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  • From Good to Awesome to Lame

    Loved the show then all of them left and Reid isn't the same.

    Who is writing for this show???? The story lines use to be wonderful and kept you guessing and on the edge of your seat! Now as soon as the show starts you know who the killer is and the episode is drawn out! No excitement to this show anymore! Love all the characters but it's gotten so boring
  • It went on for too long

    This show used to be the best! For the first 7 seasons it got a 9 rating from me. It has been steadily going down hill since then. Now they are reusing the "boss trying to break up the BAU" trope again.... am I the only one who's kinda hoping they will just be disbanded? They need to quit while they still have some dignity left.
  • Zzzzzzzz. Scratch <-- Worst Villain Ever

    I know I'm behind in viewing, since I've binge-watched most of this show and did not catch it since the beginning, and in all fairness, I have to say KUDOS for some great episodes. Sadly, however since the introduction of Scratch, the episodes have been less-than-stellar, ESPECIALLY the ones dealing with him. What the heck is it with the Hypnotic spray, and you'd think the guy would go off and do less boring things with the ability he has of kidnapping anyone **eye roll** and hypnotizing them. The actors are okay and I really don't care whether Gibson is on the show or not (never found him to be too engaging), but someone with some charisma really needed to fill his place. My 8 rating is for episodes before the Scratch story-line.
  • Aisha Tyler has killed this show

    Last season was a total waste and the new season 2018 is showing less promise. Used to be the best show on TV but without Shemar Moore & Tom Gibson it is toast. Love Prentisss, AJ, Rossi, Reid & Penelope, but they don't even need the others. Just dump them and go with the core is what I say. Tyler and Rodriguez and the other guy bring nothing but PC to the table. Just dump them already or this show will be gone. OH and BRING BACK THOMAS GIBSON.

  • Want to blow my brains out

    Sorry watching season 12 on Netflix and I absolutely hate this season. The actors are ok, I guess you have to replace people that are somewhat to what we've lost. I mean the Hispanic dude to replace Shemar, really??? But this unsub, Mr. Scratch, has gotten some major pull here. For him to frame Reid like this is unheard of. I hate to watch Reid in prison it's baffling that he would put himself in that predicament to even get setup know Mr. Scratch was targeting all members. That was dumb & out of character for someone who is highly intelligent. Didn't understand why everyone isn't cautious with their families knowing he's going to come after EVERY ONE!!! The only reason I am continuing is to see how he gets out of this crap!!!

    My rating is just for this sorry season, NOT FOR THE SHOW IN GENERAL!!!

  • boring, fake, slapped together episodes

    the episodes are getting worse, acting is wrong, leader sounds like a robot every episode so far BORING.

    The one thing i see from the early days of this show, the well thought out intellectual content, ITS GONE

    i enjoyed it, when Mandy Patinkin,Thomas Gibson were the leaders , now it seems more like scripted, put together episodes not well thought out, this is what make episodes grab you and what more.

    Fact is sitting at a table now profiling and drinking coffee, seems to be what the producer likes, i feel like criminal minds is dying.....

    This show was very good until the day Aaron killed the reaper and left the show, there was a few after that to were good to, but overall its changed, i don't see mystery, shock, anticipation of the actors & unsubs anymore, its structured very flat, not downing the show just disappointed, just my two cents 1st time commenting

  • Disappointing new season

    Matthew Gray Gubler no longer looks like a kid & needs to be given a more mature role. Reid's psychological development seems to have regressed when any decent writer would have matured him by now. Garcia has no depth now. The new characters are not fitting in. The criminal behavior is just bizarre; Mr. Scratch is just strange. I sincerely hope this show can be returned to its former high quality.

  • Season 12, episodes narrated??

    Why? Suddenly there is someone narrated what the actors do? This is not sin city!!! I am really disappointed with all the unnecessary role changes and lack of imagination, it is a shame that the directors and writers are not up to the challenge any more.
  • I Love the actors..

    I love all the characters and stars of this show.. But the writers of this show have lost it. i do think Thomas Gibson left a void in criminal it's sad
  • Virgil Williams is a lousy writer

    The lastest season of Criminal Minds becomes progressively more tedious. Losing Shemar Moore was disappointing but the firing of Thomas Gibson has rendered the show a complete flop. After being a huge fan for eleven seasons this final "movie" length episode is the final straw. BORING doesn't even begin to describe the dull, lacklustre, labouring script.

    In future any time I see Virgil Williams name associated with a project it will get an automatic boycott from me.

    Thomas Gibson however remains on my must watch list.
  • Unknown Subject - Writers Suck

    It would seem that there is nobody left writing this show that remembers why serial killers are called unsubs. In fact, these writers are so poor when they completely disregarded the original premise of this show, all they could come up with is Mr. Scratch? Really?

    The actors are fine. But what on earth can they do with these horrible scripts? God, if you can't hire better writers, just dump the show. I couldn't watch last season, and so far I fast forwarded through the first episode of the new season.

    Hotch made sense in his role. Nobody has been able to fill his role or Morgan's. As for the actor, I totally understand why he kicked a writer. They all need to have their asses kicked for ruining a good show.

    We have to buy that they are smart and intuitive.. You are wrecking Reid and putting way too much emphasis on the blatherings of Penelope. She used to make sense. Now she is irritating. ALL of them are irritating and dullards.

  • Rather lame...

    The acting seemed forced. The actor from CSI Miami appeared with his usual wooden acting. The whole cast seemed rather wooden. The writing was lame. As in last season, i'm unable to watch this show in its entirety.
  • Don't Like New Characters

    They are pretty much horrible actors. The only reason Aisha got the job is that she worked with Julie Chen who is the wife of CBS Chairman and CEO. She can be funny in other circumstances but she ROTS in CM. She should have kept her job at The Talk. I liked Adam in CSI Miami but he fails terribly in CM. The other new guy is too low key. In other words, they don't have added value to the show. Glad they brought Emily back but she doesn't act strong enough to be the team leader. I've watched it from the beginning and now very disappointed, The original cast had a great vibe. Too bad they left. I've heard people say it's Messer and some other guy messing up the show, bringing in these new incompatible people who don't know how to act. It used to be fantastic, now it's sad! My rating is based on Season 12. Wink Wink Les Moonves...
  • I Miss Hotch

    The end of last season was just dull. I thought the characters added last year where was time for Shemar to leave but Emily does not cut it as the boss and the writers did not help her much. "Not on my watch" she said, what an original line. Joe seemed tired by the end of the season and was just going through the motions.

    It was Hotch that was a natural leader and was my favorite character. I'm not sure I even watched all the shows at the end of last season.
  • A Criminal Show

    I have watched this show from the beginning-your first awful pick was Aisha Taylor, but we still had Hotch. Then an even worse pick was Damon Gupton-

    Watched a rerun and will not be watching anymore without Hotch- u should have let the writer go, and kept Thomas Gibson as the latest episodes were not worth watching.
  • Well...

    show is terrible. Every show is exactly the same. It is comical watching the characters continually say the exact same things, with the exact same dumb expressions, in the exact same scenarios. It should be called Simple Minds in honor of its viewers.
  • criminals minds sucks

    I have not watched it since Tom has lwft & will not until he has come back.

  • Put Gary Sinise in????

    Hotch was great. He's a leader. Prentiss is ><. I love love CM but it's just not the same.

    Since CM:BB ended why not put in Gary Sinise's character?? He's a leader better than Prentiss for sure he can carry the scenes better :<

    Also hot damn Adam Rodriguez <3!!
  • Used to be great

    Criminal Minds used to be edgy, intriguing show. Even though it centered around grisly murders each week, the profilers and all of the BAU with their different personalities and friendships made the show enjoyable to watch. Prentiss, . Rossi, Reid, Morgan, Penelope, and of course their leader Hotch, they were a family. They did their horrible job together and supported each other through it. CBS has broken up the family and tried to replace the family members with new people. It just doesn't work. Nobody talks about Hotch. That's ridiculous. He was their leader and friend. The writing has declined to a truly low level. If I hear "Mr. Scratch" one more time, I'll scream! I didn't watch much this past season. But when I did watch the occasional show, it was not good. It's such a shame. I never thought I'd say this cancel Criminal very sad without the "family". Or, bring back Thomas Gibson, the only hope to save this once great show

  • Pure and Total Fantasy

    I have watched Criminal Minds many, many years. It is a very entertaining show. But if anyone thinks this show accurately portrays the FBI's behavior analysis unit, you are living in fantasy land. I cringe when this unit is investigating a case and takes over all aspects of the investigation. Morgan yelling at Police officers to stay back while he charges in and subdues the bad guy. This show made a big mistake by firing Hodge, who I think perfectly captures a real life FBI agent. I have stopped watching when they let him go. Time for them to close shop! Trying to watch these new episodes is tough, Maybe Hotch did not kick that writer hard enough!
  • hated season 12

    I loved season 1-11. Season 12 was horrible. Having reid in prison made no sense at all and just dragged on way too long. Like alvaz but not walker. wish morgan would come back. love penelope. reid and morgan were my favorite characters. and way too long without catching scratch . when will the writers realize we do not like a story line that goes on too long.
  • Horrible Season

    The writing for the storylines has gone down, down, down. As much as I wanted and waited for Emily to come back on the show, she doesn't work as a leader. Especially since the writers have her written so soft. Where's her toughness? Gupton does not fit at all, too soft spoken and boring. I don't like Rodriguez, there is just no chemistry in the show now. The whole storyline with Reid in jail took way too long, I kept waiting for them to work FULLY on Reid's case and for Morgan to come in and save the day! Losing Hotch was a big hit. It's just not the same without him, he may have been stiff and serious, but he kept the team working together smoothly and with chemistry. They need to bring him back, keep Emily on the team and get rid of Rodriguez and Gupton. Of course, it would be perfect if Shemar Moore would come back as well. I like Aisha Tyler, she fits the team but the writing this year is awful!! I have watched since the beginning and Rossi was a good replacement for Gideon. But losing Hotch and Morgan is too much! Get a better writer and bring Hotch and Morgan back!!
  • Season Finale

    What a horrible way to end the season. The show was implausible in every aspect. I watched it with the knowledge that these good actors need a sound script. They deserve so much better for all the years they have given to star in this once wonderful show.
  • Done Watching

    Not a good show anymore.
  • Unforgettable

    What the Heck is going on??

    Watched this since It premiered

    and all I can say at this point is


    Story lines get worse every week it seems / The cast has No Chemistry and some need to find a new line of work ( new cast members)

    The Reed story line is way too long and not believable

    Get back to the basics of what made this show a Must Watch because at this point it is headed for the Chopping Block.

    Stay True to the Fans that have watched it all these years.

    Just Saying!!!?
  • Present cast and writers

    Not sure what happened but this, my favorite show for many seasons, has really deteriorated. First of all, the ensemble has no comradery or chemistry. I'm sure Mr. Gupton is a nice, talented actor; but is too low-key and undemonstrative for this show. Second, what possessed the writers and PTB to put Reid in prison? His character is the superior intellect NOT the action star. In the "real" world he would be murdered by the inmates 30 seconds after walking through the gate--can we say "suspends Third, when and why did the most lovable character on the show turn into a shrew? The Rodriguez character is non-confrontational and likeable, so what's the point. I will say his being an ex-Army Ranger lends a dark, legally gray side to his character that I like. Finally, Prentiss in her former appearances on the show was a "ballsy" woman, what happened.

    Writers, it's like this: there is a non-jaded superior intellect, a delightful and quirky hacker, a ballsy woman in charge, a middle-aged Italian voice of reason, an ex-Army super hero and a social scientist in serial criminal behavior as well as excellent actors who have proven they can give gold-medal performances. If you cannot write a breathtaking series with these assets, it's time for you to seek employment elsewhere.

    I for one don't want to see this excellent show just fade away due to inadequate creative writing.
  • Really. ......

    The story with Reid is dragging out waaaaaaay tooooooo long. Step it up, writers.

    And this constant deal with Penelope is getting so old. Is she supposed to be believable at all? The constant mouthy garbage every time the team calls in. Why don't you try to impress us with out smart she is, not how loony toons she can act. It was getting old when Morgan was on the show and it's just been over done. Let her shine for something else.
  • Criminal Minds

    I think Damon Gupton is too soft spoken and nerdy to play a BAU agent. He looks and acts like a high school math teacher, not like a kick butt FBI man- absolutely comical seeing him trying to look intense holding a gun! Please find someone more Morganlike!
  • Don't care no more....

    Nope, they lost me..... the team has no chemistry and although Spencer was my favorite, I truly don't care if he lives or dies..... and that was one of the better shows on TV.

    Although Hotchner could have been replaced with a card board cut out, he did hold everything together like a conductor an orchestra. Too bad...