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  • Don't think it's going to surpass one season.

    Overall thought it was a waste of time.

    I didn't like the storyline, tells you everything up front which in result has no suspense making the show flat. Has to many characters don't know who is who, what is what,
    I wouldn't want to waste any more time writing a review for this show.

  • review of kiwiagogo"s review

    regarding the review posted by kiwiagogo ... what time warp is this person in ... "agogo" ... doesn't that date back to the 1960s ... must be watching "dragnet" on "retro tv" as a point of comparison with "criminal minds" ... ah well, intelligence does elude some ...
  • Well...

    show is terrible. Every show is exactly the same. It is comical watching the characters continually say the exact same things, with the exact same dumb expressions, in the exact same scenarios. It should be called Simple Minds in honor of its viewers.
  • hated season 12

    I loved season 1-11. Season 12 was horrible. Having reid in prison made no sense at all and just dragged on way too long. Like alvaz but not walker. wish morgan would come back. love penelope. reid and morgan were my favorite characters. and way too long without catching scratch . when will the writers realize we do not like a story line that goes on too long.
  • Season Finale

    What a horrible way to end the season. The show was implausible in every aspect. I watched it with the knowledge that these good actors need a sound script. They deserve so much better for all the years they have given to star in this once wonderful show.
  • Unforgettable

    What the Heck is going on??

    Watched this since It premiered

    and all I can say at this point is


    Story lines get worse every week it seems / The cast has No Chemistry and some need to find a new line of work ( new cast members)

    The Reed story line is way too long and not believable

    Get back to the basics of what made this show a Must Watch because at this point it is headed for the Chopping Block.

    Stay True to the Fans that have watched it all these years.

    Just Saying!!!?
  • Fast forwarding through most of the show!

    I don't believe that the writers are paying attention to the fans. I've been a long time viewer and have religiously DVR'd the show. Since they've gone over the edge with the Spencer Reid plot, I'm about to give up and stop watching. I used to love when he was part of the team, but now it's become monotonous and ridiculous! They need to attempt to bring back the chemistry that worked.
  • Finally the show comes to an end?

    This show is going downhill with each episode. Not only the new casts are missing dynamics, the old ones lost theirs too. Garcia forces her sweetness to the newbie, not problem with her acting, but just not the right chemistry. Reid with his high IQ, has always been the observer and the calculative mind, yet acting like an idiot in prison. Bad casts, worst scripts.
  • Reid in prison

    Please wrap up the plot with Reid being in prison. It's taking WAY too long to resolve too difficult to watch.
  • Disappointed

    This show has really taken a turn for the worst. I cannot watch anymore of the stupidity of the team. Reid in prison is a joke. Prentiss is a lousy boss. The new guys have no dynamic. Since Hotchner left I cannot watch anymore. These guys are going around like chickens with their heads cut off. Rossi should have taken over. He is more diplomatic. They have lost us. No more Criminal Minds at my house. It's the same stuff, just on a different. No imagination. No reason to stay. Bye Criminal Minds.
  • a disappointed fan

    this show has become boring since Thomas Gibson's removal
  • Criminal Minds

    The current sub-plot with Spence Reid being drugged and framed for murder is stupid and distracting!!!! It is poorly written and has all manor of silly lines like suggesting it will ruin Prentess' career will be ruined if she gets him an attorney. That just stupid. If they don't drop this kind of silly sideshow I'm going to quit watching and I suspect many others feel the same as I do
  • Show is AWFUL without Hotch. Two episodes for Dr. Reid? Oh lord!

    First to "Overthinking it"

    You said "that was the death nail.

    No. it's sounding the death KNELL. The bell that tolls at death.

    Too many people--without Hotch there is NO CENTER. He was SOLID and trusting. I feel like these folks are stumbling around --all eight of them!

    Multi-episode of the weeny Dr. Reed? As if NONE OF US COULD FIGURE OUT HE WAS FRAMED.

    He needs to leave his mom where she is happy in the home. Instead of bringing unregulated ILLEGAL drugs across the border, Leave your mom alone!. There IS a reason we have the toughest drug studies in the world--Google Thalidomide.

    Just cancel strong leader at all!

    For all the folks hating on Aisha---do NONE of you watch Archer?? Aisha plays the statuesque bombshell who has to keep getting Archer out of trouble. Watch Archer--you will LOVE AISHA--WHAT A BODY!
  • Over thinking it

    This show was great when it stuck basically to it's title getting into the criminal mind to solve cases. Don't these dumb ass writers and so call creative people realize people have DVR. There is Netflix and other format they can use including CBS all access online service to go with the 9 episode storyline crap. The reason no one watches soaps anymore is because they realized it was crap tv. I just watched the latest crap by fast forwarding it and viewing it in 8 mins. If the producers are trying to follow an NCIS format they missed the main reason it still works GIBBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Hotch and Morgan no show. Oh and Mr Scratch please long term fan remember this retread he was known as The Reaper or was it the Replicator. When you fired Gibson that was the death nail. Just quit trying to reinvent the show and cancel on a good note or fire your writers, producers and anyone else who thought this season was a good idea.
  • Unwatchable this season

    Whoever is responsible for the grossly bad casting with actors who cannot act and the newly horrible writing needs to be fired. In less than 1/2 a season this went from one of the best shows on television to unwatchable. The new actors and the writing are so bad this season, that it makes the core group - who we know actually can act, and have always enjoyed watching - look like they are struggling through an elementary school play. Watch the reruns prior to this season, when the show was actually good. Don't waste your time with this season, and if they don't get rid of the bad actors and the person responsible for the bad actors and the bad writing, they won't be around for much longer.

    I am wondering if you fired the original writers as well as Thomas Gibson. The dialog actually started changing before he left. It is terrible. The show is terrible. You may be trying to attract the millennials with brainless meaningless chatter and they are constantly snivelling and nursing their feelings, but you are losing a much broader audience that likes insight, facts and action. Meaning, fire the writer, hire back the amazing actors, or you are done. The last show ended with Emily telling Spencer how courageous he was for asking for help. The actor, even looked confused. he did not ask for help' he shared, ugh, where he was with mommy.

    Thomas should have done more than put his foot out. DID that writer get his wittle feelings hurt!!! SERIOULY.
  • Criminal Changes

    My favorite show since it began! Now? Unwatchable! Aisha Tyler is talentless. The chemistry is gone. They're trying to save it by bringing Prentiss back, but it's the wrong role for her! I really miss Criminal Minds but this show is no longer it!
  • Season 12 Sucks!!!

    I can not stand this show any longer and have been a fan since season 1, Does anyone else think all the charters have had a lobotomy why does Penelope seem so stupid, Reid barely has a role

    The addition of Adam Rodriguez is terrible, he seems to be the entire show and it is not good, 'He is not able to fill Derek's role n matter home much the producers are trying to push it.

    This needs to be removed from the DVR list, can not see it continuing,
  • criminal minds

    Without Thomas Gibson on the show I will not watch it. He made the show. Just because you got pushed??? Be a man and brush it off, don't ruin the show by removing the person who made the show. I use to love the show, but not now.
  • Fist episode of season 12...

    It was wonderful to see Mr Thomas. I hope they will re-think the firing of is "the key" to this group. He is what makes this show to wonderful to watch. Happy "Emily" is coming back, but remember all, a few years ago that they stated PAGET WILL NO LONGER BE BACK? Lost Morgan, you lose Hotch, you lose alot of this is how they are going to roll, I hope the show is cancelled. Just be done with it. Seriously, Nick from CSI Miami? Getting pretty desperate. Tried watching the first episode, knowing "Hotch" was going to be gone, and fell that's how much I love it knowing what's coming up. Mike and Molly, here I come lol. WTG whoever decided this crap. Hope you NEVER work in the industry again.

    -Watcher from day one with they are actually editing my . Leaving out things I put in. WELL DONE

  • So glad to hear JLH is gone

    I really like CM, but the addition of Jennifer Love Hewitt, for me, wasn't a good decision. I don't know whose idea it was to have her wear nude lipstick (or none at all) and put dark circles of shadow all the way around her eyes. She looks like a corpse, or vampire, or zombie. Every time she is on the screen all I can think is, "Why?" She's a very pretty lady, but geez! I'm glad she's no longer on the show because she really looked bad.
  • No Reid No Watch

    And thank you CBS for making it clear that you do hate Matthew Gray Gubler and Thomas Gibson by posting "thanks to the cast" video w/o MGG or TG.

    Many younger viwers have already decided to quit watching after ep8, but you need to confirm them to stop watching.

    Congrats. You succeed.

    Wait and see your demo and ratings tank as if they hadn't tanked yet.
  • Aisha Tyler doesn't fit w CM. No chemistry

    Aisha Tyler s a TERRIBLE fit for CM. she has no presence, no depth . she offers nothing to the CM series. So many before offered so much more Karisma & like ability than she. Bring back ANY of the previous actresses. They could run circles around Aisha. She just doesn't fit. Worst choice. I liked everyone previous better than her. awful. No chemistry.
  • yet another putrescent cop show

    yet another show glorifying the worst of the worst in our country

    the COPS, the GOVT. the fbi the nsa

    I wonder which agency is paying to have this tripe produced
  • JLH b'bye

    PLEASE!! Get off my favorite show!! If she comes back, I will stop watching. And I will miss this show so much!
  • Agree with jkracz's comment, you guys ruined a good show.

    Paget Brewster was GREAT. All who followed NOT so great.
  • Disney Destroyer hits Criminal Minds.

    Why destroy an elegant, well-balanced and talented series by casting a female with opposite attributes? Hell, has Jennifer Love Hewitt put money into the show otherwise who would be stupid enough to cast and feature her? She was OK in Disney but in Criminal Minds? I'm guessing there's a competition as to who has the most untidy hair. Looks great on Matthew Gray Gubler, not so on the Disney Destroyer.
  • stopped watching due to the JLH addition.

    I loved this show.. when she is gone ill watch it again..
  • Please hewitt lose some weight and dissapear forever! Stop ruining talented people's hard work

    Loved the show, Love Garcia, JJ and the rest of the cast.

    Now seeing jennifer hewitt makes me feel sick and she can't be taken seriously with her past performances.

    Absolutely hate jennifer hewitt terrible actress and person, only thing she adds is as set of fake tatas and arrogance and that's it. Anyone would be a better pick all I can say is jennifer needs to die

    She's also fat

    carrroll -- omg, are you JLH?

    Tired of watching JLH in every scene. I hate her even more because she's the focus of the show;Would like to see more of JJ,Hotch Reid Rossi and Garcia characters, And i miss Morgan and garcia flirting. Garcia needs to go out more often with the rest of the team. Love the humor she brings to the show. And if somebody want to watch a more proffesional behavior they should watch documentaries shows. Never tired of JJ Hotch Garcia Rossi and Reid,. Wish i can see a little be more JJ.

    I find it so disgusting how they're treating AJ and the rest of the cast.

    JLH has 20 mins screen time/ ep while AJ has less than 2 mins screen time /ep. How is this fair?
  • Why did they ruin a great show.

    When I first stated watching criminal minds the show was dark and you could never see the killers face till the end when they caught him. Then as the years went on they started making it like law and order. Bright scens more talking and you got to see the killers face right in the begin.. Now they added Jennifer love Hewitt, witch makes the show dumb she does nothing for the show. I bet she was just broke and need to do something. Also in the 2nd or third new episode in this year's season she got pregnant wtf who cares and who cares if her first daughter is upset about that. And I didn't even know Jennifer love Hewitt had a man to begin with. This just makes me not want to watch the show any more I hope they change everything back to the way it was.
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