Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 13

Risky Business

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 2010 on CBS

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  • love hotch

    love the confidence of hotch sending Garcia to talk to the teen. great job Hotch Garcia an JJ
  • serial suicides or are murders?

    Four average good normal teenagers are found dead after choking to death at their homes. Two each Friday. The team travels to Wyoming on a wednesday to try to not let the next Friday be the same. After investigating the latest vicitims laptops they found a choking contest site that encourages the kids to do it jsut to get the buzz and then upload a video of them choking; the high school that gets more videos wins... They go to the classes to talk to the teenage students and one of them tries to escape. They discover that he has lots of marks in his neck from previous chokings. For a while they think that he is the unsub and they make Garcia talk to him because they can have some connection. It turns out to be really useful when they found out that the unsub is actually the father's boy and not him. JJ is all the chapter really affected by the situation and at the end she tells Hotch that her sister commited suicide when JJ was 11.
    Good chapter and actually really scary of what internet can make people do...
  • Thought provoking

    Oh.. This episode looked to be hard and very strong (in emotional level) from the start. I mean.. the topic of suicide just felt.. and the way they episode was played, those scenes and the emotion throughout the episode.. it was very thick and very.. hard.. I most say, even thought I liked the way how the story was build and that there was the father twist in the end, it had maybe little bit too much guessable storylines. The whole thing with JJ was guessable from the first moment.. the necklace, the way she looked.. it all gave it away. Not that her story was moving and the scene with Hotch, for sure, brought out some tears, but.. I am not sure.. Love the unexpectedness of this serie..

    But.. as I said, very emotion, some beautiful, heart-breaking scenes and a lot of things to think about.
  • Extremely disturbing doesn't begin to describe the unsettling nature of this episode.

    J. J. was obviously struck to her core when she approached Hotcher about pursuing what was not normally a B.A.U. function. It was good to see her character probed a little deeper and giving her a more prominent role in the storyline.

    Once on the case, the team soon began to realize that the suicides had a common thread-exploitation of impressionable adolescents to fuel one man's warped behavior. It was fairly obvious that Christopher, although very troubled, was not the unsub. Sadly, the death of his mother and his father's psychotic impulses, made him as tragic a victim as the other teenagers drawn into the "game."

    Garcia's expanded function was a pleasant surprise. Her timidity at being an interrogator was convincingly authentic. Criminal Mind's staying power is not just the case and giving one actor all the spotlight. This episode shows that the writers and directors realize all of the talent at their disposal. This keeps the show fresh and sustainable.
  • Once again ... another fantastic episode.

    Firstly, I love Garcia - and the fact that she got to be even more involved with the team. She is a great character "BTW I love your nails."

    Secondly, I was blown away at the modern, cyber, creepy, emotional episode this was. I truly admire the way the episode combined peer-pressure, the death of a loved one, depression, suicide, the affects of the internet and also teen deaths. Criminal Minds is just getting better and better every season, I thought season 4 was unbeatable - apparently not! CSI could take a few notes from this show.

    Fantastic, can't wait for next week!
  • Yet another fantastic episode, possibly my favorite of Season 5. The BAU, through the insistence of J.J., are called to Wyoming to investigate a series of teen suicides which appear to have a link to a sinister internet site.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, I thought the script, the guest actors and the regular cast were all terrific and I can't find much to fault about it. I was also pleased to see Garcia go "off-site" with the team as that rarely happens and it was good to see J.J. asserting herself with Hotch when she first heard of the teen deaths and had every intention of getting the team to Wyoming even though the BAU doesn't investigate suicides.

    The way the introduction was filmed showing the simultaneous actions of the teenagers was excellent and very suspenseful. I also enjoyed the perfect way that Reid got through to the students in the classroom when he was describing the death throes of someone who has attempted to 'get high' by this method of strangulation, it was great writing, very descriptive and to the point.

    The interaction between Garcia and the young boy was really moving and both actors did a great job here. It was nice to see her more directly involved although a little hard to believe that Hotch would send her in without any preparation at all given that they assumed at the time that he was inciting local teens to try and kill themselves. The rapport between the two, having lost parents at a similiar age was a great piece of writing too and it pleased me that she was able to assert that she didn't feel he was a killer.

    The father was a sinister piece of work and I had already worked out about the Munchausen's Syndrome by proxy as soon as I learned that he worked for the fire department. It was also obvious from the way J.J. put on the necklace that she had lost a loved one to suicide long before she made any other comment on the subject. Of course, given that she was a member of an elite FBI agency, Hotch would have already been aware that her sister had committed suicide as it would have been in her file so it was odd that he didn't know. A touching moment between the two of them in the plane and good to see Hotch managing to appear 'human' again.

    A terrific episode and well worth a re-watch or two as we wait for the new season.
  • 'superb' just odoesn't cut it!

    This was yet another amazing instalment of Criminal Minds. The episode was a very intresting one, because it was highly unusual and different from what we have seen in the past. It was certainly a whole different tpe of case, and that was a factor in it being so interesting.

    It was great to see Garcia in the 'interrogation'. She was certainly fabulous in this episode, as was just about everyboyd. J.J's story of her sister was sad, bad the characters were great all up!

    Overall, I'd highly recommend this episode. It was basically flawless. Maybe it lacked a good schase scene or something along those lines, but all up, an episode that I really loved and I really enjoyed!