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  • more reid and Garcia

    I don't care about JLH, i wish Reid and garcia have more screentime, same for Hotch and Rossi, those are my favorite characters

    I don't care JLH. Or I like her waay more than Shemar Moom centric.

    more Morgan? Ew.


    Which character the fandom always tells the most fav?

    WHY the heck CBS just KEEPS ON TRYING hard to CUT Reid's time,which seems almost they wanna get rid of Reid or Matthew Gubler??

    At least one thing great about Season 10.

    LESS Morgan.

    Thank God, JLH.

    Seriously, without Reid and Garcia, the team won't work properly.

    But Garcia, my love, seems that CBS tries to spare more time for her.

    But REID?

    On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever social media!

    CBS just keeps on ignoring Reid or Matthew Gubler.

    Is that so difficult even to mention his name?

    Enough of it!

    It's plain rude.

    And if you hate so much that there is an atmosphere that even mentioning the name of Gubler or Reid is forbidden, just FIRE REID!

    He deserves way more respect and appreciated.


    Some self-claiming Reid fan said, "full fan base doesn't tell Reid is popular.

    Well as you said, " full fan base" is "silent" and doesn't vote any.

    A moron didn't seem to know, that's why it's called,"ratings".

    And "ratings" tells Morgan has never ever been the most popular, or either the actor has.

    Almost all the Morgan centric eps dropped ratings compared to former eps. And so did the actor's guest starring talk shows.

    But Reid "centric" eps almost always raise the ratings.


    I don't think you are a Reid's fan.

    Self-claiming means NOTHING.

    And as you, I think other character fan, said, if you really don't appreciate "dedicated" fans' "hundreds" votes, then why you complain and care about them??? Huh? It seems controversial.

    And if as you try to believe "only dedicated fans' votes" mean nothing, CBS shouldn't broadcast like People's Choice Award at all, OR shouldn't have said,"vote for Shemar" on Twitter. Don't you think so?

    And at least, you admitted Reid or Gubler has dedicated fans. But you almost seem to want to say he isn't as popular as like Morgan?

    Well then, I'm so sorry for you about the fact that Morgan or the actor isn't so attractive to get even the small number of dedicated fans when there are way more "silent" Morgan fans IN YOUR MIND.

    Well for me, Morgan or Shemar fans look exactly like the old girls who are frantic with voting things, but yeah they may be silent.


  • Disturbing (Yet Totally Awesome) Episode

    Matthew Gray Gubler did an excellent job directing this episode. Yes, the torture was difficult to watch, but the plot was genius. Of course, I was left wondering why the victims didn't seem to be in complete and unbearable pain, and also if they were going to recover once they were saved (call me ignorant, but I have little to no knowledge of this type of thing). It was refreshing to see an episode that was so different! I'll give Blake a chance. It's always a little difficult warming up to new characters.
  • Still a Great Show

    I understand what everyone is saying. A girlfriend storyline could have been interesting for Reid as they havent done one like that before. I did feel bad for Reid as it was nice to see him happy but I have no problem with the ending. I didnt see that coming until the last second & that is what makes this show great.

    Recent episodes had become a little predictable and this one shook things back up. The girlfriend character was rather mysterious until last weeks episode. We never got a chance to get to know her & get attached to her so it was no big loss. There's been a million police type dramas on tv so the more twisted this show is, the better. The fact that this show is unpredictable & keeps you guessing most of the time is why it is one of my favorite shows on tv. Keep up the great writing!

  • I was more offended...

    By the fact that Dr. Reid was having a relationship via payphone than I was by Payphone Maive getting killed off. Don't get me wrong, I want Dr. Reid to have a wonderful, lasting love affair with someone as totally awesome as he is but I want to actually see the relationship. I want to see Morgan and Garcia go through girlfriend's life with a fine tooth comb and finally give their seal of approval, so that I can give mine. I felt cheated, honestly. One day he's on the phone with some chick we couldn't see, the next thing we know he was in love. That was so not working for me.

    Anyhoo, Dr. Reid's wound will heal and his heart will mend, hopefully without any lasting damage. Going forward, if he's going to have a romantic relationship, the audience has to be in on the development part.

    This episode was incredible! I applaud the writers for ending it the way they did, it was completely captivating and shocking. I was getting worried the show was going sour after what I thought to be a rough start but this episode reminded me why I love the show. Good job Criminal Minds, another amazing episode.
  • Season 08 Episode 10 - Crazy Character & Reid's Love Interest Revealed!

    Spoiler Alert!!

    I actually found this episode 10 of season 8 very entertaining. It was sick, but my goodness the character was so crazy I couldn't stop watching to make sure he got caught. I knew from the start that the guy was delusional and nothing in his world was true or real, but my goodness such madness!

    I think people get too touchy about subject matter. There was a dwarf depicted but he was a figment of the guys mind. The female victim was tortured and we saw glimpses of sadistic acts being carried out. The men were disfigured and murdered. All of this to me gives to a suspenseful and mind blowing case. I've wondered when the show would go back to the unusual suspects with the serious mental issues. I want to see crimes that I've never heard of but that are true enough that I am made to check over my shoulder when I leave the house.

    Anyway, I really love Criminal Minds. I want them to put more Reid in the stories. I find his character fascinating. I loved the episodes where he's put in harms way because the other characters seem to come to life and are more emotional and animated when he is.

    Also, was that the actress Beth Riesgraf from Leverage in all black wavy hair as Reid's mystery girlfriend?
  • Where is Penelope? Undoubtedly one of the best series, the best of its kind. Amazing quality scripts, excellent cast

    Where is Penelope? Undoubtedly one of the best series, the best of its kind. Amazing quality scripts, excellent cast
  • Entertaining

    I watch Criminal Minds and the rest of my shows faithfully. Don't care about the other opinions this is a good show.

    nothing else to say about this show but it is AMAZING.

    i own every season and watch it over and over.

    i love derek and penelope. the storylines are amazing and scaringly real!

    the fact that all the stories could possibly happen makes the show 10x more interesting.

    my fav show!
  • MGG's contract

    MGG's contract will be up after season nine. Will his contract be renewed? I sure hope so.

    Oh, and by the way, enough about bionic JJ. It seems that season nine wasn't Criminal Minds but "The JJ Show and Those Other Guys That Are Just Standing
  • More team, less JJ

    Loved this show to bits in its first 4-5 seasons - it was a well-rounded team, all got equal screentime. But since JJ was upgraded (and Cook apparently negotiated her return really well), she's in every scene, taking over every case... and losing what made her the human face of the team. The 200th episode was just the cherry on top, set during those months she was away in the 6th season - and we are meant to believe that she went from media liaison to interrogator in a few weeks? Please.

    And then there was that Reid/Maeve-romance. Don't get me wrong, it could have worked. But wasn't his loss just a pale imitation of the whole Hotch/Haley/Foyet-plot? Reid's storyarcs used to be the best of the best, but now he's faded into the background.

    And could TPTB please stop typecasting female actresses? JJ was replaced by blonde clone, Elle by darkhaired Prentiss who in turn was replaced by darkhaired Alex... and now there's again a dark haired new female character taking over from Alex. A bit ridiculous.

    This show has still so much potential as I've rarely seen a cast that just works well - but writers/TPTB/actors are slowly destroying that which bothers me enormously. Where are Hotch and Reid, or even Rossi? Not to mention cases that focus more on the psychological background than on showing every atrocity in every gruesome detail? This show used to be about profiling - now it's your everyday run of the mill crimeshow... But I still have hope that season 10 will improve on that.
  • tiresome of JJ like I would enjoy a team job

    Tired of watching JJ in almost every scene. I Like her character was part of the team not the "one"Would like to see more of Hotch reid rossi and Garcia characters, And i miss Morgan and garcia needs to go out more often with the is always some Pc to check... and internet is very important nowdays. Love the humor who bright up the episodes. And if somebody want to watch a more proffesional behavior they should watch documentaries shows. Never tired of Hotch Garcia Rossi and Reid,. Wish i can see a little be more of Garcia
  • weak adittion

    Hotch Rossi Garcia Reid Morgan and JJ are the ones who make the show for me. Specially hotch Rossi Garcia and Reid, and i love the banter Morgan and Garcia. Sorry Callahan adds nothing, eansted i would love to see a chief section: another mature lady like Strauss.
  • Way too much Morgan!

    Too much Morgan on every episode. He is always the one having too much roles and the one arresting while other group end up somewhere else!! Just tired of Morgan!!! Too much of him!!!
  • season 9 isn't my favorite of CM but still love it . I would like for season 10 a little be less of JJ

    What happened this season? some episodes were ok, I enjoyed the funny team moments. But... JJ characters looks different,.. distant from the team, bossy.. icy i MISS Garcia funny responses ,she is opend minded, sparky, brillant, but season 9 seems to forget about Garcia and Reid characters. I don't like to see Garcia so nervous,, exagerating her gestures , love that Garcia sparky, funny, always has something to say, not when she is overreacting. And Yes i would like to see garcia going out with the team. i really enjoy those episodes.
  • gotta love reid

    Im on to season 6 they only have upto season 4 on netflix so had to download the rest.

    Love the storylines and characters are so likeable
  • Awesome Show

    There are so many dramas on TV, but this show is special, because the creator of the show aims to analyze the criminal by profiling the but being a TV show, they profile the perp almost exactly and then they have Kirsten Vangsgness find information by upscale computers. Perfect casting and stories. This show demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T........................... SCORE 10
  • keep the original cast

    Keep the original cast. Get ride of Callahan. I like a team job not a character job. A good balance between characters, and i really miss the chemistry this characters used to have. No need a new profiler but better scripts, and creepy stories ; If any i miss Strauss or similar agent . And a miss Reid and garcia's brillant minds
  • Elephant memory

    I like this show I've become more cautious where to go and who to trust
  • best show on tv

    enjoy watching CM, one of the best show on tv. Love the cast. But still want some characters to be developeed like Garcia and Hotch, really miss them last 2 seasons. And JJ less arrogant, miss JJ /garcia frienship. Love Garcia interacting with the team, and going out with them to different places. I miss Garcia and Morgan flirting also. Hope season 10 isn't about JJ and the new agent, but the team. Love how Garcia presents the cases. There can never be enought of Garcia Rossi Hotch and Reid
  • Criminal Minds

    The only show on television that I watch on a regular basis is Criminal Minds. I stopped for a bit in 2014 earlier but I caught up to the present.

    I am sorry for the comments I made a while back.

    Reid is my favorite actor.

    You, the cast, deserve so much for the work you put into this wonderful show for us to enjoy every week.
  • Never Thought I Would Say This.

    I can not stand one of the characters in this show.

    I know that they had to replace Prentis, but agent Blake is not doing a very good job. The character seems dry and boring. I know she needs time to develop as a person in the series, as everyone else she almost has no emotion. I am starting to dislike watching the show, well the episodes where she has a larger roll, and I used to LOVE this show, I own every season and watch it constantly.

    Please make Blake more get her to leave the BAU. /=
  • Mind Blowing Show!

    Each and every episode seen by me here in India were simply awesome. Your entire team effort rocks! But where have you disappeared these days as we miss you everyday at 9pm on Fox Crime?

    Kindly come back with a bang asap and we all sincerely hope here in India that you guyz won't let us down k!

    Best Wishes & Happy New Year to you all!

    Happy (Kolkata, India)
  • One of the best shows

    This show is absolutely one of the best shows on television. It always has the best twists. My whole family is always on the edge of our seats! We LOVE this show!!!!!
  • criminal minds

    one of my fav. i love it!
  • Best Police Drama

    This is my favorite police drama.... I love the whole cast and every week is good.
  • Criminal Minds Renew-- ASAP-- Please

    CBS You guys need to get with it! In my opinion Criminal Minds is a great show and the only reason I even watch CBS still. Not sure why the wait on their renewing but I hope it all comes together soon.. This show hasn't disappointed me, the cast is amazing and the show is even more amazing! I love each and everyone of them!!!!!
  • love the show love love .

    criminal minds best show ever . must watch . Amazing .
  • I looooooooove this show

    I watch this show while it is recording so I won't miss a scene, Yes this is one the best show on TV!!!
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