Criminal Minds

Wednesday 10:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 22, 2005 Returning October 3, 2018





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  • New story line is TERRIBLE!!!!

    I agree with everyone else here - this show WAS great - it doesn't need all the BS drama, and crappy story line. As someone else commented "putting every boss through this "you are no longer the leader" trash" - I agree what a pathetic, over done story line. And the new director they couldn't have found anyone less believable or less likable - horrible character, not fond of the actress either - it's ruining the show. There were good characters and great story lines, why not develop those instead of coping out to this nasty boss woman and breaking up the team scare - what a load of crap, truly cheap. Why don't they try showing some class and originality .

    I have loved this show, it has survived some tough character changes but still comes out shinning, unfortunately they may have finally ruined it for a lot of us. Hope they pull their heads out before it's too late.