Criminal Minds

Wednesday 10:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 22, 2005 Returning October 3, 2018





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  • Want to blow my brains out

    Sorry watching season 12 on Netflix and I absolutely hate this season. The actors are ok, I guess you have to replace people that are somewhat to what we've lost. I mean the Hispanic dude to replace Shemar, really??? But this unsub, Mr. Scratch, has gotten some major pull here. For him to frame Reid like this is unheard of. I hate to watch Reid in prison it's baffling that he would put himself in that predicament to even get setup know Mr. Scratch was targeting all members. That was dumb & out of character for someone who is highly intelligent. Didn't understand why everyone isn't cautious with their families knowing he's going to come after EVERY ONE!!! The only reason I am continuing is to see how he gets out of this crap!!!

    My rating is just for this sorry season, NOT FOR THE SHOW IN GENERAL!!!