Criminal Minds

Season 1 Episode 14

Riding the Lightning

Aired Wednesday Jan 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • Why do I feel so satisfied when the BAU is ultimately unsuccessful with both Jacob and Sarah Jean Dawes?

    The BAU is trying to determine if the Dawes killed more young women than bodies have been found in order to give closure to Florida families. Certainly the concept of “death-bed interviews” is sound – much of the information our guys have about serial killers comes from the mouths of the killers themselves after they are convicted. Although these interviews have got to be stressful and extremely difficult (as is shown in Hotch’s interviews with Jacob), there is that slim possibility that the FBI might get some answers. So Hotch takes on the very, very evil Jacob, and comes away empty. One more body, one more identification, but no real answers.

    Gideon’s interviews with Sarah Jean end up going down a whole ‘nother road. Once we learn that Sarah Jean is innocent and Riley is alive, Gideon's goal becomes finding enough evidence to keep Sarah Jean from the electric chair. Even though she doesn’t cooperate, he manages to get the information he needs. But Sarah Jean isn’t saved.

    So why is this episode so satisfying? Maybe it’s the contentment that Sarah Jean expresses as she sacrifices her life so her son can grow up without the taint of serial killer parents. Maybe it’s the knowledge that Riley has become a talented and, above all, normal young man in his adoptive home. Or, maybe it’s that final moment when Jacob is in the electric chair and Hotch shows him that his son is alive. Yeah, I think that’s it. You lost, Jacob.
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