should be kicked off forums and social media. See, at the end of the day, she will have her baby and go back to her pre-baby weight, looking as beautiful as ever, whereas you, a disgusting bully, will always be ugly on the inside.
  • Shemar Moore

    Shemar Moore. That's all I have to day.... Oh, and the crime scene stuff, that's cool too.
  • Really? Just respect please.

    akathleenkellyy, you are posting the same comment always too and bullying me and after that you are saying that I am doing this. I think you don't read my comment at all. I have no words anymore. I just said my opinion, I have never bullyied anyone. I don't have time for this ridiculous argument.

    My old post: First of all, this is ridiculous to blame 1 person for all bad comments. I love all Criminal Minds' actors and actresses! I am so happy for AJ's & JLH's pregnancy. I never told any bad thing about them. All cast member are awsome. But first look at all fans wrote terrible comments about JLH. So akathleenkellyy, you are only looking this on your side. I just would like to see all fans would respect to every amazing people who is working so hard to put this perfect show. That's all. I am a JLH fan and if you read all comments, you can see I don't blame anyone for anything and I don't insult to anybody. But the words '' sick people '' brings you the same words that you said to JLH fans because of the same reason. Everyone has to respect to everyone. And please somebody tell me when JLH hit AJ's belly? This is so crazy ridiculous! I never saw any threats to her. I see all biggest JLH fan pages & sites sharing all great news about other cast members with positively and supports them. If you don't know that, check out and tell your opinion then. All cast members are already friends now. They are working together. But all negative comments from fans are making them sad. Like Piaffe28 said, what is the need for some of you to write with such hatred?

    I never bullyed any cast member or a fan! akathleenkellyylove, you are saying that JLH fans are bullying you but you are bullying and insulting all JLH fans. I love CM and I love all cast! I hope that every fan of CM especially who doesn't like JLH can see how she is amazing, and they can respect to everyone. I never saw a JLH fan insult and wrote comment with hatred to any cast member of CM especially to AJ. Everyone has to search all news about what or who they are have problem with. It' not only for people who doesn't like JLH, it also for JLH fans like I am. I am so happy for all cast members of CM are friends and I am also so happy for AJ and JLH are pregnant for their 2nd child at the same time. This is so cute.

    I think people who writes terrible things about JLH out of their minds and they are so rude. I can't believe these disgusting comments about Jennifer Love Hewitt. She is such a amazing person. She is a good actress and very talented. She is singer, actress, director, producer. At least just respect her career and experience. She is in this bussiness for a very long time. Besides it is not easy to join to a serie that aires for 10 season! Everyone know each other. If you never watch her just watch a movie or show of her. She is so nice person to everyone. The show is wonderful nothing has changed. She is really great fit in this character. Just don't blame her and don't be disappointed. If the producers of Criminal Minds didn't love or believe her, they wouldn't ask her if she want to be in the show. So just trust her for a second and watch the show. You'll see it. You don't have to love her but at least try to understand her and respect her. As a fan of JLH, I really loved her in this character, she is doing her best.
  • Yes, PLEAZEEE Replace Jennifer Love Hewitt

    LuvCriminalMinds, I agree with your entire (very long may I add) blog. But you hit it right on the nail with everything you said. I too agree that Jennifer Hewitt does NOT belong on CriminalMInds as a BAU/FBI Profiler. I use to love watching Ghost Whispers, and I now notice that the ION network has been running all The Ghost Whispers reruns - I guess that is trying to persuade us viewers to accept her on CriminalMInds. But I DEFINITLEY DO NOT! YES REPLACE HER. I also use to love "Elle" from Seasons 1 and 2. I have all the seasons on DVD, and its sad how they are making these bad choices with this character :(

    Love "Criminal Minds" since Season 1. I am still a fan now in its 10th season. I have a few concerns about the show and characters: Please don't get me wrong, I love Jennifer Love Hewitt (JLH). I think she is atalented actress: I loved her in The Ghost Whisperers, The Client List and many movies (especially Heartbreakers). But I am posting this and hoping it gets read by the directors, writers & producers of Criminal Minds when I say that JLH is a beautiful & talented actress, but in MY PERSONAL OPINION: She is NO FBI Profiler. JLH was great asThe Ghost Whisperer, but I have to say (AS A LOYAL "Criminal Minds" FAN FOR 10 Seasons) that JLH does not fit in with the rest of the cast. Honestly, if anyone who is part of the show's creative talent, writing, directing "PLEASE" reconsider who should fill Emily Prentiss' shoes, because since Season 10 began I feel as I watch each week I find myself not interested when they show JLH in ANY scene. I liked Alex Blake (JT),when she join the cast for just (2) Seasons (she seem to fit in okay) but did not remain on the show since Season 9 ended. Again, I have LOVED "Criminal Minds" since the VERY first episode. I even watch the daily reruns on "ION" & "AE" channel whenever possible, but to me having JLH now on the show is not interesting. PLEASE WRITERS, DIRECTORS, CASTING, PRODUCERSI advise you to make a change. I LOVE all the remaining characters so very much. I did feel kind of sad when the episode aired with Gideon being killed (That to me closed the door on ANY possibility of Jason Gideon (MP) ever returning) It also sadden me that during the entire episode it did not show the real (MP) not once, not even in a show with all the original cast. It only showed him as a younger agent. I felt that episode was not at its full potential. As a LOYAL FAN, and I will DEF remain a LOYAL FAN no matter what the future holds: Please consider replacing JLH. I do like her, but as I stated she is NO FBI PROFILER (and to me does not fit in with this GREAT CAST). Years back I was very sad & disappointed during a season when not only JJ (AJ COOK) left the show, but also when Emily (Paget Brewster) was killed off. I was so glad JJ returned and I love her husband Will. I am also glad when Emily came back and the door to her possibly making appearances is still open. I loved when they reached out to Emily for help on a caseat her job in London.

    May I please make a smart suggestion: For Season 11 maybe if "Elle" returned: Lola Glaudini was great when she played Elle. She was an original cast member, I loved hercharacter, personality & attitude as "Elle Greenway" - Bringing her back would bevery interesting, especially since "Criminal Minds" left the "door open" for her character. Even though Elle (Lola Glaudini) left the BAU on bad terms with the team in regards to when she was attacked andrefused to seek theproper evaluation she needed(at least her character was not killed off) PLEASE consider Lola Glaudini possibly returning. I feel that would increase the show's viewers and make the team whole again. I thank you for your time and I DO HOPE someone besides us loyal fans reads this. Hopefully the writers of "Criminal Minds" #1
  • Elephant memory

    I like this show I've become more cautious where to go and who to trust
  • Hello CBS - #criminalminds - Please find a way to get rid of JLH!

    JLH does not belong on this show. I have always loved the casting on this show, but why JLH? She brings nothing to the series. She's not a skilled enough actress to seperate from her other work. Her choices on this series view more like first year acting. The audience is speaking here. Please CBS - take note. Sorry, Jennifer - I'm not a hateful person, I just think you and CBS have made a bad choice.
  • Criminal Minds The Itch

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  • WTF is this!!!

    So i've been catching up to season 10 and just watch the first episode, what in the hell was that!?!?!?! Jennifer Hewitt was AWFUL, didn't fit at all in the team. She is ruining the chemistry and dynamic of the team. I have watch all episode of criminal minds and I can honestly say she is the worst I've seen in the crew! please get rid of her!
  • Hewitt is great!

    It seems that only women dislike Jennifer Love Hewitt. I think that she brings a uniqueness to the show and she always portrays a likeable character in anything she stars in. This was a great move and I am looking forward to Season 10! Women need to smarten up, yes she is beautiful, and yes she has nice tata's as someone previously has put it, but that does NOT make her a bad actress. I liked Emil Prentiss (Paget Brewster), but Jeanne Tripplehorn did not suit the part. As I said, this was a great move and a great choice, because JLH is adaptable to roles she plays.
  • Terrible Decision - JLH

    Adding Jennifer Love Hewitt to the cast is a terrible decision; I believe the producers could have hired any other actress, and they would have be a better choice than her. Please fire her it will be brutal to watch as she takes down the show.
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