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  • Don't think it's going to surpass one season.

    Overall thought it was a waste of time.

    I didn't like the storyline, tells you everything up front which in result has no suspense making the show flat. Has to many characters don't know who is who, what is what,
    I wouldn't want to waste any more time writing a review for this show.

  • review of kiwiagogo"s review

    regarding the review posted by kiwiagogo ... what time warp is this person in ... "agogo" ... doesn't that date back to the 1960s ... must be watching "dragnet" on "retro tv" as a point of comparison with "criminal minds" ... ah well, intelligence does elude some ...
  • Way too much Morgan!

    Too much Morgan on every episode. He is always the one having too much roles and the one arresting while other group end up somewhere else!! Just tired of Morgan!!! Too much of him!!!
  • It was pretty "criminal"

    I've been a fan of the show since the beginning, but this 2-part season opener was the weakest, most poorly-written ever. If they can't pick things up (it looks like a former character may be coming back in a different role), the "shark" may be on the horizon, unfortunately.
  • spice it up

    Oh no they caught the guy just in time as normal now boring. Looked like we were going to get action someone following taken photos then nothink. Need to change writers or your lose us watching it used to be my favorite now its csi new york
  • Love the show, Loathe the episode

    Please don't get me wrong I love this show. have followed 1 actor from days on The Young & the Restless, laughed with characters, cried with others, and can't miss an episode!

    I think every Canadian is aware the writers of this show have taken a real life horrific event in the history of Canada .ie: the worst, vilest mass murderer and created 2 hrs of entertainment ( I really question this)

    with anger right now as I watch the episode's "And Back" (2 pts) 2009. Some of the events have been changed but the one that you cannot dismiss is the Pig Farm!

    I very least the creators of this show could've done is include at the end an "In Memory Of" to the victims of this event. What would be better is to hear somewhere, everyone involved with this show, donated $'s to the organizations trying to protect women of the streets!!!!! This is the very least that should be done!!!! There is no mention For Shame!

    You made money from murdered victims to create this 'story'. give back . acknowledge the sacrifice that was given to bring about your story.
  • Enough already

    Stop pushing the gay agenda, it is such a turnoff and soooo obvious. Like some other shows we watched, this one is going down the drain fast. Turned it off last night because of the storyline, it's disgusting. It is NOT the new normal, it's not normal at all.
  • Terrible Ending

    Don't have much to say that's different from the other comments. I've seen all eps and with the background of the Reid character, this was a huge disappointment. It's not genius writing, it's a let-down for viewers who were excited and happy for Reid. There is more than enough drama to go around without needing this. I was already excited at what storylines this couple was going to have. Bad, bad choice.

    A side note: I like Jean so far. I see many don't, but think she just needs further character development. She brings a calmer, but confident persona to the group. She also relates to Reid differently, almost like a mother figure. Hopefully, she'll get some bigger storylines soon.
  • Never Again

    If last night's episode ended the way it seemed.... I will never again watch Criminal Minds. This is my favorite show, but last night's ending was the worst ever. I have never missed a show and watched most shows multiple, multiple times. But this episode's ending was completely wrong in so many ways. What is wrong with your writers???
  • I am so done with Criminal Minds

    I am so done watching Criminal Minds. I have watched this show since it first aired. Reed finally gets a love interest that went on for months and then they meet and the stupid writers kill her off. I watch TV for pleasure not to get so damn depressed. This was the worst show ever. If the writers hate their jobs and this show so much they should look somewhere else, because they just ruined Criminal Minds for me and I will never watch it again.
  • Annoyed Fan

    I just watched an episode of criminal minds, the one where the sadist and a dwarf are putting men in boxes and dumping them in public, actually showing the dislocating a womans arms at the shoulders, making a play with a dad and son with two people hanging like puppets on ropes and the son watches the perp shoot dad in the leg tied to a chair.

    showing the dislocating of the woman's arms was just too much and and too graphic for a tv show and along with the other things mentioned above has led me to say that if they ever do that again and show things like limbs being dislocated instead of the usual shot of an already dead victim i will no longer watch the show. They went too far with this one. Just a gore show rather than the class show its been till now.

    Bad form guys, very bad form...
  • A clever title goes here!


    Criminal Minds is my favorite show. But, Jeanne Tripplehorn is a terrible replacement for Paget Brewster She just does not fit the role. Watching her, I feel like chalk squeaking on a chalkboard. Nothing wrong with her acting, but she really stand out like a sore thumb. If she continues in the role, I will probably stop watching the show. It is that annoying! Sure would miss the team.

  • A Very Disappointing Criminal Minds

    I know it's very hard when you have to make cast changes. When you replace a character you have to find someone the viewers can relate with. That is the reason in the first place we watch each week. The replacement for Prentess was a very poor pick. You would have been better off with someone like Laurie Laughlan (x Full House) or Jayne Brook (x Chicago Hope). The woman you have on there now has no personality. You used to have a really great team. You can't replace them with just anyone.....has to be a standout. ...someone that you would like to know. I have always loved this show but I won't continue to watch unless you come up with someone better. It was a very disappointing eveing.

    OMG didn't you people learn when you took JJ off the show???

    Now Emily is gone and replaced with a power robot????

    Bring Emily BACK or I'm GONE.

    Nothing like wrecking the only good show on tv worth watching!!!!!!!
  • Does everyone think this is a comedy?

    Another exploitation of a modern mania. Paranoia, or rather a unique sort of officially-dependent misanthropy is deliberately proliferated by this program by means of some serious wikipedia copying and pasting (of the 'Big Bang Theory' variety). The majority of the show's content can be categorized into two segments: the first is the 'look on and be amazed by the unlimited abundance of information our characters can flawlessly summon forth!' effect. This effect emphasizes the authority of the characters for the purpose of optimizing the impact of the second segment; the 'judgement'. These implied defamations of basic stereotypical models usually take the form of contemporary slang ('scumbag'). This casual format works to bring the average viewer, who was before somewhat alienated by all that sciency mumbo jumbo, into cahoots with the super-investigators, so that now the viewer feels that he/she is not some ignorant couch accessory, but a respected apprentice whose knowledge and experience is such that one needs not speak down to them. Now that the laymen have been established as empowered (also ego-vested/complacent) passengers of the Mystery Mobile, they are ready to face and demask all those ghouls and goblins of the world. What before was a boogey man hidden beneathe the bed, is now seen to be but a sad little pedaphile who, himself, was molested by his grandfather, oh, and on christmas, oh yeah and in front of his whole family... who were laughing, and, and they all molested him too! And then they all commited suicide, while laughing and molesting him. See, that right there is Criminal Mind GOLD! But no need to worry. Our faithful team of government employees is here to help protect us innocent PTA members from that writhing mass of terror scratching constantly at our windows. On a serious note, however, I must say that I believe this show and many other forms of media sharing in its business ethics and philosophy are, even now, proving greatly detrimental to the state of mental health in our society. You think that is a little overboard, but I would encourage you to look at the ratings these shows get. Every bit of stimuli the human mind receives is a drop in the bucket, and modern media has devoted itself to concentrating its drops as much as possible. If ever you are in wonder about the causes of the epidemic of antipathy and contempt we now see manifesting itself via physical violence (in the physically minded) or by suicide (in the introvert), perhaps you might then look into the impact stimuli like these massively broadcast messages can have.
  • Bloodlines is a total misrepresentation of a people and culture.

    Shame on the producers and writers of this show. Shows like this one perpetuate the stereotype of the Roma (Gypsy)and increase the amount of misunderstanding and prejudice against us. They should check their facts. I encourage readers to Google the word Roma and educate yourselves. In reality, percentage wise there are no more Rromani criminals then in any other race of people. This series wouldn't dare produce a similar show on Blacks, Jews, Poles, Irish, Italians,Asians etc. All cultures historically have rituals and customs that could be used to perpetuate misunderstanding and hate. This is race baiting and hate speech.
  • As a Roma-American I am positively disgusted by the blatant racism.

    As a Romany sister put it, US crime statistics show that Roma are responsible for over all crime in such minuscule percentages that they can't be assigned a classification or numerical value.

    They portrayed us as murderous child kidnappers, with child brides and calling us ritualistic and petty theives, and included secrecy and the stereotypical image, complete with a trailer, repeatedly used the ethnic slur "Gypsy," and could not even be bothered to find out the proper terminology for us.

    One short line saying murder is something we don't do does not wipe away every racist stereotype used in this show. There will be a class action suit, if not by our biggest activists, then by me.

    Just be cause we don't have an Al Sharpton, doesn't mean we are entirely voiceless and incapable of standing up for our civil rights.
  • What a downer !

    Shemar Moore should have stayed on the SOUL TRAIN or the daytime soap operas. The guy always stands around like he's posing for a print ad.

    Thomas Gibson was better on Dharma and Greg; he's much better in comedy.

    How many of these type crime shows are there now? They are all the same and they are all depressing. For shows of this type, at least HACK and THE DISTRICT had interesting and/or likeable characters and they were taken off without notice. To me, this is just another copy-cat crime show about twisted people. There is really little more to say and these final words are just here to get up to the required minimum of 100.
  • Always the same

    I might have missed a season but I didn't notice. Characters are the same in that there's NO character development. The murders are as disgustingly brutal as always. Ho, hum....
  • Triplehorn still sucking the oxygen out of every scene she is in.

    It was wonderful seeing Paget last week so going back to the Triplehorn thing was just too painful this week.. I think the Triplehorn character is out of sinc with the show. Not a good fit. Either her character is dead and the writers need to fix this or she is not up for this role. I have watched this show for years but the episodes that feature her character are too painful to slog through, I just don't care about this character or lack of one. Sorry Jean
  • Unhappy fan

    I understand that changes have to be made but DO NOT bring in a new person and make the show center around her...NO one is smarter than spencer so don't even try...she may be a vet in her profession but don't come in and take over...they were a family before u...I will miss Emily and can accept a new person but agent over powering Blake is not it...I have watched every year and continue to watch reruns almost everyday but I can not take this new season if she stays....and one final thought...DO NOT interrupt Derek Morgan..that man can speak anytime he wants...come on producers u r smarter than this
  • The new woman!?!?!?!?

    what is with this woman? she is arrogant and they are completely leaving out Garcia! If you think of getting rid of Garcia? !?! If that happens, you have gotten rid of me too.

    Why is this new woman allowed to TAKE OVER the team? She is talking more than Hodge and the way she spoke to Morgan, oh no!

    I hope their is a twist to this episode because this is NOT GOOD!
  • I love this show, however this episode threw me off!

    I could not believe how this criminal minds episode destroyed my views about criminal minds in general! I was shocked to see that you have chosen a woman from "Srebrenica" to be a serial killer. And the mispronunciation of the language was catastrophic! I'm so extremely disappointed, that Criminal Minds didn't take the time to research what they were throwing, just for the public to know, Srebrenica, does not have a "ch" sound at the end. I'm honestly appalled at the lack of creativity. Ex-Yugoslavia has been a target for far too long, I did not imagine that you would not let it rest! Especially a place like "Srebrenica" And, do not believe everything you hear on CNN!!! Although the episode itself was good, it brought tears to my eyes when I realized that you were now calling the people of "Srebrenica" or any part of Ex-Yugoslavia, serial killers! Before you put something like this on film again, I beg you to do your research more thoroughly, as the words that the woman spoke, were incorrect, and very poor accent!
  • Please get rid of that stupid woman

    Jeanne Tripplehorn (Alex Blake) is a terrible actress in this show. She has the worst/most useless lines or she doesn't know how to deliver them. Actually no, if you gave her lines to Paget Brewster (Emily Prentiss), Paget/Emily would still make something good out of it, she's that wonderful. And while everyone in the team might have proven themselves to the viewrs at some point in time during the series, Jeanne Tripplehorn/Alex Blake is just a seemingly confident woman with absolutely nothing to show for it. Please get rid of her. I don't know what she's there for. She's just such a waste of everyone's time including her own. Please step down from the role, Jeanne Tripplehorn. Stop trying to look smart you just look stupid.
  • Bad Ending

    That was a terrible ending. Reed finally was getting it together and found someone he could really relate to and you killed her. I hope it was all Diane's blood and Maeve is just shocked by the blow.

    I rate this as one of the best episode with the worst ending.
  • Boooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

    How dare you Breen Frazier! kill off another love interest!!!! Why can't you get it right!! Spencer deserves to be happy. Just when everyone is excited for him, you take the happiness away!! HOW DARE YOU!!!! BRING HER BACK!!!! My score is a 2/3 because you messed up with killing off Maeve.
  • hell to the NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    omg that wasnt even right what they did to spencer in tonights episode
  • Not happy

    This new character has got to go or I may tune in to another show during that time slot. She is full of herself. She took over the team and by the end of the show, I was bored to tears with all mean she was to everyone. It turned into the Blake Mind instead of Criminal Minds. I would rather watch a rerun which I have seen before than to watch the show with her.
  • do your homework

    on may 29 09 you aired an episode called to hell and back it was a grest show execpt for the facts about the setting of where the crimes took place the city of Sarnia is a great place we are leaders in the chemical industry and a very modern city and to pertray it as a backwoods redneck area was not wright it was almost a shock when at the end of the show our city was mentioned but during the show it was not shown but made out to be wilderness country
    if you try to keep a show technical it should be in all aspects not just some

    MISS YOU!!!!! Dynamics/family not the same. Quality and entertainment value, not even close?

    TRIPLEHORNE not even a near fit!!! DISTRACTION ABSOLUTELY!!! I've always so loved Criminal Minds and have been a fan for always. However, I cannot now say forever.

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