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  • Present cast and writers

    Not sure what happened but this, my favorite show for many seasons, has really deteriorated. First of all, the ensemble has no comradery or chemistry. I'm sure Mr. Gupton is a nice, talented actor; but is too low-key and undemonstrative for this show. Second, what possessed the writers and PTB to put Reid in prison? His character is the superior intellect NOT the action star. In the "real" world he would be murdered by the inmates 30 seconds after walking through the gate--can we say "suspends Third, when and why did the most lovable character on the show turn into a shrew? The Rodriguez character is non-confrontational and likeable, so what's the point. I will say his being an ex-Army Ranger lends a dark, legally gray side to his character that I like. Finally, Prentiss in her former appearances on the show was a "ballsy" woman, what happened.

    Writers, it's like this: there is a non-jaded superior intellect, a delightful and quirky hacker, a ballsy woman in charge, a middle-aged Italian voice of reason, an ex-Army super hero and a social scientist in serial criminal behavior as well as excellent actors who have proven they can give gold-medal performances. If you cannot write a breathtaking series with these assets, it's time for you to seek employment elsewhere.

    I for one don't want to see this excellent show just fade away due to inadequate creative writing.
  • Really. ......

    The story with Reid is dragging out waaaaaaay tooooooo long. Step it up, writers.

    And this constant deal with Penelope is getting so old. Is she supposed to be believable at all? The constant mouthy garbage every time the team calls in. Why don't you try to impress us with out smart she is, not how loony toons she can act. It was getting old when Morgan was on the show and it's just been over done. Let her shine for something else.
  • Criminal Minds

    I think Damon Gupton is too soft spoken and nerdy to play a BAU agent. He looks and acts like a high school math teacher, not like a kick butt FBI man- absolutely comical seeing him trying to look intense holding a gun! Please find someone more Morganlike!
  • Don't care no more....

    Nope, they lost me..... the team has no chemistry and although Spencer was my favorite, I truly don't care if he lives or dies..... and that was one of the better shows on TV.

    Although Hotchner could have been replaced with a card board cut out, he did hold everything together like a conductor an orchestra. Too bad...
  • Not working

    I like Aisha Taylor and Adam Rodriguez, but Damon Gupton is not working. And yes, Reid story line is getting too wacky!
  • Fast forwarding through most of the show!

    I don't believe that the writers are paying attention to the fans. I've been a long time viewer and have religiously DVR'd the show. Since they've gone over the edge with the Spencer Reid plot, I'm about to give up and stop watching. I used to love when he was part of the team, but now it's become monotonous and ridiculous! They need to attempt to bring back the chemistry that worked.
  • Finally the show comes to an end?

    This show is going downhill with each episode. Not only the new casts are missing dynamics, the old ones lost theirs too. Garcia forces her sweetness to the newbie, not problem with her acting, but just not the right chemistry. Reid with his high IQ, has always been the observer and the calculative mind, yet acting like an idiot in prison. Bad casts, worst scripts.
  • Reid in prison

    Please wrap up the plot with Reid being in prison. It's taking WAY too long to resolve too difficult to watch.
  • Criminal Minds moronic storyline

    I used to love that show but this latest storyline of Reid being in jail is absurd. It pushes the limits of disbelief.

    I don't feel the team dynamic in the rest of the cast. Too many departures and disconnected stories. How about getting Reid out of jail and applying some detective work to find culprits. I am so discusted was such a good show!
  • Disappointed

    This show has really taken a turn for the worst. I cannot watch anymore of the stupidity of the team. Reid in prison is a joke. Prentiss is a lousy boss. The new guys have no dynamic. Since Hotchner left I cannot watch anymore. These guys are going around like chickens with their heads cut off. Rossi should have taken over. He is more diplomatic. They have lost us. No more Criminal Minds at my house. It's the same stuff, just on a different. No imagination. No reason to stay. Bye Criminal Minds.
  • Get Reid out!

    I love Criminal Minds and have been watching it through it's best and darkest seasons but the Reid in jail plotline is getting to be too much for me. IMHO I think it really IS good writing, but week after week of this? It's too depressing. I know it sounds funny, considering how dark the subject matter of this show is; but I'm sorry - this is getting to be too much. If they don't change things up soon, I might stop watching entirely until they pull out of this.
  • a disappointed fan

    this show has become boring since Thomas Gibson's removal
  • Annoying Season

    Seriously... i really hate the show right now.... put reid in jail just stupid plan... reid mother story also boring! To being go on and go on about peter loius torment the them just annoying. it should go with the basic to criminal mind... not this... After all the sad case they should just go with the happy team, relationship with the team and family, not after case get got disturb by another psycho again.... any normal people will go crazy with that problem... this season really annoyingly stupid.
  • Oedipis Reed

    Why can't they leave Reed's mother in the hospital and move on! To create episodes out of that idiotic trip to Mexico, to purchase illegal drugs, is not only boring but just plain dumb. This season is a huge

    disappointment. The worst since it began. Instead of emphasizing Reed's relationship with his mother, why not find him a romantic interest?
  • Criminal Minds

    The current sub-plot with Spence Reid being drugged and framed for murder is stupid and distracting!!!! It is poorly written and has all manor of silly lines like suggesting it will ruin Prentess' career will be ruined if she gets him an attorney. That just stupid. If they don't drop this kind of silly sideshow I'm going to quit watching and I suspect many others feel the same as I do
  • Show is AWFUL without Hotch. Two episodes for Dr. Reid? Oh lord!

    First to "Overthinking it"

    You said "that was the death nail.

    No. it's sounding the death KNELL. The bell that tolls at death.

    Too many people--without Hotch there is NO CENTER. He was SOLID and trusting. I feel like these folks are stumbling around --all eight of them!

    Multi-episode of the weeny Dr. Reed? As if NONE OF US COULD FIGURE OUT HE WAS FRAMED.

    He needs to leave his mom where she is happy in the home. Instead of bringing unregulated ILLEGAL drugs across the border, Leave your mom alone!. There IS a reason we have the toughest drug studies in the world--Google Thalidomide.

    Just cancel strong leader at all!

    For all the folks hating on Aisha---do NONE of you watch Archer?? Aisha plays the statuesque bombshell who has to keep getting Archer out of trouble. Watch Archer--you will LOVE AISHA--WHAT A BODY!
  • Not the same

    really miss morgan and show is not the same with out them lacks the closeness need to bring them back

  • Over thinking it

    This show was great when it stuck basically to it's title getting into the criminal mind to solve cases. Don't these dumb ass writers and so call creative people realize people have DVR. There is Netflix and other format they can use including CBS all access online service to go with the 9 episode storyline crap. The reason no one watches soaps anymore is because they realized it was crap tv. I just watched the latest crap by fast forwarding it and viewing it in 8 mins. If the producers are trying to follow an NCIS format they missed the main reason it still works GIBBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Hotch and Morgan no show. Oh and Mr Scratch please long term fan remember this retread he was known as The Reaper or was it the Replicator. When you fired Gibson that was the death nail. Just quit trying to reinvent the show and cancel on a good note or fire your writers, producers and anyone else who thought this season was a good idea.
  • Sooo disappointed

    I have watched this show from the beginning and while I appreciate actors desire to move cannot throw Damon G into this is monotone at best and not the right role at all for him and I haven't seen Aisha improve even a little. Paget was great before but not good as the boss. I'm sad to say I won't be watching the show anymore...
  • Unwatchable this season

    Whoever is responsible for the grossly bad casting with actors who cannot act and the newly horrible writing needs to be fired. In less than 1/2 a season this went from one of the best shows on television to unwatchable. The new actors and the writing are so bad this season, that it makes the core group - who we know actually can act, and have always enjoyed watching - look like they are struggling through an elementary school play. Watch the reruns prior to this season, when the show was actually good. Don't waste your time with this season, and if they don't get rid of the bad actors and the person responsible for the bad actors and the bad writing, they won't be around for much longer.

    I am wondering if you fired the original writers as well as Thomas Gibson. The dialog actually started changing before he left. It is terrible. The show is terrible. You may be trying to attract the millennials with brainless meaningless chatter and they are constantly snivelling and nursing their feelings, but you are losing a much broader audience that likes insight, facts and action. Meaning, fire the writer, hire back the amazing actors, or you are done. The last show ended with Emily telling Spencer how courageous he was for asking for help. The actor, even looked confused. he did not ask for help' he shared, ugh, where he was with mommy.

    Thomas should have done more than put his foot out. DID that writer get his wittle feelings hurt!!! SERIOULY.
  • there shouldn't be a lady boss!

    if "rossi" gone, i stop watching this. actually i am not disappointed when they rid "hotch" since he is sometime hardhead, but they suppose to rid "prentiss" forever and bring back "morgan". even though that i am a lady, but i don't like lady boss at all.
  • Format and cast dynamics not working

    Season is sooooo disappointing. No team talks this way, conversations are stilted, each delivers one line and then onto the next when they're one the phone, in the car, stupid format. Too much time spent on the personal lives of the team, this season is just not working. Hard to watch.
  • Criminal Changes

    My favorite show since it began! Now? Unwatchable! Aisha Tyler is talentless. The chemistry is gone. They're trying to save it by bringing Prentiss back, but it's the wrong role for her! I really miss Criminal Minds but this show is no longer it!
  • Downhill

    I really missed Morgan and Hotch.... The dynamic of the show is lost. Reid is hardly there anymore. Rossi should be the team leader... BRING the cast 12 is disappointment for me. More like it sucks....
  • My DVR knew

    It's ironic. Right after Thomas Gibson was fired my DVR stoped recording CM... I swear it knew something was wrong n that I would not be watching the show any longer. I have watched every episode and reruns on the ION station. I considered myself a criminal minds junkie, but no more.

    Hotch was amazing and to fire him was just horrifying.

    The new cast is bad, just flat out bad. That chick from The Talk as no right being on a drama. Season 11 episodes with her were so hard to watch, I cringed every time I saw her.

    I tried to watch a couple of shows this year but just couldn't. No Hotch. All three new people don't fit in. I don't know what they are doing with Garcia but she sounds like an idiot and even Emily's character changed from years ago.

    If u look at the history. They just love to fire their actors. It should have been Virgil who went bye bye, aren't writers a dime a dozen out there. The writing is bad to begin with this year. Bring back Hotch and let Virgil go to the unemployment office.

    I DO NOT care for the new characters! This was my favorite drama until recent changes in personnel!! The team just does NOT mesh anymore. The characters get lost now in a disjointed group! The Rossi character should be in charge of the team! He's a STRONG character and he's getting lost now in the team! The Prentiss character should NOT be in a leadership role. The entire show isn't the same anymore and I don't care to watch. A smaller team of FAMILIAR actors would work better than actors who just don't fit. I really miss my favorite show!! Bring it back with just the ORIGINAL characters.
  • We have been profiled

    The studio has taken heed from the negative reviews, so have delayed the release of the next episode, this is psychological profiling. The premises is, keep food away from an animal will make it hunger and enjoy the food when it finally gets it. Basic but apparently works, and now you know why studios deliberately delays episodes.
  • This show has gone downhill

    I mainly loved this show because it Had some good moments into the personal lives of the characters. I liked Morgan and Garcias relationship, JJ background, how strong hotch was and his drama with his family, and I liked how wise Rossi was and I liked prentiss and especially Reid!All the original characters were amazing and went so well together! But then the characters started being replaced!! First Gideon, then the girls and then they brought in that stupid Aisha Tyler!!! I could barely watch the episodes with her! I'm only on season 11, and I've heard that Morgan is going to leave then Hotch. NO!!!! They are the original main characters! They can't be replaced, if they are it's a completely different show. It was so great in the beginning. And also the show seems predictable. Each episode is the same, in the end there's a victim you learn more about and the agents get there just in time to save them. No one but the agents ever save them and it's rare that the victims don't die in the end!! The criminal stories were ok, some were great and some weren't----but they can't be perfect all the time. Just wish the cast stayed the same. I don't think I'll watch once Morgan and Hotch are gone. I'm watching the rest of the current seasons to learn what happens to them and then I think I'm done!
  • Aisha Needs to Goisha

    Man I don't know if I can stand to watch another episode with The Talk Host Aisha Tyler on this show. She ruins every scene. Especially when paired with Joe Mantegna. She just can't act worth a damn. Hopefully when they cast the 8th member of the team, it will spur them on to kill her off or creatively rid the TV world of her horrendous acting. Please get rid of her.
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