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  • Why do "love"hewitt fans need to promote her 24/7 and bring others down?

    JLH and her fans are monsters UrielMendes's comment is the proof to that. He/She wrote at least 30 "reviews" with different names about how amazing jlh is and how she needs even more screen time (while she gets more screen time than anyone else) and this moron is promoting jlh while bashing Shemar Moore and AJ... eueu put the same comment on this site 10000 times. These 2 JLH fans are bullying everyone who thinks that JLH ruined this wonderful show. Sick people......

    AJ is having a baby and she still gets treated like sh* by CM fans but mostly she's bullied by the fans of JLH. They're sick bullies. It's heartbreaking what AJ have to endure - JLH fans are sending death threats to her and her unborn baby. To AJ the baby is a miracle, she's not birthing kids 24/7 like JLH. Actually i think JLH and her sick fans have no idea what does this baby means to AJ. It's shocking to see how they're treating her. JLH HIT AJ's belly... i don't know if she did it accidentally or not but she did it and she should get fired because of this. She went way too far with this. She's the worst kind of monster ever.

    It's depressing thinking about it but i kinda hope that next season is the last for CM so AJ doesn't have to endure the hatred she gets from JLH fans. It's unfair and so very sad :(
  • Should be renamed to Coincidental Minds

    some excellent plots but what does my head in is Garcia who has access to every single computer system in the world and security camera footage in every store.

    Ruin's it really, she talks and types at the same time at the speed of light, sometimes not even looking at the computer. Most hilarious episode ever was when Prentis "died", she had to find a building somewhere in the entire city that could house an arsenal, it took 2 seconds flat - couldn't stop laughing.

    Still watch it though as some really good story lines, just wish Garcia wasn't so fake!
  • Inappropriate/unprofessional behavior, stereotyping

    While there are flaws and other things that sometimes bug me about this show, I still like it. But I have to wonder whether Reed would really get by with that goofy hairdo, for one thing, Garcia goes way over the line in her actions and in the way she talks to the agents, and the interactions (foreplay?) between Morgan & Garcia are totally unprofessional. It drives me up a wall the way they talk to each other ("Baby girl", "I give great phone", something which would NEVER be tolerated in any profession, let alone one that's part of the federal government. And the sexual innuendos between the latter two characters also reinforce the stereotype of the overweight white female/black male attraction or relationship.
  • Redundant storylines and weak addition to cast

    I love JLH, but she is a waste on this series. When they lost Brewster, they should have ended the series. She, Moore, and Gray made the show interesting (along with the actress playing "JJ"); but the rest are negligible. I'm over the trite sexual harassing comments from "Garcia" ; and "Hotchner" remains one dimensional. The blatant political influence (lying outright about the FBI acting above-board at Waco/Ruby Ridge) as "Hotchner" commenting in one episode something along the lines of "wasn't it a good idea we didn't inform the public what was going on" are obscenely frightening and perpetuate the myth that the FBI isn't corrupt, hasn't killed illegally, and looks out for our interests b/c we are just too stupid to handle the truth during crises and must be managed like cattle. On Netflix at least, I have the luxury of fast forwarding through the drier scenes and skipping the boring episodes entirely from previous seasons; this season is NOT one I would ever wish to view again. If Paget Brewster isn't returning, I hope it is cancelled.
  • Please hewitt lose some weight and dissapear forever! Stop ruining talented people's hard work

    Loved the show, Love Garcia, JJ and the rest of the cast.

    Now seeing jennifer hewitt makes me feel sick and she can't be taken seriously with her past performances.

    Absolutely hate jennifer hewitt terrible actress and person, only thing she adds is as set of fake tatas and arrogance and that's it. Anyone would be a better pick all I can say is jennifer needs to die

    She's also fat

    carrroll -- omg, are you JLH?

    Tired of watching JLH in every scene. I hate her even more because she's the focus of the show;Would like to see more of JJ,Hotch Reid Rossi and Garcia characters, And i miss Morgan and garcia flirting. Garcia needs to go out more often with the rest of the team. Love the humor she brings to the show. And if somebody want to watch a more proffesional behavior they should watch documentaries shows. Never tired of JJ Hotch Garcia Rossi and Reid,. Wish i can see a little be more JJ.

    I find it so disgusting how they're treating AJ and the rest of the cast.

    JLH has 20 mins screen time/ ep while AJ has less than 2 mins screen time /ep. How is this fair?
  • Triplehorn still sucking the oxygen out of every scene she is in.

    It was wonderful seeing Paget last week so going back to the Triplehorn thing was just too painful this week.. I think the Triplehorn character is out of sinc with the show. Not a good fit. Either her character is dead and the writers need to fix this or she is not up for this role. I have watched this show for years but the episodes that feature her character are too painful to slog through, I just don't care about this character or lack of one. Sorry Jean
  • Very enjoyable until series 7

    Why oh why oh why did they have to bring Prentiss back? She has to be the most annoying, ,

    Misplaced, badly acted character I've ever endured.

    I'm sure she's still lying, and will betray rhe team again, or put herself first and get someone killed, if we get really lucky maybe she'lll get dead again and stay dead

    I'm also sick of hearing freakshow Penelope endlessly remind ufs (or herself?) how wonderful and indespensable she is.

    Rant over.

    It's still a great show though and the rest of the characters are really entertaining, ...
  • Why all the hating on JLH

    Am I the only one who quite likes her on the show? I've been a huge fan from day one and I'm still enjoying it with JLH. I haven't seen her in much other than ghost whisperer and she was likeable in that.

    I like what she brings to the team, she loosens them up a little due to her complete openness , humour and self deprecation. She's abit different, has a lighter, cheeky approach at times which I think the team needs and will appreciate. She is again likeable and I think she fitted in well with the group.

  • Boring and Predictable

    If its not bad writing/bad acting its the terrible special effects. There are plenty of other shows out there that do what Criminal minds fails to do. My advice, watch Law and Order SVU or really anything else similar.
  • Einstein LOL

    I don't care if Reid will get a steady or not. At least I wish it wouldn't be ridiculous "Einstein" girl. What a lame shitty drama then. Just Reid and Matthew Grey Gubler need MORE appreciation and way more respect from CBS. I miss Reid as one genius. Not some team member who can be replacable. In Season1, Gideon introduced him that Gideon couldn't imagine how big Reid would become when he turned into his 30's. Where is the genius Reid?? Oh, I forgot. Even talented Gideon was murdered so easily in nowadays Criminal lame Minds' dillusional world. LAME.

    And I always wonder why Gubler is just ignored by media, especially by PeoplesChoice and by Ellen that are mostly reflected never viewers' demands but powerful Hollywood person's intention, like CBS's willing. I wished the new spin-off would have been Reid's one. Reid's getting slowly into maddness because of Meave's death, then turning into a huge villain like Hunnibal would be awesome. Then Gideon would have get a big role again. But CBS just killed Gideon and treated Reid's loss for Meave's death like NOTHING.

    I really don't wish that Einstein never-cute girl became a girlfriend of Reid. She's cute? I think you just look down on Reid and underestimate the existence of Meave for Reid.

    Recent Criminal Minds is just an SOAP OPERA. Door kicking, bang, Aaab, gross phone sex by a thin gorilla and a nerdy girl. Well, I do like Garcia, LAME. It's never a crime drama!!! Some people criticize that NCIS is boring but recent Criminal Minds isn't even a crime drama. It's just a cheesiest soap opera.


    Are girls getting so stupid now?

    No. As I love Reid, I repect his genius character, and I love Matthew Grey Gubler, I don't wanna see Reid's love romance with a not-cute-at-all girl. I need more Reid's scenes such as he solves the case or he goes to see his mother.
  • penelope is getting tiresome

    I really like CM. it has been a favorite of mine almost since the beginning and I have seen every episode, most several times. but lately I have been finding the show tiresome, especially the pseudo-funny, cutesy-pie, puppy-love banter between Morgan and Garcia. the "baby girl" thing is wearing a little thin as well as her endless self-aggrandizing descriptions of herself--always in the ridiculously superlative.. does she really have to refer to herself as a Lamborghini for goodness sake? the other team members make mistakes but she is always perfect and super-human. a case in point was the two-part terrorism in New York episodes from seasons 3 and 4. at one point she states that from midafternoon to dark (approx. 4 hours) she personally watched 4468 video surveillance cameras. this would mean 18 videos a minute or about one video every 3 seconds! also,can't other team members who are more focused and professional than Morgan call her sometimes? then, can't she be a little more realistic? it's kind of ridiculous for her to type about six keystrokes and come up with a complete dossier on someone in two seconds including their current hair color, ninth grade GPA, blood type, how many times they've been to church in the last ten years, and age when they lost their virginity. it's absurd that she always, always gets her own way on everything, especially snooping on the other team members private lives. I think the show was more realistic and less predictable (a good thing) the first season or two when Garcia had a lesser and more realistic role. having said all that, I think Kirsten herself is a very talented actor. she has made the quirky role her own, down to the smallest details. too bad the writers have deified her, it's still a terrific show though (in spite of the addition of the utterly bland Jeanne Tripplehorn) and i'm thrilled that it's back for a ninth season. I will be glued to the TV every Wednesday night and just try to put up with the god-like Garcia as she hands the tablets to Moses each week. I suspect I need to get used to this because soon the cast will be reduced to just Morgan and Garcia--Garcia to solve the case and Morgan to kick down the doors and put on the handcuffs! sorry this took so long but I feel better getting this off my chest!

    uh oh. just watched 'to bear witness', the 4th episode of season 9, and I'm starting to get worried. one of the things that's made CM so good for the first 8 years was that each episode had a clear beginning and an end--with a story that built in tension and suspense nearly always leading to an explosive climax--many times with surprises and twists thrown in to keep you guessing. 'Minimal Loss' was a great example of building suspense. 'Demonology' was eerie but written and acted so well that it had my skin crawling with the essence of evil, yet at the end, I wasn't sure if the evil was the renegade priest or the Devil himself and I think they wrote it that way. my personal favorite, 'The Fisher King' was a classic example of this format--the intertwining of mystery, growing suspense, tension and malice. there was horror and even a certain bizarreness, such as 'Masterpiece', but they always supported the story. this one tonight was just plain weird, period! there was almost no plot and the ending was totally anticlimactic. and the new section chief seems like a really pallid character. please bring back the old writers before this beloved series is ruined!
  • Hewitt is great!

    It seems that only women dislike Jennifer Love Hewitt. I think that she brings a uniqueness to the show and she always portrays a likeable character in anything she stars in. This was a great move and I am looking forward to Season 10! Women need to smarten up, yes she is beautiful, and yes she has nice tata's as someone previously has put it, but that does NOT make her a bad actress. I liked Emil Prentiss (Paget Brewster), but Jeanne Tripplehorn did not suit the part. As I said, this was a great move and a great choice, because JLH is adaptable to roles she plays.
  • Annoyed Fan

    I just watched an episode of criminal minds, the one where the sadist and a dwarf are putting men in boxes and dumping them in public, actually showing the dislocating a womans arms at the shoulders, making a play with a dad and son with two people hanging like puppets on ropes and the son watches the perp shoot dad in the leg tied to a chair.

    showing the dislocating of the woman's arms was just too much and and too graphic for a tv show and along with the other things mentioned above has led me to say that if they ever do that again and show things like limbs being dislocated instead of the usual shot of an already dead victim i will no longer watch the show. They went too far with this one. Just a gore show rather than the class show its been till now.

    Bad form guys, very bad form...
  • The Night Watch

    Season 11 of Criminal Minds is AWFUL! If this is all the writers can do, put the show out of its misery and let it die. The storylines have all been horrible, this season. I think Aisha is okay, in her role, but that wig is terrible. I'm looking forward to seeing JJ back, otherwise, this show is completely screwed! This is why CBS should have kept Stalker!!!
  • Why did they ruin a great show.

    When I first stated watching criminal minds the show was dark and you could never see the killers face till the end when they caught him. Then as the years went on they started making it like law and order. Bright scens more talking and you got to see the killers face right in the begin.. Now they added Jennifer love Hewitt, witch makes the show dumb she does nothing for the show. I bet she was just broke and need to do something. Also in the 2nd or third new episode in this year's season she got pregnant wtf who cares and who cares if her first daughter is upset about that. And I didn't even know Jennifer love Hewitt had a man to begin with. This just makes me not want to watch the show any more I hope they change everything back to the way it was.
  • Loved it now HATE it!

    WAS one of my favorite shows: I have every season until JLH arrived on the scene. What were they thinking? I just don't get it a profiler she is not! Her character is ridiculous and annoying. I've stopped watching the show hoping she will be replaced by a more serious character like Emily - All the other characters are amazing especially Derek and Penelope...

  • stopped watching due to the JLH addition.

    I loved this show.. when she is gone ill watch it again..
  • I am so done with Criminal Minds

    I am so done watching Criminal Minds. I have watched this show since it first aired. Reed finally gets a love interest that went on for months and then they meet and the stupid writers kill her off. I watch TV for pleasure not to get so damn depressed. This was the worst show ever. If the writers hate their jobs and this show so much they should look somewhere else, because they just ruined Criminal Minds for me and I will never watch it again.
  • do your homework

    on may 29 09 you aired an episode called to hell and back it was a grest show execpt for the facts about the setting of where the crimes took place the city of Sarnia is a great place we are leaders in the chemical industry and a very modern city and to pertray it as a backwoods redneck area was not wright it was almost a shock when at the end of the show our city was mentioned but during the show it was not shown but made out to be wilderness country
    if you try to keep a show technical it should be in all aspects not just some
  • Need to replace Jennifer Love-Hewitt

    Love Criminal Minds but Jennifer Love-Hewitt? She is just not at the level of the rest of the team - need a stronger replacement who is equal to the rest of the team.
  • yet another putrescent cop show

    yet another show glorifying the worst of the worst in our country

    the COPS, the GOVT. the fbi the nsa

    I wonder which agency is paying to have this tripe produced
  • Might be the last criminal minds show I will ever watch

    Tonight's show with the puppet maker and the dwarf was way over the top of what is acceptable for viewers. The scene where the woman's arms were dislocated was sickening, horrendous. It was so bad I turned to another station and did not go back to find out how the show ended. Please, we do not need that graphic horror and torture scenes. If this trend continues, I will not watch the show again and that is a pity as it is one of my all time favourites.
  • Never Again

    If last night's episode ended the way it seemed.... I will never again watch Criminal Minds. This is my favorite show, but last night's ending was the worst ever. I have never missed a show and watched most shows multiple, multiple times. But this episode's ending was completely wrong in so many ways. What is wrong with your writers???
  • Still hooked...

    I still like most of the stories (Although I wonder why some people complains about the gore, since this show is about rather bizarre crimes), and I learnt to accept that some characters are gone for good, and some new ones are here to stay. Still, I wish the cast would get smaller. I don't get the need to increase the cast all the time, because that means even less screen time for former main characters. I also wish Garcia wouldn't present the cases, since she is ok but in smaller doses, and as long as she doesn't make those awful out-of-lie comments, and I wish JJ wouldn't become a 'profiler', since I find her rather boring. I am worried that the 200 episode will be another family drama as the ending of season seven. I which her family was given the biggest spot and two annoying episodes to resolve the situation. I wish the original main characters (Hotch, Morgan and Reid) would get more screen time. Sometimes, specially with Hotch and Reid, you can barely tell what they did in the episodes.

    OMG didn't you people learn when you took JJ off the show???

    Now Emily is gone and replaced with a power robot????

    Bring Emily BACK or I'm GONE.

    Nothing like wrecking the only good show on tv worth watching!!!!!!!
  • The show is AWFUL

    I compare this show to Law & Order: SVU. SVU BEATS IT IN EVERY WAY!!

    First, I don't like the acting on CM. Way too melodramatic for my tastes, especially the older gentleman with the goatee. There's constant melodramatic music playing throughout, which makes the show feel like every moment is an earth-shattering moment in their lives.

    Every episode of the show is basically a mini horror flick, with all of the clichs you might expect.

    I find the shows to be too predictable. Unlike Law & Order, you don't get to see how the trials of the suspects pan out, so you basically have to believe that these profilers are perfect in every investigation, all the time. Not very realistic, IMHO.

    Also, murder cases are often not open/shut cases. We see many examples of this in real life (OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony). There are many blunders that occur during police investigations and prosecutions that complicate the outcomes of them. This show encourages people to believe the profilers are accurate every time.
  • What Have You Done

    What have you people done to this great television series. So far, this season has been a rousing disappointment. Although the cast (with one exception) has ben up to their usual sparkling standards, the stories, AND the bad guys are noticeably lackiing. The show has been, unfortunately, boring. And I will say it again. . .nothing personal against the lady, but JLH was not the best choice as a replacement for Miss Triplehorn. Her character adds nothing to the stories and, in fact, diminishes the on-camera presences of her cast-mates. I never thought I would hear myself say this but I'm considering quitting the show to wait and see how the spinoff fairs.
  • A Very Disappointing Criminal Minds

    I know it's very hard when you have to make cast changes. When you replace a character you have to find someone the viewers can relate with. That is the reason in the first place we watch each week. The replacement for Prentess was a very poor pick. You would have been better off with someone like Laurie Laughlan (x Full House) or Jayne Brook (x Chicago Hope). The woman you have on there now has no personality. You used to have a really great team. You can't replace them with just anyone.....has to be a standout. ...someone that you would like to know. I have always loved this show but I won't continue to watch unless you come up with someone better. It was a very disappointing eveing.
  • No love interest for Morgan?

    Come on, after watching this show for nearly 9 season and Derek Morgan does not have a love interest? Is or what? I mean, look at it: Hotch had Haley at first and after she died, he managed to find time between Jack and his soccer games, his work and being out on the field, he dated Beth Clemmons. He was never even late for a date with her!

    Dave Rossi had Strauss albeit for a short tragic time. boy genus, the nerd of the team even had a couple; Leila and Maeve, although the last was sad.

    JJ has Will.

    Penelope has Kevin Lynch

    Even when Emily was around she had dated, when she started with the told Morgan of her failed date.

    He's supposed to be the Chocolate God! for goodness sakes'! I can't believe unless the writers had something against him having a girlfriend????
  • A clever title goes here!


    Criminal Minds is my favorite show. But, Jeanne Tripplehorn is a terrible replacement for Paget Brewster She just does not fit the role. Watching her, I feel like chalk squeaking on a chalkboard. Nothing wrong with her acting, but she really stand out like a sore thumb. If she continues in the role, I will probably stop watching the show. It is that annoying! Sure would miss the team.

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