Criminal Minds

Wednesday 10:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 22, 2005 Returning October 3, 2018





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  • boring, fake, slapped together episodes

    the episodes are getting worse, acting is wrong, leader sounds like a robot every episode so far BORING.

    The one thing i see from the early days of this show, the well thought out intellectual content, ITS GONE

    i enjoyed it, when Mandy Patinkin,Thomas Gibson were the leaders , now it seems more like scripted, put together episodes not well thought out, this is what make episodes grab you and what more.

    Fact is sitting at a table now profiling and drinking coffee, seems to be what the producer likes, i feel like criminal minds is dying.....

    This show was very good until the day Aaron killed the reaper and left the show, there was a few after that to were good to, but overall its changed, i don't see mystery, shock, anticipation of the actors & unsubs anymore, its structured very flat, not downing the show just disappointed, just my two cents 1st time commenting