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  • more reid and Garcia

    I don't care about JLH, i wish Reid and garcia have more screentime, same for Hotch and Rossi, those are my favorite characters
  • Really? Just respect please.

    akathleenkellyy, you are posting the same comment always too and bullying me and after that you are saying that I am doing this. I think you don't read my comment at all. I have no words anymore. I just said my opinion, I have never bullyied anyone. I don't have time for this ridiculous argument.

    My old post: First of all, this is ridiculous to blame 1 person for all bad comments. I love all Criminal Minds' actors and actresses! I am so happy for AJ's & JLH's pregnancy. I never told any bad thing about them. All cast member are awsome. But first look at all fans wrote terrible comments about JLH. So akathleenkellyy, you are only looking this on your side. I just would like to see all fans would respect to every amazing people who is working so hard to put this perfect show. That's all. I am a JLH fan and if you read all comments, you can see I don't blame anyone for anything and I don't insult to anybody. But the words '' sick people '' brings you the same words that you said to JLH fans because of the same reason. Everyone has to respect to everyone. And please somebody tell me when JLH hit AJ's belly? This is so crazy ridiculous! I never saw any threats to her. I see all biggest JLH fan pages & sites sharing all great news about other cast members with positively and supports them. If you don't know that, check out and tell your opinion then. All cast members are already friends now. They are working together. But all negative comments from fans are making them sad. Like Piaffe28 said, what is the need for some of you to write with such hatred?

    I never bullyed any cast member or a fan! akathleenkellyylove, you are saying that JLH fans are bullying you but you are bullying and insulting all JLH fans. I love CM and I love all cast! I hope that every fan of CM especially who doesn't like JLH can see how she is amazing, and they can respect to everyone. I never saw a JLH fan insult and wrote comment with hatred to any cast member of CM especially to AJ. Everyone has to search all news about what or who they are have problem with. It' not only for people who doesn't like JLH, it also for JLH fans like I am. I am so happy for all cast members of CM are friends and I am also so happy for AJ and JLH are pregnant for their 2nd child at the same time. This is so cute.

    I think people who writes terrible things about JLH out of their minds and they are so rude. I can't believe these disgusting comments about Jennifer Love Hewitt. She is such a amazing person. She is a good actress and very talented. She is singer, actress, director, producer. At least just respect her career and experience. She is in this bussiness for a very long time. Besides it is not easy to join to a serie that aires for 10 season! Everyone know each other. If you never watch her just watch a movie or show of her. She is so nice person to everyone. The show is wonderful nothing has changed. She is really great fit in this character. Just don't blame her and don't be disappointed. If the producers of Criminal Minds didn't love or believe her, they wouldn't ask her if she want to be in the show. So just trust her for a second and watch the show. You'll see it. You don't have to love her but at least try to understand her and respect her. As a fan of JLH, I really loved her in this character, she is doing her best.
  • Calling JLH fat is insulting to women, especially mothers, everywhere

    JLH happens to be pregnant, but even if she wasn't calling her fat is very shallow. We all know TV and movies don't reflect what most people look like, and I don't mind that. It's entertainment after all, but when an actor or actress isn't skinny or doesn't remain skinny so what? There's plenty of eye candy on TV. If that's all you want to see watch some "Real Housewives" show about housewives who never do any housework and care more about their Zinfandel than their kids.
  • keep the original cast and very dissapoint with season 9 and 10

    I like a team job not a character job. A good balance between characters, and i really miss the chemistry the characters used to have. They always got involved into one and others they looked like a familly. No need a new profiler but better scripts, and creepy stories ; If any i miss Strauss or similar agent . And a miss Reid and garcia's brillant minds.. Never loved JJ character, but she is part of the team and i accept was sweet, now as a profiler she is boring, arrogant, distant. cold. Hotch doesn't look the chief lately. Garcia used to be perky, funny, smart, she didn't like to see horror pics. but she could handle pretty well, she always care about the others, got involved and investigated side by side with the profilers, now she is just a "fast looking info machine" what a waste of a character who was an ex hacker, and a expert IT. And they all talk so od dissapoint lately. Loved the episodes where one of the team has a probleam and the entire team helped him. This show now looks more like a episode focus character with somebody of the team helping, and the others?? do they care? i doesn't looks like.
  • weak adittion

    Hotch Rossi Garcia Reid Morgan and JJ are the ones who make the show for me. Specially hotch Rossi Garcia and Reid, and i love the banter Morgan and Garcia. Sorry Callahan adds nothing, eansted i would love to see a chief section: another mature lady like Strauss.
  • More team please

    Tired of watching JJ in almost every scene. I Like her character when was part of the team not the focus of the show;Would like to see more of Hotch reid rossi and Garcia characters, And i miss Morgan and garcia flirting. Garcia needs to go out more often with the rest of the team , she has her Pc and there is always cameras and other pcs to check to ... and internet is very important nowdays. Love the humor she brings to the show. And if somebody want to watch a more proffesional behavior they should watch documentaries shows. Never tired of Hotch Garcia Rossi and Reid,. Wish i can see a little be more Garcia
  • A little disturbing sometimes, but interesting nonetheless

    I get a little freaked out on some episodes, and squirmy on others, but I have to give them credit, they are interesting.
  • awful JLH

    please writers get ride of callahan, hire a chief section like a mature lady that gives hard time to the team, like strauss, and more screentime for Reid and garcia, and less of JJ also.
  • missing conection -10 SE

    I just want repeat mark.

    The chem between characters is weak and I feel like missing some scene, althoug I have been watching the episode since the first scene.

    I am following other series and somehow I can connect the actors/characters...

  • Replace JLH

    I really don't like JLH's acting in Criminal Minds. She says her lines like a zombie and it sounds like she is reading her lines from a teleprompter. I think she is surrounded by all the characters we are use to and she just doesn't fit in with the others. They need to replace her asap!!
  • Some fans suck

    I'm no Reid fan, but just an old fan who don't watch this regularly after S7 but it's nothing to do with Brewster's left just I prefer Gideon. So sometimes I check it and its fandom.

    And I felt like I saw almost no Reid in Season9 and 10. Just count how many minuites he has been in every ep then his total screentime would turn out be waay less than other characters.

    But some girls in fandome keep saying "the show is all about Reid!! Others need more time!" YOU SERIOUS? Or JUST YOU ARE PLAIN STUPID???

    And as already someone said before, Hotch is no longer a leader looks like actually Morgan the Ab.

    And all the official pages of CBS or Criminal Minds are ONLY ADVERTISING Shemar Moore and AJCook. as already told.

    Merry Christmas pic from Criminal Minds official was only Shemar and there absolutely no other cast.

    I do know the number of Matt Gubler fans is bigger than him, and the show can't be the same without Thomas Gibson who is so famous as Shemar Moore, still CBS always treat this only ab guy like an only celebrity in the programme.

    But, strangely, no self-claiming Criminal Minds fan complain about Shemar Moore and JJ centric.


    You know if Reid's screentime is so little still you feel he is outstanding, well then the ACTOR'S ACTING may be OUTSTANDING.

    And whatever Shemar fans try to believe, the Reid's actor may be way CUTER and more ATTRACTIVE to MORE VIEWERS.


    But Criminal Minds fans always love to bash Reid.

    Normally, if there is one outstanding character or actor or whatever, fans support him or her and of course so do media UNTILL the number of fans is so huge that fandome can make the show or some cast win some famous voting award.

    Yes, I know all the awards are somehow rigged, but Criminal Minds hasn't reached the level to be OK to criticize it.

    Most of us don't care about this show AT ALL.

    I mean, look at Empire! People are now all talking about it! Look at Person of Interests! It can't win like teen awards, but ratings are great and Emmy cared about it. NCIS? Well, it's the king. The ratings are the justice, you know? Supernatural, once glee, Vampire Diary, Arrow, Walking Dead? Ratings may not be as high as CM but the YOUNG love THEM.

    But WHAT IS Criminal Minds?

    "I love the show, because I'm learning profiling!! And wanna know their real life!! Not character!"

    Their real life? Are you serious??? I mean ARE you SERIOUS???????

    Please don't be a profiler. You are too stupid to be it. I MEAN IT.

    This show has NO POINT.

    It trys to avoid making one strong main character, that's why storyline also blurred and once there comes such characters as Gideon and Reid, STUPID MINORITY TASTE's fans COMPLAIN ABOUT it.

    But they don't care about those truly attractive characters and actors, so if the screentime of the character or the actor is almost ZERO, they don't care.

    The show is lame, so are fans. And these idiots' envies or stupidness are killing the show.

    Get rid of Gideon and Reid, or those actors? Awwww, NICE!

    Then, how can normal people who are just randome and never blind cult admirers of the show like them be dragged to the show?

    As everyone tells, it's no fault of JLH.


    And if you people so keen on bashing Reid, just make a spinoff of him. You must be happy to get rid of him and make more time for other character, and viewers will be happy too to focus on one interesting character who is a genius and makes viewers expect to see something decent detective drama, no blurred storyline like CM.

    And call back Hotch to the scene. He is a boss, not Morgan!

    Rossi? Sorry, I prefer Gideon.

    But CBS killed him easily.

    I'm really glad that Mandy and Paget left the show years ago.

    They were right and even I feel their choice proved they are real top actors who can't keep on being in just a crappy show and try another dramas. If you don't belive in you, you can't act like that, and professionals always trust themselves and never surrender in others.

    I almost forgot to say this.

    Shemar Moore fans are always reporting Matthew Gubler's FB page or tweets that praise Matthew Gubler over Shemar Moore as spam or sexual pics and illegal pages.

    That's also the reason Matthew Gubler's FB page doesn't come up in the affiliates and advertisement section so much.

    Or strangely sharp reduction of his followers on Instagram.

    Seriously, the number of foced to unfollow accts is 8k!!! In a day!


    Why I know it?

    Well, don't ask me.

    But it's THE FACT.

    Anti Gubler is seriously PAID by some agency.

    Whose agency?

    Guess who?

  • Bet you all miss Blake now, huh?

    I never understood why people disliked Blake. Sure, she was no better than Emily and people still missed her, but I liked Alex. I think she was kind of a mother figure, especially to Spencer. I loved their relationship, it was sweet, especially because he didn't get to see his own mom very often and she lost her son. I was sorry when she left. And damn I hate, Callahan. Liste, I like JLH, I do, but her character... dear God I hate that woman. More than Seaver actually. I think she is a waste of space in the show.

    But the thing that bugs me most is that Spencer never has a real girlfriend. I'm tired of that. He deserves some love. And I would love to see him trying to be a BF. All the others have pairs, or lovers, or relationships, except for Reid, who happens to be the most attractive person in that team. So that's just BS to me. Get him a girlfriend. For the love of God! I like that girl Dylan Einstein for him, I mean, she's cute and smart. Also, her name? Great.
  • season 9 isn't my favorite of CM but still love it . I would like for season 10 a little be less of JJ

    What happened this season? some episodes were ok, I enjoyed the funny team moments. But... JJ characters looks different,.. distant from the team, bossy.. icy i MISS Garcia funny responses ,she is opend minded, sparky, brillant, but season 9 seems to forget about Garcia and Reid characters. I don't like to see Garcia so nervous,, exagerating her gestures , love that Garcia sparky, funny, always has something to say, not when she is overreacting. And Yes i would like to see garcia going out with the team. i really enjoy those episodes.
  • Love Hewitt's Character

    I've been really busy and I finally got the chance to watch the Season 10 episodes that have been aired... I now know why people are saying that Callahan looks like a deer caught in headlights throughout entire episodes...
  • JLH - Doesn't Fit

    Ben a fan since the beginning. Never missed an episode. After JLH joining the cast I actually stopped watching after 2 of the new episodes. I decided to go back to it because I do think the rest of the cast & writers are have nothing against her at all, however she sticks out like a sore thumb. Her acting skills are not up to the standard of the other actors. I wish her the best of luck, just please write her out of this series.
  • Disturbing (Yet Totally Awesome) Episode

    Matthew Gray Gubler did an excellent job directing this episode. Yes, the torture was difficult to watch, but the plot was genius. Of course, I was left wondering why the victims didn't seem to be in complete and unbearable pain, and also if they were going to recover once they were saved (call me ignorant, but I have little to no knowledge of this type of thing). It was refreshing to see an episode that was so different! I'll give Blake a chance. It's always a little difficult warming up to new characters.
  • What's with the HATE in these posts?

    I am sorry but I have been a loyal fan of Criminal Minds from the beginning. I am the first to admit that I do not feel that JLH is a good fit with the team at all, but what is the need for some of you to write with such hatred? There's a thing called a remote and if you feel compelled to write with such foul language and hatred CHANGE the CHANNEL! For goodness sake. It's embarassing as an American to read some of these posts. As with any long trending show or movie with sequels, its just a matter of time that it declines in quality and viewer interest as the writers struggle to come up with new material. That's just what happens. I will continue to watch Criminal Minds since I still find it entertaining enough to watch. Sure I have some disappointments here or there, but there is no need to write with such hatred people. Watch something else if you need to write such a lengthy posts with nasty inappropriate language. Grow Up!
  • I'm not alone

    I have no idea whether producers, directors and writers monitor this site for feedback, but I've not found any other avenue that seemed appropriate or sufficient including the CBS website. So, I am in hopes that this reaches those that matter!

    I don't remember ever commenting on programming before. I don't really do blogs and I don't follow celebrities. Nevertheless, i'm compelled to find some outlet for my frustration with, what has been, one of only a few shows I watch regularly -Criminal Minds. I was not especially fond of Paget's replacement, but apparently I'm not alone in finding JLH so poorly suited to the show, that I'm starting to loose interest. I'm not a fan of her, or anything she's done, in general, as I find her to be a poor actress and somewhat dull. Watching her on CI well it's frustrating to the point of being irritating.

    While I'm doing this, and as an aside, I'll also add that I find the romance between Morgan and Savanna to be uninspired, almost strained. As hard as it is, on occasion, to imagine the connection between Morgan and Garcia that's more genuine and appealing to watch-even if it never becomes romantic.

    I'm going to make another entry, for another program, and will monitor feedback for a day or so which I hope will come within that time, because I anticipate this to be the end of my celebrity/programming posting! If there is another, or more direct means of leaving feedback for those with the interest and power to influence change, I welcome that information.


  • SADDNESS....

    I use to love this show, it is the only show I have ever watched constantly. I use to make sure I never worked Wednesdays just to watch this. However now I think I may start working, because I can't stand JLH, her acting I swear is getting worse. I am with everyone else I hope they killer her off or something before the end of the season because if not I am most likely just not going to be able to watch. That or I will have to continue what I am doing now, and only partly pay attention.
  • best show on tv

    enjoy watching CM, one of the best show on tv. Love the cast. But still want some characters to be developeed like Garcia and Hotch, really miss them last 2 seasons. And JJ less arrogant, miss JJ /garcia frienship. Love Garcia interacting with the team, and going out with them to different places. I miss Garcia and Morgan flirting also. Hope season 10 isn't about JJ and the new agent, but the team. Love how Garcia presents the cases. There can never be enought of Garcia Rossi Hotch and Reid
  • Still a Great Show

    I understand what everyone is saying. A girlfriend storyline could have been interesting for Reid as they havent done one like that before. I did feel bad for Reid as it was nice to see him happy but I have no problem with the ending. I didnt see that coming until the last second & that is what makes this show great.

    Recent episodes had become a little predictable and this one shook things back up. The girlfriend character was rather mysterious until last weeks episode. We never got a chance to get to know her & get attached to her so it was no big loss. There's been a million police type dramas on tv so the more twisted this show is, the better. The fact that this show is unpredictable & keeps you guessing most of the time is why it is one of my favorite shows on tv. Keep up the great writing!

  • Disappointed on character changes

    As much as I like Jennifer Love Hewitt and most of her movies and shows, on the contrary, I don't find Hewitt's acting as a behavioral analysis believable. I like Lola Glaudini and I miss her and Mandy Patinkin. I'm most disappointed that Glaudini was replaced by Hewitt.
  • Hello CBS - #criminalminds - Please find a way to get rid of JLH!

    JLH does not belong on this show. I have always loved the casting on this show, but why JLH? She brings nothing to the series. She's not a skilled enough actress to seperate from her other work. Her choices on this series view more like first year acting. The audience is speaking here. Please CBS - take note. Sorry, Jennifer - I'm not a hateful person, I just think you and CBS have made a bad choice.
  • x ... Hewitt sucks

    Great show, absolutely hate Jennifer love Hewitt terrible actress, only thing she adds is as set of fake tatas and that's it. Anyone would be a better pick all I can say is another Kate needs to die on the show

    I don't care JLH. Or I like her waay more than Shemar Moom centric.

    more Morgan? Ew.


    Which character the fandom always tells the most fav?

    WHY the heck CBS just KEEPS ON TRYING hard to CUT Reid's time,which seems almost they wanna get rid of Reid or Matthew Gubler??

    At least one thing great about Season 10.

    LESS Morgan.

    Thank God, JLH.

    Seriously, without Reid and Garcia, the team won't work properly.

    But Garcia, my love, seems that CBS tries to spare more time for her.

    But REID?

    On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever social media!

    CBS just keeps on ignoring Reid or Matthew Gubler.

    Is that so difficult even to mention his name?

    Enough of it!

    It's plain rude.

    And if you hate so much that there is an atmosphere that even mentioning the name of Gubler or Reid is forbidden, just FIRE REID!

    He deserves way more respect and appreciated.


    Some self-claiming Reid fan said, "full fan base doesn't tell Reid is popular.

    Well as you said, " full fan base" is "silent" and doesn't vote any.

    A moron didn't seem to know, that's why it's called,"ratings".

    And "ratings" tells Morgan has never ever been the most popular, or either the actor has.

    Almost all the Morgan centric eps dropped ratings compared to former eps. And so did the actor's guest starring talk shows.

    But Reid "centric" eps almost always raise the ratings.


    I don't think you are a Reid's fan.

    Self-claiming means NOTHING.

    And as you, I think other character fan, said, if you really don't appreciate "dedicated" fans' "hundreds" votes, then why you complain and care about them??? Huh? It seems controversial.

    And if as you try to believe "only dedicated fans' votes" mean nothing, CBS shouldn't broadcast like People's Choice Award at all, OR shouldn't have said,"vote for Shemar" on Twitter. Don't you think so?

    And at least, you admitted Reid or Gubler has dedicated fans. But you almost seem to want to say he isn't as popular as like Morgan?

    Well then, I'm so sorry for you about the fact that Morgan or the actor isn't so attractive to get even the small number of dedicated fans when there are way more "silent" Morgan fans IN YOUR MIND.

    Well for me, Morgan or Shemar fans look exactly like the old girls who are frantic with voting things, but yeah they may be silent.


  • Not in LOVE

    Definitely not in love with the addition of JLH to Criminal Minds. Her look is terrible for such a pretty lady. I don't see her lasting the season, there is not chemistry with the cast.
  • WTF is this!!!

    So i've been catching up to season 10 and just watch the first episode, what in the hell was that!?!?!?! Jennifer Hewitt was AWFUL, didn't fit at all in the team. She is ruining the chemistry and dynamic of the team. I have watch all episode of criminal minds and I can honestly say she is the worst I've seen in the crew! please get rid of her!
  • Season 08 Episode 10 - Crazy Character & Reid's Love Interest Revealed!

    Spoiler Alert!!

    I actually found this episode 10 of season 8 very entertaining. It was sick, but my goodness the character was so crazy I couldn't stop watching to make sure he got caught. I knew from the start that the guy was delusional and nothing in his world was true or real, but my goodness such madness!

    I think people get too touchy about subject matter. There was a dwarf depicted but he was a figment of the guys mind. The female victim was tortured and we saw glimpses of sadistic acts being carried out. The men were disfigured and murdered. All of this to me gives to a suspenseful and mind blowing case. I've wondered when the show would go back to the unusual suspects with the serious mental issues. I want to see crimes that I've never heard of but that are true enough that I am made to check over my shoulder when I leave the house.

    Anyway, I really love Criminal Minds. I want them to put more Reid in the stories. I find his character fascinating. I loved the episodes where he's put in harms way because the other characters seem to come to life and are more emotional and animated when he is.

    Also, was that the actress Beth Riesgraf from Leverage in all black wavy hair as Reid's mystery girlfriend?
  • Love Hewitt, I do not.

    Seriously? Jennifer Love Hewitt on Criminal Minds? Oh, how I used to love this show!.

    This episode was incredible! I applaud the writers for ending it the way they did, it was completely captivating and shocking. I was getting worried the show was going sour after what I thought to be a rough start but this episode reminded me why I love the show. Good job Criminal Minds, another amazing episode.
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